The NEW Fortnite Loot Lake Event Is Looking INSANE..

Michael Martin

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  1. This guy's channel is insane i was watching for the first 2 hours and was extremely surprised when i saw that he was still streaming almost 2 hours later. This guy is extremely dedicated to his work. for his dedication i liked and subbed to this channel. If you aren't subbed after this stream then what are you doing?

  2. Can you live stream like right now
    Edit: thanks for the heart and also I have been looking for loot lake events for a while and you are not streaming ๐Ÿ˜ญ. If you can thank you. Also, WE NEED YOU STREAMING BROTHER.

  3. I shared liked and subbed and watched it for 3 hours straight nice stream i really reccommend you right now im watching the last 2h

    Edit:I really wanted to the gift card

    Whatever i dont care about the gift card but it would really be nice if you gave me it

  4. Hey subie I'm very sad at the moment if you do a stream today please can you raid me it's just I've lost about 100 subs and my dream is to hit 1000 subs. At the moment I feel so sad because I don't know what to do with my life. Life is just sad, boring and depressing. Thank you. You are my favourite streamer and if I'm allowed I'm going to donated with all my money because you deserve it thank you.

  5. I want to give you this much money but Iโ€™m Brock I would give you 20000 dollars but I donโ€™t have that so letโ€™s go for 200000000 subscribers

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