The Tango – Scent of a Woman (4/8) Movie CLIP (1992) HD

Right now ? l’m offering you my services…
free of charge. What do you say ? Ah… l think l’d be
a little afraid. Of what ? Afraid of making
a mistake. No mistakes in the tango,
not like life. lt’s simple. That’s what makes
the tango so great. lf you make a mistake,
get all tangled up, just tango on. [ Frank ]
Why don’t you try ? Will you try it ? All right.
l’ll give it a try. Hold me down, son. Your arm. Charlie, l’m gonna need some
coordinates here, son. The floor’s
about 20 by 30, And you’re at
the long end. There’s tables on the outside.
The band’s on the right.

Michael Martin

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  1. That puts it in contrast with the study means that perhaps one is either working or studying ? Marie Antoinette of Habsburg Lorraine

  2. Прекрасное исполнение танго,,Por una cabeza,,композитор Карлос Гардель!
    В исполнении Аль Пачино и Габриэль Анвар в эпизоде фильма,, Запах женщины,,!
    С уважением, Валерий Романов.

  3. Such a strong feelings every time I get to watch this scene and hear this wonderful masterpiece ✨😍

  4. I wonder if when he see him mouth words as he's dancing if he's actually counting the steps he's going in each direction so he doesn't fall into the tables.
    That would be such great attention to detail for his characters, not that there isn't plenty enough already.
    One of the best characters ever to be created by an actor, alongside Salieri from Amadeus.

  5. quando este diamante de nome pacino desaparecer do planeta, o cinema nunca mais será o mesmo porque não nascerá um substituto.

  6. Idk why but sometimes when I'm feeling low I come back to just watch this scene. It gives a very positive Vibe!

  7. Sublime, oh yes l remember this on the big screen…what pleasure, beauty, grace, man Al Pacino…and Gabrielle Anwar…?….wonderful, wonderful, and yet again wonderful.

  8. Identifica lo que están atrás porque todos son chicos miren miren lo que hicistes una película narrada Bueno usted tiene que haber visto que se dice un ciego que se ocupa de un chico que anda la mente es pobre y no lo deja de estar en el servicio militar en Estados Unidos muy hinchada Para que entren un servicio militar chicos y tiene que ser estudiosos y esto y el otro Si participaron escuelas militares muy muy difícil pero miren es lo ayuda en ese momento está saliendo a bailar con la chica quieres llegó mi quincena usted de qué bonito que está todo esto Y dígame si está uno

  9. Este tango "por una cabeza" aparece en 3 peliculas que yo sepa superfamosas.. La primera vez que lo oi en fue "la lista de Schindler ".. Brutal… Y que 3 películas encima…."Una familia con clase" fue la siguiente… Y finalmente y aunque no tengo claro si es anterior en esta peli "esencia de mujer".. Que grandes pelis y que grandes actores… Y el tango ya ni te cuento… 😘💕👌

  10. At the start, the woman is nervous. She doesn't trust herself, him, nor the audience. However, when the dance begins with every little step they take, she loosens her nervousness and begins to enjoy more and more. This is dance. You forget every single things that make you uneasy in life and lets you truly enjoy the moment. I love this scene because Al pacino character is able to transfer to her the joy of being in the moment by leading her to tango. I dance myself to enjoy this kind of feeling, however, being able to aspire this feeling to someone else and also, be in it with that person, must be fulfilling to another level.

  11. I can't help but smile at this scene. Even a battle hardened veteran can exude such confidence and mannerism to a proper lady such as her.

  12. Unforgettable. One of the all-time great movie scenes and certainly one of my all-time favorites. Ahhhh – Gabrielle.

  13. Gabrielle Anwar, at maybe 18 years old? She's able to express all the real emotions that a young woman would experience dancing with a mature (and Blind) man!

  14. ✨☀️✨゚+.゚(*´∀`)b゚+.゚✨☀️✨
    なんて素敵な タンゴ 💖✨

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