The Most OUTRAGEOUS Weddings from Don't Tell the Bride!

oh yeah arrange the seat that'll be you know then what about that but it would well that bench fit in there that one it's got full virus what would do the job a plank fit for a princess meanwhile 120 miles away beginning to get worried now just don't like waiting around as the guests start to arrive at the venue the young scholars only just made it to Everdeen only two hours late and only a three-hour journey ahead I just feel sweaty Texas still at least Leanne's finally enroute this week new and never got sent a car miles – miles and miles the really random place to think oh well I seen a see what do you do there's an issue Danielle oh my god that is amazing I like to diversity it's not gonna be on Nessie it is your token what the capsized little like the sea well right now either does Calvin I'm gonna go to speak that speed boat driver because I need to lift up sup pontoon oh my god and soaked in let's get my oh my god don't do it again and I'll hunt Suleman pigs after an epic three-hour journey by car and one hour by weird monster boat thing our bride is finally about to see what Calvin's been plumbing I can see her she looks beautiful it's time for the ride of their life friends and loved ones we are here to witness the marriage of Tom and Rebecca this roller coaster any relationship has ups and downs but together they will love each other and work through any problems they may face Tom do you take Rebecca to be a wife to have and to hold the better for worse till death do us part I do and Rebecca do you take Tom to be a husband to have and to hold for better for worse till death do you part Satan without further ado good day to me oh my god I hope everything went well when I said the vows I couldn't quite hear what was going on but they nodded and they smiled so I think that was quite success I can't escape I was expecting maybe like winter boots but not ski boots I'm actually in shock he knows you can't ski what's he putting that right let's get them on well these are a 38 so assuming these ones my I'd just have no idea what's going through his mind right now I really don't I really hurt me okay that is be like taking Godzilla do we have to wear these today what's he doing this is a joke gonna take that all my wedding thank you everybody EBU and just as bronty think she's finally arrived at the wedding she realizes she still got a mountain to climb and the journey goes on how many people have traveled so far those 28 hours on the coach for this and on wedding dress and these people in slalom ski stuff and on sick freaking out a little bit I don't like how high we are and he said me one of my goose trace it don't know what's happening it's filthy this is ridiculous so our breath I'm so tired I can't do this after a taxi a ferry 28 hours on a coach in a trek up the mountain in ski boots grunty's finally about to find out what Darren's been planning all along it does make sense considering how we went to go went to the ice my coat on trouble is after trekking all the way up the mountain she now has to hike back down into the heart of the glacier it's freezing at the moment it's meaningful it may not be meaningful fall down the stairs Jesus where's over there I don't wanna do it anymore I just want to be there it's freezing I don't see Darren freezing now but it's cold and you're not being underground it's freaking me out I've come so far in the free weeks was yeah we've worn these boots all the way up here guys however obviously Doris I hope to ski but burn down a quite capable of carrying Bronson [Applause] skis or no skis Darren's determined to get Bronte on the slopes aided by his not so little helpers we're going to Vegas mate we are you serious you better not be one to be on time yes this is our stag Dubai it's gonna be research to see what we can do bring Vegas back to Norfolk so we can have a Vegas wedding here it's a lot for us to go in Vegas and obviously awesome like best thing we can do bucket list what is Ana gonna do when she finds out you went Vegas with with the money for the wedding I've always said to her the only way of marry her if it was in Vegas and I was drunk and it was Elvis it's gonna take a bit of the budget most of the budget it's research it's gonna turn our wedding into that a bit more authentic basically trying to create art and wilderness yeah see where we go with it I reckon the question being his own are gonna like a shed that I'm gonna end up building my answer very very doubtful that we wait and see I'll do my best slack a little well white paint on your vert I slap a little bit of white paint on and you'll be all right it's the third week of planning dodgy tailors in an envelope and having spent one week and a quarter of his budget on a stag in Vegas lease keen to get a bargain on the wedding ring this is gonna be a first I've never met anyone not Gumtree to buy rings a little bit bizarre nice to meet ya not too bad thank you they look even better in person than they do in the pictures yeah they're nice the missus just didn't like him so you had to buy some more is that that goes down pretty much yeah okay thank you very much done for 1,200 pounds Lee's got a wedding band and an engagement ring there's only one thing left to do pop the question right cuz obviously I haven't asked her to marry me yet so I don't know how we're gonna work this I guess we just write on the back because it's gonna be the proposal and the invite to the wedding are you ready to leave at 1330 on the 8th the 4 of 18 so use the queen of diamonds it's will you marry me a question well telling now really question because we know the answer don't we this is that we don't see that I'm happy with that back at home Anna is about to get her dream proposal Paul that strikes I can't open up with a ring bought at a bus stop left on her doorstep in a shoe box the door yeah oh my God look my god be ready to leave half-past one on the 8th for the 4 hashtag umbrella will you marry me cuz you're the queen he's oh my god I am now slightly concerned about what Lea is gonna have me doing it's time for the bridesmaids and guests to get their first taste of Lee's big plan a little shed chapel a little chapel for little lu 6 held himself definitely 5 minutes chapel thing thank you very much in German Oh baby baby it's good it's like a cross between our home and Vegas I think you clearly have always wanted to marry me know that onesies gonna be a write-off it's just silly now and it's about to get worse okay you know now sell off that's down to this see my I'm sailing oh my god why right now look on the bright side at least you get to cover up that onesie no this is this is a joke now okay so out of that warning keep you like wide apart you can't give you balance okay so we do it oh yes look where you're putting your feet baby I actually can't believe what's happening right now she's shaking like a leaf stupids aboard and now she's got to somehow get on the back of this jetski and I says girl you'd go I don't know I still do it [Applause] she's always goes yeah yes go hold on Kate hey hold on Smith did a really good job well done yeah I can see yeah she's over there she's coming in yeah you have this Laurie or not so God what the hell is that as a crime what is that right what the hell Oh [Applause] [Applause] literally like so anxious to some real my heart is in my actual chess being oh it's gonna come out as the platform is lowered to collect Liane could dry sky-high plans be grounded I just don't know what today oh my god you

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