The Truth About Drew Scott’s Marriage

Before Drew Scott and Linda Phan wed in 2018,
the pair renovated their very first home together. And their vintage fixer-upper was full of
exciting possibilities, much like the couple themselves. From an embarrassing meet-cute to a Dr. Seuss-inspired
proposal, here’s the truth behind their enchanting romance. Phan and Scott had a meet cute fit for a Nora
Ephron flick. The HGTV star and his future bride met in
2010 at Toronto Fashion Week when Scott was searching for a sip of water, and Phan was
hanging out, eating a slice of pizza. Scott described the moment he knew she was
the one, saying, “I saw her across the room, this beautiful
woman, I saw her smile, she’s holding a giant piece of pizza. I walked up with my best pickup line and said,
‘Where do I get a water?'” Okay, maybe it wasn’t the most magical moment,
but he obviously won her heart! Unless you happen to be Jim and Pam, dating
your coworker can be a risky move. But Scott and Phan clearly aren’t afraid to
break a rule or two. Soon after meeting Scott and his twin brother
Jonathan in 2010, Phan became the Creative Director of the brothers’ company, Scott Brothers
Entertainment. And proving that working together is, well,
working, Phan once posted: Phan is also in charge of The Producers Ball,
a VIP gala held every year during the Toronto International Film Festival. After falling head-over-heels in love, Scott
and Phan moved in together in 2012. However, they weren’t alone in their humble
abode. Instead, they had a roommate: Scott’s brother,
Jonathan. Jonathan, who found himself single after a
divorce, continued living with his twin brother in their Las Vegas bachelor pad, even after
Phan moved in. And while it certainly doesn’t sound like
the ideal situation, Phan told People she was okay with it, saying, In 2016, after six years together, Scott and
Phan announced their engagement. And it turns out, the Property Brothers star
certainly knows how to plan a memorable proposal! “I concocted quite the elaborate proposal.” “You pulled off the biggest surprise of my
life.” When the big night finally arrived, People
reported Scott arranged for the pair to have dinner at Toronto’s Piano Piano, where he
had the staff surprise Phan with a Dr. Seuss inspired cake reading, “Oh, the places we’ll
go!” He proposed to his future bride as the restaurant
played a cover of Train’s “Marry Me,” recorded by Scott himself. Of course she said yes! A year and a half later, the couple were married
in May 2018 with Italy as their romantic backdrop. “Hashtag… “… Linda and Drew say I do.” Scott, along with twin brother Jonathan, older
brother J.D., and father Jim, paid homage to his own heritage by wearing a traditional
Scottish kilt. And Linda gathered ten of her best bridesmaids
as she exchanged her vows. “Linda.” “Yeah?” “Drew has something special for you.” “Oh what is that? Am I about to accept a mission?” But while they might have kept with family
tradition, the two broke the tradition of a typical gift registry. In an exclusive for The Knot, Phan dished, “We’ve asked everybody including our fans
out there, to donate, we’re trying to bring clean water to 50,000 people.” A sweet, and generous, callback to their first
meeting over drinking water! Sorry, Jonathan, but Drew and Linda have moved
on to greener pastures, and a bigger home, in Los Angeles, California! “As an independent third party I have advice
for the newlyweds moving into their dream home. Give her more closet space.” No strangers to reality TV, the couple documented
the renovation of their brand spankin’ new digs in a five-part series on HGTV called
Property Brothers at Home: Drew’s Honeymoon House. And boy, do these two know how to create a
dream house! The short series follows Phan and Scott as
they redesign the entire house from the ground up, turning an overgrown backyard into a relaxing
oasis, and creating an Art Deco-inspired master bedroom reflective of their stylish, creative
personalities. Jonathan helped to lead the charge during
the master bedroom renovation, saying, Check out one of our newest videos right here! Plus, even more List videos about your favorite
stuff are coming soon. Subscribe to our YouTube channel and hit the
bell so you don’t miss a single one.

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  1. You ask why only 7 comments . Everyone tired of their bragging look at me! Right alone with the Joann and Chip Gains . Enough is enough . And the title of Video ,WHO cares ? This one will too.

  2. giving the same village in kenya a new well every couple of years because there is no upkeep done by the villagers…

  3. Wouldn't it be wonderful if they gave 50,000 people in DETROIT clean water—charity begins WHERE YOU EARNED YOUR MONEY!!

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  5. All the best to you'll!!!
    Love the brothers!!!
    May you'll have many blessings today and always. What our heavenly father put together, let NO man separate.((((Amen))))
    Enjoy the love
    We don't see much of
    It today. Thank you for sharing with us. You

  6. Doo..what's Jonathan's deal?
    They just build a gazillion dollar sprawling eyesore to live in. Why'd they do that if he was with her?

  7. Why some people are so mean? Why dont wish them health and happiness and more success?
    Why not be happy for them to stay in love and happy together for the rest of their life?
    I love you guys ,property brothers. Wishing you joy and more joy and happiness always. 😘💚💛🧡💜🙏🤲🙏

  8. Hi, I dreamed having the twins do a huge house make over, that would be more than a blessing for me;)/they have great skills.

  9. ..i went to high school with them, two of the nicest guys you'll ever meet, even when they dressed up like cops and pulled people over.

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