The Sham Wedding Crashers: Moment sham marriage is stopped mid-ceremony

This is the moment an investigative journalist
revealed a marriage was a sham, right in the middle of the ceremony. However I must ask if anybody knows of a legal
reason why the marriage should not take place today, then it is your duty to tell me now. A a matte of fact I do. This is a sham marriage. Ali and Harriet have not know each other for a year and a half. Over the course of eight weeks, investigative
reporter Paul Connolly and journalist Harriet Morter went under cover as part of a documentary
to explore the world of sham marriages in the UK. Cash-for-vows weddings are big business and
there are 10,000 fake weddings in Britain each year – with up to four a day being rumbled. With Paul posing as a fake best man and Harriet
as the bride to be, the team discover how easy it is to be involved in a dodgy marriage
and how many are prepared to pay thousands of pounds to stay in the UK. Ali here thinks I’m Dermot – Harriet’s big
brother. In one hour, you’re going to be getting married. The husband-to-be is known as Ali, who they
found after spotting an advert on Gumtree by a woman offering matchmaking services. You’re like Cilla Black. She’s a famous celebrity
who matchmakes. She real matchmakes. They discover that Ali is breaching the rules
of his student visa and needs to get married to stay in the UK. While the groom was prepared to pay £5,000 for
the sham wedding, little did he know it was an undercover operation and the scam was revealed
in the middle of the ceremony. The TV sting operation highlights just how
easy it is for foreign nationals to get hitched and gain visas to stay in the UK, with the
ultimate goal being a British passport. Sham Wedding Crashers airs on Channel 5 at
9pm on Thursday.

Michael Martin

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  1. A friend of a friend of mine today was getting married and at the moment when it was asked if there is any reason for them not to be married, there was this loud boom from the skies. They viewed this as a sign from the gods and have agreed to go their separate ways

  2. I've just watched this on Channel 5. I found it most bizzarre. The Irish guy gets up after the registrar says "…….if anyone knows of any lawful impediment…." and reveals that it's a sham wedding. But the thing is……HE WAS IN ON IT AND WAS PART OF THE SHAM!!!!!! So who's guilty here, the Asian dude who sets up a sham wedding or the Irish guy and the girl who……. erm….. set up a sham wedding. All three of them are as guilty as each other. What an absolute pile of shite. Actual genuinely Pissin myself laughing……..

  3. I'm sorry guys, but you process is digusting. If you really want to stop sham marriage, then you should close your boarders…. Why put such a fucking shame on this familly… This is not how it works. Such a big lie from the journalist to this guy, it maybe a fake wedding and I'm also against this kind of sham marriage, but the way you use to make it undercover is totaly unfair. After you could tell me its a good way to make them afraid to continue. But its fucking cruel. 

  4. All marriage is fraud! Women evolved to love men for resource capture. Men evolved to love women for their sensual beauty. So, ALL marriage is Fraud! It's always about money, unless the man is so popular and handsome she's after his genes. This is why there is so much hypergamy and 80% marital failures. Marriage is fraud!

  5. this journalist need to be killed. Good things she's not in the US, a bullet in her skull would have been done ASAP. Leave the poor guy alone, he probably love Britain more than you, lousy ass reporter!!!

  6. this people have no honour, they do everything for a shit british citzenship! i will never do that i love my country, i will never swear an brithish oath, crazy stupid people. britain is full of shit leaving here. All of this because benefits and easy money. the world is sick.

  7. The lady said 10 thousand fake wedding per year, up to 4 per day. This doesnt add up, its fake news, shes reading a script like all fake news.

  8. I know someone who did the same in London and he is still living there if any home office want more information about him just contact me and I will give ya his name coz he did pay £10.000 for that

  9. you guys are trash, all this guy wanted to do was stay in the place where he'd made a career for himself against all odds and you ruined it for views on a failing TV network shame on you all

  10. Hmmm dear rich countries stop destabilising other countries for more resources esp don’t bomb them only then u can reduce illegal stuff… … dear racist citizens of rich countries stop your governments and armies to destroy the countries u don’t want men ,women an children from

  11. First of all I have no sympathy with people who do illegal things. No need to waste your money on getting a passport which is a different color then yours. Use this same money for a business in your own country and you will be better of in a long run I can assure you that. Secondly people who are leaving negative racist comments need to see the mirror first ask this question from yourself that what will you do if you were born in a poor country or a country devastated by the wars. Also how did the white people got this country and is it really their own country? were your forefathers not the pirates and killed so many natives to control this land and how is your economy running? selling weapons all over the world. I can write many things in favor as well as against this issue but I suggest we should not judge people and refrain from racist comments. Thanks

  12. It is better UK declare Pakistan part of UK rather than bring in each Pakistani on fake docs and waste processing fee. Lol

  13. Pakistani Bangladesh indian Africa Nigeria China my so many friends also fake marige in uk for citizens

  14. Lol people are going at the man for being a foreigner and she can get better bla bla but end of the day women love money and women don't care what u look like or smell like as long as you can fund them that easy lifestyle fact

  15. Marriage in the UK doesn't guarantee an on the spot spouse visa, there are many requirements such as financial, proof of accommodation and even English language requirements to get the visa.

  16. Maybe, just for a laugh, the best man ought to let Harriet get married to Ali.

    She must convert to whatever shit religion Ali believes, plus wearing a bin-bag to cover everything. Get a good beating when he doesn't get his brother a visa for the UK, plus gets shared around.


  17. Because of these fuckers real couples are struggling me and my wife we been fighting with home Office from past one year and yet home Office ducking and dodging cannot be finished

  18. pakistan must really suck if he is willing to pay 5k pounds to marry that horse faced woman, just
    to live in that miserable depressing expensive country !

  19. we Indians are all like this… don't trust us… we will certainly backstab you… and took all your money and flee away…
    and we are the no 1 blackmailer in world… and yes I am an Indian… no one can stop us

  20. British passports should not be handed out like smarties. He should be heavily fined and deported. Any British person ( a proper one – should be tagged to a room in a hostel) a BIPO should be fined and deported

  21. The fuckin USA is going to have to save Europe for a 3rd time. Mark my words. The USA will ultimately have to rescue Europe from the scourge of Islam and liberal mentality.

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