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Christina: I can imagine someone saying, “Well,
the kind of fathers who remain married and stay in the home, they’re more stable individuals,”
but you’ve actually shown, and others, that marriage and staying with your kids, it changes
the man. How does that work? Brad: So what you’ve been finding in the research is that
men are transformed by marriage and by married fatherhood, so men who get married and stay
married and have kids in marriage tend to work longer hours. They tend to work more
strategically. They’re less likely to be fired, for instance, even controlling for a range
of background characteristics, and they make more money. Christina: They also live longer
and they’re healthier. Brad: That’s also true as well. Christina: Because their wives make
them go to the doctor, otherwise they won’t. Brad: And also less likely to be riding a
motorcycle without a helmet and less likely to be going to bars on Saturday night, all
that kind of stuff. So when men… Christina: And more likely to be a little nagged, but
it’s worth the health. Brad: Yes, right. It’s worth the long-term…yes, there’s a long-term
benefit. So yeah, marriage has a big impact on men’s lives. And work done by Harvard sociologists,
for instance, suggests that this marriage premium is highest among men who are married
in intact families with their kids in the household. So having that motivation to provide
for your kids is a big factor for many men. Christina: Yeah, so all of these things, we
look at the benefits for women and, well, did we talk about that? Brad: Well, it’s an
important, I think, point to hit on actually because there was a time in recent history
when women were getting married and they would pay a marriage penalty for marriage. What’s
fascinating is that today, it’s a new world. And so, what we’re seeing from a new study
at Columbia University, for instance, is that we do…women still have a motherhood penalty.
Women are more likely to withdraw to some extent from the labor force when they have
children. But what’s fascinating is that today married moms have a smaller penalty than unmarried
moms do. And I think the story there probably is that the married moms have a partner who’s
helping them navigate the challenges of juggling work and family, and maybe spelling them at
certain times, taking the kids at a certain times. And having that husband in the picture
makes it easier for them to remain in the labor force. So, the classic concern that
marriage was a patriarchal institution that held women back, I think, in some important
respects needs to be revised, maybe even dramatically revised in 2016.

Michael Martin

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  1. You know who never changes regardless of how long they stay married?
    Talk about destructive. A poor single mother has nothing on a narcissistic married man with children.

  2. Hi Brad! You are an advocate of marriage for men, why don't you have a discussion or debate with someone who doesn't think marriage is any good for modern men?

  3. Brad WillCuck got his ass handed to him over his idiotic Prager video that tried to rope men back into the marriage casino to see if a particular woman will leave him broken and broke.

  4. but just the other day someone told me that marriage is little more than a 'legal state of prostitution'…granted this person is a lesbian feminist. gosh, who shall I believe?

  5. The two least respected roles in Western society right now are none other than husband and father.

    The most celebrated, cheerleaded and self-congratulated role? Single mothers.

    This is unsustainable.
    No society can keep churning out maladjusted children and criminals, while vilifying young men, fathers and husbands.
    Wilcox's comments about men represent them as irresponsible (no helmet) and stupid, to rest my case of society's disdain for men.
    Given the gynocentric field of play, what's in it for men? Most young guys are asking, is working more, being a lifelong wage slave, and being an ATM and service utility for the wife the best men can hope for?
    Especially when marriage is always a raw deal for men, success or fail. 55%+ of marriages end in divorce, 75% of which are filed no fault by the wife. Divorce, separation from children, financial annihilation, restricted freedom and suicide. Men are wise to avoid it,

  6. its probably much more now in womens interests to get married and have children now then men because of the huge rate of divorce and family break-ups .. not mentioned specifically here in this interview, except that men gain from marriage with children in intact families. And that is the big Crunch point here. After that divorce and family break up women are playing the fiddle shots and me left with extra bills. To support the existing family and support a new marriage and family if one is created. While women gain by the child care custody in default gains and by matrimonial property pay outs and from finding another rich partner / husband bread winner. See how times have change to the Age of Women! and see the book 'the Myth of Male Power.'

  7. There are NO "positive effects" of marriage for men.


    Every lie that's commonly listed as a 'positive' is easy to disprove or find a substitute that's better and has less risk.

    Tax break? Even paying a higher tax rate, I have more of my after-tax left for me to spend how I wish than a married man that makes twice what I make.

    "Sex on demand"? Don't make me laugh. After a couple years, that tap gets closed off. It's far easier to find sex if you're single, or married but you don't care about cheating on her (she's cheating on you, so you might as well).

    "Love", all that other bullshit? Women don't love men, they love what they can GET from men. You're interchangeable, like a part in a car.

    You put a ring on a bitch, have some kids, try for that whole picket fence illusion….There's a good chance those kids aren't yours, and an even better chance, more than half, that she's going to get bored and frivorce you. And you're going to pay and pay and pay.

    Cucks like Wilcuck that shout about marriage either are completely clueless, or worse, they KNOW how raw of a deal marriage is for men, but they want men to sell themselves back to the plantation so the illusion can be kept up a while longer.

    Either way, they're subhuman pieces of filth.

  8. "Marriage transforms men"

    Translation; The man becomes an ATM and will have to work himself into an early grave to keep his wife at a standard of living that she expects.

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