The easy way to arrange sunflowers

Would you like some quick tips about how
to arrange sunflowers casually in vase? My name is Julie Davies and I run
Julie Davies flower workshops and #FlowerStart start the online flower arranging
classes. I’ve got a bunch of sunflowers here and I’m going to
talk you through how I simply arrange them in a vase. The first things first you need to think about is your container. I’ve chosen
quite a tall container it’s actually a metal metal jug. It’s starting to become
distressed which I think it’s going to look really good with my sunflowers but
the most important thing is that it’s cinched in at the top here and that’s really
going to help support the sunflowers because the sunflowers have long straight stems and quite a big head they do get quite heavy in your vase. So first things
first, I’m going to just simply re cut the stems on my sunflowers. You’ve seen
me do this, before I’m sure. Re-cut them at an angle so the water can get to
them really easily. I’m just going to casually drop them into the vase with no
thought at the moment – just to see how they how they fall. Now you’ll notice here that I’ve added one sunflower that’s got no petals. That’s because it was a
tiny bit damaged so just before I started filming I pulled off all the
petals. It adds a lovely contrast One thing you need to think about when you’re arranging sunflowers is where they’re going to go. My sunflowers are
going to go up against this wall so I need to make sure that I haven’t got all
my best flowers around the back I might just turn that flower around. It’s almost like it’s giving a flat back to my arrangement. Not all the flowers need to be front
facing – but you need to make sure you’ve got a nice sort of
random display which is why I started off just by dropping them into the vase.
Because these sunflowers just call out to be arranged in a very casual style
the only thing I’m going to do is … I’m going to take this one out because
it’s got no petals it’s giving me a bit of a dead space here … and what
you notice because the flowers are all similar
lengths – the flower heads are up here … and then there’s lots of stem down
here … so actually, cut some flowers slightly shorter. When I put those
into the vase they will just nestle above the rim of the vase and start to
cover up some of these long stems It just means your eyes are led up
seamlessly from the vase and land on these … two bottom flowers and then goes up. You could spend ages positioning things just how you
like it. With the sunflowers that have got no petals on put them in –
really for a bit of textural contrast and just something else for you to look
at. Down here I’ve got a couple of flower heads. These stems
started to go over there were bending. I’ve taken
the petals off and cut them short and I’m going to place those next to the
vase … you can’t see that can you? … just as a little compliment. When you’ve got the vase on the table I’ve got my high flowers with
my low sunflowers. Here my tallest sun- flowers at the back … it links through
to the flower heads at the bottom. I hope you enjoyed this video, and I shall see
you another time.

Michael Martin

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