The Truth About Queen Elizabeth's Relationship With Her Kids

at some point in your childhood did you wish to magically transform into a princess if you had a particularly active imagination maybe you even thought you'd actually become one someday but growing up as a princess or any form of royalty really is likely a whole lot better in concept than in reality spoiler alert it wasn't always great in fact it was downright depressing at times when your mother is the Queen of England the family dynamic is bound to get a little complicated to say the least here's the real truth behind the Queen and Prince Philip's relationship with their children raised by nannies Prince Charles was born in 1948 just a year after his parents wedding and around three years before his mother became the Queen next came Princess Anne who was born one year later Elizabeth and Philip decided not to have any more children until a decade later in 1960 the couple welcomed another son Prince Andrew and in 1964 welcomed another boy Prince Edward in Jonathan Dimbleby authorised 1994 biography of Prince Charles Charles is quoted as saying that the people who raised him were not his parents but the nursery staff in yet another biography of the prince author Sally Bedell Smith reiterated that fact writing that Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip only saw their children after breakfast and tea time so basically not much at all Prince Philip the disciplinarian although he may not have spent much time with his parents growing up Prince trials still viewed his father as a disciplinarian the unauthorized biography Prince Charles the passions and paradoxes of an improbable life described the young prince's having been a sensitive child worried his son would become quote weak and vulnerable Prince Philip attempted to toughen young Charles up Patricia Mountbatten Charles's godmother explained in the prince's biography that Phillip was also very concerned with Charles becoming spoiled Philip felt some tough love would work to counteract the spoiling Philip is also said to have relied on sarcasm when dealing with not only Charles but with daughter Anne as well unlike Charles and reportedly pushed back he can't help but feel bad for the little prince lacking in warmth when Charles would sit with his parents during teatime it wasn't exactly quality family time Martin Charteris a former long-term senior adviser to the Queen is quoted in Prince Charles's biography as saying somehow even those contacts were lacking in warmth the Queen is not good at showing affection when Charles his parents returned after nearly six months away both the Queen and Philip proved their standoffish 'no swen it came to their children by not embracing them with long hugs or kisses instead they simply shook hands with their then five-year-old son and three-year-old daughter when Charles was four years old however the Queen did set out to teach her son horseback riding but unfortunately for Charles he said the whole idea of taking off scared me stiff it's the thought that counts right a happy unit in a BBC interview back in 2002 princess and clapped back at the critics who labeled the Queen as an uncaring mother instead of aligning with her brother Charles's beliefs and classifying her mother is lacking warmth and seems to feel that her mom was indeed a loving parent and further dubs the royal family a happy unit in which they all got along she explained that they may not have been too demanding of their mother's time because they recognised her unique position as you know ruler of the country and all they may have been just young children but according to Anne they seemed to have a pretty good idea of what the monarchy entailed saying I don't believe any of us for a second thought she didn't care for us in exactly the same way as any mother did mommy and me time Robert Lacey's biography monarch the life and reign of Elizabeth the second quotes the Queen is saying what fun it is to have a baby in the house again after Edward was born according to Lacey Queen Elizabeth was able to spend a lot more time with Andrew and Edward than she'd been able to do with both Charles and Anne by the mid 1960s ruling the country may not have exactly been old hat but the Queen was surely more comfortable in her role unlike the awkward meals she once shared with her oldest son Queen Elizabeth spent time cycling and chasing her younger children through Buckingham Palace once a week Edward and Andrews nanny was given the night off and Queen Elizabeth would take over according to Lacey the Queen even began to refer to the nanny's night off their favorite night of the week Prince Philip's soft side it's not exactly a secret that Charles and Princess Diana had a relationship that was fraught with disagreements infidelity and essentially everything else that could tear a marriage apart but Diana seemed to have an ally and one you might not expect in 2007 The Telegraph released a transcript of letters written to and from Philip and Diana the letters were read during the inquest into Diana's tragic death and cast Philip in a new and very caring light Diana fondly referred to her father-in-law as paw and would often end her letters with my fondest love Philip wrote diana saying he hoped they could continue their letter writing as an opportunity to exchange views and reassured her saying i will always do my utmost to help you and charles to the best of my ability picking favorites who's the Queen's favorite perhaps that's an impossible question to ask but some have surmised that it's not actually one of her own children but rather a daughter-in-law according to express the Monarchs preference is Sophie Rhys Jones who married Prince Edward back in 1999 Edward is the only one of the Queen's children who has not gone through a divorce but that may not be why Rhys Jones is favored Queen Elizabeth and Rhys Jones share a lot of similar interests and spend a good chunk of time together sometimes riding horses and other time simply relaxing with the grandkids in 2010 the Queen further proved her love for Rhys Jones when awarding her with the Grand Cross of the Royal Victorian order which is Queen Elizabeth's highest seal of approval there's no doubt about it this daughter-in-law is in the Queen's good graces

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  12. I can't believe the amount of people who are still completely blind to the fraud this Royal family is. Wake up. There's a very good reason for your lives being pathetic 9-5 slavery with nothing but a lifetime of debt. Stop worshiping the devil.

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  18. frame 420, is it my imagination or does Prince Philipe look like a monsterous demon? Maybe those rumors about the royal family are true, that they are shapeshifting monsters uggggg

  19. Children aren't "raised", livestock is raised…Children are reared..Although with all of those horse-faced royals, I can see where the confusion comes in….

  20. I've long said that Anne was the "son" the Queen and Phillip always wanted. Tough, smart, athletic, accomplished, hard-working. She's everything Charles "should" have been, but wasn't. It's a real shame the Crown can't go from Elizabeth to Anne, then eventually to William.

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