The Most Important Issue in Marriage [Session 1] // Jimmy Evans

hi I'm Jimmy Evans this is my wife Karen we're so glad that you joined us for this series this is going to be an important time that we spend together and you know when I'm teaching I'm always referring to my beautiful wife Karen here she is right here and she's the one that makes my life better and she's the one that I've shared now 40 years of marriage together with and so we're so excited to share what God has done in our lives and what he can do in your life when you just learn the information about how to be married and put it into practice in your own life and so we want to say a couple of things to you also about as you experience the teaching now about how God's gonna work in your life one of the things we like to remind everybody is listen for yourself it's so tempting to sit there and listen to some things being said like are you losing this and just listen for yourself because it's so much better it just it opens your heart up to get to be heard and to hear better than if you're sitting there trying to get the other person to hear and so listen for yourself and remember to as you're going through stuff in your marriage you're not the only one going through it I can't tell you how many times I've heard people tell us that it's because of what I'm hearing you guys going through that I have hope and we all have that issue that's right you know all of us go through problems and I share a lot of stories and my teachings about things that we've gone through and other people have gone through so we're all in the all in it together I want to say one other thing when you're when you're hearing this and you're seeing this God will do some things in your life and in your marriage immediately okay but others it begins a process so don't get discouraged a lot of information here so when you when you finish with this you're gonna be a different person immediately in some areas but in other areas maybe need to listen again maybe you need to take notes so you can go back and look at those notes but I promise you when you get this information you put it into practice it will change your life thank you for joining us god bless you marriage today presents the most important issue in marriage by Jimmy Evans this is the most important teaching on marriage that you'll ever hear in your life I promise this is called the most important issue in marriage and this is something that we need to know if we don't know anything else about the subject of marriage and this is John chapter four let me give you a little background on this story we're about to read from the Bible here this is a Samaritan woman who's been married five times and Jews hated Samaritans they were half-breed Jews they had a syncretic type of a faith which was you know part Judaism and part something else and the Jews hated him for that and so they wouldn't have anything to do with them and you have to remember that women were chattel not cattle chattel in society they were owned men controlled society so a woman was lower than a man and a Samaritan was hated by the Jews so Jesus a Jewish man is about to walk up and talk to a Samaritan woman which was highly unusual especially because she was an outcast in her community she had been married five times and as she was living with her she was cohabitant she was shacking up with a guy and so a lot of times we read this story in different context but I want you to read it in the context of marriage Jesus knows this woman is desperately hurting in the area of her relationships in her marriages and he's walking up to give her the answer the answer and it's not difficult it's not complicated and that's what I love about God I'm thankful that the answer is not difficult or complicated we can find the answers that we're looking for in life from God and they're simple in him yet they're profound because they deal with all of our issues of life but they're simple they're they're free there's something that all of us can have no matter where we've been aren't you thankful that our God loves people who are broken and that he seeks them out Jesus sought this woman out so here's the story verse 5 John chapter 4 he came to a city of Samaria which is called Sychar near the plot of ground that Jake gave to his son Joseph Jacob's Well was there Jesus therefore being wearied from his journey sat Duss by the well it was about the sixth hour that's noon a woman of Samaria came to draw water jesus said to her give me a drink for the his disciples had gone away into the city to buy food the one that Samaria said to him how is it that you being a Jew asked a drink from me a Samaritan woman for Jews have no dealings with Samaritans jesus answered and said to her if you knew the gift of God and who it is who says to you give me a drink you would have asked him and he would have given you living water the woman said to him sir you have nothing to draw with and the well is deep where then do you get that living water are you greater than our Father Jacob who gave us the well and drank from it himself as well as his sons in his livestock jesus answered and said to her whoever drinks of this water will thirst again but whoever drinks of the water that I shall give him will never thirst but the water that I shall give him will become in him a fountain of water springing up into everlasting life the woman said to him Sir give me this water that I may not thirst nor come here to draw jesus said to her go call your husband and come here the woman answered and said to him I have no husband jesus said her you have well said I have no husband for you have had five husbands and the one you have now is not your husband in that you spoke truly the woman said him sir I perceived that you're a prophet our fathers worshiped on this mountain and you do say that in Jerusalem is the place where one ought to worship jesus said her woman believe me the hour is coming when you will neither worship on this mountain nor in Jerusalem worship the father you worship what you do not know we worship for we know what we worship for salvation is of the Jews but the ours coming and now is when the true worshipers will worship the father in spirit and in truth for the father is seeking such to worship Him God is spirit and those who worship Him must worship in spirit and in truth so this lady is an outcast no one will have anything to do with her it's very unusual for women to go to the well by themselves they win in groups for safety reasons but no one would go with her and so she was she was a broken person she was a loser in that society so she's at the well by herself and Jesus shows up and she said what are you what are you having anything to do with me why are you having anything to do with me I'm a Samaritan woman and Jesus said give me a drink and so he's talking about this well and he says to her if you knew the gift of God and who you're talking to you'd ask me for a drink and I would give you that drink and you would never be thirsty again this this Samaritan woman the the story shows the compassion of Jesus to people who fail I've already talked about that God is compassionate because he knows that there's a devil against us he wants us to to be defeated he's also compassionate because he doesn't he knows we don't know what we're doing in the area of marriage when Jesus hung on the cross he forgave the people who put him there but he but he said why jesus said Father forgive them they don't know what they're doing and most most of us have never been taught about the issue of marriage our failures this woman is an example God knew that she wasn't trying to fail no one in marriage is trying to fail anyone who's been divorced anyone who's struggling in marriage no one is standing at the altar getting married saying I sure hope I fail everyone getting married they want to succeed but most of us just don't have the skills we don't have the knowledge of how to succeed in marriage and so Jesus comes this woman he feels compassion for her because it's his nature to be compassionate because he knows she doesn't know when Karen and I were failing in our marriage I was 19 when I got married no one had ever taught me about marriage we were failing in our marriage and God was so compassionate with us and I'm saying that to say if you're struggling if you're failing if you're fearful if you're broken in this area or you've come out of a broken family god it feels compassion not anger he's not angry at you he doesn't want to reject you any more than he wanted to reject her he wants to give you the answer though for how to succeed he doesn't want to leave you in that condition Billy Graham says God loves us the way just the way we are but he loves us too much to leave us like that and that's exactly right God loves you just the way you are but he wants to fix you he wants to help you and so he's compassionate God marriage was created by God and this is another thing that this story illustrates and it's only successful when it honors his plan and includes his presence remember in the Garden of Eden that wasn't Adam and Eve it was Adam and even God we have turned marriage into a legal and social experience in America but it's inherently spiritual a man was coming to me that I knew one time he called me and he was having horrible marriage problems he asked me if I'd help him and I said yes and so I scheduled an appointment with him and he didn't show up and we didn't show up I called him and I said why didn't you show up and he said well I was on my way to see you and I saw this person who who knew me and him and and they didn't like me they didn't like me because I was a pastor and that there they didn't like you know our persuasion and before he could get to see me this person said to him it will do you no good to go see Jimmy Evans and he said why and they said you don't have you don't have religious trouble you got marriage trouble you need to go get marriage help you don't need religious help he's a pastor can I say something to you marriage is a spiritual bond jesus said what God has joined together let not man put asunder let me say another thing as America has rejected God what's happened to marriage in America it's a big failure we can't get along we need God God created marriage and when Jesus walks up to this woman to fix her he is saying to her lady you have a spiritual problem you have a void on the inside and if you keep trying to get men to solve your issues you're drinking from the wrong well men cannot fix you people cannot fix you if you keep drinking from that well you're just gonna be so thirsty for the rest of your life and frustrated and defeated but if you knew who was standing in front of you I would give you a spiritual drink of living water and it would quench your thirst forever and many of us have experienced that but as a young man in marriage I didn't know how to relate to Jesus like I should and so I depended too much on Karen she depended too much on me we had a dysfunctional marriage the third thing that's illustrated in this story is the most an issue in marriage is a personal relationship with God through Jesus Christ that's the most important issue if you don't know anything else about marriage that's what you need to know about marriage is your marriage and your life will be more profoundly affected by your relationship with Jesus than any other let me tell you why whether whether we realize it or not when we wake up every morning we have four basic needs that drive us through life every person every day is driven in life by four basic needs acceptance identity security and purpose that's what's motivating you that's what's motivating me every person is the same acceptance means I want to be accepted for who I am and I want you to listen to me Romans they asked this question what can separate us from the love of God and here's the answer given in Romans nothing God loves you like no one else loves you on your worst day God is your best friend and when every other person leaves Hebrews 13:5 God says I will never leave you I will never forsake you and that means he will never physically leave us nor will he ever turn his heart away on our worst day when we've done the grossest thing for the for the millionth time God isn't like people his acceptance is different it doesn't matter if our teeth are straight it doesn't matter if our teeth are white it doesn't matter if our deodorants working properly it doesn't matter if we're dressed the way we ought to dress it doesn't matter if we talk with the wrong accent it doesn't matter any of that he loves us period and he's the only person who does most people most people who love us love us based on what they don't know we want people to like us we put our best face forward but if they knew every single thing we had ever done in the secret thoughts of our mind I promise it would shorten our list of friends I promise it would because a lot of people love us based on what they think we are but if they really knew us for who we were they wouldn't love us anymore can I tell you something he knows every thought in your mind everything you've ever done and everything you will do and he loves you T totally acceptance he on the worst day of my life when I Jesus he said yes child he that he never packs up in leaps he never packs up in the leaves acceptance people are undependable and they may love you today but they don't tomorrow or they may be happy right now and they give you a dirty look ten ten minutes from now that hurts your feelings but God is absolutely stable and his love fills our heart like no one else his perfect love cast out our fear it's what the Bible says what's the fierce the fear of rejection it's our number-one fear every person's number-one need is love and number one fears rejection but his perfect love cast out fear because he's absolutely reliable as a lover of our soul and he's the only one who is identity is a number another need that I have Who am I yeah I want to be unique I want to be special well he made me and my mother's womb in Psalm 139 it says that he knit us all together and our mother's one recent one Psalm 139 one time here's what it says his thoughts towards you when you're in your mother's womb were too vast to be counted it's like the sand of seashore in other words in our mother's womb when God was creating us he detailed for the rest of our life everything that we would do all the people we would know and his plan for our lives in regardless of what we've done to mess it up we can always get back on track through the blood of Jesus Christ you're not a blob you're not an accident you're a precious unique soul and one of the one of the promises I love in the Bible is Revelation 2:17 where it says when we get to heaven one day that God's going to give us as we come into heaven one day God's going to hand us a white stone with our real name on it that only we have my name is Jimmy Dale Evans I'm named after a female country western singer Dale Evans I was gonna be Debbie Dale Evans I told you that my mother wanted a girl I was I was the third boy she wanted a girl that was in the days you didn't know what you're gonna get for he got it my parents didn't name me for two weeks I was born in Wellington Texas and after two weeks the hospital called my mother and said if you don't name this baby today his name is baby boy Evans and under duress I got my name and I'm so thankful that that is real not my real name God has a stone in heaven reserved for me and one day when I walk into heaven's gates he's gonna walk up and hand me that stone and I'm gonna look at it and say that's me one of the horrible things about Hell is they'll never know who they were and one of the horrible things about not knowing Jesus is you can't know who you really are a week after I got saved at 19 years old I was sitting in the backyard of my house and I saw a sheep dropped down in front of me and I saw myself preaching to a multitude of people at 19 years old I had never thought about myself as a preacher no one had certainly had ever told me I'd be a preacher but God told me how I really was at 19 years old and I've lived my entire adult life according to what he said and can I just say something he was right and it's wonderful this is who I am a preacher and I love to preach who are you who are you are you gonna live the rest of your life trying to be who people want you to be are you gonna live the rest of your life not knowing who you really are because God made you in your mother's womb you don't have to go through life being like everybody else you don't have to go through life wondering why you were created God will tell you he'll whisper it into your heart he'll reveal to you who he created you to be and you can know that rather than living your life to be someone in people's eyes it's a horrible thing security am i safe and secure from harm are my needs gonna be met am I going to be protected well I'll just say this and we all see this today there's danger in every area the weather the events Wars the instability of nations our own economy our own instability is people you just see the danger on every side predators people that are doing evil things to people am I secure I am secure in God period I am secure in God if I am in the eye of the storm I am secure in God but if I'm in a hammock in Hawaii sipping a drink with an umbrella I'm not secure without God I'm securing God he makes me secure and I'm only secure in him number four purpose to have a purpose for life most people just live their lives either to get money or to go through another 24 hours of making a buck and spending it or just whatever they're living for but they're gonna lose it let me say this and that's what I did I wake up every day for this purpose to serve the king of kings to lead to take as many people as I can to heaven with me and to give people eternal answers to their trouble and let me tell you something that's the way to live your life I'm not here to make money I'm not here just to suck up oxygen as long as I can I am here for a kingdom purpose and it makes me feel special and it gives me the motivation every day to roll out of bed and do it again but when you don't have God's purpose for your life and you get the belly punched and you get knocked on your back by life circumstance many of us have been in a circumstance that our life says should I go on is it worth it what's it for and this is a broken-down woman been married five times and now she's living with the guy she's so disenchanted with marriage and she's been belly punched a lot Jesus walks up her says lady listen there's nothing wrong with you that can't be fixed but it's not going to be fixed until you let me meet your needs and you don't try to get them out of a man the principle of transference is this if we don't trust Jesus to meet our deepest needs we will automatically transfer those expectations to those closest around us if we don't have a relationship with Jesus and all of us have had times in our lives when either we didn't know Jesus or we didn't have a close relationship with him so let me say this anytime in your life when you're not in relationship with Jesus you are a dysfunctional relationship waiting for a place to happen remember acceptance identity security and purpose are four basic needs either God's going to meet those needs or you're gonna try to get a person to meet those needs the Samaritan woman tried to get a husband to meet those needs is she squeezed the first husband and it didn't come out because he couldn't do that only God can do that and so she rejected him here's what happens by the way with the transference for our needs number one will never be fulfilled people can't people can't meet our needs you can't we have a God shaped void in our lives and people can't fill that void money can't fill that void success can't fill that void pleasure can't fill that void only God can fill that void that's why Jesus said lady you're drinking from the wrong well but if you drink from me you'd be fulfilled finally when Jesus comes into that void the second thing is we become discouraged and cynical the divorce the marriage rate in America in 1930 was eighty three percent eighty three percent of adult Americans were married in nine nineteen thirty now the marriage rate is forty nine point seven percent which means most people most adult Americans are not married it's because of the cynicism because we've rejected God and because we've rejected God's Way and marriage doesn't work now we either don't get married or we shack up or we do something else and that's exactly what this woman had done well when you transfer your needs to another person or to someone other than God it's just going to happen the third thing and I think this is probably the one of the worst things is we've become bitter toward people and we reject them she tried to squeeze the first husband for what only God can give he couldn't and she rejected him so there's something wrong with him the second one the third one the fourth one the fifth and finally she said I can't trust men associated live with him you need a man around but you can't trust him so I'm just gonna have him around I'm gonna say something and I but when I say this I'm not accusing you I just want to say something so you'll register this thought in your mind okay Jesus by the way her husband's were probably you know knuckleheads I'm saying I'm not I'm not putting all the blame on her because men have their own issues obviously so Jesus isn't putting all the blame on this woman he's just telling her what's wrong with her okay so let me let me make this statement to you I want you I want you to listen I'm saying and this week if you would I want you to meditate on this okay she thought five men had let her down and again they were praying knuckleheads at times you know and they did things wrong but she was wrong the truth was she expected something of a man he couldn't give and when he didn't she rejected him now I've made this mistake so I'm not pointing the fingers I made this mistake multiple times listen what I'm about to say because there have been times in your life when you did not know Jesus or you weren't walking with Jesus there have been times that you transferred the expectations of your life to people and you set them up for failure because they couldn't be Jesus to you your parents annex pass a close friend a business partner a pastor a church a government leader government program whatever it might have been you were not walking with Jesus you were not trusting him and so you took acceptance identity security and purpose and you transferred that to an individual and they let you down and it may have ended the relationship maybe it just ended in a frustration in the relationship and you kind of accuse that person but you're wrong I'm not saying that that other person wasn't wrong also you were wrong in my encouragement to you is to do an inventory is just to sit down in the presence of the Holy Spirit and say Holy Spirit would you help me because I know I have some broken relationships in my life are any of those broken relationships because I tried to make that person Jesus to me and gently and graciously God will help you to to deal with that in the purpose isn't condemnation to drag you into your past the purpose is just simply to say maybe they weren't as bad as I thought they were and maybe I was a part of the problem I've done it I did it to Karen I was very disappointed in Karen when we got married because I was trying to make her into Jesus for me she's a great Karen she's a lousy Jesus I'm a good Jimmy I'm a lousy Jesus there's only one good Jesus and his name is Jesus here's what happens when you trust something or someone other than God to meet your deepest needs the first is your inner security is dependent upon something or someone you cannot predict or control and whose resources to meet your needs are limited number two your ability to give is dependent upon your ability to get from others you feel like a victim because if people don't give to me I can't give back to them and if my if I'm in relationship to Jesus I can give to anybody at any time because God is a is a full source at all times into our lives number three your life is filled with an atmosphere of disappointment and frustration people have let you down and you show it wherever you go number four your unrealistic expectation of others creates a negative atmosphere of tension in your relationship if not a compelling force field of pressure which drives people away people who are overly dependent upon us or unattractive to us when men and women are asked what do you find attractive in the opposite sex both of us say confidence I want a confident person to relate to why because confident people are givers in people who are not are takers and there are people who are too needy and let me let me let me tell you a healthy statement and an unhealthy statement here's a healthy statement I love you in life is wonderful with you but it's possible without you I love you in life is wonderful with you and I don't want to lose our relationship but if if something happens I can go on because of God here's an unhealthy statement I can't live without you I can't go on without you please and you see people who there they don't have a relationship with Jesus they don't have that source in their life and so because they don't have Jesus they depend on people and when they lose that relationship I can't go on I can't live without you yes I can because of Jesus I can because of Jesus I don't want to lose important relationships but people died and people can't be there at all times the best person can't but if I have Jesus I can live a happy fulfilled life regardless of what people do here's what the Bible says about trusting someone other than God to meet your deepest needs proverbs 28:26 says he who trusts in his own heart as a fool we can't meet our own needs can't can't be done Jeremiah 17:5 cursed is the man who trusts in mankind and makes flesh his strength and this doesn't say we shouldn't trust people as saying when you trust in people more than you trust in God you're gonna live a painful life proverbs 11 28 he who trusts in his riches will fall you know when you try to put money in God's place and make that your security it just simply doesn't work when we trust Jesus in a personal daily relationship there's two important things that happen the first is he heals our hurts when we come to Jesus and we we trust in him all of us have hurts from a past every person does the Samaritan woman was devastated with the pain of her past when I married Karen she had the lowest self-esteem of any person I've ever met without a doubt and Karen was saved before me and I got saved a week before we got married and this is a true statement I have never known a day in our marriage that Karen Evans didn't wake up and read her Bible never psalm 107:20 says that God sent His Word to heal us and to deliver us from all of our destructions Karen was devastated devastated emotionally and I couldn't help her I mean I said everything I knew how to say I tried to help her I just couldn't help her but God healed my wife God healed me Hebrews 4 says the Word of God is living and active and sharper than a two-edged sword and could divide asunder between the thought and intention of the heart the bone and the marrow in other words for no human being can go God's Word can go and it's a two-edged sword because one age slays the enemies of our hearts and the other edge is a scalpel that heals those words and thoughts and memories that torment us let me let me say this to you okay it doesn't matter if you love Jesus it doesn't matter it doesn't matter if you believe in Jesus it may eternally but for this sake it doesn't matter do you trust Jesus I did a funeral for a man who committed suicide and I talked to this man before he committed suicide and I would talk to him about the Lord and every time I talk to him about the Lord he would cry and every time I told him what he needed to do he wouldn't do it he lived in in constant fear and I the family asked me to do his funeral and I stood at his funeral and here's what I said about that man he loved the Lord he just didn't trust him and every one of his family knew it was a true statement he loved the Lord he'd cry about Jesus he believed in Jesus but I'd trust him here's my question to you I want you listen what I'm saying when you have a problem where do you go first a friend the web a credit card a store internally worried fear where do you go first doesn't matter if you love Jesus it doesn't matter if you believe in Jesus do you trust him do you trust him with your finances do you trust him with your children do you trust him with your relationships do you trust him with your life do you trust him for miracles do you trust him to come through and change things when Karen and I wake up every morning and we did this wrong and we almost divorced so we're not better than anybody we're not special but what we learned is the most important issue in our marriage is a personal relationship with Jesus Christ it's the most important thing so when I wake up in the morning and when Karen wakes up in the morning we both have different places in the house where we go and we have our quiet time which means we read our Bible i journal I read my Bible and I pray and it's not a religious experience experience I don't pray just to pray I don't read my Bible to straight my Bible I need God I need him to encourage me I need him to heal me I've got fears I've got problems I've got needs I've got anxieties every single day every day it doesn't matter how long I've known Jesus every day I've got issues that only God can solve I don't go to a person first thing in the morning I don't go to the web first thing in the morning I don't buy something early more to make me feel better I go to Jesus and it changes every relationship in my life every relationship in my life once God heals us but the second thing he does is he fills us he fills us Jesus said lady if you had asked me for a drink I'd give you water and you'd never thirst again I wonder what kind of a wife she would be full of the Holy Spirit rather than needy what kind of a husband would we be if we were full of the Holy Spirit rather than being needy Galatians 5 says the fruit of the Spirit these are all relational qualities 9 relational qualities that the Holy Spirit gives for free to anybody who'll ask love that means real of God's love joy peace patience kindness goodness faithfulness gentleness and self-control the nine virtues of the holy spirit that when we wake up in the morning and we say God I need you I'm gonna be relating to people all day long and there's several I want to kill I want to strangle them today could I have permission it happened in the Bible could I do it and God says no so I'm gonna fill you with my Holy Spirit and you won't want to kill them you love them okay when I wake up and I have been with God I'm a different husband than if I have it sometimes Karen will say to me when I'm not having one of my better days did you pray this morning and most of the time I did but I won't to admit it because I don't want to know she's right cuz she's right too much we need Jesus I know you believe in him and I know you love him I know you do you wouldn't be here if you didn't but do you trust him is he the first place that you go do you have a daily dependent relationship upon Jesus Christ he didn't come to start a new religion the world had too many religions when he came they didn't need another one he came to bridge the barrier so we could have a living relationship with God regardless of where we've been or what we've done through the blood of Jesus Christ here's how to experience a personal relationship with Jesus and I'll close number 1 remember that Jesus is a gift of grace from God he said lady if you knew the gift of God when we need him the most we deserve him the least and when we've done something wrong the devil is always there to condemn us and tell us that we can't have God some of you have done terrible things I've done terrible things I've done horrible things in my life but I'm very ashamed of that I've done and on my very best day not one time I've ever gone to God have I deserved to go to God never my righteousness is like filthy rags back then or now and Jesus came to a broken-down lady who had been devastated through her own personal failures through her own mistakes and he said to her if you knew the gift of God he's a gift anybody can have him any time not just when you did something good or not just right after church when I was a kid and I didn't know Jesus used to go to church and when I left church I thought I'm gonna have two or three good hours here just one church I hope Jesus comes now I hope you didn't come on a thirsty you know cuz I'm dead on thirsty but after church on Sunday I'm pretty good but Jesus is a Thursday Friday kind of God did you know that if you knew the gift of God you would ask the second thing the second way to have a relationship with Jesus is to ask for what you need we need God and He he's okay with that our brain fizz our house right now and they'll come up my little granddaughters will say Pappy can you will you that's too many things is it Pappy can you Pappy will you do you know how much I love being a Pappy I love being Pappy and I love for my grandchildren to depend on me because it gives me the opportunity to be Pappy did you know God loves being your daddy but he never gets to be if you don't need him when we don't pray basically what we're saying is is I don't you know I don't need you right now when we do but when we pray jesus said if he knew the gift of God you would ask and he would give it to you why does God give it to you he loves being a daddy he loves providing he loves protecting he loves he loves doing all the things that a good daddy does and when we pray I mean I really believe this when we pray I just think that the Lord his heart is thank you for letting me be your daddy today it brings me so much joy just to be your daddy and I know your I know you need me and I know you're hurting and I know you're you're incapable of sort of that's great it's like my little grandkids I love the things that make them need me because I love being their Pappy and I love being my kid's dad ask what you need come boldly before the throne of grace and the third thing is have faith in God's love and faithfulness he said I'd given it to you if you knew the gift of God and who it is that you're talking to you would have asked and he'd have given you living water and you never thirst again God loves you and he died on the cross for you and he paid for your sins and by His grace not only can you know him as your personal Lord and Savior but you can have a daily dependent relationship with him and it is the secret of success in every area of life especially in the area of marriage and all of us have made mistakes you may have gone through a marriage or two or eight because you didn't know this you may be frustrated in your marriage right now because you didn't know this you may be fearful of marriage you may be single or divorced and you're fearful of marriage because you didn't know this but now you know this and what I'm saying is people are imperfect they cannot be Jesus to us though they have an important place in our lives but through a relationship with Jesus we can succeed because it is the most important issue

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  7. I"ve been married since 1970 and l want you to know that my wife has inrich my life and shes still.the love of my life. I thank, and Praise God for her.

  8. pop off down the bingo night at the local church hall and get yourself a good catholic girl ! you will not be sorry , two or three gins and she will turn into slut woman! 42 years , 4 kids , and a million issues faced and we can still bang like a shit house door !!! if you can smile then there is hope for you 😜🇬🇧

  9. 6yrs of marriage 11yrs of being together… ONLY God can save my marriage at this point. and I believe he will…. my advice to all focus on God and surrender your marriage, family and your very being to God….finally LOVE LOVE LOVE it conquers all

  10. When my ex husband revealed his true self through continued emotional and financial abuse, I felt broken. I am still in that place. I keep trying to return to the heart space that allowed me to meet him, but I am followed by people who are not honest with themselves about their unholy activities. I can't be clear on the purpose of their mission, but they continue to put me in harms way. Every so often, I am wrought with pangs of sorrow fearing that I will never know love or safety again. My divorce was so painful because it wasn't just a piece of paper for me. Commitment of any kind is more than a document. I have never needed shared blood to make someone a part of my family. I was taught, and continue to believe, that a hardened heart and a mouth full of lies is the worst sickness. The only true blessings are people that can be entrusted to love and return love (without fearing retribution). For anyone that has family, reading this now, do not abuse your influence or authority. Instead, please recognize how lucky you are to have them. Faith is not enough. Your beliefs and actions must meet, otherwise your family will disappear forever.

  11. Secularized marriage is an abusive sham. Divorce selfishly dishonors God.
    Be courageous. Reach out. Communicate with grace, gentleness, kindness, compassion, tenderness, and FORGIVENESS.
    RECONCILE. Love God, love others.

  12. After 46 years I lost my wife to illness. I would have taken care of her till doomsday but God had other plans for her.Cherrish her all you can , for you can't believe the loneliness once their gone .

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  14. The best service I've heard on how to better your marriage and by the grace of by the grace of God it gives me hope and restauration into my relationship amen

  15. I've watched several videos by Mr. Evans. So much good teaching and I'm learning so much. But for me, it seems too late. My wife, after 23 years of marriage, decided 2 weeks ago to call it quits. I'm looking at myself and working to make changes where I need to and continuing to ask God to show me what I need to change. I feel all I can do is give it to the Lord trust that He will have His way.

  16. can i be honest i honestly do not believe my husband even care about our marriage for the last 20 years i been doing an trying am pretty much heartbroken an done an tired of giving out an getting nothing in return an feeling unloved an just broken

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