The Ultimate Guide For Dating Girls In Your 30’s

Tripp Kramer here from On this video, we’re going to be doing a very
deep dive into how to meet and attract women in your 30’s. I’ll say this, it’s not much different from
your 20’s. A lot of guys in their 30’s think that it’s
a whole new ballpark. A lot of it is going to be mindset. On this video, we’ll be talking a lot about
mindsets because I’ve worked with guys in their 30’s, I’m 32 at the making of this video. I know a lot of people, friends and family
who are in their 30’s, who have these wrong thoughts and distorted reality on what it
means to date when you’re in your 30’s. I’m going to be tackling a lot of those issues,
going into some how tos and helping you meet and attract women if you are single in your
30’s. If you’re watching this, and you’re younger
or older, this is still going to help. Hopefully, you watch this video and continued
till the end. I’ve found that the more time I spend around
guys in their 30’s, I happen to hear a lot of the same things like different mindsets,
false mindsets, that are stopping them from being able to meet more women. I know that there’s a lot of guys who are
also in their 30’s, who might be coming off of a big breakup. There’s a lot of guys who got into relationships
in their 20’s. This might be you, and you end up in your
30’s, wherever, early late 30’s or mid 30’s, and you’re like, wow, I’m single again, haven’t
dated in many years. You’re starting from scratch here and you’re
a little bit lost, you’re like, what do I do at this point? Everything’s changed, there’s dating apps
now. There’s all these millennials running around
and they’re typing on their phones. What the hell is going on? I know that this is some pain points for guys
in the 30’s. There’s also guys in their 30’s who might
be getting over a divorce, might have gotten a divorce because they got married in their
early 30’s or late 20’s. They were so used to being with that one girl,
that going out there and meeting new girls is a complete mystery to them. If that’s you, this video is going to help
you out a lot. We’re going to be diving into how you can
get over some of those fears, frustrations, and be able to take advantage of this absolutely
awesome age that you are at to date. Of course, there’s benefits to all ages, but
we’re gonna be talking specifically about you in your 30’s. One more thing I want to add before we get
into this is that, if you want to take this far, and you’re in your 30’s and you’re completely
lost on how to do this, you can only go over so much in this video, then I suggest that
you check out my program called Hooked at This is my main course. This is for guys of all ages. It teaches you the fundamentals of attraction
and how you can build attraction with the girls that you meet. We’re going to go a little bit over that today
on this video. This is more of a deep dive and giving you
the whole step by step system to get you to attract the girls that you’re talking to,
different things on how does continue conversation, and what to say to them to get them interested
in you, all the way from where to meet girls. It doesn’t matter if you’re at a club, a bar,
a sidewalk, all the different ways in terms of how to start a conversation and how to
get them saying, wow, I want to see that guy again. Check that out at You can check that out after you watch this
video. Let’s get into it. What I want to do is go over some of these
negative mindsets that a lot of guys in their 30’s have, things that I’ve heard before that
try to destroy those one by one. When you’re going out there, you’re not thinking
about all this negative shit in your head. I have a whole list right here. Let’s knock these out. First of all, a guy in his 30’s is saying
this, I’m old now, I’m too old, I’m in my 30’s, I can’t go out and meet women, I can’t
do a cold approach type of pickup, I can’t go out there and start talking to girls. Look at me, I’m old. I talked to a girl who’s 24 – 25, I’m going
to be that creepy old guy. That guy who’s old, who’s totally out of the
dating game. Look at me, my hair is starting to gray and
I’m bald. I’m that old guy. All different versions of that I hear. First of all, you are not too old to date. I’ll tell you why. I know people who are in their 40’s, 50’s,
60’s, 70’s and are still dating. You deserve to date more than anyone else. You know this is common sense. I want to let you know that as a guy in his
30’s, this is a great time for you to be attracting all types of girls. Let’s admit it, if you’re in your 60’s,
that might be a little bit more difficult to be attracting girls in the 20’s, but you
as a guy in his 30’s, you have a little bit more options. You’re not at that point where you’re this
senior citizen. You’re at this point where you’re just old
enough, where you can be successfully and easily dating girls who are 21, all the way
to pretty much whatever age you want. It’s up to you. I’m not telling you to date younger women,
you can get older women too. A lot of guys think that, it’s over for me
and I can’t be dating girls who are anywhere about my age. This is not true. Whatever you desire, at this point, it’s fairly
easy because you’re not too old. There are girls who are younger than you,
who are interested in dating older men. Of course, there are women who are your age
or older than you who are also interested in dating you. You’re at a great age, whether you’re 30,
all the way to 39, even 40 years old, where you can be dating all different ranges. I’m not saying that it’s not possible for
you. If you’re much older than 30 and you’re watching
this video, it’s still possible. What I’m saying is, this is one thing that
you can take advantage of. It is a little bit easier being at this age. You are not too old to date. You have plenty of options and it is possible
for you. I know plenty of guys in their 30’s who are
dating women of all ages. You have a big pool to choose from. It’s pretty awesome. Moving along with this is this idea that guys
in their 30’s, they say, it’s so pathetic that I have to watch a video like this, or
sit here and try to learn this stuff. I’m 30, I’m 35, I’m 39, I should know this
by now. This is what guys are saying to themselves. They come down on themselves that they have
to learn this, they feel icky. Like, I have to watch Youtube videos on this. I’ve already been in a relationship. I’ve already had sex with many women. I can’t believe I have to sit here and watch
a Youtube video of some guy telling me how to meet girls. This is so weird. You’re doing it because you know this is information
that you want to learn. You are interested in meeting more girls and
getting into a relationship. Now that we’ve past that, you have to understand
this. The bottom line is that if you want to get
results, and you do want to meet more women, it is going to take you learning this stuff. We are in the age of information which is
amazing. How amazing is it that you can actually do
this, that you can go on to Youtube or wherever, and find information on the thing that you
want to get better at. Let’s admit it. You’ve been in a relationship, or you haven’t
been in any relationship, and you’re completely lost. Don’t think of this, as I’m older now, I have
to learn this. Let me tell you something. There are guys who are divorced in their 50’s
and 60’s who are trying to learn this stuff. You should be grateful for the fact that you’re
at an age where you’re learning this at a very good time. I want you to get over the fact that you are
older. Get over that, and focus on what you want. Let’s be clear here. You want something, you want to learn something,
you want to get something. This is an opportunity for you to do it. Stop sitting in this mental space of I can’t
believe I have to learn this stuff. This might not apply to you, but I want to
make sure I’m covering all my bases here. I’ve talked to a lot of guys in their 30’s
that are almost disgusted at themselves, that this is something that has to be learned. They think it’s pathetic. Let me tell you something. I get what you’re saying. I know where you’re coming from. The reality is this, if you want to get something
that is amazing in your life, there is no harm in learning this. A lot of guys, doesn’t matter what age they
are, they never had the chance to learn this stuff. They think this is something that needs to
come naturally. We’re human beings, people are getting together,
getting married all the time and people are having sex all the time. This is not something that should be hard. That’s not true for a lot of guys. You probably don’t know this. There’s a lot of guys out there. When you guys were watching this channel,
myself included, many years ago were completely lost when it came to understanding attraction
and understanding women. You’ve heard the old cliche how women are
mystery. In some ways they are. We’re trying to learn about that and trying
to get to that next level. What I’m saying is that it’s completely normal
that you don’t understand this stuff, that you don’t know what attraction is and what
it takes for a woman to be attracted to a man. At the same time, isn’t it a great opportunity
to be able to learn this stuff and get better results? Maybe you’re with a woman in your 20’s and
you were dating her. She was a girl that wasn’t for you, you settled,
you got into a relationship that wasn’t right. You look back and you’re like, I can’t believe
I wasted my time when I did that, or whatever it was. Now you get the opportunity to understand
how attraction works on such a level where you can be able to get a woman who has a better
fit for you. This is for any guys, doesn’t matter if you’re
in a relationship or not. Understand that this is an amazing opportunity
to get something that you want. Let’s move on. Guys always say in their 30’s, it’s weird
to go to bars and clubs. I’m in my 30’s, I gotta go to bars and clubs,
I gotta go talk to girls at these crazy places that I used to go in my 20’s, I’m going to
be that weird 35 year old guy at the club or the bar. The way you should be looking at bars and
clubs is one avenue of meeting women. It is a great place. I know a lot of guys are like, I don’t want
to go to the bars and clubs. It’s loud, obnoxious and people drink something
and all that stuff. I get it. Yes, it can be very annoying at times, but
let’s not forget that this is an amazing place to meet women. There are women out there who are single,
and they’re looking for men. This is one of the only places, besides maybe
like a singles event. Or maybe an online dating. This is one of the few places that women are
eager to meet you. This is one avenue. Of course, there’s other things like dating
apps, online dating. There are ways of going up and talking to
girls, at grocery stores, coffee shops and all that stuff. There’s plenty of avenues to meet women. I don’t want you to say, I’m too old. You’re not too old. You could go to any club or bar. It might say you are a little bit younger,
but there are still women there who are perfectly suited to be dating you, girls who want to
meet you. I would not throw out the idea of meeting
girls at bars and clubs, it is a great place. It doesn’t have to be the only place. I just mentioned a bunch of places, different
avenues that you can be meeting women in. We want to do that. We want to use all avenues here. That’s going to bring me to one of my first
tips, is in your 30’s, or in your 20’s, this is advice for everybody. You should be using a little bit of everything. One or two dating apps, an online dating site,
going out and meeting women. This is for everyone watching this video,
any guy, any age, I do suggest for you to put more of an emphasis on doing cold approach. Cold approach means you’re going to a bar,
new club, you’re going out during the day, wherever you’re going up and meeting women. What this is going to do, is this is going
to prepare you better for being able to attract her when you’re meeting up for the first time. A lot of guys, they sit behind their phones,
they sit behind their computers, and they wait till they finally get a date. Then they’re finally in person with someone,
and magically doesn’t really work out. They’re not used to communicating with someone
in person. For some guys, it can be very difficult to
get a lot of dates, over apps and online. I suggest that you put more of an emphasis
in person because you’re going to have to be in person with the girl. There have to be face to face. There’s something about having the courage
and building up that skill set of being able to approach a girl. That does something awesome. What it does is give you more options in social
freedom. In fact, I believe that being able to go up
and talk to a woman at a bar, on the street is way more powerful for you than meeting
a girl anywhere else. You have the opportunity because not many
guys are doing that. In my opinion, there are many more quality
women who are not on the dating apps and online dating site. You have more options to do that. It makes you a stronger person. You have more social freedom. It builds this courage inside of you and builds
this fearlessness that allows you to be able to talk to anyone and have that social power. When you finally get on dates with girls,
or even, this is pretty crazy, this stuff translates across the board. This translates to communicating with friends
and family, to public speaking, to anything where you need to go and you just socialize. This translates across the board because this
is one of the harder things to do, to go up and spark a conversation with a woman on the
street and get her interested in you, get her on a date, get her number and move it
all the way to the bedroom or relationship. This is harder and therefore in this case,
gets you better results and makes you a stronger person internally. Another thing that guys that are in 30’s say,
how am I supposed to do this? All of my friends are married and have kids? A lot of your friends might already be in
relationships. What are you supposed to do? This is a guy who’s now single in his 30’s,
trying to meet women, and Tripp, you’re saying to me, I gotta go now to the bars? I’m going to go out? I got to start talking to girls? How am I going to do that without any friends? You’re probably used to going out with friends,
having a good time and maybe talking to a couple of girls. At this point, maybe your friends are busy
with work, have their families, have other priorities besides meeting women. Maybe many of them have already gotten to
that point. Let me say this. A lot of these people, unfortunately, will
probably end up in the same place as you. I don’t say that as a pessimist. I say that as a realist, knowing that the
divorce rate is pretty high. The whole point here is let’s not compare
yourself to other people. They have their situation, you have yours,
they might be in that situation, one day you might be married, you might have kids, it
doesn’t matter. We’re all in different places. How do you do this, knowing that they’re in
one place, and you’re in the other? Here’s the great news. The great news is that you don’t want to have
friends to go out and do this with. Most likely, some of your friends are not
going to be as interested in putting in the effort that you might be. A guy like you who’s watching this video was
determined to be able to learn how to do this, and you don’t need them to be able to meet
girls. In fact, it’s going to be so much better for
you to do this journey completely on your own. I’m not talking about having a coach there,
or having a wingman who is as interested in you. Either way, you going out and learning this
completely by yourself is more beneficial because you’re going out and you’re not going
to have that friend as a crutch there. I know this sounds pretty crazy, like, wait
a minute, I gotta go out and take an hour out of my day to go meet girls? I have to go to a bar alone? A club alone? This sounds insane. I’ve never done this before. Let’s talk about this for a second. Having someone there is just a mental crutch. That’s all it is. Having a guy alongside of you, is to help
take the mental pressure off of the fact that you are doing this alone. That’s the only reason why you would have
someone there. It doesn’t matter if you have someone there,
to go up and talk to a girl, spark a conversation, get her attracted, and get her number, get
her on a date, get into a relationship or have sex with her. It is not needed at all to have someone with
you. I know this from personal experience. I know this from a lot of other people who
have done this before. You don’t need to be with someone. They’re not going to do anything magical that’s
going to help the girl that you’re talking to get you more attracted. The only thing I could say a little bit, and
even this doesn’t matter, is when you go up to a couple of girls, they can come up with
you and talk to the other girls that you’re not interested in ,so you can focus on that
one girl that you are. Yes, that does help a little bit. Again, it’s not necessary. What you need to do as a guy who’s trying
to get better at this and learn this stuff. We’re talking about more in person, obviously,
you don’t need a friend to be in the dating apps or online dating or anything like that. When you’re going out and doing this in person
and practicing meeting girls, it’s all about you going up to that one girl and starting
a conversation with her, talking to her, doing whatever you need to do, to meet her friends
or whoever is alongside her, giving them minimal attention, but focusing on that one girl that
you like. It doesn’t matter where this is. It doesn’t matter if this is a bar, club,
out during the day, or outside somewhere at a mall. It’s all about you going up to the girl that
you’re interested in and starting the conversation. The only reason why you would have a guy there
is to make you feel a little bit better about the situation. Logically, you do not need that. It is totally and completely unnecessary for
you to have someone with you and have a friend join you in some of these escapades. You might be thinking, Tripp, it’s weird that
I might be going out alone and doing this. What if girls think I’m a weirdo? What if they’re asking me where my friends
are? All these things? Let me tell you something. When you finally go out, you go to this bar
during the day, wherever it is, and you meet a girl and it’s successful, then you end up
going on maybe an instant date with her, maybe you end up sleeping with her that night, you
get her number and you set up a date with this girl, you’re not going to be giving
a shit about who was with you, how weird it is that you went out. You’re gonna be so happy that you’re getting
results. That’s all that matters. Everything else is all in your head. Everything else is all about with the media
and what society has portrayed should be normal. All those people who are doing the normal
way, who are meeting girls through friends, family or through their community, half of
those people are getting divorced. I know more things add to the divorce rate.The
whole thing is that maybe doing it the old fashioned way, isn’t the best way to do it. Maybe the best way to meet women, which we
don’t do is what we’re talking about here. Maybe in a whole new reality, a whole new
mindset, it’s weird to be lazy to meet people that are introduced to you through friends. Or hoping for the best, messaging 100 girls
to hope that one responds to you on an app or an online dating site. Maybe that’s a little weird. You can think about this in a whole new way. Maybe it’s a little bit more normal to be
a guy who’s like, I know I want to have a partner, I want a relationship, I want to
have sex with girls, and I want to have a good time. Maybe I should be going out and meeting girls,
isn’t that the way to do it? You go out and start conversations with girls. I don’t know, sounds pretty normal to me. I think that the median society has trained
you to think that is a little bit strange. That you should be doing it in this other
way that most people are doing it, which isn’t 100% successful. Think about that. One last thing in terms of mindsets is this
idea that guys in their 30’s are saying, Tripp, now I’m old, I’m balding, I’m getting wrinkly,
I look older, I’m fatter, my metabolism has slowed down, all these things. You might have a lot of physical insecurities. You might even have a lot of other insecurities
that have developed over the years because now you’re much older. You’ve lived more in terms of your life. Let’s talk about some of this. One thing you have to understand about attraction
is that looks and money don’t matter. While you guys in your 30’s might be thinking,
maybe I’m old looking, but I got all this money now. I have all this money and girls like guys
who have a lot of money. All these things that a lot of people think,
and the media has told you, this is not true. Looks and money do not matter. Women are attracted to behavioral traits,
the way that a man behaves. This is something that I dig deep into into
my program Hooked. I’ll give you a general synopsis right now. Women are attracted to guys in the way that
they behave and show their fearlessness, show their dominance, and show their masculinity. None of that has anything to do with the way
you look or the amount of money you have in your bank. This goes far back into some evolutionary
psychology, some theories about the idea that women are attracted to men, thousands of years
ago, because of their behavioral traits. Money didn’t exist back then. Looks didn’t matter. None of that was important for survival. It was in the way in which the guy behaved. How attraction works? It’s not about the money in your bank account. It’s not about the way you look. It’s the way that you act and behave in front
of these women that you’re approaching and talking to. The whole concept of going over and introducing
yourself to a girl and saying hi, and looking her directly in the eye. That right there is this idea of pre attraction. She’s already going to be a little bit attracted
to you because she’s like, wow, this guy has the balls to come up to me and say hello. He must be confident because you’re going
up and doing that. He must have probably a lot of girls in his
life, which shows this idea of social proof, looks like you have a lot of girls in your
life. That means there’s something about you that’s
attractive. You’re able to go up and spark a conversation
with someone. Right away, just going up and saying hi to
a girl already helps and that’s because it’s the way in which you’re behaving. That’s what women are attracted to. That’s what they’re looking for, that masculine,
dominant, fearless man. How are you supposed to do this? A guy in his 30’s, trying to figure out, what
am I supposed to do? There’s a few things in terms of how to use,
I’m not going to go into that into this video, how to attract women and how to approach,
there is an entire channel right here that you’re watching, that teaches you every single
how to, that completely applies to you, even if you’re in your 30’s, 40s or 50s. How attraction works is the same with every
different woman. Attraction is the same. If you want to look for how to start talking
to girls, how to get them attracted, what to say, what women are thinking, that’s all
in this channel. I want you to go through the channel and start
looking up all that information. One thing I want to teach you is a guy in
his 30’s, who’s probably busy, I’m guessing that the majority of people watching this
video in their 30’s have a very busy job, have a career, something that they’re working
on. I suggest to you, who think you’re very busy
to carve out time during the day, week, or month, to be able to go out and start practicing
this stuff. Yes, it’s going to take practice. It’s going to get you getting back into the
game, so to speak, getting you talking to more women. I suggest that after this video, you download
one app, put yourself on one dating site and pick one day per week for one hour to go out
and practice approaching and meeting women. That’s what I want you to do. This is going to be helpful in terms of giving
you a whole span of women that you can be talking to in different areas. I suggest that you also check out my program
called Hooked at This is going to give you a whole A to Z step
by step process with all the techniques involved, for you to meet more girls, get them attracted
and get them hooked on you. I go over certain techniques and certain flavor
formulas as I call them, to make your personality shine and be able to still attract women by
still being you. Whether you check out the Hooked program,
or you can check out all the videos on my channel, that’s going to be your best resource
for all the how to’s in terms of going up. I know that the main pain point here is probably
all the stuff we talked about, but definitely the time factor. Carve out one hour per week to go out and
start meeting women and practicing this and putting this into your routine. You can do this as much as you want. That’s just a suggestion. The more you do it, the easier it’s going
to be. The more women you’re going to meet, and the
more you’re gonna be able to put yourself in front of more women. One thing I should note is if you have a career
and you have money at this point, that is something you should take advantage of. Not to the point where you’re showing off
your money and attracting girls. If you have money, that means you have access
to more resources. That means you can use that to travel more,
to go to new places, to maybe get into some clubs that you might not be able to get into,
to go anywhere you want, any avenue you want to meet more girls, to maybe hire a matchmaker,
that’s something you want to do, to use the money to go to singles events, or different
charity events or any events. You have more access now because you have
the funds to do that. I would take advantage of that if that’s something
that you have, but not 100% necessary. If you’re in your 30’s and you’re completely
broke, not the end of the world for you or for your money situation. Not for the girls situation, you can still
go out during the day and meet girls. I do suggest as a guy in your 30’s, I’m not
an expert at this, I can’t give you much advice on this, but hopefully, you are figuring out
what your mission is in life, your purpose and the things that you want to do. That will help in terms of attraction. At the end of the day, if you want to get
into relationship with a goal, you want a relationship to work. Hopefully, you have some of your life figured
out and you are on a path. That is attractive to women. Another great way of meeting women here for
guys in his 30’s is through hobbies and interests. Hopefully, at this point, you lived enough
life where you learned about what you like and what you enjoy. What are those things? Think about things to yourself right now. What do you like to do? What do you enjoy doing? This is an amazing avenue to meet women, also
a way of having a fulfilling life. A lot of guys who are in their 30’s, who are
in this rut, or maybe they got a divorce or a breakup, they don’t spend a lot of time
building up their life. Instead, they go into the same old routine
of going to work and coming home. In your 30’s, it’s about rebuilding your life
and building something that you enjoy, a lifestyle that you love. When you meet a woman, she could be the one
joining that amazing lifestyle. Instead of trying to pine after finding a
woman, doing it fast because all your friends are married and have kids. Think about what it’s going to take to build
your lifestyle, doing the things that you want to do, having the goals, having your
mission, maybe that’s your career, maybe switching careers because it’s something you don’t like. I wouldn’t put a lot of emphasis on that,
focusing on how can I build a life that I enjoy, so when I do find a girl, she can enjoy
it with me. Think about those things. That’s one of the biggest takeaways of this
video, not just about carving the time to meet women, but also creating the time to
build a life for yourself that’s going to be enjoyable for you and any other girl that
you meet. I talked a lot about that in my Hooked course,
which you can check out at You can check that out in the link in the
description below this video and learn more about how you can take this to the next level,
building your lifestyle but also learning how to get girls hooked and invested in you,
even if you are in this case, in your 30’s. What I want you to do right now besides check
out that link is, I want you to write in the comments below one takeaway from this video. Hopefully you made it this far. I know this is a long one, but what is one
thing that you learned that was new for you today as a guy in his 30’s? What did you learn? Or maybe it’s not something you learn that’s
new, but you’ve heard it before and it hits you. It’s something that made this effect like,
this is something I need to do, or I need to get handled. What’s that one thing? Write it down below in the comments. If you liked this video press like, I would
absolutely appreciate it. I’ll see you on the next video.

Michael Martin

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  8. Thanks for waking me up Tripp! It all makes total sense, now that I've just been rebooted! The excitement of meeting unique and special girls is coming back!!

  9. Tripp, would you say it's natural, human nature, for men in their 30s to still desire women in their 20 more so than women in their 30s?

  10. If you're still trying to pick up girls in your 30's instead of having already securing a real relationship, then you've already lost the game. Better hope reincarnation is a thing so that you can try better next time, lol.

  11. i liked in this video most is guys need to have great behaviourial traits but not money or looks..

  12. Great advice👍 I've been clubbin and bar hoppin alone since I was 24! I 'am 31 now. Some nights I win and some nights I lose.The experiences are so worth it. Get out there

  13. Great video, exactly what I wanted. I actually get a lot more dates in my 30's than I ever did in my 20's. A lot of women in their mid to late 20's like to date men in their 30's. Men in their 30's tend to be farther in their careers, mature, and more financially stable.

  14. Tripp you are a good guy, but you are hurting the MGTOW movement. All you are doing is increasing the quantity of beta male orbitors and blue pill men. It is a sad position to be in and ultimately leads to them wasting their time and being used for a girls attention etc I bet that has been the case for a LOT of people in your comment section including myself until I became red pilled. I suggest you take your daily dose of red pill too

  15. Tripp I love you
    I seriously love you
    You are my leader in life
    Thank you for your existence
    Im from Iran and I wish I could meet you in Iran.
    Sincerely yours
    Mohamad abasi

  16. I am 24, not in my 30's, but the takeaway that hit home hard was 20,30,40,0,100….age doesn't matter, if you want to learn something from the bottom of your heart, it is never too late…go out there and fuckin learn what you want! Saying that "I'm too old" is actually equivalent to "I'm too lazy" at the subconscious level! take fucking control of your life!

  17. Great video. May i ask you some questions?

    1. Do you think there are many young girls (20-25 years) attracted to older guys (>40)?
    2. And is it not weird to approach them with a direct compliment?
    3. Some PUA say that an older guy can´t score with his youth face, so a direct approach will creep most young girls out. They say that an older guy can score with his life experience and his personality and to not creep her out an indirect approach is much better. What do you think?

  18. I've learnt, that my idea of meeting women (going out alone in bars, concerts and to other venues) may actually be a good idea! 🙂

  19. Tripp, I get the masculine dominant thing but can you give some perspective on women who are fascinated with feminine, 'metrosex whatev' or even homosexual. Women never want a whiny bitch but some, not all, love the fruity dandy boys

  20. I didn't date in my 20s now I'm 36 nearly 37 and I finally feel like I want to start dating I was never interested before. I'm I starting to late?

  21. "What is your life about?"

    -Being transient.

    "What do you want out of life?"

    -Being transient.

    "What kind of woman do you want?"

    – …….

    Fuck- this dude just made me realize that I want to stay single, travel, make memes and abuse drugs.

  22. Could have really cut this video down to about 2 minutes. A lot of rambling and he keeps going over the same old stuff without really giving any useful tips except be a fucking man and go talk to girls. That's the one thing to take away from this video

  23. My takeaway is that women were attracted to men even before money existed, so, whatever they found attractive then, they still find attractive now. Can't argue with evolution. We're used to think we're 20, 30 or 40 but a lot of our traits are hundreds of thousends years old.

  24. HOW ABOUT DATING WOMEN IN THEIR 30's… what the fuck. Good video tho… men just need to stop trying to date 20 yr olds as they get older as if women have an expiration date.

  25. In my thirties and haven't dated for 11 years. Yeah, it's been a while haha. Thanks for the advice.

    What's your advice for someone who's a virgin in their thirties? How do I even communicate that? I'd like to be honest.

    Also, I don't drink alcohol and if she does get plastered, which happens frequently in the college town that I live in.

  26. Hi Tripp, hope all is well!
    I'm a new subscriber to your channel. Your videos are very informative and educational. Learning is lifelong endeavor, so I agree with what you said in the outset of your video.
    I discovered your channel when I saw a recommend video with your interview with Alpha Male Strategy. Been going through your videos since then. Will probably purchase your hook program to gain a deeper understanding of your material.
    Keep up the great work!

  27. Yeah one thing I learned here was, that going out alone is no different, actually on many occasions it were my (drunk) friends sabotaging me getting girls, I have gone out a few times alone, and it's like when you're going out alone, you have to make contact or you get bored as f*ck.

  28. Dating in your 30s is easy like driving a bike. Just the bike is on fire, road is on fire, you are on fire, everything is on fire because you are in hell.

  29. I’m 30 and from my experience guys that I’ve dated that were 30 31 were still in the playing stage, didn’t wanna settle down just yet … as opposed to the ones that were 34/35…

  30. Thanks for the advices Tripp. I'm 33 and I haven't been in a relationship in almost 5 years. I for one believe that I will find my match through my hobbies (sports). I love to surround myself of people who share my passions and I don't see why it would be different for romance. I'm definitely not a believer of opposites attract.

  31. useless garbage. wasted 5 minutes WAITING for you to get to the damn point instead of drone on and on with that terribly long introduction and calls to action nonsense. not wasting any more time, sorry. also, bars and clubs? really? i never understood why people go to those stupid things. only trashy people go to bars and clubs. been to a bar a couple of times when I was a young 20-something and never went to another. no regrets.

  32. The number one reason guys on dating apps don’t get dates is because they don’t ask for one. They carry on stupid conversations for months without end and are too afraid to meet for a 20-minute coffee. Dating apps are only as effective as the people using them.

  33. Im 29 almast 30 i never date girl in my patheric life i never have girlfriend im the bigest losser man in all world i wish i was never born losser and pusy single forever i hate my self

  34. Honestly, this video taught me I'm in the right spot already. I've got my life headed where I want it to go, I'm making those moves, and I'm actually ready for this.

  35. 34 year old here. Recently single after a stifling 8 year relationship that sucked the soul out of my body. For me, it's not the awkwardness of meeting new women at my age. It's the effort that needs to be done in order to get the girl you want. I'm kind of worn out and don't have the same energy to meet new women as I did in my 20s. Most women need so much attention anymore, its insane. Constant photos and social media updates. As a 34 year old, I'm over all of that shit. Was never really into it in the first place. That's stressful to deal with. I just can't see myself meeting a girl then having to do all the new couple bull shit (dating, meet parents, family gatherings with new people I just met, constantly trying to impress your new GF). Fuck all of that. I'd rather just bang a few bar whores here and there and call it a day.

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