The 'Stealing Of The Bride' Tradition! | Gypsy Brides US

Michael Martin

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  1. Soo the stealing of the bride is basically a scam to empty the grooms pockets?? 😐 Good one! Also, there don't seem to be many dentists in the Gypsy community. 😶

  2. “My daughter, marrying best man ever ever ever, Garrett”

    I was so happy to hear that oml-

    I’ve seen so much “gypsy” moms or dads hate on gorgers instead of accepting them into the family and into the culture

  3. I Love ❤️ it very traditional and the village church beautiful and fun
    I like how the groom 🤵 just goes with the flow.

  4. Out every other gypsy wedding this one was my favorite it wasn’t trashy it was very colorful and pretty

  5. Lol she said: they stole me 😂 in my eyes you were running willingly with the man. So no one has stolen you 😂
    Beautiful pride and groom bless your wedding ❤️

  6. This is the best gypsy wedding hands-down. All those other gypsy weddings claim to be traditional but this is as traditional as you can get.

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