The Gateway of the Divine Feminine, Relationships & the Inner Child (Round Table Part 2)

you know it was so cool to was that I got to witness the masculine energy of the divine masculine round table was very logical it was very you know structured the way they spoke and then to see four of us talking was very much heart based and emotion and softer and flow all over the place you know like what that that was so beautiful that's exactly what it is hi everyone welcome back to my channel I am Nicole frolic of inflexible me and today I'm excited to be joined by three fantastic women who I absolutely admire and love we are going to be having a roundtable discussion on the Divine Feminine if you haven't checked out the divine masculine roundtable I did a few weeks ago with three gentlemen I highly suggest to check it out we're going to be talking about some of the similar topics that we covered in that discussion but we're going to take it from the divine feminine perspective as well as get a deeper understanding from the wonderful guests that I have here what their journey has been so please welcome Jessica ahlstrom she is a known as an alchemist she teaches who mentors all over the world as a quantum life coach medical intuitive spiritual translator in quantum sound healer her teacher teachings are used worldwide to help heal trauma and PTSD and to awaken unlimited human potential she is the creator of transcendence wellness centers and founder and CEO of transcendence international consciousness Academy otherwise known as tika an international online intensive coaching Academy and with her extrasensory abilities jessica is able to view the quantum field individual timelines thought-forms emotional blocks and belief systems we also have Rebecca Barfoot joining us who is a multi-dimensional energy intuitive seer and channel she awakened to spontaneous light language channeling several years ago and works with a powerful and playful team of elemental indigenous and gellick and galactic guides she is currently working on channeling material from the ISIS collective and a group called the hackers to transcribe and decode the pre Egyptian lost teachings of the feminine wisdom schools which I think would be great to talk about then Lisa Watson is a co-host of the Enlightenment podcast light language channel er healer and old soul and path from the Angelica realm she is currently working under Jessica ahlstrom to become a certified quantum life coach and she also happens to be my best friend the most loving person there we go ladies welcome to welcome to the discussion and the round table even though it's square yeah I love it thanks for having us yeah thanks for joining um so ladies we had three wonderful men here a few weeks ago giving us their perspective on the masculine and feminine and so I'd like to start off the conversation by getting your perspective and understanding of what the masculine feminine energies are to you and how you feel they're going to be coming into play more and more in this world Jessica we'll start with you okay I see everything quantum so for me everything is just stage of possibilities and what we're noticing with this ascension is that everything has gone to one extreme or the other especially on this planet we're playing out all different types of paradigms and all different types of expressions from the masculine and feminine side but where we are right now is we're coming kind of full circle if you notice like if you look at the last five to seven years there has been this like rise of this divine goddess energy there has been more women and politics more we see a women more women going off to work more men staying home and the way that I look at this from like a quantum perspective like a scientific perspective is that everything is about finding balance and the Ascension is really about going from one extreme to the other so the Divine Feminine in order to completely heal herself she has to go all the way through this divine masculine aspect of taking her power back and stepping into her truth and speaking up and healing her body and healing her timeline and healing her bloodline and and healing the idea of this kind of hierarchy and slavery a the Divine Feminine and the Divine Feminine by nature is is absolutely a higher dimensional frequency species which means that the Divine Feminine in its aspect is naturally coming in the planet birth at a fourth-dimensional level which means that she's the Gateway now obviously this is the whole reason for repression this gateway has been repressed this whole entire earth game that we're playing is is about repression and as we have kind of stepped into the light we've had to step into our divine masculine I know as an entrepreneur and a business woman and a mother and a single mother at that what I have had to experience to who move into alignment of my divine goddess has actually been to experience my divine masculine and to run a company and to you know be the father of my children not just the mother of my children and to be able to play both sides of that spectrum has given me so much compassion for what men are going to be doing because if it's all about fire imbalance we're now returning I'm noticing the softening of myself as I kind of had to move up this hierarchy in this man's world and take my power back now that I've gone full circle I'm finding this really gentle vulnerable place that the divine goddess can be at and now I'm looking at what men are gonna have to experience as the divine masculine begins to awaken and they're gonna have to go through the emotional journey they're gonna have to step back and feel instead of go out and conquer and create they're going to be more limited in their creative abilities as an aspect of healing so they're gonna have to soften the edges they're gonna have to go within they're gonna have to work through those nurturing elements within themselves and so they can return full circles so it's almost like they've held space for us and now we're gonna hold space for them and would you say that because I experienced the exact same thing as you you know I was heavily through my masculine energy and now through my journey of the Divine Feminine I'm completely moving more into that new softening softening the edges in fact that was one of the things one of my girlfriends said to me 10 years ago when I started this just like you seems [Laughter] with men then it would make sense that we see a lot of the masculinity right now going more into the emotional aspects but then able to return back to the masculine in strength and structure and all that but still having that beautiful aspect of the emotional support within just the way we're starting to soften and return to the Divine Feminine very cool Lisa what are your thoughts well I have to say I am the exact opposite of the truth I don't have a masculine bone in my body I don't buy it reading when I need it I can pull it out but I've spent most of my life being more of that submissive feminine role you know playing that that 50s wife character I did that for nearly 30 years so I'm really just at the forefront of coming out of that and really tapping into my divine masculine you know and and and trying to find fine balance there and in in my Divine Feminine as well and you know not in this submissive passive divine feminine role I mean I have all the traits and characteristics I need as far as the nurturer and the and the lover and and all that goes as far as the Divine Feminine but I guess it's just really that that divine masculine it's so important to have that balance and you don't even for me I don't even feel like like a real woman unless I have that I mean you you just you have to have that balance and you have to be able to like Jessica was saying you know I'm I'm now becoming an entrepreneur and having to do these things for myself that I never had to do before and you really have if you don't have your divine masculine in order you're never gonna make it so through that I really related to what Lisa said about I've always played that more submissive hidden very silent in my life I was I yeah the masculine energies have been a lot more submerged or maybe undiscovered in somewhere recently and I so often think of and in what Jessica said about the continuum and I would see a sphere as I was you know listening into what what my guys were saying in my own self about you know the Divine Feminine equation and I couldn't parse it out from the the masculine at all because I see this dance of energy and that's that's the eternal dance and to me it's always I think I simplify it by by looking into water and looking into fire and I've always had a lot of that yin yin sort of receptive listening energy in fact that's how I landed in this job but the fire energy is always has been traditionally for me you know kind of stuck and I so many clients even men men have this – in my experience and this is not across the board but that's stifling of energy of the true expression which can also be the male perhaps not tucked into that feeling center or in the can manifest in a woman – what are we what am i silencing in myself it's so much about natural voice native voice expressive voice in it to me I love you know I listen to the divine masculine conversation and it's so true that what been said as well about the heart something's about the heart and the heart we often think of as being this sort of you we sticky oh oh I love you I love you and if it can be that it's very funny it's very mysterious it's very intuitive but it also has massive amounts of fire massive fire of the heart which is active ministry it is like very powerful and so there's looking to the heart space for myself to listen in to what's needed and if nothing interesting thing happened as I was reflecting on this show about the masculine energy I had my my male body double sit in front of me which I had not experienced before just as I was listening in and I turned in a really powerful process for me so maybe a male would see his female body double looking into that what does that beam out to saying what does it have to offer so it's this eternal dance and it's always it's only shifting it's only you know at some points that the fire is more active and then we need that gestational more reflective time to come back into the co-create of fire which not lived without that and to me also what came up was some the energy of dissolution death and death being at its literal literal part of the equation human death we are very hush-hush and don't talk about that that it can be about the shadow and the dissolving of something to create something new it's part of the eternal equation let's say and I thought that was really beautiful if we look at the Sun and Moon and then need for the night what is their fear at night shouting realms of intuitive watery realms so yeah very rich well I agree and I feel that the the surge of the Divine Feminine energies right now really coming up that goddess energies also to bring about the shadow the all of our shadow cells the shadow of the world the shadow of the individual a shadow the collective up to the surface for us to get really comfortable with and get more knowledgeable with so that we can do all of this healing and so and we're seeing a lot of that in our world right now we're seeing the breakdowns we're seeing things just falling apart whether it's within your life or maybe it's it within certain constructs it could just you internally feeling like you're falling apart I know a lot of people have been commenting me about that and also I know when we on the divine masculine justice at the same thing that it's very hard to talk about the masculine feminine energies separately because their power completely exists with them in like you Union so to understand them fully we need to be talking about them together so okay you guys can decide who's going to go first but what do you believe is assisting the feminine energies right now also women on the earth what do you feel is the biggest systems that's coming through for the feminine energies and women in general but once again I will yeah at least I could speak about this experiential ease reconnection to the earth and I think a lot of people maybe we missed that deep down inside and that's a maybe you know we don't think of that as being a support system but you know when I look at indigenous traditions around the world what is the biggest support to these people beings cultures that have emerged so we might say from our perspective more than sky so I think that the guy energies are wicked supportive at least to me on my journey that's phenomenal but a little different perspective there on support mechanisms and what would you say is hindering the feminine then right now what do you think is kind of really hindering the feminine energies I know I said can I get through it do you think I could do an hour too without channel and something I don't think so Rebecca Oh being the lack of heart the lack of connections our heart I'm one hey my fundable to get em hey got some fun come on me you know she can inform the penalty she can and kind of kinya them the model has for certain kinds of conceptual energy villages in G for so long the energy at the mind where's the energy at the heart we even say this for both male and women and women divine and but on the hitch what kind of a she gonna Tony she kind of would say that the hindrance the heart the blockages in the heart you've been trained away from this energy this is the energy has said that we set up everything the man and the woman and the man and woman inside of you coming into union again it's the heart but then she can that they they it's not to say that your hearts are shackled forever it's just that the tension hasn't been placed on feeling or also on the true power and fire like she gonna let see me okay and yeah thanks thank you I think it's Jessica oh I have a different perspective I think that everything I truly think that the lack of heart and the abundance of the feminine energy finally coming into union and and having each other's back has been one of the things that on this planet if we look at a you know Aboriginal cultures and we look at our early cultures that the women were together in Union and they supported the earth and they worked with the gaia and they worked with with the energy of the planet and when they were separated and they were taught to be against one another then that is when that Divine Feminine fell out of context with herself because she didn't have anything to to basically relate to outside of being what the divine masculine needed and wanted but when I look at this quantumly and I see everything as a whole I see that the very essence of the heart-opening that I have experienced has come from the shadow pain it has come from the lack of luck that opens my heart it comes from desire that what I want this planet to look like for my children that makes me become more divine goddess so to me when I look at what is supporting us and what is against us that it that remains a non-duality because the heart center itself is the only heart chakra if the only chakra system in the body that stays in non-duality it does not have light and dark it is just love and so on that side whether there's an absence of love that creates desire that's our first step of manifestation on this planet that's what gets us moving when natural disasters happen and when we go to war and when we kill each other and when we fight each other it opens our heart and it sounds like it should have the opposite effect and it does because obviously we're having both sides of the experience but for me when I witnessed something and I know that I can be of service or that I can be a better person because of what's happening that opens my heart so the rise of the Divine Feminine is like the rise of the mother it's like the mother is finally stepping in and going we're breaking up the fights we're putting the band-aids on the boo-boos we're kissing all the wounds and doing it because someone needs to do it and then that divine masculine energy that's saying oh wait we don't have to kill each other for power we can actually tap into the power of love instead of the power of power which is separation and to me it's kind of like when you look at the mother idea of a household she's the glue she holds the family together so the Divine Feminine is the idea of the support and in manifestation sheets the vision she's the vision she's the imagination she's the womb and the masculine is the action that takes that vision and puts it into life so it's almost like a perfect orgasm the masculine and the feminine they make life so we need on this planet anyways while we're still playing with duality we need the contrast we need the suffering to wake the heart up because it is that separation that brings us together and even though it may take as long as it takes the contrast of everything is about like what Rebecca said is the fire the fire is desire and desire is what's going to bring us into a unified space see if everything was status quo we wouldn't move when we get uncomfortable we make changes so to me what ports us and what holds us back it's actually the same medicine that the planet needs that's an interesting perspective and I guess and everything is perspective right we can shift we can shift everything through how we how we view it all and I would agree it's it's agree with you and I agree with Rebecca because it's it's the same thing which is the different different lens that we're looking at it through and I know for myself that it it was this deep deep suffering and pain that needed for me to in order to open up my heart and allow that's the huge expansion and activation to occur Lisa what are your what are your thoughts on what's assisting the feminine I mean I think Jessica really really said it all she said so much in there but it is it's that to me it's the it's the fear that keeps us from moving forward basically and it's the love that that opens us up but we have to experience both I mean I know in my journey of tapping into my divine masculine and finding the better parts of my divine feminine and have come from going into my shadows and thanks to Jessica I've been doing a lot of shadow hunting lately and it's been quite interesting but but really that is that's where all the good stuff is it really is it's going into the most painful parts is going into the parts that we fear and that we dread the most to find our truest and brightest light yeah that's one of the things that I noticed too just talking about that idea is for me when I finally sat with myself and I I really looked at who I was with relationships with men because you know hello married divorced twice and obviously I did not have that figured out and I didn't realize that I had so much like of that heartbreak energy around having a partnership on this planet I really cuz even as a spiritual teacher started to kind of write it like it's just maybe not for me maybe I'm too strong maybe I'm too weak maybe I'm too broken because I would really put myself out there and I would get my heart broken and it was one of my last big heart breaks that I actually began speaking light language and it was through that kind of release about surrendering and having a son so I have a girls I have four kids and I have all girls and then I have this little boy and this little boy I will tell you his helped me heal my issues with my masculine because he has not needed anything from me but yet totally needs me it's not there's no agenda there there is no role I have to play and by having this little child I have seen the true essence and the power of divine masculine where before I had that experience I kind of held those old negative belief systems about the female and male relationships and as I began to channel my own light language I realized that I needed to heal my divine masculine inside of me if I was ever gonna have a real relationship with a man and so now I've taken that healing that I've done with myself and I've literally put it into my Academy because we are both masculine and feminine energies and these children that are being born on the planet right now completely androgynous you know that this whole trans generation that has grew is telling us that we are both and until we balance both aspects of ourselves we can still choose to have a feminine indeed look to ourselves but until we embrace both we really won't be able to have those healthy relationships on the planet because everything is a reflection of who we are mm-hmm no absolutely I had the same the same issues where I had I was definitely at odds with my feminine energy because I always viewed it as weak and I need it to be more masking because that's where I thought I would gain recognition and power and be in control of my life and it wasn't until I started to really allow my self to go deeper into the feminine aspects that I had been neglecting and pushing and suppressing for so long and having this distorted perspective of what it means to be feminine that I know was imposed upon me through family watching my parents you know play out their relationship society media programming all of that great stuff and through me being able to heal my feminine energy I was then able to go in and heal my masculine energy and realized where true power lay was lying realizing the power of the masculine in the sense of really allowing my logical mind to to have a voice as well and not feeling like it had to all just be the feelings like what do I feel like and and and allowing both to have power now interestingly enough that also started to change my relationships and so the more that I embraced both the more I started attracting partners that were embracing both and the frequencies were lining up Rebecca what if your relationships been like since we're now on the relationship topic which i think is great I love the relief into true love at last let's say and it's only when you come into it it's one else who I guess we would say is awakened and you know what we're working with and we're willing to go into about the dark nitty gritty shadow material and do it on our own but also bring that into the equation of the relationship and not so sacred in my view it's kind of the ultimate because everybody here knows relationships everybody watching those relationships are like the hardest medicine there are you know thing we can sign up for in this realm so when you do that it's like when we come as people who are working on that union equation that flow and then ourselves you know the water and the fire coming together what happens when we join with somebody else who's also doing that where do we meet it's quite magical it's also very dynamic and explosive and very nourishing so what we are what were your views on like through the your own masculine and feminine in your past relationships where they may have been more distorted than where they are right now what were they like what was your perception of femininity and masculinity back then I spent a very long period of time quite single so I have to really go back into like other chapters of my life and you know being cynical so that I could do this journey really open up in a week might weaken myself to the quantum field but I'm sure you know coming from a lot of confusion in my own family and suffering and my family you know there's a lot of distorted what I thought I needed and what I found maybe we're definitely not you know helping me flourish shall grow I mean they're certainly painful Jessica but we shot a material learning month so as we know he kind of repeat the pattern so we kept the lesson yeah I mean I have been with men and women in in long term relationships and really enjoy the energy of both so kind of playing the it's a dance and we're always working I mean we come in a gendered body of course we do but there is a masculine feminine inside and you know finding both who they're either gender is it's been a beautiful to let both aspects of that both genders into my world let's see where that has gone to I'm really also craving that nurturing stability male energy in that nurturing and that can come from either gender as well I mean of course you may be wired this way or that whatever lessons were worth learning from being you know this relationship or opposite sex relationship they both you know things to offer us about about that journey you have to go like yeah absolutely and Lisa what are your thoughts on relationship from the perspective of you know when we look back throughout our our timeline here on earth in this lifetime how you've seen relationships progress for to where they are now versus where they were at like just when you look at friends and family your own personal relationships what has the growth been like in a sense of how have the feminine and masculine been evolving well there's my own personal experience and then there's what I've seen happening and you know to be perfectly honest I feel like I was so completely cut off from myself for so long I truly feel like I just was born about four years ago hence the stamp on my arm and that I was just not even in touch with the idea of masculine or feminine it was more just survival mode and I did what I was supposed to do I became a wife and I became a mother and I just I really didn't think so much about who I was or what I wanted in this world I really just played out a role and I think that that's something that we went through maybe like in the 50s you know that type of Leave It to Beaver type relationship where the man just kind of had the say and the woman just kind of did her thing and she really didn't have much of her own her own life outside of her family and it's definitely taken a big turn since the fifties you know with just what I feel like women have sort of revolted against that you know they felt like they were imprisoned by that and they decided that they were just gonna go you know take the pendulum and swing it the other way and now I think it's coming back a little bit I feel like you know the women who are letting who have let not just the women but the parents who have let you know daycare centers raise their children just so that they could prove that you know they could bring home the bacon also and that they didn't have to be stuck in this role I never even contemplated that thought because I was so dedicated to my children and their well-being but to me it was just you know I would have sac I sacrificed myself and anything that I would have even contemplated bundling for myself for what I thought was best for my children but I'm seeing seeing now that if it feels to me like women are coming back to center a little bit that they're under their understanding that family actually does come first and that they don't need to go to that quite of an extreme to make things to be themselves to express themselves and and to have both their own their own selves and raise their family well so I see the pendulum coming back mm-hmm well let's talk about feminism and when I let's talk about modern feminism not original feminism which was based on you know women actually fighting for equal rights and all of that but feminism feminism where it is right now and the impacts that that is having where we see the feminine being asked to be more masculine and the masculine being asked to be more feminine but not in the healthy way perhaps more in the more wounded aspects of each energy and how that's affecting it's affecting society relationships the the self in its own evolution I mean it's interesting because for me I could see the I can see the destructive Ness of it but at the same time I also see the gift in how it's helping us all understand where these energies lie where balance the center really is and you know needing to explore I you know talked about exploring the yin and yang that the more out to the side of one we go the more out to the other side we need to go but it also helps us find that balance and how far we can go and then how far back in we can come so Jessica what are your thoughts on the effects of feminism and how that's playing out for women in men right now I personally think feminism is a label and I think it's a permission slip so first and foremost I I don't I don't see us I see any time we cluster together and call ourselves anything it puts us into a box just like religion so you know when I when I see people gathering together and doing things because they're acting out as a feminist then I'm saying great that's your permission slip that that you need to have within your yourself to be able to have the power to stand up and have your rights with your voice your way and and like I said everything is inherently neutral so the idea of feminism is completely in a neutral state unless we're giving it meaning and as soon as we give it meaning then we decide whether it's you know progressive it's if it's you know detrimental we literally label it and the more that we label anything the more we build these boxes and walls it's like oh dude be spiritual you have to be vegan and you know in order to be it's like paradigms that I think that honestly especially my community more of the the real quantum communities is we're kind of moving towards label lists label lists identities as far as it's not a feminist movement it's not a masculine movement it's just it's it's just it's a human movement it's us embracing all aspects of ourselves but I do see the purpose for those that are awakening into their power and having that permission slip and that those that feeling that they have the right because they have that label to really stand in and support that and a flipside of that is is understanding from a masculine perspective because there's a lot of masculine energy out there supporting the the feminine and you have to realize that if we're looking at shadow work and wounding we're looking at kind of that victim and perpetrator sequence so there's many men that are going through kind of repairing their perpetrator energy towards women right now they're I wouldn't call it repenting but I would call it that they're taking responsibility for their equality their their inability to support women and they're backing up and it's almost happening I wouldn't call it karmic but I would call it kind of like you said balance one extreme to the other where men are having to kind of pay it forward and pave the way and allow by being more submissive and the feminine is being more progressive and and taking that leadership but again when I think of the idea of labels it just creates it creates more boxes so I think whatever anybody needs to call themselves experience walk through you know create it's giving them power then so be it but at the end of the day it's really about men and women being free to be who they came to be and sometimes they have to go to the extremes to find that balance a neutral point but we're both pulling that sides for each other to kind of bring that full circle what are your thoughts though on from because I agree I think you know this idea of identity needing to identify with so many things it's just basically separation playing itself out in the form of uh needing an identity in that way like a label of some sorts but what are your thoughts on the way because I believe that our femininity was weaponized against us through you know some people call it the deep state the Cabal the global elites whatever you want it doesn't matter but you know there are people who hold certain amounts of power that understand things and for me one of my kind of red pill moments was when I witnessed like the the women's March you know with the with the women wearing the hats and all of that and the first thing that came to my mind was that when I witnessed it I felt this this energy kind of awakened like Oh No Oh like it's and when I say that not that it doesn't have its purpose but I could tell like that was a movement that many women were being kind of pulled into believing that this was strengthening or strengthening their femininity but in a way I felt like it was weaponized weaponizing it against them because there was a lot of anger being used in the March and and things like this and so women are being asked to tap into that anger and not that anyone doesn't have a right to be angry that's a very valid emotion and it needs to be expressed but I feel like it's being used in in an overture kind of way to kind of take women more into their masculinity and then using this to suppress men into more of the feminine but I feel like they're each is being taken more into that wounded aspect what is really what are your thoughts here's the thing anytime there's protests it is literally the exact element that they're fighting against they are becoming the very essence of what they're upset about so they are vibrational match to that but if we look at if we look at frequency and we look at the frequency of anger and anger is what I call sadnesses bodyguard it is it resentment is broken heart security right it's like when you look at frequency of emotion and we see an outpour of anger strike through you know a gender on this planet we we have to allow we have to allow them to come up the frequency chart we have to allow them to move their emotions because we've been like you said we've been suppressed and through a suppression we've suffered huge amounts of deep ancestral guilt and shame and sadness grief inside of our bodies and if we understand that just like a child I watch my son go through every different emotional spectrum all day long and he is perfectly perfect then we should allow ourselves to do that too and let that play itself out organically because like you can see now that's not happening now so things need to kind of play themselves out to reach a higher vibration organically but they need to be allowed to turn that grief into anger and take their power back and then from that power then they find neutrality and then the neutrality they start to move up frequency and then they go oh I'm good with it I'm good with what's happening but to organically let that happen it's almost like on this planet we've got to allow the Tantrums to occur because the Tantrums that occur are going to be the breakthroughs of allowing that suppressed emotion so it's almost like yes it can have a negative and a positive effect but to me as a mother like looking at someone and go through every extreme of the chart I know that they're gonna come out the other side and they're not gonna be holding that anger in their body anymore so if if my daughter needed to go out there she's 24 and express herself that way I would be right there on the sidelines even though politically what you protest you are but we're in duality so everything serves a purpose mm-hmm you know what I mean and maybe I'm seeing someone else to be angry on TV gave someone who is actually sad permission to go I can be angry too and I'm allowed to be angry and I'm allowed to speak my truth and I'm allowed to stand up and do this because again any time especially as women we stand together like we're doing today and speak our truth it gives every other woman permission to do the same because they see that we feel confident and strong about our belief systems or our ideas and then they think well maybe I can be too so regardless if you're you know wearing a hat and yelling you're a role model for someone who needs that power level back for someone else you're a trigger but you if you understand that the trigger and the inspiration are both aspects of awakening we need both may be triggered and we need to get inspired so whether I trigger someone or inspire them I'm doing my job absolutely I completely agree and and I think that's something that I think is becoming more and more brought to the to the forefront of people when they're understanding all of this is that a first year like because I know I went through this was like a first is like oh how could you you know you're getting it wrong you're getting it wrong and then I was like no it's all right because it's all part of this divine orchestration of you know like you said triggers are definitely awakened and you know for me that thing triggered me but also awakened a lot within me of understanding what's really going on and so I understand that aspect Rebecca what are your what are your thoughts on it yeah I agree that it feels like a necessary step up in the progression and so many ways were at this adolescent stage of development and aspects of our collective you know and maybe that is something everything needs a voice as said so so yeah like have that you know don't don't stifle it this hasn't been helpful to us for having millennia for anybody so yeah just moved through that yeah I mean I'm all for everybody having their say and doing what it's feels right to them to get to the next step so yeah it seems you need the purge but I also so much agree with that that you know hey listen I don't want to be taught to be a man that's not helpful I don't want to be like this am I being trained to to model the the wounded male energy so that I can take the kind of wounded power back that's a little but I agree with that like where we'll be being trained like women in positions of power within a current system you know well that's a whole nother topic not like watching how you know it's like uh noir it's in my own voice in my own truth let's say my own extractions of Union and more active energies wanting to make sure there's a fidelity to the life force energy and what I'm expressing and in my heart space again what am i bringing to my the power that anger or whatever it is if it's rage so many of us are carrying things across bloodlines and so when someone it's just outreach like that like that just needs to come out baby come on that's just out it but not as a thing to be continually reenacting so let's move through that and see what your the way the death takes us yeah absolutely and Lisa you know I've gone through such such a journey recently you know personally that when I look at what's going on with other people whether it's wearing the hats or being outraged or you know whatever it is I feel such a sense of like calm across the board because I have I have been allowed in my current situation in my current relationship my husband is incredible it just holding space for me um what wherever I need to be and whatever mood it is or whatever is going on with me and it's really watching him do that for me has really taught me so much about doing that for other people and I just can't judge anybody for anything anymore I'm just like if that's where you're at and if that's the way that you need to feel I'm just I'm sending you love and you know I know that you're gonna come out the other side like I know that this is just a journey for everyone and there it's just an experience you know we all came to this earth just to experience and we need to I think practice not judging what those experiences are not none of it is good or bad it's just an experience and everyone needs to experience the light experience the dark you know the duality of it all and so you know I look at I just I have found lately that I'm just so neutral when I look at things and look at people and their experiences and what they're going through and just embraced and loved all of them and I'm just like I'm so happy that you're getting to experience that you know and that's just that's where I am right now I'm like sitting on a cloud through I've been through hell and I've come out and now I'm just I'm just tickled for anybody in anything that they're allowed to go through and they're allowed to express because I have some I've been suppressed and and I've suppress myself for the majority of my life for more more than half of my life so I'm you know I just I say I say go for it if whatever it is that you want to do whatever it is that you need to express or feel or experienced I'm I'm right there like Jessica said like watching a child I'm right there on the sidelines with you holding the space for you well I think that in itself what Brian has done for you just holding the space you know you learning from him was through him being the model you know modeling that that energy of just being so accepting and allowing for you to experience whatever it is that you need to experience and I think that's kind of where were I see that awakening in a lot of people right now I see this it's starting to birth and poked its head above the surface where people are starting to realize the power of being the model as the teacher because I truly believe that's the best way we teach is through being the model and and how observant we are as a society and that's how we learn and through the more of us that start to understand this and just be the model it speaks higher volumes than any sort of test or silence then then I think we could ever give credit to not that none of those don't have their place in them because they most absolutely do have their place but I think we're finally coming to that understanding that we don't need to fix anyone else we just need to find that that that balance within ourselves and project it out into the world and it gets received it it lines up with those who are ready to be there right there with you and learn and and I think that's kind of what's starting to emerge more at least that's what I'm starting to see Wow where are you guys at with that oh I'm definitely definitely wish witnessing that I mean I work with people all over the world and the coolest thing for me as a life coach you know our academies in 132 countries and it doesn't matter who I talk to what time zone what part of the planet we're all going through the same things you know it's it's really right now it's about processing emotional drama around relationships you know it's like we've we've kind of gone through the money stuff and we've gone through this stuff and and right now when I look at what relationships represent on the planet it is the most enter reflection of self because if this is all law of attraction and law reflection then then what we see in other people is what we are inside and so what Lisa's finding is Lisa's finding her level of healing based on how little she judges because the less you judge the more you actually love yourself because you're seeing you're seeing that everyone needs to go through their journey to come out the other side and when I look at relationships I see that it's really about us learning as a collective to let go of attachment and move into connection and to have connection with people where we don't lose ourselves we don't lose our signal we don't lose our voice we don't lose our choices our desires by being entangled with other people and I think that's what relationships teach us especially the tough ones because I'm in a relationship for the first time in my life where I am I have no attachment which is very very different for a woman because it feels almost and I won't say less loving it feels it feels more loving because it feels more authentic yet I feel more like myself you know it's like I think women have a tendency to get in relationships and immediately lose their selves and like what Lisa gets to experience with Brian is he keeps he keeps a stable space for her to be her not to be what he needs not to be some sort of alternate aspect of herself but to really be herself and I think that light workers are so good at holding space and I think that we're really good at that but sometimes we have old paradigms of belief systems and relationships where we get lost so I think really what's happening right now is from my perspective looking at thousands of people we're all learning this really amazing self-love through very complicated relationships and we need these complicated relationships because they're our best teachers it's it's when you cease when you see yourself in someone else that's a reflection and if that triggers you then that is your work if they're just freaking out that's a projection and that you can stay neutral too but if it actually triggers you you say oh I've got some work here that really your tone of your voice just really really threw me back into a place where I don't have my power let me go work on this thank you so much but you see how I'm not entangled in what did you mean by that you know why did you drop your tone why did you forget about me how come you rejected me how come you abandoned me and said it's ooh I just felt abandoned I'm gonna go work on this within myself so that's what I'm seeing collectively which makes me so excited because I think more than ever with the heart opening we want relationships but we don't want them the way we've had them in the past we don't want the toxic the controlling the loss of self the judgment the worry the abandonment the rejection we want self love in the relationship and that is like what I say is like your ingredient don't get mixed up like imagine being able to stay the cupcake and your partner is the icing versus mixing altogether and completely losing your identity and then having to like go into suffering again and go into isolation and be single for two or three years just to get your balance back like I think that paradigm is ending finally we I'm going to agree yeah yeah absolutely and I know that I would totally be the icing not the cupcake you know I agree I think as we start to evolve and and and find that union within ourselves and and start to actually act it out not just understand it but literally live it out then we start to bring that into our relationships and I know for myself it's such a relationships are such great barometers of where you currently are at with yourself you know they're really great barometers and so in my most recent relationship I've wit for the first time ever I witnessed myself not wanting to change anything about the person I was just so content with how he was and and you know I could see the pain I could see all the fears and I could see all of that but it wasn't what I wiped my focus was on is that okay that's cool that's there and I also could then see oh I know those are some of my fears too so it wasn't so much of like wanting to fix him but then I was like oh so let me just go in and see what what's in there with me you know instead of really projecting it oh and it was just so refreshing for the first time to be in a relationship with someone where I wasn't projecting and I think that's a really great place for anyone who's watching the video and you're in relationship and you get to that place it's a huge step it's a huge step in your own evolution to be able to be in relationship because they are the hardest teachers they are the hardest feature so when you can do that then that's that's a really strong indicator yourself where you're at Rebecca what thing I wouldn't use the word refreshing when I'm dealing with triggers though you're like that was refreshing after you come out the other side right yeah but just to be clear once you decide okay I'm not gonna project this onto my relationship and I'm gonna take full responsibility and you're gonna go find and do that shadow work it's it's tough it's it's a it's a really tough trip totally worth it absolutely worth it and refreshing and it makes you feel empowered because you're you're now in control and you know that you're in control and that's the part that I've loved you know Jessica I'm working with Jessica and she's taught me so much and and we've been working on you know really looking at the triggers and in relationships and taking responsibility for them and I feel like that's how you get your power back I mean if you won't want to be the essence of your divine masculine your divine feminine and find that union that's a great place to start yeah well to clarify to me you know looking at that word responsibility that doesn't mean taking Oh someone's crap you know you're living void of of judgement what that means is the work responsibility is the ability to respond so what comes up from what their behavior is that triggers inside of you is it's my job to respond to that it's not my job to respond to his stuff it's my job to respond to what comes from that stuff and work within and like Lisa said that's the ultimate power because you don't need anybody else to be different you don't need anybody to change you actually know they love you even more because they're shining the light on something that was hidden and suppressed for maybe thirty years and you're saying thank you for exposing that inside of me but like Lisa said it's definitely not easy and not fun and that's why you know I think that when you're going into the deeper shadow realms to actually have a mentor or a support system because you have a child that needs to feel parented on this this process and when you're going in the deeper deeper deeper deeper places which I'm hoping that we as a collective would really go deep I mean that's alchemy there's diamonds in that dirt right so if we can go all the way inside of that we know that that there's the magic inside of that which is its grace it's it's like this this absolute sense of peace with exactly what is which means nothing needs to change and everything is divine and you see someone else going through a shadow storm and you know that that's the best thing that could happen for them because on the other side of that is awareness so it does get amazing but like Lisa said when you're going through hell you just got to keep going you know the other thing I actually realized today too is because I've been doing this work for for a couple months now is that when you start kind of clearing those layers and and and removing those shadows and you get to the true essence of yourself that it becomes easier to recognize your own true feelings so you know as far as taking responsibility thirst you know something within your relationship you know yes you're taking ownership but it also becomes easier for you to find your voice and say but I have to honor Who I am and how I feel you know without judgment yeah absolutely I know that for me it was learning to be okay with being angry and knowing that I'm completely sufficient in my anger and knowing that it's not a bad emotion it's just an emotion and being accepting of it and I think once we become more accepting of things it allows it to move through us it gives it the permission to start moving and releasing and letting it go but as long as we keep kind of pushing against it saying oh I can't feel that or I can't feel this well then that that that's creating the very thing that's causing you to not run through you're you're stopping and you're putting your feet in some quicksand and it's gonna be a little bit yeah I mean it that's the thing is this I've learned everything I've needed to learn about this journey by watching children and they don't apologize for their emotions but they don't live there they move through emotions very quickly and very precisely or they feel completely the essence of that anger in that moment and it dr. joy they feel completely enraged and then back to love and if we were allowed to do that you know we would be a very stabilised not miss emotional community of people but we have been taught to suppress the emotion and motion is energy in motion so it has no place to go we're walking volcanoes you know we're walking storms and and if we look at what's going on weather-wise right now it's like the earth is purging her emotional body as we are urging our emotions and it needs to be safe for us like you know to be mad to be sad to be I've been doing this thing with my six-year-old where as a mom it's like anytime your child is in pain it's like you have this instinct to like want to take the pain away and stop the process of what they're experiencing but I've actually decided that I will go deeper into it with him so that he can play it all the way out quicker and he can return to joy faster so actually supporting his anger and supporting his rage and supporting his grief by holding space a little bit differently I've seen him move through these emotions so much quicker and then I turn around and I teach my classes because he's like that barometer like you were talking about where he doesn't have any belief systems yet about who he should be in what's wrong or right like he doesn't know it's wrong to be angry so his anger is so expressive but it's very very short and pure and and absolutely yeah yeah well okay let's talk about this this our last our last thing before we before we end this if that's okay do you guys have enough time to talk one more topic or sure okay since we're kind of talking about the feminine energies here and this is a divine feminine roundtable it's been brought up in this conversation a couple times so I think I'd like to address it because I I believe it's extremely powerful in our healing and a lot of the healing happens through the feminine energies the inner child I know the inner child is extremely potent when we connect with it and heal through this Avenue I've had extremely successful bouts of healing through interacting with my inner child Rebecca let's start with you what are you you just talk to the audience a little bit about the inner child and how connecting with it as assisted you in your healing journey as it turns out so you know in my own healing journey which is of course ongoing you know have made lots of relationships with the different aspects of my life you know some deal and we let them and they come with these pearls they come the present their pain and they will take us right into where we need to be and they will end up being our most powerful guides so when I work with a client one of the first things I often see if Erica Lee is like a group of children around them and they all have things to say their voice will come through them and I can let the client know about that what dynamic is and it's the fastest way if you're doing that work to be still with your something and ask those small ones to come forward and in my experience it's turned into if my three year old is on my right-hand side all the time if I don't know if I'm like going through my day in a min executive mind and I don't really know by the end of the day because they haven't been checking in how I feel I just look at her and she you know she shows me point blank she'll say where does she show me I can see by her visit what's happening for her and it's so potent it's such potent medicine powerful practice so that's what I have to say because as we speak about relationships every you know when I'm triggered in a relationship there's a wound there for me it's often coming from the deep past what are you attention to me or the animatronics and the physical sexual abuse on so many things I can look to that to that material and welcome that in what is the darkness that it has for me what is it that pain what's not fun from that so so that is my biggest teacher and I think he's been touched on that Jessica at the beginning of course in that non-dual way we embrace all of that this container of our experience is so big it can brace all those those children wanting to come home and come out of the shadows back and they dissolve back into the heart space so I we need more time we need more time to talk about the inner child because to me the inner child is the entire magic of this journey it is it see because the egoic part of us remains in this dense face and it has a hard time moving and higher self resides in this space of of love and passion and excitement and it will not move into the lower frequencies but the inner child is can be kind of like you know the child that brings the two parents together and says it's time for us to make up and it's time for us to heal and shows us the wounding and it shows us the magic and it shows us that it's okay to pretend and use our imagination the inner child is is literally the fairy tale you know if you read a fairy tale it always starts with this premise where that some some version of this ripple has to go through a dark forest has to go through a dark experience to get to the fairy castle and the prince and and all of these things and when you look at that metaphor of this spiritual journey all of our greatest guidance especially moving into this new paradigm is not coming from the ETS or the angelic realm it is coming from the inner child obviously it's a collective speaking but like Rebecca said you know every aspect of you that has been traumatized remains exactly at that age so you may have the two-year-old a four-year-old an eight-year-old year-old a newborn aspect of you and notice how when you get triggered if you say to yourself how old do I feel right now you'll feel the the essence of that particular child speak through you you know it's not fair you know it's like I'm 8 I'm 12 I'm 6 and when I teach is to kind of go back to that child I spend I would say 90% of my time with my inner child because she knows everything about me she knows she knows all the woundings but she also knows all the magic that is inside of me so it's really about embracing her and him through both aspects because like I look at my son and I love this about him we'll go to any Park anyplace in the world and he will walk up to anyone and be like do you want to be my best friend and then they go play and they don't even ask each other's names they play for 25 minutes they say goodbye I leave I say what was his name I don't know he's my bestie and and I I equate it to like the drunk girl in the bathroom you know where it's like you're my best friend I love you you know my son is literally like the drunk girl in the bathroom he will make friends everywhere he loves giving people compliments and I'm like that's where the magic is the laughter the joy the straight connection without needing to be a colour or an age or anything and it's like if we would all start to work more like I said with the inner child this whole process would be so much more fun it would be so much easier you know like whenever I'm working I always tend to my inner child first my inner child and this may sound bad comes before my children because you know she's the one that's been neglected for 40 years while I've been raising four kids making their needs come before mine so when I kind of turned the tips and started talking to my inner child before my own children myself love increase and I actually became a better mom because I didn't have resentment and a lot of moms won't speak about this but they actually have jealousy toward their own children because they're having things we never had they're getting to feel their feelings they're getting to express themself allowed to say no you know what I mean and we're sitting there going oh this inner child is like not theirs they get to say no they don't they're not even grateful for it you know so I do a lot of work with my inner child especially because I'm constantly parenting if that if that makes sense no absolutely it's so it's so interesting you you bring that up because I remember being 16 and I had an opportunity to go to Switzerland on an exchange program for three months and I was so excited I actually got chosen to go I was the only one in my school who won the lottery that it was a total lottery on who got to go and I was super excited my dad was really supportive of it but my mom I picked up all this energy from my mom that was like I don't want you to go I haven't been to Europe yet and it was this resentment that her sixteen-year-old daughter got to go to Europe before she did and I totally picked up on that and so it's really interesting I I completely agree I believe you need to tend to yourself most importantly the inner child because those needs are very important before you tend to anyone else because your potency and potential of what you actually get to give from that point is so much better than what you can give from not feeding that aspect of yourself absolutely absolutely yeah and I think that's this what that's what's making this journey fun is getting in touch with that child because you know that's where laughter unconditional laughter and just release of laughter Billie laughs is actually one of the highest body frequencies that we can have on this planet as a human you know it's not it's not love it's laughter it's that it's it's the end and animals give that to us immediately you know it's like just watching them be free to be themselves immediately elevates our vibration so if you could imagine that just allowing your inner child to do those things would naturally elevate your vibration and begin to heal those wounds within you you wouldn't necessarily have to go search for them all the time you know we can be proactive in this journey we don't have to always be Shadowhunters we can just ten to the child in this moment and not neglect her while we're taking care of everyone else especially practitioners you know those of us who are healing others we cannot forget ourselves otherwise we fall into that comparison we fall into that place where the inner child begins to suffer because we're being a service yeah no absolutely and I completely agree on the laughter thing it's my favorite frequency and I know that dreaming when you like actually pee a little bit that's the best yeah because I will actually when I'm feeling low and I'm feeling like I need like a frequency boost one of the first things I go for is a video of what my niece or I'm like message my sister do you have like a video ignore that you can just send me or something and it just it completely shifts everything it's and the frequency it's just unlike anything else that kitten videos Lisa what about you for the inner child I know you've had a great journey with your inner child well I am being coached by Jessica this is sitting next to me is bunny about a month ago and and it's my inner child's little toy and I have to tell you everything that you know Jessica said and I I'm working through it and I'm and I'm walking walking that talk right now and I can't even tell you how how amazing it is and what it's done for me and how quickly I feel like I'm moving through stuff because I'm paying attention to my inner child and that's where all the magic is she's the one that I abandoned for you know 45 years of my life basically and Rebecca has also helped me with my inner child and I actually went to her first when I had this inkling I you know been doing a lot of self work and I realized that there's just I know that everything that's keeping me for everything that I want to be in my inner child and and I started with Rebecca and then I you know got hooked up with Jessica and that's what I've been focusing on I just I allow my inner child comes first and she's actually been first and foremost for about a month now only the past month all I do is sit around and hold my bunny and like color but that's therapy for her yeah seriously that's what I want to do that you know like it's the simple it's children that's the thing is is this journey is actually so darn simple it's the simplest things like being listened to being seen and heard you know being being held having having a toy you know and and being able to keep it having space to just not have to be a grown up sometimes or have to be responsible all the time and because again it's like when you look at what your inner child especially as an empath which all of us sitting here are we were growing up so quickly because we were feeling everyone's feelings around us and we were monitoring how safe we were around everyone else's fear so we all all of us gave away huge parts of our childhood to basically create safety and security for those that we love that were less conscious than us you know I know for me I had to be I had to be the comic relief of my house if I didn't want my house to explode like I would go in and soothe my mom I would soothe my dad which basically what that meant is no one was soothing me so though I had to go through my selfish phase or what I call like to call self focus face and I had to focus on allowing the childhood that I never had to fully be experienced again and I have literally I was so kind of traumatized in my childhood and abused that I've had to literally watch my son to even know how to be a child you know it's like I I grew up so fast in my mind that when I watch him do things litter around like that dog that their head a little bit like what's he doing like he's just spinning around the room like aimlessly and he's getting so much joy like he's getting more joy from blowing bubbles that I have from buying a new house you know what I mean it's like I want to feel that again and so even if I spent half of my life discovering that this whole entire incarnation would be divine perfection mm-hmm we have to give ourselves time to have that journey I I agree I know for myself when I started to go into meditation and interact with my inner child I invite her in and be always meet up in the forest because that's my favorite place and there are times where we would just like grab hands and spin around in circles you know like just you know when you cross your hands over and and you just we just spin spin in the leaves and the leaves go flying up and we were just giggling and laughing and then there were times where we'd have conversations in my meditation and really it's just allowing it to flow I was stunned at some of the things she said to me I am absolutely instantly brought to tears of the pain that was coming through that I had no idea was still there and so I always when I you know when I'm working with clients as well it's one of the first things that you know I I bring clients into is working with the inner child and discovering that and I think that that's one of the greatest ways for men and women to really tap into that feminine energy of the healing aspect is to work with your inner child and revisit you know whatever age you you resonate with in that moment you know and and I always say cuz I'm a pretty visual person I like to see myself with the haircut I had I remember some of the clothes I had what I was wearing and you know it's just it's so interesting to just let the conversation go and you'd be so surprised the clues that your inner child gives you will bypass so many things that you think you know as an adult like it's it's absolutely mind-blowing sometimes how quickly you can speed up your healing process just by interacting with your inner child one thing I've realized through it working with Jessica is you know between the triggers and the inner child just if you get those two things down make you pay attention to the triggers especially in your relationships and then you go find that inner child and you heal her and Jessica does a whole time-travel thing as well but it is it's just miraculous that you don't you don't need anybody but yourself and it's just I've really come to now understand what it means to heal thyself and that it's simpler than than I ever thought it could be hard work but simple right but it becomes it becomes like breathing you know being able to kind of go oh this is happening in this moment this isn't because all moments are neutral so if anything is triggered it's always coming from the past and I I mean I've even had inner child experiences from past lives and have taken people into parallel realities and future realities again to kind of really connect with because again you know the child 0 to 7 years old remains in the theta brain which is imagination it's Akashic records so when you're with your inner child you too are in your records you are completely in that that space of non-physical reality and you are free to literally go and be and have an experience which means if we are really creating our reality we can go back to her we can go back to him and we can change that reality through the inner child and that will change it in our own biochemistry and as we understand now with epigenetics when we believe something about ourselves our body behaves and acts and cellular and trains itself to mimic our belief system so we actually go back and we work with the center child and we shift that frequency within us then this physical body begins to show up completely different act different heal different behave different and like Lisa said you know feel more neutral that's how you know that's your barometer is your neutrality points and when your inner child is happy you really have your eyes on your own paper you you don't care what anyone else is doing you don't care what anyone else has you are so excited about who you ah that it's almost like creating a reality becomes an again we just have to take responsibility for the reality that was created for us by going in and working with the child so she literally changed the story because you know what builder know how to do a few things really early on they can dance they can sing they can laugh and they feed themselves but they they know without any training how to pretend and pretending is the access and the gateway of our pineal and our neocortex our imagination our Akashic records our past present and future and children at a very young age are practicing creating the reality by building a fort by playing you know good guys and bad guys they're practicing building reality and turning energetic particles into form and then we're taught don't do that don't feel that don't think that don't say that and then we have to move into this solid reality where our lives don't work so when lives don't work we return to the inner child I love that thank you so much for for sharing that because it's it's so true this idea of pretend it's so powerful the potency that lays there for us in our co-creative abilities is you know we definitely have the power with people more and more are getting in touch with that aspect that guidance to unpin this matrix reality and jump a timeline you know it's the creative like that the kids it's we're trying but Divine Feminine to my mask they call the piece about Union just look into them they know exactly where they take it they weren't thinking about you know that equation when they were just out doing whatever and and they're favoring with its them you know they bring our joy but they bring that wisdom they are that union of the wisdom and the heart of mind I feel love and wisdom the eternal equation for me and when a great part of this conversation thank yeah well speaking of love and wisdom to sign off this conversation you would start Rebecca since you you just finished what would you like to leave the men and women watching this video what message would you like to leave with them regarding the feminine and masculine energies that's rich well since we're on it you know running around and playing is awesome like give yourself a permission slip to do everything you've always wanted to do but haven't done and just say well I need to learn it's like learning a new language can you learn the codes by dropping everything and trained to do unique aunt but really but give yourself a hall pass to explore something new the most wanted to do it's been lying over here untapped and open that portal that'll teach you things it is about the south journey this is a self journey when I'm holding up space for myself I can make space for everything that needs to come to me and everything anyone else is presenting to me beautiful thank you and Lisa your superpowers are held I just have to say within you know Jessica was talking about it but within your imagination and your ability to pretend and that I guess the most important thing to know is that you nothing nothing is outside of you that it's all it's all within you and it's all within your power to have and be and do and feel however what has ever you know most joyful to you and just stop looking outside yourself go inside you beautiful thank you Lisa jazz I would say follow your highest excitement and it doesn't need to make sense it doesn't need to be logical it doesn't need to support the obligations that you have it is not about what's exciting to anybody else but see if you follow the highest excitement you're following your inner child and she and he we're gonna talk about this whole conversation Healing the divine masculine energies it's through the inner child and through our highest excitement is is the vibration of ecstasy in a playful form and it's it's not an egoic urge like I need to eat that chocolate cake that's the exciting thing I'm talking about something that gets you so excited that you can't sleep at night that you lose time and space over and and sometimes within us it's not socially acceptable to do that it's not that would require quitting a job or leaving a relationship I would say absolutely take the risk and follow your highest excitement and it will take you through whatever storms you need to take through through the Lions Den the Tar Pits it will take you right into the rainbow and the gold that you're seeking because everything we want is on the other side of fear but sometimes the highest excitement will take us into scary places but we have so much more courage when we're excited about something it's it's it's like if we were gonna say that the engine is of manifestation is desire then what's the fuel what's gonna drive the car it's excitement you know if you don't have motivation you're not excited about something you're not doing it so it was like when I started working with Lisa she was so effing excited to to like get back to herself that her excitement is what gets her to show up every week for work for me it isn't it isn't that you know she's paid money or that she's got an obligation it says she is so excited about discovering herself that that keeps her accountable to her own dreams so it's like if we follow our excitement it will lead us into toughening us up courageous moments but it will always lead us back to her heart absolutely and I'm gonna piggyback on that and say that on this idea of ecstasy that when we think about the union of the masculine and feminine energies and this dance of the masculine and feminine and and and being able to synergize in imperfection in the way that they do ecstasy is the song they dance to ecstasy is the damn is the song that the masculine and feminine dance to in harmonization and so when you can move into that face of ecstasy and feel that frequency in that energy you are you are doing the dance it's a beautiful so thank you so much you all three of you for being here and sharing your your wisdom your insights your experiences with everyone here I appreciate all three of you very much and I'm going to leave all of your information in the show notes below so for everyone who's watching if you'd like to reach out or find out more information about Jessica Lisa or Rebecca all that information is in the description below thank you so much for showing up today and I hope this information was helpful to you back with you again next time bye everyone

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  1. Pussy hats felt like a playful expression to me. Also creative , There was a whole lot of knitting going on ! Strangely it never would have happened without Trump taking office.

  2. Thank you everyone for sharing your powerful experiences and insights. It helps me to understand myself better and the world around me🙏✨. I realize how important it is to tend to the inner child. I can totally relate to the shadow storm 🌫It will all be worth it in the end 💫💜

  3. I resonate 100%. I grew up around a lot of feminine energy (all sisters) and that has always led me to have a more soft, nurturing, and compassionate nature. After I lost my mother suddenly ten years ago at the age of 14, that divine feminine energy magnified over the years ( trapped emotions being forced out through unintended self harm). It is only now that I am coming full circle and my divine masculine energy is being expressed. I'm finding myself feeling more and more empowered to take the creative energy and ideas/lessons that I've been given from the divine feminine energy and to manifest with the divine masculine energy that i find myself with now. I did have to heal my feminine energy though in order for the masculine to come through. I find it interesting Nicole that you had the exact opposite experience (masculine first, then feminine). Of course we know that these are energies that are within us all and have nothing to do with gender. Our opposite experiences regardless of gender only prove that! It's interesting though and I would love to hear you thoughts on sexuality and the role these energies have on it. Love your channel always! Great stuff!! Much love

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