The Long Distance Relationship – Short Film

Michael Martin

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  1. Cuteee. We are a long distance couple, 3 years plus dating, married for one month now. France vs Kenya. We share our beautiful journey on YouTube if interested you are most welcome to learn the tricks with us. ❤️

  2. I'm in a LDR I'm from Poland (Europe) and he's from Japan, it hurts but I'm so grateful to have him in my life, he's my only joy.

  3. People often see the worth of a person they love when its already gone and they cannot hear you even how much you scream and shout. When still have time keeps on commmunicating and make time to a person you love before its too late right? Whenever know when is their end.

  4. It's getting hard day by day…but seeing this video make me realize it won't matter as long as u both stick each other's believe that this distance only for a while until u both get together.

  5. Wow amazing short flim … It did make me sad but then again i cant imagine losing the girl i love. She mean whole world to me so without that world i cant live. I don't know how to get over if she is not with me. I love her soo much hopefully we will meet soon. 💖 Love you el…💕

  6. the sad thing is, I'm in a LDR and we live 15 mins away from each other. we just have to live in secret..

  7. About my profile picture it is an edit we are in long distance relationship it's been 6 months and we know each other from Facebook and we stop using facebook after we get into relationship we keep our relationship strong by making more Time for each other and at first it was a fake love she flirted she lied to me but I forgive and forget and now we are in serious relationship she used to cry when we get into some quarrel and I love her so much and this year after I appear my exam and when she finished her exam too then in the month of may 2019 we are gonna meet and stay together I can't wait for the day hoping to see my love from another city😇😇

  8. I'm watching this again and again and now it's 2019… Whoever this story to, may the soul of lost rest in peace

  9. I am in an LDR I'm from Malaysia and he's in the US, we're 9,371 miles apart… It hurts but whenever I hear his voice everything just washes away

  10. Oh god.. i feel like i just chopped an onion… why does she have to die??? Why mr. Director??! Whyyy!!??

  11. Damn I'm in a long distance relationship and we're both girls, the only thing I'm sure of is that I love her and she loves me

  12. I’ve been dating my long distance relationship boyfriend for 5 months almost and things have been amazing we are talking about marriage and our future together

  13. Beautiful Story 💝💝💝💝💝💝💝💝💝💏💏💏💏💏💏💏💏💏💏💏💏💏💏💏💏

  14. My online boyfriend hasnt talked to me in a very very long time and i dont even know the reason ): my heart cant handle it i would love to just hear his voice one more time this video is great and made me cry

  15. Hello, I kindly ask you to check my champagne and see my love story (link bellow) , and may be you can donate me with little part!

    Thank you in advance!
    With love,

  16. Me too in a ldr relationship. We hadn't met each other. We really enjoyed doing face time all the time.even when we argue we finally give up on our egoes. He is a nice person i ever met. I really miss him so much even though i didnt met him yet in my real life. I wish to see him soon as possible. Itz been more than half years since we met online. We didn't thought that we will end up like this. I love him so much more than myself. I hope i will surely get him in my life as my husband as well as my best frind . I am eagerly waiting for that day ,that we finally do meet each other. Hoping that he will never leave me. Eventhough im not good looking and all and i hope he will always accept me. God plz find a way for us. Our 2nd year anniversary is coming on feb 28..2 years of true love. And wish i get a him forever 😶❤❤❤. I miss him so much!!🐜🐘🐒. I love you so much nandha

  17. I have only been in a long distance relationship because it's the best feelings you get thrilled you get sad and love harder when you finally meet that happiness and emotions you let it out the feeling is just so perfect 👌👌👌😍😍❤❤

  18. it's a really good story! but sad… 🙁
    i must think about my girlfriend 500 miles away in germany
    i have hopes for the future that we'll met but now it's so hard

  19. I love a girl she's from usa ..and our timezone is different ,, we meet 11 months ago on discord .. i never sleep at night caz i want to talk to her ,, I'm still waiting for her message ☺ she's needs to prove her family that she can live without mobile .. 😊 i trust her 💜

  20. Imagine if at the end a little girl comes running to him screaming "Daddy!" and he picks her up and kisses her cheek, making her giggle. He leans over and kisses his wife of the cheek before looking at his daughter. He glances at the woman beside him. "Was Joy a good girl while Daddy was gone?" he asks to the two girls. Joy giggles and nods and her mother hums. "A little fussy before her nap but yeah." she reaches over and plays with her kid's hair.
    "Hm." he replies. "Was she good enough today for ice cream?" he teases. The little girl's eyes light up as she starts nodding furiously. The man's wife smirks and decides to play along.
    "No.. I don't think she gets some." she laughs. He looks at the girl and laughs at her now pouty expression. "Go put your shoes on." He says, setting her down. The little girl runs off and her mom follows to help. The young man takes a seat on the couch and sighs happily.

  21. ldr is just a myth…
    it never gets success
    i was also in ldr.. she went abroad leaving the country we lived and shared our love for 2 freaking years…
    and when the days passed. she told me.. i cant live with you anymore.. please forget me..
    why is it so easy for girl to leave a boy so easily?? today is 19th day she left me.. and still the memories and her laughing face strikes my mind ….
    i love you my girl.. i love you till my death.. love you forever ANU

  22. Im sopp far from my boyfriend ! We have to meet like after 4 months and am dyingggg itsssss to hard to live like this 😭😭😭😭

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