The Pivotal Lesson Michelle Obama Learned from Marriage Counseling | Oprah’s Book Club | OWN

– Tell us about that pivotal
moment you had in counseling. I thought that was crucial. And I know that so many
people reading “Becoming” are going to see themselves, if
not in that particular story. You say after couples
counseling, instead of making a case against Barack, you
went to counseling, thinking once you told the counselor– Well, because that’s what
everybody in counseling does. You go because the
counselor is going to tell the other person–
[LAUGHTER] –would you tell
him about himself? [LAUGHTER] And she’s like, would you
tell her about herself? And lo and behold, counseling
wasn’t that at all. It was about m– me
exploring my sense of happiness and my voice. The notion that you come
to a relationship whole, and that I– I couldn’t look to
Barack and he couldn’t look to me to be everything. That we had to make our
everythings on our own. And what– what clicked in
me was that I need support and I need some from him. But I need to figure
out how to build my life in a way that works for me. So 7:30 was bedtime. And it was like, if
you want to see them, and if you want to be here,
then you have to get here. We’re not waiting for you. You’ve got to catch up to us.
And I think I– I say that. That I knew that in this life,
that this husband I was with, this swerving, dervish of
a person, that I would have to ground myself and my kids
firmly somewhere, and have him catch up to us.

Michael Martin

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  1. God bless these two beautiful women ignore all haters cause they're jealous, racist, stupid, ignorant and full of themselves. In the end God will take care of those bastards.

  2. Wow. This is exactly what I'm going through in my marriage and. I innately started doing what she said. Hubby had to catch up to us and he is correcting his workaholic behavior.

  3. ?? Seriously… Michelle cannot understand why Americas' 99% 'have nots' chose Trump instead of Hillary and as Michelle is one of the countries wealthy 1% 'haves' it would naturally come as a shock to her, as she has not been constantly lied to and betrayed by corrupt and greedy 'puppet' politicians that have abandoned the interests of Americans, and instead they protect the interests of the untouchable banksters and global corporations that finance their political party and donate millions to their re-election campaigns. Americans were forced to choose between two evils and they simply voted against Hilary and the established Washington money machine and her corrupt politics, by voting for anyone but her (Trump.) It was like choosing to be buried alive or being burnt alive, and neither Trump or Hilary was good for America (they are both career criminals and professional con artists) and Americans have had enough of being used, abused and ignored by their elected political representatives and they want their country back!

  4. For those of you who are seriously thinking about buying this book, just wait until it comes out at garage sales and thrift stores in about a week or so.

  5. big Mike talking with the devil worshiper Ophra. OWN stands for New World Order. backwards. She is VERY good friends with Soros and had a great relationship with Harvey Weinsteen.

  6. 1ina1000000 – Unfortunately I'm not very politically inclined, although I do vote. most americans understand we're almost always choosing the lesser of 2 evils. but hillary went to college for government duties, and it's been a lifetimes worth of passion. again.. noone's perfect, but to compare them on exact the same level is really stretching it.

  7. By the way if you think the obamas hailed from any form of privilege.. you might be interested in taking a peak in their memoirs as well.

  8. Love Michelle Obama, Oprah not so much. I can't forgive her participation in the persecution of Michael Jackson. It was ignorant and hearltless. It showed to me she wasn't as informed and empathetic as I thought and then I saw the way she treated Toni Braxton and Monique and that affirmed it. I can't respect such contempt and arrogance from a person who made her career on (faking) empathy.

  9. Michelle please give me your power and strength, I want to be like you! Oh Michelle I will buy your book, oh praise you! Oh me oh my

  10. I’m reading this book right now and I feel so inspired by this woman. She is a marvel of a human being.


  12. She is an over the top impressive woman whichever way you look at her. However much I loathe Democrats this woman shines in her own right. However, she should know that white puts heavy on any figure and she would do better not to cross her legs when wearing long white pants. Still, that face and that smile are to die for.

  13. My hat is off to two women who continue to inspire U.S.A. a nation of DIVERSITY and MULTI-CULTURAL people who seek EQUAL OPPORTUNITY at Peace, Success and Love for family and OUR country U.S.A.

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