The Real Reason Theresa Caputo Is Getting A Divorce

Long Island Medium star Theresa Caputo filed
for divorce from her husband of 28 years, Larry Caputo, in April 2018. The pair, who were together for a total of
32 years, were once a beloved staple of TLC’s reality TV roster, but they just couldn’t
make their marriage work anymore. What happened? Fame hurt their marriage According to Larry Caputo, the success of
Long Island Medium is ultimately what led to the failure of his marriage to Theresa. Larry told Radar Online that he had “no idea”
what fame would entail when Theresa landed her reality television deal with TLC, lamenting
that the experience was “exciting and fun in the beginning,” but began to affect the
couple’s private life the longer the show went on. Larry also claimed that the reality aspect
of the show added even more strain to his union with Theresa, saying, “A trained actor knows what they’re getting
themselves into. A reality person doesn’t realize what they’re
getting themselves into until they’re in it, and it’s a learning process.” Trying to make it work Despite Larry’s issues with fame’s influence
on his marriage, he reportedly wanted to iron out his issues with Theresa before they ultimately
threw in the towel. Larry’s father, Jack Caputo, told Radar Online
that Larry was “probably more upset” than Theresa was about the separation and divorce,
and said that he himself had only found out about the split from watching TV. The Long Island Medium’s former father-in-law
continued, saying, “I talked to [Larry] after [the news of the
breakup aired], and he was upset, but he didn’t want to say too much. I know she said they were splitting, but my
son was saying, ‘Dad, we are working it out,’ so I’m praying they get back together. My son really loves her.” Long distance blues In the case of the Caputos, distance didn’t
make the heart grow fonder. Larry and Theresa lived on opposite coasts,
which likely made any chance of a reconciliation slim to none. Theresa told Extra in April 2018 that Larry
was living in Los Angeles while she was living in New York, adding that living on her own
was “an adjustment” but that she was “doing okay.” According to an interview with Radar Online,
Larry’s time in California was a much needed escape that provided the reality star time
to reflect. Larry told the website: “It made me realize a lot of things I didn’t
notice before because of the business in our lives….I don’t have the stresses…and
the things exposed to me that were upsetting to me are not there any longer.” Larry continued, claiming that Theresa’s
schedule was a bit too hectic during their marriage, making it so they hardly ever saw
one another: “What Theresa does is very demanding, and
it was consuming most of her time, which takes away from personal time.” They grew apart Physical distance wasn’t the only problem
the Caputos faced during their marriage, emotional distance was an issue, as well. On an episode of Long Island Medium, Theresa
explained, “We’ve been there for each other…through
thick and thin, you know, good times, and right now are not such great times. I don’t understand it.” Sharing that she’d lay awake at night wondering
how they’d let their relationship become so strained, Caputo continued: “I sometimes interpret it as growing apart. I’ve changed and he has changed. We’re both not happy and, you know, it’s hard
to try to work through that.” In another episode of Long Island Medium,
Larry confessed: “I think a lot of the frustration has to do
with us not spending the time together anymore. Along with that comes the lack of communication
so it’s like losing your best friend. It’s hard.” Her anxiety was an issue Theresa revealed in her book Good Grief: Heal
Your Soul, Honor Your Loved Ones, and Learn To Live Again that she suffered from anxiety
for 25 years. Caputo wrote, “I personally know a lot about fear and how
it can roll into full-blown panic and inertia, because it dominated a good chunk of my life
for 25 years….Thinking about future events made me feel anxious and interfered with my
ability to function.” She explained that her crippling anxiety made
her never want to leave the house or go out with her friends, and that she had a tough
time even identifying triggers for her anxiety, which, in a bitter cycle, made her even more
anxious. This put a heavy burden on Larry, who told
Radar Online that he felt as if he had been her backbone. However, he admitted that Theresa had made
significant progress, saying: “Her dependence on me became less because
she was able to overcome a lot of the issues and fears that she had.” Larry’s new lady In July 2018, TMZ reported that Larry was
seeing a woman by the name of Connie, who he reportedly met online when she reached
out in hopes of scoring a reading from the Long Island Medium herself. Larry alluded to the romance to Radar Online
in June 2018, telling the site: “I just want to be in a great relationship
with the person I’m with now. I just want to enjoy the latter part of my
life: traveling, doing things. What else can anybody ask for?” Hopefully, Larry and Theresa are finally on
the same page. “We both deserve to be happy.”

Michael Martin

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  1. Shame on you for publicising something so personal to her. That is her decision! You are disgusting media, using other's pain to get ratings. Well, what a disgrace you are to the human race. Scum human Niki Swift! Slime of the earth here like a volcher to prey on the corpses of the helpless for personal gain. Down with you and your lack of values.

  2. Did her personal connection of the DEAD,
    Affect her personal & private connection of her LIFE,
    Or is she, meant to be , not by he.
    Interesting …what I seen was love in the family…
    Now that's a shock..
    As long as the parents, still be their ,for the children.💎👣

  3. He's very sexy. I think they are an adorable couple, her hair and nails are an affectation that fits her personality. More power to her for sticking with it.

  4. I can't believe this they seemed so in love i really hope they change there mind I always found them to be such a beautiful coup!e with so much love this saddens me

  5. He’s a straight dog from the pit of hell I don’t like any man that messes around on their wife!!😡😡😡😡

  6. He’s a good actor you could tell a long time ago he was screwing around on her kids he didn’t act like he loved her one bit when someone loves you they love you trust me I know…😡😡

  7. Move on Teresa there’s a beautiful man out there that will love you so much better he’s out there waiting screw Larry!! 🌸🦋🌷🎁👜👒🦋

  8. Theresa is not doing any good for her soul. People who believe, reads the BIBLE knows very well what she's doing is very much against God's law. What she's really doing is opening the door for familiar spirits demons making her believe she's really communicating with the people's relative. I pray she stop doing this and repent to GOD. While she is still here in earth she still has a change to be for giving by GOD. GOD BLESS HER SOUL.

  9. Everyone is evolving, as the world evolves…and things are not always as they appear on TV or in the media. As Teresa and Larry work out a marital settlement, I'll let them do so, and respect their privacy. ☮️

  10. It was very clear that her work was more important than her marriage and family. I'm glad that Larry finally found someone.

  11. @ Nicki Swift…..This video is horseshit and I sincerely hope that no one falls for this crap. Larry wanted a wife, lover and friend – everything he use to have with Theresa. Before this divorce even went to the attorney's office, Larry had been dating and now living with Connie Stauddy (a 54 year old hottie). Larry was and is obviously going through his middle age prime and needs a female companion that will reciprocate his physical and emotional needs. Theresa put her husband on the back burner and lost him.

  12. Medium and Psychic is not the same people. Psychic sees the future or possibilities and Medium talk to the dead. Shes a beautiful person and she have a good heart and i hope they reconcile because they are a wonderful couple. Talking shit about this wonderful person and talking about the guy is hot…… you guys are kinda low and disgusting. I hope your lifes are not shittier than your sin comments. Try to be humble on this topic because seen some hurting i think is not ok for us to put a harmful opinion. And i hope God help her to continue on or to fix her marriage. Peace guys!.

  13. she definitelny could benefit from a professional makeover. New hair style, new clothing, and loose those gaudy nails…

  14. It is sad that they split up but is it just me or does Larry look a lot hotter now that he's not with Teresa 😅

  15. Larry wants to grow up..he knew what Teresa did for a living, he just wanted all her attention like a spoilt kid when he retired…didn't take him long to find someone else..that's how much he loved her..

  16. Why is Theresa able to.heal and help others to heal ,but cannot heal her own problems.I find this a little off putting being that she is selling the ideals of life after death. Is that when Theresa life will begin.I'm questioning her abilities as a medium.

  17. The rumor is she is screwing a black man ! She got tired of that little white pecker ! Mrs. Caputo did a alot of medium work for the Kardashian family !

  18. When a child moves out of the family home, the empty nest syndrome kicks in and this also changes a marriage substantially.

  19. Ye because the bitch had a taste of cheating ,,her husband treated her like gold,,she will never have a man like Larry,,or did the spirits tell her to leave Larry,,

  20. I don't think this woman is a fake. But what people don't realize is they can do these things themselves also. With meditation and reading scripture.

  21. Just a reminder he had a brain tumor removed. 90 percent of ppl change after head trauma or surgery I think.

  22. Ta ‘ree ‘sir’, Show him the door .And always look back .. to say .”I don’t need you “ “ I wanted you “ . There is a difference !!!!

  23. Teresa, olen pahoillani puolestanne. Ehkei miehenne tottunutkaan lahjoihinne, niitä kun ei ole kaikilla. Voimia Teille.

  24. THERESA got too big for her britches!!! too many actors and got away from the true beginning of the program….Larry stood by looking on…I feel bad for him, not so much for her!!! Like I said she's just to big for her britches now!! I don't watch anymore!!!

  25. Theresa blew her marriage and is completely blind by fame, the day she wakes up is when she stops taking advantage of the grieving.

  26. Life gives you choices – You only have to see in her closet to know she is very self absorbed – & any medium can ask spirit loved ones to give them a break! She is playing victim.

  27. I just don’t get divorce after 38 years. Too much invested. Kids and grandchildren. I mean a life has been built!

  28. Look up MGTOW..The rational members of this subset of the red pulled community can explain how and why male and female emotional dynamics seem complimentary at lower economics levels but female emotions begin to change when money comes into the picture..

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