The Most Uncomfortable 90 Day Fiancé Moments Ever

TLC’s 90 Day Fiancé has quickly grown from
a reality show to a TV empire with a whopping five spin-offs. But while the show is packed with arguments
and breakups, some of the most memorable scenes from the franchise are simply cringe-worthy. Season 4 introduced fans to Chantel and her
Dominican fiancé, Pedro. “I don’t think you all have really thought
about everything that you all need to think about.” The two seemed to be genuinely in love, but,
in true Romeo and Juliet fashion, their families didn’t get along. And the feud only got worse when the couple
returned for 90 Day Fiancé: Happily Ever After. The duo traveled to the Dominican Republic
for a second wedding, and, during a family dinner, Chantel’s crew noticed that Pedro’s
mother and sister had cooked them chicken feet. “You want the chicken feet?” Chantel’s mom told the cameras, “In the religion of voodoo, they use a lot
of chicken feet. So naturally I don’t want to be taken advantage
of.” Soon the two families were fighting. Chantel and Pedro scrambled to translate and
keep the peace, but, in the end, Chantel’s family angrily stormed out. After they left, Chantel and Pedro’s family
ate dinner, and Chantel pointed out that Pedro’s mother and sister didn’t even eat the chicken
feet themselves. In Season 4, Jorge welcomed his Russian-born
fiancée Anfisa to California, and they soon found trouble, according to Cosmo. “Are you guys looking forward to getting
married?” “Yeah.” “Why you looked at me first?” “I dunno I wanted to see your reaction.” Anfisa and Jorge’s family didn’t get along,
Anfisa seemed to only be in the relationship for the money, and, when Jorge came clean
about not actually being a millionaire – like he’d previously claimed – their relationship
hit the skids. Still, the two married and went on to star
in 90 Day Fiancé: Happily Ever After where, in one episode, Jorge and his sister met with
a lawyer to consider Jorge’s divorce options. “Now I’m gonna see a lawyer so that I can
be done with Anfisa for good.” Later in the season, a producer mentioned
the meeting to the couple. And things got weird. “When is the last time you talked to Lourdes?” “I dunno.” “Was it when you went to the divorce lawyers?” Anfisa was shocked. “What no I didn’t…” “No I didn’t know that!” Of course, Jorge denied everything. “I didn’t go to no lawyer. What are they talking about?” But Anfisa wasn’t falling for her husband’s
claims. “Just stop it right now. I just wanna know what happened.” “Nothing happened.” “You’re just making yourself look stupid
right now.” In Season 2, Mohamed moved from Tunisia to
Ohio to be with Danielle. However, their relationship was reportedly
filled with one-sided affection, tearful arguments, and threats to break up. Later, their story continued, as a separated
but still legally married couple, on 90 Day Fiancé: Happily Ever After. While Danielle and Mohamed’s interactions
were uncomfortable to watch, things reached a shocking boiling point in the Season 1 finale. Moderator Shaun Robinson asked if there was
any intimacy between the two of them after the wedding, opening the floor to what may
have been the most awkward conversation in TLC history. “So you kinda consummated the relationship.” “Mm-hmm.” “Was there any intimacy after the wedding
at all?” Mohamed took the first shot. “There was, but we started facing a problem.” He claimed that Danielle would beg for intimacy,
allegedly screaming and threatening to have him deported if he didn’t comply. Danielle countered, “He has told people that I smell.” “You do.” “And I peed on him.” What made it even weirder was that the rest
of the cast members, who were watching the conversation offstage, could be seen by viewers
laughing nervously, gasping, and making faces during the couple’s conversation. When Season 1’s Colombian beauty Paola moved
to Oklahoma to be with fiancé Russ, things immediately got tense between the couple and
Russ’ conservative parents. When Paola first arrived, Russ admitted that
his parents weren’t completely supportive of the relationship, claiming, “When I got engaged, they were in shock. My parents were in shock.” Then, during their first family dinner at
home together, it became clear that Russ’ parents were definitely uncomfortable with
Paola. The meal was strangely quiet until Paola asked
Russ’ parents what they thought of their engagement. His mom said, “The joke was when he first left was, you
know, don’t go down there falling in love and, you know, bring a girl back home. And uh, sure enough, he does.” Eventually, the two moved out of Russ’ family
home and headed to Miami, but not before plenty of other strained interactions between Paola
and her conservative in-laws. In Season 6, Indonesian beauty queen Leida
brought her young son to Wisconsin to be with fiancé Eric. Unfortunately, these two families didn’t mesh
so easily. Leida insisted on moving Eric’s daughter out
of the apartment they shared and complained about Eric’s duty to pay child support for
his other kids. Then, when Eric wasn’t able to buy Leida the
expensive furniture she wanted – on the spot – their family drama came to a painfully awkward
climax. “Your —— child support, and Tasha’s going
to live with us, and the wedding venue. It seems like I have to learn to accept everything.” After Leida referred to his daughter as a
quote “burden,” Eric defended his children, saying, “In America, family is what matters.” Leida shot back, “Then I don’t want to get married, then!” “Because of child support?” “Yeah.” The two did ultimately get married, but Leida’s
issues with Eric’s children didn’t end. In February 2019, Leida was granted a restraining
order against Eric’s daughter Tasha. Larissa and Colt, from Season 6, had some
serious issues during their engagement. There was drama with Colt’s mom and even Larissa’s
arrest for domestic violence. Still, nothing was quite as uncomfortable
for viewers to watch as Larissa’s desperate attempt to impress her co-stars on the season
finale. After arriving late, claiming her luggage
was lost by the airline, Larissa stressed about looking great before joining the other
90 Day Fiancé couples. Soon, it became clear that Larissa didn’t
just want to look good – she wanted to impress someone in particular. She claimed, “Fernanda is jealous of me because she’s ugly,
I’m beautiful.” When the couple finally made it to set, Larissa
and Fernanda immediately got into an argument. Fernanda said Larissa and Colt were mean. And Larissa called Fernanda a brat. “Just because you’re young, you don’t have
any charisma, and nobody care about you” Eventually, half of the couples left the set,
and, when Fernanda and John walked away, Larissa called after her, saying, “Try to buy a butt.” Despite the age difference, Ashley and Jamaican-born
Jay seemed to really get along. Jay moved to Pennsylvania to be with Ashley
in Season 6, even amidst rumors of his infidelity and Ashley’s friends’ concerns that Jay could
be unfaithful. But just a week after the couple’s Las Vegas
elopement, Ashley caught Jay talking to another woman on Tinder. She explained, “He created the account the day we got home
from our wedding. I can’t even kick him out of my house. I’m responsible for him for ten years.” The scene got even weirder when Jay walked
in the front door, sat next to Ashley and simply said, “You wanna talk about it?” Yeah. Probably not. Before Season 6 star Kalani could bring her
fiancé, Asuelu, to the U.S., she gave birth to their baby in her home state of California. During this time, she depended heavily on
her sister for support and childcare. So when Kalani found out that she was unexpectedly
pregnant again, she knew that her sister was going to be disappointed. Kalani finally broke the news to her sis,
Kolini, the night before her wedding. “I know it’s like disappointing news and,
like, horrible timing right now but I just feel like, I feel like, either way if I told
you it was bad.” In tears, Kolini walked away from the table,
saying, “I don’t want to do this.” Maybe Kolini’s reaction was overly dramatic
or maybe it was just some sisterly tough love. Either way, it was intense. “I feel like maybe he did do it to tie her
down. And I just don’t feel like her marriage to
Asuelu is the best for her.” In Season 4, American-born Nicole visited
her Moroccan boyfriend Azan. After some tension in their relationship,
including doubt from Nicole’s family and Azan’s comment about her size… “She’s big a little bit.” …Nicole was excited to get engaged. “Last night, Azan proposed to me and today’s
the first day of our journey, a new start.” But not much seemed to change – especially
his problem with her weight. That morning, Nicole struggled hiking up a
sand dune. When she worried about her immediate condition,
Azan responded, “Stop being lazy, and go to do some workouts,
honey.” When she continued to struggle, Azan offered
her, I can’t go up there.” “Almost there, lazy.” “I’m gonna pass out.” “Stop being lazy.” Nicole later told the cameras, “When I hear Azan say that kind of stuff,
it just makes me feel like maybe I’m not good enough.” Azan tried to comfort her, but, even then,
he still managed to bring the conversation back to her weight. “I would love if you could do things that
I do, like being into gym, y’know.” Fans might have predicted Luis and Molly’s
breakup from the very beginning. Between the striking age difference and Molly’s
daughter’s disapproval, the relationship wasn’t meant to last. Still, no one could have foreseen the strange
details of one of Luis and Molly’s last big fights. In episode 10, Molly sat down with Luis to
discuss their relationship and his feelings about her kids, saying, “You want my kids to not be here. You want my kid to go live with her dad.” Luis then brushed her off, adding, “You have the period now. Everything you speak is like crazy right now.” Then, he oddly started complaining about Molly’s
home décor. He criticized the candles and a Buddha statue,
saying, “I never see one Bible here. I never see one something about God here.” Molly shot back, “You’re blaming an owl with a candle on the
fact that you are an ass—- to my kids!” When Molly pointed out crosses and scripture
in the house, Luis shushed her. Finally, she stood up and said, “I can’t do this. I am not marrying you.” In Season 1 of Before the 90 Days, Paul went
to Brazil to meet Karine, his soon-to-be fiancé he met online. Things were already uncomfortable because
the two didn’t speak the same language and had to communicate through a translator app,
but everything got downright weird when the couple decided to go swimming. “You wanna swim in the river?” “Yes.” [Nervous laughter] In episode 5, Paul explained that his doctor
warned him about drinking and swimming in the water in Brazil. So, he pulled out a small, cylinder bag. “I have this little pen15, I guess like a
sheath protection bag.” He went to the bathroom to put it on, explaining, “Definitely don’t want nothin’ swimming
up my pen15.” When he finally got in the water, wearing
a life vest and pants with feet, Karine, in her normal swimsuit, seemed to be embarrassed
by him – and they soon returned to dry land. Nikki and Mark’s relationship was strange
from the very beginning. The two, who were featured on Season 3, had
a big age difference: She was 19, while he was 58. In fact, Mark seemed to treat Nikki more like
a daughter than a fiancée. When Mark picked Nikki up from the airport,
Nikki admired the sights from the car window. At one point, she touched the glass and Mark
asked, “You putting fingerprints on my windows?” “Not allowed?” “That’s not allowed.” Mark explained that the no-window-touching
was a strict rule he had made for his children. Nikki put her whole hand on the window in
retaliation, and Mark responded with, “Nikki, you’re messing with my happiness.” Then he said she’d need to clean it with a
towel. “You’re weird.” “I knowwww.” When Carolina came to the U.S. from Colombia
in Season 3, she was uncertain about her relationship with her fiancé, Fernando. He had been unfaithful to her before, so she
was on the lookout for any sign of further cheating. And when Carolina looked through Fernando’s
drawers, she came up with some damning evidence. “Fernando. What is this?” “Uhhh…” Carolina called Fernando upstairs, and he
nervously tried to explain, “I, that has nothing, that’s nothing from
recent, that’s old, old. I’m serious.” He added, “It happened so many years ago that I can’t
even remember who they’re from or what they are.” Fernando ended up tossing the panties in the
trash, and the two went on to get married. Check out one of our newest videos right here! Plus, even more List videos about your favorite
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