The Wedding (Part 3)

I read I am here but I am here at 63rd Street but I don't see you for mud stop playing games with me I have to go I cannot relate where are you at 63rd Street and Lexington Avenue oh you have to walk to Madison Avenue hurry it is two blocks west west just ask someone come yeah please sir help me I am lost I need to go to Madison Avenue sure it's uh two blocks that way which way I'm walking that way come with me Hey thank you sir thank you here take my urn let's go so how long have you been in New York two years oh how nice it's my great pleasure to meet you oh it is my great pleasure to meet you too thank you you look how beautiful a little to the left say cheese finally you are here hurry up hurry up places everyone here they come sometimes I think that New York is like one big wedding lots of people working day and night to make it all happen mrs. Lee Tania Manny Ramon Carlos Tito and Chi and of course Ahmed without them there would be no New York City

Michael Martin

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