The View: Elisabeth Hasselbeck and Melissa Ethridge Argue Over Gay Marriage

I'm a I'm a LESBIAN I didn't know sometimes yes and it was wonderful to see our country and our world move ahead in this affirmative move towards towards sort of breaking down barriers and not being afraid of the other not being afraid because somebody's oh he's mixed race or he it's a she we had we had a great choice of you know this man or this woman or you know that we just had all these choices and then to be in a state like California which everybody knows it's full of fruits and nuts right you know you think that you know we have a certain reputation out there in California and to see one to actually see human rights be up for a vote in this proposition eight and and to protect people vote to take away rights is to mean at the core is very unamerican do you feel do we um does it make you more peppery flavor okay yeah we're talking about Proposition 8 yeah I'm talking about when this summer in June when the California Supreme Court said yes indeed it is against the Constitution to deny families the same equal protection under the law as other families and so they allowed us to get married in eighteen thousand couples got married gay couple gay couples and then and then the opposition put on the ballot wordings that would change the constitution but it was just it was very hard to see when that passed it passed by such a small margin and there's just people who are married lost their right to get to be married so people that were home so I just was thinking it doesn't make you more pessimistic cuz people would think if it's not going to pass their first where is it going to know what happened is a huge outcry came up from that people I'm finally seeing people actually making the case for marriage equality everywhere it's not so much as in the gay community anymore it's actually out I mean I sat here and I watched you guys talk about it and will be you you spoke so clearly and and I appreciate the you know the conversation you had I was a little I was saddened with your conversation only because I felt you you began you misleaded people when you you started to talk about a Swedish priest that was put in jail because he wouldn't marry so much we were simply presenting the fact that some people did vote with that in their mind and that wasn't that was an issue being brought up certainly we're not in California I didn't vote on Prop 8 I was in there I I'm a person who does believe that you know if you want to compliment our democracy and saying yes we've got together and voted on a president and this is who it is hurrah and you can't say then look at that system of democracy and then also call it a failure in the same breath so I think look it should come from the people and it's not a personal thing for me yet but that's actually it's that's descending what some people felt actually one of the things that that was was difficult about this was that the Thomas Jefferson wrote a paper on the the rights of the minority should never be voted on by the direct democracy by the the majority that should never happen J be equal yeah I think I've got to be more do you think it's about the word Melissa do you think it's about the word because within the rights it denotes it denotes a certain religion and believe me I got and I don't want anything to do with anybody's religion at all it's about equal protection under the law my family my children it's about children people so so you're saying you here for your for gay marriage I love her same-sex it's not for me for me it's not a personal issue for me it's just a legal issue I think that it should come from the people I don't think activist judges should be deciding what's right for the rest of the country but that's just whatever you're saying it should come from director that the majority should vote on them minority mistakes in the past so I agree that we're people you know we've had

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  1. Abomination, God Burnt down sodom and Gomara because its sick,God made Adam and eve Not Adam and Steve!

  2. Gay marriage shouldn't even be a political issue, it has nothing to do with politics. Gays are human beings, they have rights too.

  3. right all your rights r respected and she begs for 10 years?human rights and live and have people inflict their beliefs my right to my own morality and spirituality to be pestered to behave…witch hunt. They are allowed to be happy and so is she.women who are different get exploited and shamed….for what standing up to assholes who bully Women? And their mental health!

  4. Homosexuality is not a civil issue, It is a MORAL issue that God didnt intend. Its moving backwards NOT forward. Praise God he loves us all despite our ignorance and moral rebellion and stubborness.

  5. What is in the Bible a man wrote it and did not put all in the Bible.People know this and in time will come out.We as humans have no right to Judge.The Higher Power is Love and sex is not at play when we are Souls.

  6. Whatever the emerging general consensus is hasslebeck wants to argue it. That is all comservstives do..the uber ones…especially if it oppresses anyone. They are obstinate fringe who are not even loyal to each other.. Look at how kind and sweet etheridge is and look at hasslebeck. She can't wait to take the rights away from a minority or anyone for that matter. . What if the tables were turned and same sex marriage was the norm and opposite sex marriage was banned. She would sing a different tune.

  7. Please study Melissa Etheridge divorce decree where she filed papers that her gay marriage was unconstitutional to keep from paying alimony.

  8. Gay marriage is wrong I believe in the word of god I’m not saying I hate gay people but gay marriage is wrong respect the word of God don’t be rude god said man and female not same sex just want gay people to respect it and move on


  10. Elizabeth back at it again being an upper middle class Christian lady. What more could we expect 😅🤷🏻‍♀️

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