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*Confidential Conversation on phone* See, I can’t look for matches to Salman Khan until the mystery behind his ‘Yes’ for marriage in the evening… And ‘No’ in the morning is solved.. Understand? From now on his business his business, our business is our business. It is none of my business. Ha *Thundering thunders* Woah!! Who is this Carrot in the Beetroot?! Namaskar… Hey, wow!! You speak human? Namaskar… I think you are mistaken, hair salon is on the next floor No sir. I am here to marry… Oh, Marriage?! That is tougher than teflon coating. Anyways, we at, Ek Niranjan marriage bureau, collect your details And then we will find the unfortunate person who could be a right match. Let us start with your name long wigged man Shah… Tequila Shah… Educational qualifications please… Doctorate in costume designing. Oh, I am sure you self-designed your dress. Anyways, What are you expecting from us? My girl friend broke up with me uncle. Can you fix that? Out!! Get out immediately. What happened uncle? Don’t you dare call me uncle. Walk out immediately!! Easy uncle, if you help me, I will give you one Kg Gold. Holy lilly!! I underestimated this red pumpkin. Although he looks poorly rich, I think he is richly poor. It is done deal dear. I will even go to the center of the earth to find you a right match. Okay,Thank you uncle… I mean.. Any specifications on the caste? Caste? What is the meaning uncle? Brilliant. You are gem of a garbage, I mean generation. As you don’t know the meaning of caste, I am sure you don’t know the spelling of dowry You are mistaken uncle Ha?! I know the synonyms as well. I am expecting some matri’money’. Thought you are a cup cake, but you are a pastry. Okay, how much matri’money’ are expecting? Two tonnes of Platinum Two tonnes of…What?! A sack of silver Diamond studded Titanium rings with gold coating Arrey… And one plate Kohinoor diamonds. Hold it right there you bottle guard in the bitter guard!! Get up and get out at once. How can I do both at the same time uncle? Is that important now? Two tonnes of platinum?! Planning on build a base to your back, eh? Get out of my sight What was the next item? A sack of silver, eh? You think it’s silver or sand?! And you have plans of gifting a Kg of gold. You didn’t even have gold on your list, bulged brat!! I will give you the Kg gold from the 2 tonnes of Platinum uncle. Either you vanish right away or I will kick you out of the milky way in the next minute. Choice is yours *Cutie Pie is crying, softly* Holy moly, easy peasy. Hold on… Holde… Okay, I will look for some missing aliens and will set up an alliance. Now, stop crying in my office. So sweet uncle Btw, Why do you want such ‘tiny’ dowry dear? You see uncle, my father always says dowry is directly proportional to our ‘data’ No wonder he is your father. But listen dear, gone are those days. Dowry doesn’t decide your so called ‘data’. Come out of that thought. And above all never go out on a date in a dress like this. You will save a woman’s life. Why?! What happened to my dress uncle? I demand an explanation. You look like a banana in a burger. Then where can I get proper dresses uncle? This is the Spoyl app. On this app you get latest collection of trendy dresses At affordable prices in best quality. You download this first and save the world Oh, super uncle. I will download the app and I think you should use it too. That is none of your business. You may go now. Btw, Are you by any chance trying to tell me that my dress is not trendy? Most certainly. I can assure you that it will take at least Three thousand years from now for your dress to become trendy. Oh, great. Will you wear it then? Hey?! I think he took serious about the Vanishing part. I am sure he is the founder of black magic. Oh gosh!! This Salman mailed again. Greetings mister Greetings sir Oh, it’s you, Happy Singh!! Yes, I too think I am me… So, I am here to find matches for my friend, Kattappa You mean, Kattappa of Baahubali? Great, so he finally agreed to get married? Yes, He finally agreed to marry after 125th grandson of Baahubali forced him. Oh, so sweet of Baahubali Tell me the interests of your friend, sire. There are only a few bro. Just that she should be understanding, caring and most importantly patient. That is expected, can you be little more specific? Duty comes first to my friend. He will never grow hair. He might wear a wig for marriage, if insist. But I can’t guarantee… Okay And most importantly, never ask him about his break up in the childhood. That was the most traumatic experience for him than killing Baahubali. Oh, that is why he stayed single all these years Sir, I think I understand your requirements. I will start searching from the next moment. I’ll keep you posted. Will your friend take his wife to movies and parks? He would rather die. Do you think he is jobless like you? Yeah yeah, I think I saw that coming. All he wants is a simple traditional girl skilled in using AK – 47, rock climbing and archery Okay brother. I will take a leave. I have to shop for my friend’s wedding. Wig and all. Oh, Wig!! Call me when you find a match. Okay sir And btw sir, since this is his first marriage, let us do a simple grand marriage. Sir, I have a small doubt As far as I remember he was forty years when Amarendra Baahubali was born. He was at least sixty when he killed him. And I am sure he is eighty when Bhallala Deva was killed. Only god and you know his age now. Are you sure he wants to marry sir? Hello Sir, Myself Chaithanya Parayana Rao. You can call me Chipa Thank you I am Honey Moon Gaykhale So I can call you Homo? I stopped laughing to these jokes since birth. Please, Tell me why you are here? I heard about your marriage consultancy from my boys and girls. Yes sir, We are No.1 in South India Super sir. We are also number one… ?! I think I am destined to be here. The onus is now on you to find a match. Definitely sir. So tell me, is it for your son or daughter? First let me get married sir. Then it can be a daughter or a son or even both Depends on how well your name works out in my life. Sir, I already told I don’t laugh to these jokes. Yes Homo ji. I want to marry. You see sir, even a second marriage at your age is a rarity. You should understand the scarcity. First, let me do a first marriage sir. We will think of second marriage or third marriage if your name crashes in my life. Sir, I am puzzled. What have you done all these years? I forgot sir Sir, marriage is not a mango that you forget to eat. It is like a medicine that has no expiry date. *Raging ringtone* Yes, Warden… What happened? Sir, two students escaped from study hours… Oh, they dared again. Okay I am issuing shoot at sight orders. Shoot them on site. Sir, are you from ISIS? No, no bigger than that. I am the MD of Free Chaithanya Paryana education institutions sir. Okay, that explains Great. So please find my made-for-each-other I think you should rethink sir. Marriage at this age is slightly risky and rare. I already told you that Why don’t you consider being bachelor for the rest of the life like you were in the past of your life? You see sir, I am adaptable to changes and trends. I am fine with Live-in relations as well… You see Chipa, remember this – If you ignore riding a bicycle, you can never ride a motor cycle. Whoever said this should win a Noble prize Hami ji …sir my made-for-each-other… Looks like he is determined to find the meaning of my name Okay sir, tell me your hobbies, interests, likes, dislikes… I am not sure if you can call these hobbies sir, but… Here you go, My work starts at six in the morning sir… Okay Study hours start from 4PM to 8PM sir… Oh 8PM… although it is a little late, but it is not unusual. Our usual unusual starts from 8PM sir, we have happy hours after eight sir… Happy hours?! We have special training classes for toppers group called cream batch sir from 8PM to 12 AM sir… Is it teaching or torturing sir? And we have golden hours from 12 AM to 2 AM sir… We prepare question papers with the questions we don’t know the answers for… Now, we peacefully sleep for an hour and again wake up the students at 3AM for study hours sir Such a smooth and slow life you have, Do you think a marriage is now necessary sir? You see NoMo ji, management has decided on one-day holiday per year. I am confused in handling the holiday, so… Understood sir… So as per your daily routine and routine daily we have only one solution for you sir Woah, what is it sir? You have to wait for the second season of Raakhi Ka Swayamwar… Can you help me with recommendations? Okay, I think I understand… So, when is the season two sir? Season two? People will update in the comments soon, we will then know… Hello boys and girls, men and women Here is a special news on Spoyl app’s special discount Use code VIVA20

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    The music background is a zen Chinese flute music …
    Subtitles are all very messed up deliberately..OMG lot of fun ๐Ÿคฃ
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