The Try Guys Try Wedding Dresses

I'm gonna do a big old twirl my name is tak and I'm the designer for aria and I like it and I've brought some beautiful gowns with me today and I'm gonna turn these guys into beautiful brides hi everyone there's know a little bit of our personalities well I'm married so my wife has been through this before but I wasn't there I really like fashioned like a mini horse or a teacup pick is my ring bearer and I want to look really hot on my wedding to be very fun I like things that are couture I wanted to be a little quirky I'm Vin Diesel's probably officiating I don't know if he's free pretty classic guy I like to wear polo shirts what I think of med I think of that acid oh he's a business in the front type guy he needs a party in the back zach is cute as this is my day I want all eyes on me keith is one of the most exquisite beautiful creatures I know I think he should have something funky I want to look like Naomi Campbell Eugene's gonna look prettier than any of us let's just get it over with I think I'm just adjust for your net all right you're ready to try it on yeah of course you're ready for it yes we've got a lot of attention in this big ball guy oh yeah very revealing look at that bosom it's a high-fashion pose looks like you're a hunchback that lower half is so hairy oh it's so silky who's this it is a petticoat I'm gonna be so fluffy that just slid on like a globe Oh tighten the back I would have to get this dress altered as soon as you start wearing that seeing your nipples becomes weird literally spaghetti on my shoulders hmm now you didn't tell us you were pregnant so is 1600 you the diamond I feel like Big Bird but hot what is this made out of chicken feathers chicken feathers oh don't fill it out coz there's a mermaid cut you should never cut a mermaid I feel like a princess a hairy Jewish princess I can't move I'm stuck those clamps you're like there's something missing though I have just the thing to complete your look for you oh my god it's like a cape boys you ready looks great looks pretty decent yeah it's like the Walgreens they always have that thing around Halloween is like was that weird for you Ned I think Keith looks more handsome than ever do you Eugene take Keith to be your bride go get it bro not the dress not the dress not the dress got him I think it's really nice to find a dress that matches your personality it feels so pretty in it it's a special day and you want to find something that you feel special in so I just think it's fun to hang out with your friends and sort of like try on some clothes together it's veil is dig into my head but just like the way that it makes me feel and all of the emotions that the wedding day implies I just feel so perfect and you and I know that all of the Brides out there who are getting married you're going to be so perfect and beautiful I can't wait for you to get me you should lose five pounds though shut up God Yugi I literally spot you I'm just saying it would make you look perfect god dammit here perfect but like five pounds no no you would look like oh it was a nice moment and you ruined I'd be a very realistic bridesmaid you were wrong

Michael Martin

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  1. Why does Eugene look HOT in everything!? Makeover by teenage girls, dagger pumps, drag, sexy underwear, corset, and now… WEDDING DRESS!?? NO FAIR!!!

  2. I'm a female and if I was going to marry Eugene, I'd be perfectly fine if he came in that dress. Though I'm sure he looked look supper SEXY in a tux. Now I'm sad that I'll never marry him. : (

  3. I asked to try on my mom's wedding dress and my ass was too big lol it got stuck at my thighs

  4. Zach: 'leans in for a kiss'
    Eugene: NOT THE DRESS NOT THE DRESS NOT THE DRESS 'pushes him away and strikes a pose'

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