The New RUNE EVENT at Loot Lake was INSANE!

is he gonna turn it's probably the flip upside down and imagine welterweight shots of my man for nine God you shout to you dude but yeah guys make sure you are subscribed with that notification mail on it drop a like and um simple as that we're gonna watch this event so little you hear that Lou Lake so let's go just do bad nothing about donation bro I'm pretty sure all the dough know is very kind I join his anyone donate $100 ya know Antonio how did always get up I didn't know where he is – I mean the donors have been crazy has been nuts ok ladies gentleman you guys see how close this is it's gonna happen let me within the next minute oh my gosh dude oh my goodness I have no idea what's gonna happen I literally don't know what's this rock you I'm I'm on vacation and we're not we're not sure hunter person yep or imagine that this symbol right here is gonna go right in that symbol right there it's probably gonna flip upside down and fit right there I might and imagine the door underneath it will open up I need more trees real quick let me get some loot and we're gonna go back and actually witness it now make sure I'm fully mad at up for this okay how many like video thank you so much base appreciate it okay come on come on and like I said we're not sure what armor sets gonna happen but or like what's gonna happen exactly but something is going to happen here I enter the ruin Oh get out of there that's up there we gotta get back up there any minute I want to show you guys what's actually happening here it's so close to it slowly so close first thing about the nation Mashhad to you can you ride the rock you can't well that's where it's gonna go where it's probably right here because the same symbols well I've donated 100 so close but stupid everyone right now guys I want you to spamming stupendo hyping the shaft for the hundred dollar donation the biggest donation of the livestream Hunter presented thank you so much defended I appreciate you are insane bro you're insane alright guys here we go man 93 million out left yeah I miss I miss a zombies honestly too but they stopped caring about the community so forwarding it is baby but let's go dude here we go man we're moving towards it's gonna happen right now I'm so pumped for this ladies and gentlemen let's go I've different symbol you might be on mobile or something I know it's some different platforms have different symbols but I don't know yet okay guys oh my goodness through within the next minute or so guys this should be hitting the spinal rune spot it's going down so fast cuz everyone shooting it I'm so gone for this man how's it going – my name is going great you know Easter welcome at 6:00 a.m. once at Easter church with my family and now I'm back here streaming this event live it's kind of crazy for news having this huge event happen on Easter but I'm okay with it I'm excited and yeah it's about to happen right now alright I want you three um one two three it's I think really like every four seconds in news that's how fast is going but ladies and gentlemen this rock right here this is called the Robert the first rune Robert the rune it's the rune rock that matches the symbol right there it is officially entering the UFO circle at loot Lake not sure exactly what's going to happen it within the next 30 seconds or so but we're imagining that this thing right here is gonna flip upside down and come right where that one is because it's a symbol they're both the same symbols but I don't know man and if he I don't know how this works it has a hundred million health once it goes down to zero there's the health bar right there and said 40 40 million 20 million 10 million and then it moves again every time I lose it 100 million health it moves a few feet and that's how this currently works oh my it's it's right there bro it's so close let you down with the final event we're gonna witness it live right now let's do it dude it makes you drop a like and subscribe to channel for that V bucket we're hooking up some of you guys just for watching the stream with some V box it's Easter I'm giving out you know a little being the Easter Bunny little bit a little bit today you know oh my goodness people it's right here man yes defender thing about the nation dude here we go ladies and gentlemen the final loot Lake event with this rune this is obviously the rune started on Friday at noon Eastern starter that's a lucky landing mate way to river polar peak all the way through Tilton and now here at loot Lake for the finale and I absolutely cannot wait and there's every six seconds really I mean it really depends how many you have shoot it then one people that shoot it the fast removes all my goodness brow it is it going right there I think it's gonna flip upside down ladies and gentlemen I'm so fond for this I'm gonna turn my volume real quick dude 90 million health left and this one's to move again guys you can ride it you can ride a bit Oh bounce you back like a lot yeah but let's go it is here we go guys I think it's gonna open up right there it's going slowly it slowly down we don't know what's in happier guys I don't know exactly but I'm really excited for it but drop a lot guys make sure the arts picasa i know we have a lot of new viewers right now guys if you guys could do me a favor head to subscribe to the channel i mean the absolute world to me it's opening up and it's going down in I think earthquake dude what okay it's just one right here what is that okay you can't go in it it like powered it up it's like charged it up ladies and gentlemen that is the first rune symbol Robert the rune we called him he started at length luckily on Friday May it's way too shifty shafts then polar Peaks and greasy Grove all the way until it's ours and of course its final destination at loot Lake here it is now charging one of the five runes here now if you don't know guys is the second room to just spawn in this is actually the fidgets spinner rune we're calling it we're not sure what's gonna happen here I'd imagine we're gonna have another rune rock come in that's gonna have this symbol on top of it maybe it just phone in we're gonna have to look around the map and see what happened here but ladies and gentlemen look at volcano apparently oh my gosh the volcano erupt the volcano is smoking yo what okay so the volcano just started erupting we need to go to right now we need me okay I need make sure everything's good here we're doing a little volcano immediately why is it like a RuPt Enix starting to oh my goodness dude now I'd imagine maybe this one can we have something to check out dude if you guys are new that channel hit the subscribing right now I promise you if you enjoy four-night you will not regret subscribe and I'll keep you guys fully up to date on all these for tonight live events this is just one of many if this is like I mean we're still a few weeks out from Season 9 guys and we're gonna be eating a lot more events over the next week so hit the subscribe on right now help a homie outs we're going for 1.9 million subscribers before I turn 19 years old next Monday but that's what happened the first rune it powered it up we're gonna go check out why the heck the volcano is on fire interrupting right now we're gonna respawn and go to the volcano and see what's going on there we got a lot of things to see dude okay I meant to good let's go to it let's hear the hub action it's got a hub and then go to sunny steps that's crazy bro this is deftly time of the endgame it could have to do with the Avengers well to wait and see it's gonna sunny steps real quick here I'm gonna my Twitter to make sure I don't miss any other kind of things just happened yeah the volcano is producing smoke yeah that's what everyone's confirming that's nuts bro like I said guys we are to have you guys with some V bucks we're gonna weigh 3,000 view bucks and all you gotta do is drop a like and subscribe right now yeah this the volcano is starting starting to erupt a little bit here you can see smoke rising it can be visible at any point of the map Wow bro now my question is where is the other rune scim but when one being the other one because the symbol as you guys know the symbol spawns in at Lou Lake and then we get the new kind of the rune rock where it first spotted at Bucky landing the first time well where's the second rune rock you know but yeah dude it's smoking up here look at the eggs we're look at the eggs immediately brought so I need to check right now might want to you had you what the heck okay so whatever that did just did something with the volcano but the eggs cracking maybe are they always like that I have enjoyed the eggs originally but local either I don't know I really can't make a hundred percent confirmation there none of those lines are new or not they don't have a cracks that looked anymore symbols the lava rise probably dude that's insane that it's smoking though do you that's nuts the cracks in the earth increased yeah I mean there's a whole earthquake you guys you're the earthquake there was another earthquake which makes sense why we have all the earthquakes on the ground I'm gonna go check out one of the other earthquake locations like the earthquake in the ground see if they actually did like get dramatically bigger it's one over there still I don't know do be yeah it's hot I'm saying guys the volcano definitely is starting to erupt smoke is rising that makes sense folks that that whatever just happened with that that rune going in the symbol it just caused an earthquake and then that happened there I think the volcanoes gonna rock and then arune's gonna pop out maybe I think the volcano is gonna fully erupted once we get all five runes in there I'm gonna go to back to loot leg and see what's going on here the I don't know the earthquake scene the same the second rune rocket that Lou Lake I don't think so just the symbols there that's not spray okay let's go back here you guys stick around guys were to make sure things happened the bunker Balinese opened okay probably you guys might as a secret bunkers apparently they're open right now what the heck I don't know about that one do but have to have this round if you guys are new I'd appreciate its that is the next rune symbol that was the first rune symbol we had there it is now officially charged we're one fifth of the way they're obviously one right here there's two three four five one in a five have been complete you can't get inside this you can't open it up but it did cause an earthquake and it did cause the you know all the smoke over there to rise it's kind of insane bro now where that's the next rune is the question though and then I guess I guess ready to go right now and drop a like hit the subscribe and cheese that winner in just a quick moment here but right I want to make sure we don't miss anything you know that's crazy that dudes what's gonna happen we're not sure 100% it's why we're doing this dreams cuz like I had no idea that was happening I had no idea there was mean another earthquake and the freaking volcano wasn't a start or up ting you know but it was pretty cool that we were right with this kind of opening up and getting sucked in in a way basically it's like a battery someone was right charging it the only question is for now is when is this one gonna appear because we know that last time once the symbol up here there was a symbol there after an hour later after the symbol appeared we had the actual rune Rock spawn in the map now

Michael Martin

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  1. i’ve been watching you when you started playing bo3 zombies and i miss that so can you go back to playing zombies as well?

  2. I wish you would play zombies for us I know people want you to plz pack a puncher you used to me my idol but now your just someone who only plays fortnite😢😢😢😢

  3. I liked subbed with notifications on and my epic name is now changed to PK_1234321 also I use ur supporter creator code

  4. maybe when all runes go in the circle thingy will shoot lasers towards the center and open it up causing the volcano to erupt

  5. How do I get my giveaway winnings? I still haven't gotten it. You asked me for my email, twitter, or Instagram. But when I gave it to you, you forgot about it.

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