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Loretta Lynn rightfully deserves to be called
the queen and innovator of country music. She is the only female ACM Artists of the
Decade. Loretta, who is now 86, has walked a long
path, from the poverty of a mining town to the top of a superstar career. She survived several miscarriages and the
death of her two children and her husband. Even though he helped her open her talent
to the world, he was nothing like an ideal partner. Find out the life story of this fantastic
woman in our video! Loretta was born into a very poor, large coal
mining family in Kentucky. She was named after actress Loretta Young. “My mommy and daddy had 8 kids, so there were
10 of us living in a small cabin in the mountains,” says Lynn. She was only 15 when she fell in love with
Oliver Lynn, nicknamed Doolittle. The teenage girl could not resist the charming
and cheerful 20-year-old stud. They got married within just a month and Doolittle
left with his young wife to Washington state. While needing the most support from her husband
during her final trimester, Loretta found out about Doo’s love affair. Lynn gave birth to her first baby when she
was 16 Doo’s admiration and enjoyment of having a
baby made her forgive his cheating. Working on a farm and taking care of her children
absorbed all her energy, but Oliver’s present – a $17 guitar, inspired her. Loretta wrote her first song when she was
24. She had been married for 9 years and already
had 4 children. Lynn and her brother formed a band and performed
together in bars and small concerts around the state. For a beginner country star there was no other
way to build a career but to move to the center of country music- Nashville. Patsy Cline helped Loretta a lot to settle
in and to get used to the world of show business. Loretta’s unique talent did not go unnoticed. Her song I’m a Honky Tonk Girl struck like
lightning and Lynn was unexpectedly flooded with record offers from top to toe. She hit the road for a music tour around the
country together with her husband. As it turned out, it was the best time for
their relationship Loretta Lynn immediately became famous and
her songs rocked the top of the music charts. Lynn’s peculiarity isn’t her voice only, she
tells about women’s misfortune in her lyrics, bringing up things she was afraid to talk
about before. It’s not a mystery that her songs were autobiographical,
including “Don’t come home a-drinking”. The great success of his wife crushed Oliver’s
self-esteem The constant love affairs that Lynn was trying
to put up with for a long time increased dramatically. Coming home drunk after romancing another
lady, Oliver roughed Lynn up. Loretta recalls: Once, trying to protect herself she hit him
hard in his face. The second Loretta saw the blood and teeth
falling out, she got scared to death. She thought: ‘I’m dead. I am dead. I am completely dead.’ Oliver said nothing and just left the room. And as usual, she paid for his visit to the
doctor. In early 2000 Loretta published her autobiography,
Still Woman Enough, where she described their relationship in details. She describes him as an alcoholic man, who
beat her, was unfaithful and spent her money. After her husband’s death in 1996, Lynn moved
to a smaller house. Her former dwelling with Mooney is now open
to tourists in the summer. She never felt comfortable there, because
Oliver’s girlfriends were in the house when she was on the road
Loretta rarely went on stage, preferring a regular life on a ranch. In her interviews she says, she’d never wanted
to go through the hell with Doo gain. But on the other hand, she admits, that without
Oliver, she wouldn’t have become the Loretta Lynn we all know and love. What do you think about family violence? Is it worth staying in the family if a man
beats his wife? Thanks for watching. Click on the Ossa icon to subscribe to our
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Michael Martin

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  1. Loretta married Doo when she was thirteen, because she was pregnant. I saw her do a interview, she said she was feeling sick and went to the doctor. When he told her she was going to have a baby she said that couldn't be true, she wasn't married.

  2. Oh my gosh! Shut up! Stop with the fake southern accent when you quote Loretta and stop with everything. Loretta is on record saying that she loved him and believed in marriage for life regardless of their issues. This video is disrespectful.

  3. Y'all have to understand that they came from a time, when you didn't just walk away. You toughed it out. It definitely would've been hard but that's just the way it was. Also she didn't just sit there and take it. She fought back.

  4. Why DO uneducated, abused women seem to think that it was the man who was responsible for their talent??? Loretta's talent laid with HER.. not with her husband.. unless he provided the content of her songs and most of country music.. boozing, floozing and cruising..

  5. I'm not saying her husband's actions were right, but I did read a book or she made it it wasn't just his fist that was swinging, it was hers too. People have to remember they we're living by different rules back then. Somewhere worse and some better. I don't really think it's our place to judge

  6. Married in a month! Nope! Get to know him. See him in his every mood. Remember, no one is perfect.
    Let your close friends and family not only meet him, but even go on double dates etc, with him. See what they think. Do a background check. Don’t live with him until you’re married.
    If he calls you the B word, end it. If he ever threatens you, end it. If he has ever hit a woman, or hits you, end it. If he doesn’t open doors for you end it.
    Good men honor women.

  7. Please, please, please, do not. Affect a crummy southern accent when quoting a southerner. It'd be like an American kinda doin a crummy yorkshire, or Liverpudlian accent, when talking abt the Beatles. Come on, now.

  8. Different background, different ideas, different opportunities…who knows. Fact is; this beautiful sunflower broke thru an awful lot of hard n ugly, to share beauty with us all

  9. No, having a family together, is not reason enough to stay with an alcoholic, abusive and cheating man.

  10. I would not live with a man who hit me or had affairs for all the money in the world. I'd rather be poor. But I believe she had drug problems of her own.

  11. Loretta Lynn's husband just wasn't into her, everything that comes into your life is not meant to stay, just get the panties and leave, if you make it stay you have problems !!!!!

  12. During that time they didn’t have 911, women’s shelters,cell phones, and women didn’t normally get divorced. Women didn’t have the resources or job opportunities the have now . And many poor people didn’t have cars or home phones. Society believed that a woman’s place was with her husband. Often if a woman ran from her husband her own family would turn her away. These things weren’t talked about. Abuse including spousal and child abuse were considered private matters and were handled within the family. Some people believed that if a mad beat his wife she deserved it and it was his right to do so. I believe that Miss Loretta is a brave woman who did the best she could considering the era and the restrictions placed on women at the time .


  14. My Mom came from that area of Ky. She was a kid in those Mts.during the depression and it was rough.She and her family moved from Ky.twice during the depression and stayed moved to N.C.the last time which was her Dads home state. Him and one of his brothers took off to Ky.after getting in trouble in N.C.My Mom told us she and her family lived alot like Lorettas in those Ky.Mts.They got one pair of shoes a year also. They came from a place called Grapevine in Ky.My Mom got to visit two more time s before she passed on a few years ago. She still loved those Ky.Mts.

  15. Staying with a man who beats on you and cheats on you and mentally abuses you tears you apart and anything good in you. Your children see this and loose respect for you and run a good chance to growing up and becoming what they live.
    It has taken me years to learn this lesson. I have no trust in anyone.

  16. Lorretta lynn should have been queen of country music. T. She's my favorite country music from 1960 until now. When conway two try died back in 1993. His Sun should have taken the road to stardom long before conway two try died

  17. your video contradicts loretta's words how they loved and how they both fought as he pushed shy country hillbilly to the top

  18. No! A woman should never stay! Unbelievable the way people take their aggressions out on the weaker partner and then she lashed out at him. That's when you know it's time to go. Why do guys cheat anyway? If it's their ego I'd say that's pretty selfish!

  19. Hell No ! my ex almost broke my neck after he beat me up pretty bad .. That is '' NOT LOVE '' But i put up with it for 8 years i don't know if i was embarrassed or it was fear ! just Please Don't let a man use you as a punching bag !! same goes for the men .. do not allow women to beat you .. walk away , report it .. get charges on them ..

  20. I do not believe in beating on a woman at all. I was beat half to death by my 1st husband. I could watch him come down the driveway and I could tell you if it was going to be a good night or. Hell of a night. Anything would set him off. He was a drunk and a drug addict. and if I t told him the money wasn't there.That we had bills due or the lights was going to be cut off or ETC.. Well I knew a beating was going to come. I told many of them. But. When. I had my galbadder taking out on one Friday and the very next Friday the doctors has to go in and do emergrey surgery because he kicks open my incention. and while I'm try to call my parent to come and get me and to come and take me to the hospital and he rips the phone out my hand and all I said is Daddy i Need and that all I got out and within 5 minute m y Daddy was flying up on my house and my exhusband was standing me. My Daddy was all over him and he run. Daddy said to me. Go get in the truck I said I can't. My Daddy look at me and saw all the blood everywhere and said where is that SOB. At. I said. In there. He said you sat here and call the police. Ok so i did. My Daddy was going to killing him and my exhusband son said please papa ddon't hurt my daddy.. My the police man talk to my Daddy and told him that he was worth going to jail over. Daddy said what does that SOB not go to jail over what he has done to daughter. The policeman Said He is on his way to the jail house. Now.and the Rescue Squad is coming in the drive way . I was in surgrey all day they lost me a couple of times. But by the grace of God. I'm still here to said. That if a man beat a woman he is not S**T.

  21. I’m so sorry But she had her first baby at 14 and she started writing songs when she was around 17 or so. She and I had a conversation about it many years ago. When I first met her

  22. It's Michael Phipps again i want to say a few more things no matter how hard God tried he couldn't have givin us 9 kids better parents

  23. No woman should be hit by her husband. Men are to love their wives just like theirselves. Read the Bible kjv

  24. she deserved better out of life. That man was pure no good, she paid dearly for that fame. All the time away from her kids cost her her family life. If she and Conway really did not have an affair they should have. It was the only time I ever saw her with a gleam of happiness in her eyes when they would sing together. I met her in the 60s, she use to play at a club my grandfather worked at. One time Doo had her so upset she couldnt come out on stage and sing, thankfully she had her sister with her on the road and she filled in for her.

  25. Im 73 when i was a young lady a Mother of two. My husband beat me quite alot. Had my teeth wired in for 6 month's. The cops didnt do anything. Well i had enough. He was asleep i was looking at him andi thought yo mysrlf he's is helpless just like me. I went into the kitchen got an iron skillet AZ nd hit him eith sll the strength i had. Blood was everywhere cslled the cops, they ask why. I ssid look at me. The cops got him to the hospital. He had 38 stitches in his head. I did not go to jail but my husband never hit me Again. Thank god for Abuse laws today. We got a divorce. I lived happily ever after. I realized that I was not helpless and i vould stand up for myself.

  26. No it isn't worth it, and I say that because I was in the same kinda of a marriage for 25 years. I was thrown out of cars and hit. I would leave he would talk me back
    This went on two children suffered because I stayed. I got enough when he threw me across the room while I was on chemo. I had lost my breast told me I should just go ahead and die already. I left him I volunteered at women shelter for thirteen years. If my testimony could help one woman to get out then my years of volunteering was worth it. I would tell any woman to not walk butt run never look back. They don't change it just gets worse.

  27. That's the old way of thinking. That's what they did. Now days they done. She certainly didn't do it for his money. I always heard he was a D….. He pushed her into doing things she didn't want to do or maybe at her pace. My thoughts

  28. U know I've been married a long time too and it's hard to get over a man who you have been with a long time even if he's a peace of shit and mine is no better than hers, but I don't have a lot of money and he made me disabled so I am screwed

  29. I can relate and understand
    First off we're talking about a different time here and also a different place. .the southern rural areas are known for this even to this day. ..
    When being very very poor and you're young and an older man sweeps you off your feet what do you do
    It was not uncommon to marry girls barely 13…
    I had a great uncle who l loved dearly and he was a God fearing man who would tell me the story of how he fell in love with his wife and how young she was. .he was 18 and she was 12
    They married…he told me how she hadn't even started her monthly cycle yet, so he waited before having sex till she did. ..he was a good man. .a gentleman and very humble ..they were married for almost 70 yrs and he passed away. .she passed away at the age of 98…
    Loretta started having babies very young and knew she couldn't go back home. .not because they wouldn't take her back in but she knew it was more mouths to feed and also there was a stigma on women with children. .what man wanted them. .men back then wanted virgins…she became a country star and had to travel alot which I personally think saved their marriage. .she was away from him doing her thing and he became Mr mom raising the kids. .I'm sure they still had their battles whenever they were together but Doo also knew who brought home the bacon….
    I love the movie coal miners daughter with sissy ..
    Is there another movie out there that I don't know about I come from a coal mining family and I lived an abusive life with a sick psychopath for 30 yrs. .it's not so easy and there is no help. ..
    I haven't been back to ky in 15 yrs. .I don't know how much it's changed. .maybe a little bit but I don't trust the law at all. .to this day they turn their heads specially towards women. .its a generational thing that women are still beneath the men. .no matter what! Born and breed in them. .I'm not saying all men from there are bad but if you find a good one like my uncle, then you are lucky. ..


  30. ironic how the video asks the question about family violence but only asks is it worth staying in a family if a man beats his wife – so I am to assume that family violence only happens with men?

  31. What God told me about an abusive man is " you can't love him like I can". That was my ticket out and with my life. But first I got beat one last time to where I suffer with memory loss.

  32. Really? What do I think about family violence? Me and my sister came from that life. It’s hell!!! Nobody should put up with that. Leave! Make a plan and leave! Don’t ever believe that their going to change. They don’t. It takes full immersion therapy for a long time. You and the children and the pets have to be gone!!! Just the abuser and his/her therapist.


  34. One time when I was younger my husband spit on my chest bc he was wasted I pushed him Against the wall he just stared at me never did that again

  35. This video offers no new, or positive dynamic to the already known fact of her marriage? It's like it was literally made just to say Loretta was beaten by her husband, in turn passing judgment on her by vomiting your opinions on to a subject that I'm positive Loretta herself couldn't possibly give 3 fucks less about what y'all think. Just saying this is crap lol. I'm going to make videos on famous country singers who where abused by their husbands -.- pathetic actually.

  36. Loretta was from a time when divorce was not as socially accepted as now and women in particular were expected to endure whatever hardships their marriage brought. Marriage was considered for life and that's what society expected period. Back then drinking and domestic abuse were a lot more common than people realize. Prohibition had happened not that long before because so many woman wanted to stop their drunken husbands from beating them up. Alcoholism and abuse being so common they were not recognized as the taboo marriage deal breakers they are today. She fought back as much as she could, but chose to stay for her own reasons, not the the decision of most modern women, but sadly understandable for that time.

  37. You have soooooo many facts wrong not saying all of it but a lot and it was a different time and she is a hillbilly girl and proud of now I would never let anyone hit me but I have my own past that made me who I am and she is the coal miners daughter it was her love story and you didn't live it in death she still loves him

  38. I always thought she should have left Do little for Conway Twitty You could tell when they were onstage to Heather that they truly loved each other they unfortunate meet at wrong time in their lives , If they had gotten divorce back then they would have been harshly judged called adulters would stood chance of loosing their fans in music industry.I donor know how many times I was told by women the woman's parents would tell their daughters you married made promise To God till death do we part were. Also told you made your bed after leaving the family would tell them you made your bed and now you gotta lay in it now and many women did die though good ole buddy system by law enforcement and doctors they were given false medical diagnoses or called suicide or accidental fall causing death.or hid buried in the woods with story about their wives ran off with a traveling man someone no one never saw or new nothing about.

  39. No man has any business laying his hands on any woman for any reason except to hug, touch , or caress her . But that does not give a woman the right to provoke him to violence .

  40. No, no man is worth it. My daughter and gr/daughter we're both in an abusive relationship. I seen my daughter literally looking like Mrs smurff. She was buised from her scalp to the bottoms of her feet n between her toes she left thru a police department and a woman's shelter. She is a beautiful smart survivor. Has gone to school n received her master. I'm so proud of her. My gr/daughter was headed in the same direction. I finally told her I love but if u won't leave him I refuse to relive ur mother's abuse. She left took her son (not his) n is now living very happly with her new man n expected a new baby any day. GOD works in mysterious ways. My daughter and gr/daughter are my heros and are great SURVIVORS. Their amazing women.

  41. Doo also had an affair with her son Jack's girlfriend! She had to tour incessantly because Doo would drink all her money. She said to quote her second book: "…..I saw my money going down a never ending rat hole…."

  42. No one should hurt anyone in a marriage or just dating! It’s the most painful heartbreaking thing a person can go through, no matter what it always says with you in time it lessens but the memories are always in pain. No matter how old you get .

  43. This is not from Loretta Lyn. Publisity for money.
    In another interview she had said she only wants to be known as a good person. Whats done is done is done. Its the past. Have respect for what is.

  44. Thanks for sharing this Anointed video message of her life. Seen the movie, God Bless her and her family. She was abused.

  45. she is a strange woman and women are a strange breed and they generally care about only one thing which he apparently did well. When I saw that guy walk out on stage with a bottle a few weeks ago in a video of a performance down there with the hillbillies I was shocked–and she was very loving of him. My perception of her changed forever when I saw that. She was married so young its known that they would have kids and sell and trade them for money or a horse or wagon whatever. A girl baby was a curse and the family wanted them out asap.

  46. How could you get so much information wrong? She was 13 when she fell in love with her husband and he was 21.

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