‘The Earth is Flat’ 🌎 Wife Swap Sneak Peek

– [Narrator] The wives have
no idea where they’re going or who they’ll be living with. – This is one of those things
that not havin’ control just doesn’t feel good. I need to know something. – Houses kinda look different. Where I live, there is just
me and one other neighbor. – I definitely don’t want
to go down any dirt roads. I don’t, I don’t know if I can. Oh, God! Okay! This is a hillbilly home. Oh, my gosh! Someone lives here. (laughing) I really got to laugh to
keep from cryin’ right now. (door bell chime) – [Narrator] Before they
meet their new families, – Oh, my goodness. – [Narrator] Felicia
and Aloni have a chance to look around their new homes. (suspenseful music) – I see a calender. Oh, their family chores. Nice open kitchen. Little different from ours. (suspenseful music) – Wow. It stinks in here, really bad. (suspenseful music) I mean, its just residue
at the top of the cabinets. Their microwave, it’s
just disgusting in here. I really don’t understand how
people can live like this. (suspenseful music) Kids need to do their jobs, and make sure that this
house gets back together. – More chores, and rules. When do they have time to be kids? – I don’t always have time to study, but when I do, I still don’t. (dramatic music) – Oh, wow! This woman has so many clothes. This is definitely intense. It kinda seem like she
may be filling a void with all the things that
she has in that closet. (dramatic music) – [Narrator] Each wife
has written a manual as a guide to the running of their homes. – Welcome to our home. We do not embrace the
public school system at all. So this offends me a lot. – I am a teacher now. As a result, of education is also extremely important to my family. Get ready to step into
a world of organization, education, and control! Oh, wow! (laughing) We have very strict rules in our house, and definitely no going
over to friend’s house for my 15-year-old daughter. Oh, wow like no friends,
like male or female? – We believe the earth is flat. (dramatic music) (sigh) We also believe that 9/11 didn’t happen the way we’ve been told and that humans have
never been to the moon or traveled space. Despite all the books,
despite all the data, huh? This is crazy! – As for me I am not very affectionate. I could care less for hugs or kisses. Oh, my God! I’m emotional now readin’ this. – After Master was born, I had twin daughters, Syrian and Deim. Two years ago, we lost
Deim to a brain tumor. So sorry to hear about that. – How do your children
know that you love them? Oh, I need a minute. (sobbing) This is my darling Deim who passed away. She was definitely strong. She has made me to be
an even stronger woman. I would give anything to hug and kiss her. How do you go out of the house and not show love on your children? I just don’t understand. That really hits home for me. (classical music)

Michael Martin

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