The Real Reason Why Sarah Palin Is Getting Divorced

Controversy seems to court the family of this
one-time vice presidential candidate no matter what they do. And with the revelation of her husband’s quiet
divorce filing, the rumor mill has once again lurched into motion. Let’s explore some of the potential reasons
why Sarah Palin is getting divorced. “Impossible” situation? Todd Palin filed for divorce from Sarah Palin
on – of all days – his birthday, Sept. 6, 2019. Todd used the couple’s initials on the filing
in an apparent attempt to conceal identities, but savvy reporters figured it out because
their youngest son’s birthday was listed in the documents. And speaking of the docs, Todd shared a very
curious detail about why he and Sarah won’t be able to make it work. Lawyers for the snowmobile hobbyist cited, “[An] incompatibility of temperament […] such
that they find it impossible to live together as husband and wife.” Not only do we find it interesting that Todd
filed the papers first, but we’re shocked to learn these two are incompatible. The couple appeared to share the same interests
and conservative values, after all. But as the old saying goes, you never know
what happens behind closed doors. Was it inevitable? We might be surprised by Todd and Sarah Palin’s
impending divorce, but one person close to the family probably isn’t – Bristol Palin’s
ex, Levi Johnston. The avid hunter, who is the father of Bristol’s
eldest son, Tripp, claimed the two have been at odds for a long time. When asked in a 2009 interview with Radar
Online whether the pair had marital issues, Johnston replied that they’ve had issues,
quote, “from day one.” “Funny. Ha ha. Not. Funny.” He also suggested these supposed problems
were to blame for Sarah resigning from her position as the governor of Alaska in July
2009, a move that sparked great controversy and confusion at the time. We’re not sure what problems supposedly existed
between Todd and Sarah, but Johnston denied cheating played a role. Could infidelity be to blame? Speaking of infidelity: Explosive claims about
Sarah and Todd Palin’s marriage came to light following the publication of Joe McGinniss’s
2011 book, The Rogue: Searching for the Real Sarah Palin. In the expose, McGinniss accused Palin of
having an affair with NBA star, Glen Rice, while she was dating Todd. Rice seemingly confirmed the hookup, telling
the author, “We just hit it off. In a short time, we got to know a lot about
one another. It was all done in a respectful way, nothing
hurried.” But wait – that’s not all. McGinniss also accused Sarah of engaging in
a long term affair with Todd’s former business partner and friend, Brad Hanson, during their
marriage. The outdoorsman supposedly ended his business
relationship with Hanson after discovering the so-called affair, which McGinniss alleged
was Sarah’s way to retaliate against Todd’s alleged infidelities. Both Sarah and Brad denied any affair. Money moves? Although money can be a big factor for divorce,
this doesn’t seem to be the case for Sarah and Todd Palin. Case in point: In court documents, Todd requested
their debts and assets be split “equally,” according to Radar Online. It seems fair given Todd has been by Sarah’s
side throughout the duration of her career, and the fact that he has always held steady
jobs. According to the couple’s 2007 federal income
tax filing, Todd pulled in over $90K working as an oil field production operator and commercial
salmon fisherman in Alaska. As of the making of this video, the couple’s
combined net worth is estimated to be an impressive $12 million. And although most of that cash was arguably
accrued by Sarah, who has become an author and reality TV star since becoming a high-profile
political figure, we find it telling that Todd didn’t request child support given that
the couple will likely share custody of their young son, Trig. This appears to be a “what’s fair is fair”
kind of deal, instead of a money grab, suggesting this split wasn’t about moolah in the end. Not about parenting? Conflicts regarding parenting decisions can
often lead to divorce, but it appears that Sarah and Todd Palin have always been on the
same page about their kiddos. Case in point: Just months before Todd filed
for divorce, the pair was spotted supporting youngest daughter, Piper, at her high school
graduation in May 2019. Sarah captioned a shot of herself with Todd
and their family, “Everyone needs a Piper Indi Grace in life. Girl makes the world a better place.” Although things were probably rough between
the two at this point, it’s clear they put their differences aside for the sake of their
children. Furthermore, Todd requested joint custody
of their son, Trig – and if he had wanted to hurt Sarah, as is sometimes part of the
unfortunate reality of ugly divorces, he could have requested full custody. Call us idealists, but we have a feeling this
breakup wasn’t about their kids, especially since four out of five are now adults. Check out one of our newest videos right here! Plus, even more Nicki Swift videos about your
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Michael Martin

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  1. Good "Christian" values. LMFAO. Such a fucking joke. Slutting and cocking around town. Loose morals and a knocked up teen daughter. No wonder hillbillys love her. Just funny they dare call themselves "Conservative". They do it like they dont know what the word means.They just know they are suppose to think it. -CONSERVATIVE DONT CHEAT, DEVORCE, OR HAVE SEX BEFORE MARRIGE, YOU ARE LIVING WORSE THEN THE GAYS YOU HATE. YOUR OWN GOD WILL HATE YOU-.

  2. … Who cares about their relationship? Listen Nicki , if you guys had to make a video on this… Things must not be going well for you 🙁

  3. Actually Sarah left office because all the media requesting Documents concerning her bogged down our court system and flooded our small town with paparazzi with no manners. It was awful. She had to change around her whole life- a pap even rented the house next to them. The harassment was awful. She said because of her running for VP it was costing our state too big of a price. We pride ourselves in our independence and low key lifestyle.

  4. Hahaha🤣 This reminds me of a story I heard, but the roles revearsed⬇️

    Wife: What do you want for your birthday?
    Husband: A divorce.

  5. Sarah Palin,
    Your single now ha? That's cool, because I'd love to date you.
    I'm a retired oilfield worker, single, I love the out doors and riding my
    Motor cycle, how about we get together?? Your a diamond, gorgeous……

  6. They are getting divorced because Sarah has had a nasty substance abuse problem since college. She even had a college nickname that was based on her coke problem – I can’t remember it right now. Her preferences were/ are alcohol, cocaine and weed. I wouldn’t be the least bit surprised if hubby and their litter of children are addicts too.

    Sarah is quite obviously high and/ or drunk during many of her non-sensical political speeches which, I believe, resulted in her being black-balled by the Repubs. Apparently they do have some standards.

    And, since the Palins are a proper white trash family, I’m sure that brawls and infidelity were major contributing factors to the divorce.

  7. If they find it impossible to live together as husband and wife, how did their marriage last 31 years? Better yet, how did it get passed 20 years of marriage? That's what I don't understand.

  8. Menopause may affect mood/sex and someone maybe tired etc.. Kids are grown mostly and kid issues. It maybe more peaceful away from the drama. They were married 30 years. People don't have to have zero fights/disagreements to be married. They did better than most people in marriage. God bless them!

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