The Dark Tangent – Closing Ceremonies – DEF CON 27 Conference

>>Thank you everyone, let’s see
who here by show of hands, this
is their first DefCon? Woo! [applause] yeah. So I’m just
gonna kinda let you know what
you’re in for this will take an hour to an hour and a half we’re
gonna kinda go through a whole
journey of back stories and what it took to produce um things we
learned along the way what the
departments did and didn’t do um and along the journey we’ll tell
you about uh transparency
report, plans for next year, um and award the black badges so if
you haven’t been here before
that’s what you’re in for and if you have been thanks for coming
back and this is like the
crowning achievement the final sort of celebration for how
we’ve pulled it off after a year
of planning and so I just want everybody to have a good time
and if you’ve got a beer, have a
drink with me [applause][cheering] Where is
uh. Oh [laughter][audience
chatter]>>I’m sad too>>Yeah>>I’d cry over that too
[audience chatter
continues][laughter]>>we should go to slideshow [applause]>>I
like how the community just
delivers [laughter] A light beer [laughter]>>Deal with this
>>okay go for the very first
one, that’s one, put that up. [off mic chatter] Okay. F**k it
we’ll do it live [applause] So
there is one reality that I want to confront with you upfront and
personal at the very beginning
of the closing ceremonies and that is DefCon 27 is not DefCon
1 um we’ve grown quite a bit
over the years um I think somebody who hasn’t a friend of
mine hadn’t come to DefCon since
DefCon 8 um and he was one of the guys in the room when we
named DefCon and he was walking
around and he was like, you know in this room we could fit DefCon
one two three four five six
seven in one room and he was just amazed about how much we’ve
grown and how much the community
is uh diverse and so there’s so many interests and he was trying
to say like in one room there
were people getting a ham license and in the next room
they’re like teaching women how
to jimmy car doors open [laughter] and he was trying to
explain it to his dad, his dad
who was used to be a police officer and his dad’s brain just
couldn’t contain it [laughter]
just it didn’t like I don’t know what you’re talking about son.
But along the last 27 years of
our growth um we’ve also realized that we are aging and
as we bring in new generations
of hackers we’re starting to lose the old generation of
hackers and [inaudible audience
shout] yeah, sucks. The first person that figures out how to
stop aging I’m in line to buy
your secret.>>Black badge!>>Yeah, bl- well that’s
Biohacking Village right? Get on
it guys! [applause] [laughter] my knees are only going to last
so long um, so anyway I would
really appreciate it um if everyone uh would raise your
badge and join me in a moment of
silence uh to remember our friends who are, they’re just no
longer with us so just a moment
of silence for our fallen hacker comrades and to respect them by
continuing to explore and hack
all of the things [inaudible audience shouting] that’s not
quite silence but I’ll go with
it>>Woo!>>Yeah. Alright let’s get this going we have two
people we wanna call out, our
first brother in arms Lockheed who was instrumental in creating
the DefCon NOC and the
traditions and the infrastructure and he was a
leader of DefCon NOC for over
twenty years um and though Lock had retired he is still really
with us in spirit and he really
was a huge influence, nothing phased him um he was unflappable
and friendly and it’s funny how
the tone of the conference is really set in those early years
and he was really instrumental
in setting that. And also unfortunately we lost uh Tuna.
Hugely contributory you don’t
see this because it’s behind the scenes but he was on our uh CFP
review team and man he would
just grind out quality CFP review so he had a large part to
do with the CFP selection and
same thing just his energy was really incredible and so we just
wanna honor them by continuing
to grow and uh and make DefCon a really welcoming place and
basically you know, honor their
contributions by tearing shit up and uh looking forward. Thank
you [applause] I’m not, I’m not
crying, you’re crying! Oh man, emotional. Yeah it’s allergies.
Alright. So. The badge. The
badge was the s*** I’d like to introduce the creator the
designer of the badge Joe Grand
AKA Kingpin just like his badges he’ll make your head spin
[applause]>>Thank you please no
applause [laughs] I can’t move around this is really awkward um
so you might have noticed that
you have a badge, most of you, because we actually ran out we
made 26500 human which means we
had more than that at Defcon this year we’d had a few
thousand inhuman but that’s
crazy um how many of you guys participated in the badge quest
sort of the challenge with the
badge?>>A lot!>>Woo!>>How about over there in that
left-hand corner can you hear us
back there? Over the- hi! Okay good, so you can. That’s like,
that’s a lot, that’s probably
what? Like 20 percent or something like that’s, that’s
pretty cool. Um so I figure, I
figured I’d give a little bit of detail um all the design details
are on the are on my website on
the DefCon Media Forum er uh media server um but I just
wanted to clarify a few things
here, there’s a lot of rumors and some of them were
intentionally placed I guess by
people playing the game [laughs] uh but>>I like the one, so the
badges have a transmission range
of about a foot>>[laughs] oh yeah>>but people are like, if I
turn it over backwards and I
hold my backwards to your backwards, it’s double secret
transmission [laughter]>>Or you
have to or you have to have to kiss them together>>Oh, you
have to kiss them together and
then I saw a rumor on Twitter that’s like no you have to
actually polish them [laughter]
>>So I will, I will dispel all of those myths and rumors um the
technology we used NFMI is a
near-field magnetic induction you don’t have to hold them
together you can be probably
about a foot apart it’s pretty cool uh very little if if any RF
signature um for the quest there
were seven different states and the, the way that your LEDs are
flashing uh will show the state
and it actually spells out this the different states as D E F C
O N in the lights you can figure
out what those mean or you can look in the in the slides to to
see it um there’s five magic
tokens so if you look at the state uh at the state diagram oh
that’s me okay so now if you
look um we you know we start off you can communicate with anybody
that brings you to the first
state then you have to find the goons in the different areas so
you attend a talk you go to a
village, you go to the contest, you go to a party, you go to an
art or entertainment exhibit you
find goons in those areas and you scan the magic tokens which
don’t look like normal badges
they have a different Stone on them and that’s how you can tell
that that goon has what you need
you can do those in any order and then you progress to the
final state which which I call
State N and what you need there is the group chat so you didn’t
have to run around and talk to
anybody before that but it’s awesome that you did because I
know a lot of you met new
friends and stuff which is cool um>>Where it’s at!>>Oh yeah
actually well I know a few
people tweeted me so let’s see how many other people made new
friends by doing this contest or
the you know the quest? [applause]>>WOO!>>that’s a
lot of new friends yeah cool um
so the final one you have to get one of every color gemstone not
every badge but every color
gemstone either all together or or one by one I call that group
chat and when you do that, then
you win the game, you win the quest>>What happened, what
happened?>>Well should I spoil
that, I wanted to check, like should I spoil the the end,
yeah? Cause it’s sort of over?
[applause]>>How many group chat successes do we know of?>>Oh
good question. Yeah, who solved
the entire quest, who completed the quest? Without without
cheating [laughter] no, well,
you know, well cheating counts, it’s DefCon, cheating counts,
keep your hands back up. Oh god
okay [laughs] So that’s, that’s quite a few. All right so, when
you when you complete your quest
you get a little you get a little Rick Roll right? We all
need a little Rick Astley in our
in our life and uh then the UR interface that gives you a
command prompt and you can
interact with the badge gives you some extra commands, some
art commands, and then some
things you can mess around with the radio and troll other people
and stuff which I know some
people did um so anyway, that’s that. The uber badge, I just
wanted to mention, these are uh
the same as the other types of badges but they have a dyed
black quartz crystal with laser
engraving of serial numbers so it may be slightly harder to
counterfeit even though I know
we saw some amazing counterfits of these badges already uh and
the main thing is that these are
hackable for later so dont forget that you know you have
one all of the documentation
again is available you can write your own code you can do
something cool do some covert
communication do something or hang it on your wall but it
doesn’t have to you know go on
ebay or go in the trash or anything like you could still do
something with it um I did want
to mention a few crazy hacks so people right away started
dumping the code off of these
things, patching the code to skip through states without even
knowing anything abou tthe
communication method just like sticking it into Ghidra and
reverse engineering it which is
pretty cool uh somebody wrote some code they call it the
jackpot code that they could
just hold up to any badge and it would just unlcock everything
which is cool super cool way to
just like it’s like in Mario you go through the pipe and you come
out and your done like that’s
pretty cool [laughter] um how many of you how many of you guys
looked at the interactive
artwork in the chillout lounge? Where you could scan your badge?
Yeah, there was a lot of people
in line so it must have just been you guys the whole time
like cycling through [laughter]
um so this this uh was like a last minute thing that we
thought, it would be cool if we
could scan our badge and see the state of the badge see how
you’re doing in the in the event
>>I mean, by last minute, it means it was being built>>Yeah
>>Two days in advance>>Yeah it
was like Thursday,>>Yeah>>We finished it Thursday and the
main people behind that I have
to shout out to uh to Zebbler uh and David Dolan who work behind
the scenes to do all the crazy
video mapping stuff and this was thrown at them and it was it was
not good and I’m glad I actually
got to meet them because they turned out to be really nice but
I know they didn’t like me
[laughter] you know over email. I apologized profus- profusely
um so I do wanna say too we
tried a lot of new things right we decided to use these new
lanyard straps to mount things
um we learned a lot about kind of the humnan condition human
nature and uh we were sort of
curious if you learned anything at DefCon related to the badge
or not right because DefCon’s
all about learning we tried new things some of them maybe worked
out a litle better than others
like some antennaes fell off but you coud go repair those um but
that’s part of the process for
us as well as you, you know we’re trying new things so I’m
curious like did anyone learn
anything new at DefCon?>>Yeah! [cheering]>>Woo!>>Probably
everyone that’s that’s pretty
good cool um okay so with that I wanna say that all of the
enthusiasm around the the badge
quest, the excitement, people coming up asking questions
posting pictures tweeting
whatever seeing groups of people working together was really just
to me it was amazing and it was
contageous to kind of see that excitement uh and none of that
would have been possible without
all of the goons that helped do the quest uh everyone behind the
scenes and of course all of you
that played so thank you for that and uh I’m looking forward
to seeing what next year will
bring so [applause]>>[off mic] oh wait ask them about>>Oh
[applause] Okay okay I’m still
here [laughs] DT wanted me to ask you what you thought of this
like new attempt of adding some
soft you know jewelry to your to your wardrobe for DefCon, did
you like the gemstone?
[applause][cheering] Wow>>It was really uh we didn’t know
what we didn’t know what people
would make of it it was a big roll of the dice we’re like
we’re kind of moving it up the
stack here on your lanyard and we weren’t quite sure if people
wanted like that hard crazy
circuit board techno or if we could go the you know you can
see it but you’re not quite sure
what’s going on.>>Yeah but it’s also pretty cool to see thirty
twenty eight thousand something
hackers all wearing gymstones>>Yeah that’s pretty crasy
>>That’s pretty cool>>Ha! We
got you>>You can go by your local new age store and be like
check this out, hand cut
brazilian quartz crystal [laughter]>>Yeah>>Alright,
thanks again [applause]>>Okay
so we’re gonna start going through the various departments
you’re gonna get a quick report
on what’s been happening, what it takes to to run the show and
what’s happened at the show, so
next up I want to introduce you to the Queen B of call for
papers, Nikita uh who runs the
whole department, thank you Nikita. [applause][cheering]
>>Can ya, can you see me, oh
[laughs] oh um Queen B is funny um I’m not the Beyonce but I’ll
take Cardi B of Def Con so
>>[laughs] Cardi B>>Um so uh bear with me a moment I’m going
to do a little strong Brittney
moment um I wanted to start off by saying a few things about uh
Tuna um on June 29th the
community lost someone that truly embodied the word hacker
uh King Tuna, Terrance Gareau,
he hacked everything he was a huge contributor to the CFP
board, he wanted to make the
world more secure, he lived every minute of his thirty three
lives exactly the way he wanted
everyone that met him loved him he was a son, a brother, an
uncle, a husband, and a hacker
he was infuriating and endearing, he was honest, and he
was shady, and he was a true
friend, and we’ll miss Terry every day, so thank you
[applause] Alright, strong
Brittney [laughs] Um we had 26 CFP mem- review members um
reviewing for six months we
started about in January uh more than five hundred submissions we
had a ten percent increase for
those who um marked themselves identifying as female on the
applications [cheering] Seventy
seventy five percent are new speakers to DefCon we really
like to encourage that in our
community [applause] um just slightly over forty five percent
released um tools and exploits
and um we hope that you appreciate our talks and if you
have any um feedback to feedback
at talks at DefCon dot org [whispering off mic] yes or
feedback at DefCon so let us
know if you have feedback on the talks one thing that we also did
this year that was new um we
have been paying three nights hotel for the primary speaker of
the um presentation so if you’re
accepted you can come to DefCon get your badge get your
honorarium and also have three
nights of your hotel stayed for DefCon which we’re hoping will
help contribute uh to the
community and allow more underrepresented people to make
it to con people who may not you
know have a corporate budget behind them yet we want to
appreciate our speakers and get
more of you guys here [applause][cheering] on that
note of um we want everyone to
feel welcome in our family so sometimes when we do talks we we
do mess up and we do appreciate
the feedback and we hear it we did hear complaints about the
unofficial DC101 uh noob panel
this year and um I wanted to say we heard you, we are sorry and
we will do better next time so
thank you all [applause] and uh have a good day.>>Okay
workshops this is our third year
of workshops and a record year for us um because we got to
basically take over a lot of the
space at the Flamingo so where is where’s the workshops?
Workshops, who is representing
us for workshops [off mic chatter] here I am hello
[laughter] what are you doing?
>>Every year we’re like, we don’t know if we’re going to be
on stage [laughter]>>Yes>>Yes
>>Yes>>You will be on stage>>okay hi everyone um I am Megan
Totenkoff I’m the department
lead for workshops uh how many of you all were able to get into
a workshop this year? Ugh okay
that happens every, like the second time I’ve done this and
I’m like, okay sorry [laughs]
how many of you attempted to get into a workshop this year?
>>Ooooh>>Okay so a little bit
of background, this is our fifth year doing workshops at DefCon
or at, sorry, fifth year me
running workshops at DefCon um we started out with maybe twenty
sessions that could hold maybe
fifty to sixty people and this year we have thirty sec, thirty
six sessions and we could hold
between eighty and ninety people depending on the room so we’re
trying to get more folks in and
also we are coming up with a better solution than the free
for all that is the one day for
Eventbright reg. So we did sell out in less than one minute this
year, we had a little bit of a
hiccup, but we worked with Eventbrite to fix it, we had
nearly two thousand attendees
attend workshops this year, with fifty five instructors, we had
more women and underrepresented
minorities this year in attendance as well as teaching
so that was really cool to see
[applause][cheering] and our submissions also doubled over
last year so if you ever are
interested in teaching a four hour workshop keep an eye out
for the call for workshops and
submit early and submit often. Thank you. [applause]>>Okay I
don’t know if uh is Mel? No. Oh
you’re gonna do it? No? Okay, no not that Mel, the other Mel, the
Mel that runs press um alright
so I’m gonna cover her slides so apparent- this year we had
approximately a hundred and
twenty media organizations represented at DefCon, twenty
percent were new to us uh from
twelve different countries and in the end we ended up having to
ban one of them for uh code of
conduct privacy violations so it’s never fun kicking them out
but [applause][cheering] the big
new the big new change you might have noticed it was kind of a
drama thing for the press
department um but I don’t know if it ever really boiled over
into the public was this year we
changed the camera policy and in the past the issue was you would
have one say camera crew from uh
a big morning TV show but it wasn’t like one guy you would
get the personality or the
talent, you’d get the producer, you’d get the cameraman, you’d
get the soundman, you’d get the
lighting guy, and you’d have five or six people to do one
camera shot and we started
looking at all the media that that produced, the coverage of
the show and we looked at it and
we said is that any different or better or worse than what we’re
getting? And we realized it was
actually worse. Um the the short camera snippets were not that
positive for us and so we
decided you know what how about just you don’t get to have a
camera crew anymore uh you’re
not clogging up the hallways with five people uh and you’re
not doing the sweeping audience
shots [applause][laughs] and so we spent a lot of time uh
holding the hands explaining
like you can bring your iphone you can bring a hand camera but
you don’t get to bring a camera
crew and you know you can do offsite shooting you can shoot
somewhere else, that’s fine, we
can help you find a place but you just can’t do it in the
middle of, say the vendor area,
and cause a problem. And it led to these really weird
interactions where uh, what do
you mean? Um don’t you want coverage, don’t you want us?
Like, we’re the press.
[laughter] And we’d be like, yeah but but you came to us
like, we didn’t go to you. And
they’re just, their heads don’t compute, that’s not how it works
in that world so they’re like
but but but. So anyway I think the press uh adapted to that
really well I think so far some
of the coverage has been fantastic and we actually
tweeted out one example of how
this policy really led to some really uh creative but uh
positive coverage of our
community so we’re gonna stick with that in the next year and
see uh, see how that goes
[applause] So I want to uh I want to thank the whole press
team, they deal with hundreds of
submissions and tons of questions and the other thing
that was new this year was an
outgrowth of press is we had a policy group so if you were
interested in policy we had a
subgroup that dealt with nothing but people, representatives,
staffers, uh industry, who were
interested in policy and we had a miniature sort of invite only
policy track for representatives
and we’ve never done that before and that worked out really
really well so we’re probably
going to continue that and try to work with policy folks to get
them on side and explain our
world to them [applause] Demo labs, demo labs, I’m not doing
two in a row guys [laughter] who
is doing demo labs? Where is he?>>I’ll do it>>You’ll do it
>>Woo! Grifter!>>Captain
America! [applause]>>We just talked to okay>>Man, when he
said f**k it we’ll do it live,
he meant it [laughter] Like I where where are all the goons?
>>Where did they go?>>They’re
swimming>>Is there a secret goon party like on the roof?
[laughter]>>They’re at the pool
on the roof! [inaudible off mic shouting] [laughter]>>So um so
we’ve been the dem- demo labs
for a few years now um we just wanted to have a platform for
people to show off the tools
that they’re creating um we asked that they be open source
um or community based uh we
don’t want to shell somebody’s product so uh we get a great
number of submissions on that.
It also gives the folks who submitted a talk that um that
may have only covered a tool um
somewhere to if they’re not selected for the main stage, to
have somewhere to show it off uh
and then it gives them a significant amount of time to do
plenty of demos um but we had
nearly forty demo labs this year um running six at a time and uh
I mean, they were just full all
the time everybody was in there um yeah did anybody go see a
demo lab? I know we were in, we
were in Planet Hollywood which meant we were on like basically
another planet but>>Hey
[laughter]>>Um bud-um-ch! No? D**n it guys [laughter][sighs]
Alright so, yeah, so a hundred
and fifty hours, nearly a hundred and fifty hours of demos
uh it went really really well if
you have a tool, work on a project, or you’re thinking
about doing something please
consider submitting to the demo labs next year we’d love to see
uh what you’ve got to bring to
the table [applause]>>It’s you, support line. It’s either, it’s
either Aida or CJ okay it’s CJ.
[applause]>>Every year. Every year Defcon gets bigger and
every year we get more and more
interesting things going on and we tried to respond to that by
adapting and the help line was
one of the areas we tried to adapt in. We know there are
members of the community that
need help and we figured this was a good way to work and the
stats here show that it is doing
good and we would like feedback on how we can do better so total
twenty nine calls came in during
Con there were twelve code of conduct reports pushed through,
all of which will be
investigated, all of which will be acted on. There were five
referrals to trained
para-professional counselors, one legal issue, and one person
trapped back of house [laughter]
>>Yeah so what what we expect to happen is as the community as
people get comfortable using
these mechanisms what we’re trying to do is be really
transparent here because if you
see we’re doing something you’re more likely to use the system
and trust the system and so we
expect numbers to increase every year not necessarily because
we’re getting worse but because
people are getting um confident in the system and so I’m hoping
in two or three years we’ll have
reached our steady state um where everybody feels that uh
you know their complaints are
taken seriously and we have mechanisms to to help you out so
you know sometimes when I see
numbers if they go up I actually get excited because that means
the systems being used uh and
it’s working. [applause]>>So some of the stuff that would
normally go in the transparency
report I just read out from the helpline because we’re moving
things across people feel more
comfortable when reporting through that mechanism so you
may see some things change some
things aren’t on the report that were on there before um this is
now the second year of having a
full formal transparency report and as Jeff just mentioned, the
numbers are bigger, but in some
ways uh the numbers are better. So we had six reports of
harassment, five medical
incidents and a medical inci- incident is something where we
have to call paramedics or or
some more to come and deal with it, uh two reports of theft
slash loss, three people were
banned and trespassed from the property. We had two pieces of
ceiling falling down this year
[laughter] which [applause] which is a hundred percent
increase on last year>>Yeah
fifty yeah>>[laughs] We foiled two attacks on the casino this
year, not just one, so we’re
getting better at some things [cheering] we we narrowly
avoided one biblical grasshopper
plague [applause][laughter] we issued two warnings to our
staff, so to be clear, our staff
are held at a high level of standard. If you have an issue
with our staff, report it, they
will be dealt with, there is no room for goons that don’t
respect the community [applause]
Following on from that we fired a staff member this year who did
not respect the community he was
trespassed from the property and banned for life [applause] we’re
[laughter] that’s kind of an odd
thing to clap like it’s sad but uh but it’s you know it shows,
nobody’s above the law, at the
end of the day, we all follow the same policies. We had five
complaints of drunken [laughter]
I’m not going there>>It’s good to be the king>>We had five
reports of drunk and disorderly,
we had five photo policy complaints and I saw a lot of
traffic about this on twitter um
we do take these very seriously. Melanie and her department
worked really hard to make sure
that press follow the rules and we also make sure that attendees
follow the rules. If people are
violating the policy, tell us, if you feel uncomfortable with
what someone is doing with a
camera, tell us and we will do something about it. One media
company was ejected because they
couldn’t follow the rules [applause] We had eleven reports
of safety or security issues
relating to the hotel and then the last one is somewhat of an
embarrassment um we sort of
failed at a troll attempt at uh giving out a black badge raffle
[laughter] while in some regards
it was funny I think a lot of people were disappointed by it
and that’s not really the the
go- the best outcome and so we apologize for that we will try
to troll harder but safer
[laughter][applause] When you consider the increase of
attendees we have here these
numbers both represent more people coming forward and
talking about issues but also
there is not a step change increase in problems, that’s
great. You guys did sure keep me
busy all Con and I’ve been running around like crazy but it
actually has probably been one
of the safest cons I’ve attended and I would actually like to
give a shout out to the Caesar’s
security folks who helped us with numerous incidents and who
also were so understanding that
hackers will be hackers and as a result many of you played with
things, maybe crossed a few
lines but if it wasn’t anything malicious you’ll have noticed
nothing bad happened and that’s
because Caesar’s understands, and for that, I thank them.
[applause]>>Okay so how many of
you have installed the Hacker Tracker tool?>>Woo!>>Woo!
Fantastic. Um that last
announcement about the black badge, don’t don’t listen to
that announcement that was a
mistake [laughs] that was a [laughs]. Anyway>>You mean the
raffle is on?>>The raffle is
on! [laughter] That’s right. Okay, do we have uh somebody
from the info booth who would
like to talk about their project? It’s us again, where’s
info booth? You’ve got it! It’s
little, Little Bruiser from info booth.>>Thank you>>Thank you.
So Hacker Tracker is the
official DefCon app uh the development team is part of info
booth so if you’ve installed it
we had about seventy five hundred Android downloads over
Con and uh iOS I don’t have
specific numbers but it’s relatively close to that as
well, so a lot of people are
skeptical to download the app because it’s called Hacker
Tracker [laughter] uh rightfully
so. But no it it’s really good uh it gives all of the schedule
and we even had the raffle talk
on it for a brief period of time [laughs] so we also apologize
for that because you know we
kind of overstepped so [Jeff Moss laughs] No but I just
wanted to think info booth team
uh all the great work they’ve done and you know you how many
of you actually visited a booth
in one of the several properties this time? That’s great, you
guys always come and ask great
questions and we appreciate it and as I said in the in the
program we really do know where
all the restroom are located>>You also feed in to the DC TV,
right?>>Uh yes, that’s very- uh
no we don’t do the DC TV but the info dot defcon dot org is run
with the same platform as the
Hacker Tracker app so what we were displaying at every booth
is the same information that’s
displayed on the apps so we have the integrated back end with
that with DTs help getting us
caught up there>>Cool cool>>So yeah>>Right on>>Cool, thank
you [applause]>>Alright one of
the big parts of DefCon is the network and to talk about it we
have Louise. [applause]>>Thanks
DT, hello everyone um I have problems with like podium mics I
feel like Ricky Bobby, hello can
you hear me? So if you don’t hear me I I will eat the mic.
Thanks everyone for being here.
I’m going to go through the usual NOC stats and what we do
and not and stuff like that. If
you didn’t notice [laughter] uh last year we had a theme that
was Guy Fieri this year we
changed a little bit as to it was Nicolas Cage uh so if you
that that was a transformation
thing for us but anyhow um we I recycled the slides from last
year totally uh because it’s
very similar what we do the difference is that because of
the number of properties we
arrived here, or Mac who is the other lead for for the NOC he
arrived here on Thursday, two
weeks ago almost, or twelve days ago, um to start working on this
but pretty much Friday Saturday
do all of the back of the house, IDFs, MDFs, connection between
the all all of the hotels, I’m
not going to bore you and read all about it we’re gonna post
the this later you can go
through green is when we’re happy and red is kind of like a
little touchy uh but some of the
highlights there is that we got most of the stuff running by
Sunday like the core, and IDFs,
mostly important WIFI reg uh was up by Sunday night which was a
record record record time, do
not expect that next year just in case [laughter] uh but it was
uh we’ll get there, how many
people used it? I think it was about uh two thousand registered
but a lot of people also used
DefCon DefCon which is the default and there is no problem
with that, I’m going to explain
that a little bit later uh but yeah it was up, right? But it’s
funny I land here on Saturday
because I’m lazy and Mac has been here since uh Thursday and
I check in and people are like
is WIFI reg up? I’m like not quite yet but we’re gonna get
there, but it worked out okay uh
but you can go through kind of like our timelines um again
green we were happy uh at night
we were drinking the finest drink of Chicago which is called
Malort if you haven’t you should
try it or not>>You were drinking miller lites>>Exactly,
how to in fran uh in fran uh a
person in uh how to impress a friend in person that that’s a
shot of Malort. Anyhow um so we
work mostly here in Paris NOC was here in Paris we did Paris
Bally’s and then Planet
Hollywood and Flamingo um other highlights here we have the call
for services this year um I I
bet we can do that better next year but everytime we change a
little bit it’s it’s tough on us
on planning and execution meaning everything um and
highlights oh so Wednesday was
the day that everybody’s kind of here and they’re like remember
that thing I asked you, I need
it right now. We tried to accommodate and prioritize.
Thursday is the day of remember
that thing I forgot to ask you, I need it right now so we got it
done. Uh by Friday everything
was okay uh Saturday was a busy day um most of the stuff worked,
some workshops we had to tear
down bring stuff back to the NOC, we had our NOC talk, if you
attended I hope you enjoyed. We
went a little deeper on what we are talking here and later on
one, of our team members did
drunk hacker history he did not win but he did well um they are
tearing down right now, that’s
why I’m here, they are working, so big hand for those guys who
are doing the hard work please
[applause] Thank you. And tomorrow and Tuesday we have
some some people staying through
Tuesday just to make sure everything goes to the right
place and then we go to like a
month detox or something like that [laughter] so some of you
ask us like what do you find
when you’re like patching cables and things like that? So that’s
one of the pockets in one of the
hotels you can find a little bit of everything there [laughter]
um one has a fork, and the other
one has the quesadilla [laughter] so I think the person
saved some food for later, might
have been Nic Cage, I don’t know. Bandwidth wise, usually
it’s a big issue for us this
time around it wasn’t, thank you DT and Linda. Um [applause] that
means use more next year and
then I’ll bug him but yeah we had nine hundred megabits per
second for the first time which
is more than double that we had last year um and you guys did
well so thank you for that. Uh
some other stats I think the most important here is the one
on the bottom left, is it? Yes.
So yellow is the DefCon secure network so about ninety percent
if not more of you used the
secure wifi network with eight 802.1x and wpa2 enterprise uh a
few like ten percent or less is
the open wifi so big shout on that for you guys [applause] so
cool I hope it worked out okay I
know it could be spotty in places but we tried to cover the
whole thing but not the casino
um very important somebody sent us a tweet saying this is not
your is like wifi down? I’m like
what’s the location and they’re like well we’re by at Bally’s by
the elevators I’m like yeah it
kind of like doesn’t work there it’s casino area we are not
allowed to be there. Challenges,
timing right? the bigger we get more pro- not bigger bigger is
not the problem but more
properties cause like bring more complexity uh to the whole thing
but everything worked out pretty
okay, uh it’s just like when we’re here in the NOC and it’s
like oh an AP went down in
Flamingo like somebody’s like I’ll go, and they go, not me
[laughter] So thanks to the team
again um and what did go well? This is a first slide for this
year, well uh obviously I have
an awesome team uh great interaction with all the
departments I know I I could be
a pain in the a*s to ask people like for stuff way before hand
just because we have to
coordinate with the hotel to to get patches and for them to be
prepared to cater what we need
uh so I appreciate that for those that sent stuff on time,
for those that didn’t, I also
appreciate you because sometimes we just know stuff if after like
everything’s going on right? But
we sort of plan for that. Um 802.1x is also like uh the way
to use secure wifi is also
sometimes a challenge for us because people don’t understand,
and you technically really don’t
have to, but uh we’re trying like along for the past few
years we’ve been trying to make
it easier and easier for you so was the the Apple profile uh
this year CRV Colin in the NOC
he went out of his way and he created the Android app that way
you don’t get super freaked out
when like you’re downloading a cert and it says oh we’re gonna
read your stuff! No we don’t do
that it’s just like a warning that uh Android has so that’s a
way to kind of like bundle that
in a way that is verifiable and trusted.>>Was integrated into
the hacker tracker app for
Android and it was all automatic>>There we go [applause] making
it easy for you guys, right? And
also on Sunday when I was like, is wifi reg up, is wi- wifi reg
up? Like yeah it’s up just like
good times and then somebody says it doesn’t work on Chrome-
on Chromebooks. So I had C75 and
Jo- and John in the NOC that they spent probably the whole
night and a little bit of the
morning saying we’re gonna make this work because we couldn’t
find anywhere on the internet
how to without having an MDM solution to make this work they
went out of their ways, their
way, and made that work so big props to these three guys
[applause] So pretty much we
laid the network for everything that is being used here that
uses IP, no we don’t have IPV6
yet that was a question that we had cause there is no way that
we can block uh router
advertisements and things like that that I don’t know because
it’s been awhile and I’m just a
manager. Um we have a ten gig backbone, nine hundred megabits
per second uplink, again we
didn’t use it all, now he’s not going to give you more, use it
next year, right? [DT Laughs]
Let’s max that out. Uh there’s a layer two connection to from
Paris to Planet Hollywood, core
is in Planet Hollywood uh and IPSec tunnel to Flamingo, this
is the gear that we used, you
can read later um the numbers that you like uh a lot of
traffic, twelve terabits,
terabytes per second total as of like one pm today um lots of big
numbers there uh you can go
through that uh interesting points here are uh a little less
of wireless users than last year
uh and a little bit less of uh different mac addresses so
thanks for stop spoofing or
creating like random mac addresses just to try to mess
with things. Um little more
traffic uh compared to last year on the media server that you can
download stuff at certain points
in time we saw a lot of people downloading a bunch of stuff
like who is this user so that
was kind of cool um I want to think the NOC team, I know I did
that, but please another hand
for these guys it’s, they’re awesome [applause] and thanks to
everyone here, uh DT, he listens
to a lot of stuff that I have to complain uh sometimes he avoids
me but that’s okay that’s what
bosses, good bosses, sometimes do uh Nikita for getting us on
the right track uh on everything
but pretty much the NOC location and our talk yesterday that was
well received. Linda for
accommodating everything from trash cans in the NOC to
everything else, Will for
getting what we need, QM for delivering stuff on time
Caesar’s IT and Encore, these
guys are rockstars for us, without them we couldn’t do
stuff on time at all, um Sully’s
bar staff for keeping us on track, the high l- high roller
at the LINQ was fun, twenty
eight minutes of drinks uh year it breaks you on Sunday. Um the
usual guys who brings a couple
of snacks they’ve worked before at a at a call center before and
stuff so they appreciate what we
do, I know a bunch of you do and that’s greatly appreciated uh
the other departments were doing
the things that I asked them to do sometimes on time so
appreciate that. You but mostly
important, Lock who was our lead and um and integrity,
accountability, professionalism,
working here for you guys and for him [applause] Thanks
everyone.>>Who watched uh
DefCon TV?>>Woo! [cheers]>>Is anybody, is this the first time
you’ve left your hotel room?
[laughter] you just stayed there the whole time? Yeah anybody in
their room right now can you
hear us? Just yell.>>Yeah, there they are>>Okay. Okay
let’s hear about the fantaz
video man here we go let’s hear about this year’s fantastic DCTV
[applause]>>Hello. Hi folks I’m
Videoman,>>I’m Serif>>And we get up so you don’t have to.
>>Woo!>>You can get room
service and watch that first talk in the morning.>>Thank the
whole team right? We’re we’re
not just, not just us but it’s a whole team of people that run
this now uh The Source of
Knowledge, the guys on the cameras here and the feeds over
here, they provide all the video
for us so [applause] big hand of applause for them. Uh we
actually do internal streaming
to all seven properties that are across the strip here so twenty
six channels across seven hotels
this year so all of the hotels are part of the DefCon hotel
block uh a whole lot of IPSec
tunnels and internet and things to make that happen uh our team
wound up making twenty two
visits to these various hotels to get things hooked up um and
you know thanks to step counters
uh the aggregate across the team was a hundred and sixty eight
miles of walking and pounding
pavement through back hallways of hotels, running past security
uh etcetera. Um.>>Much like the
NOC if you tweet us, we will respond uh>>and and you’re and
you’re quick to let us know if
something goes wrong [laughter]>>Which can be a blessing or a
curse.>>So these were the seven
hotels we were in, it was about thirty thousand television sets
um we had two streams to the
internet track uh one DC101 on Thursday, uh track four for the
rest of it. We actually had over
ten thousand views of the internet streams so for the
people who are not able to be
here with us in person, they were here in spirit.>>And we
did get a number of tweets of
people saying hey thank you for doing this, thanks for having
the the tracks up on the
internet cause I couldn’t be there this year because of X Y
or Z so that was, that was
great.>>So Video and myself, Video and myself uh this is our
team over here, if you guys
could stand up uh returning, we’ve got Sandw- [applause]
we’ve got Sandwich, Ghostpepper,
and Eagle1, and we’d like to thank our new uh rockstar uh
RobbinsPS or RobbinBS, uh we’d
also like to give out a special thanks to Kevin, Skweek and the
DefCon NOC because all of these
people help us make it happen, couldn’t have done it without
you [applause] So check out,
we’ll be doing it again next year, at DefCon TV, DC dot TV
dot DefCon dot org.>>Yeah and
um we’re hoping to broadcast to the same seven hotels next year
so if you wanna get a room and
you wanna have a little bit of a join the room con, which was a
hashtag we cated- created this
year, please do so, thank you. [applause]>>This is a big one,
this is villages. Villages,
Zants, [applause] Zant do it thank you sir and it was uh I’d
like to I’d just like to call
out uh Zant for a double thanks uh he couldn’t make it to DefCon
China but he was still involved
in all of the villages for DefCon China so we couldn’t
thank him there so we’re going
to double thank him here, thank you man. [applause]>>I’m still
just trying to figure out why
I’m here, somebody told me there was free tequila [laughter]
>>There is>>DT did you hear a
rumor? Villages need more space, just saying>>[DT laughs] that’s
what I’ve heard>>Alright so
real quick you may have noticed that we have some villages
around the Con, there was thirty
two in total, eleven of them were new, uh, let me know what
you thought at villages dot
DefCon dot org. Other than that I would just like to thank all
the village leads for all of the
work they do to help me make my job easier and then I would like
to thank all of my village goons
for all they did to make it easier for you guys to get
around with a special shoutout
to uh Fox, RunnerUp, Hownie, and Amazarkn for attempting to keep
me on task [laughter] Other than
that uh that’s about all I got. Let me know what you think , I
hope you enjoyed the villages
and learned a little bit, I know we’re trying to grow em all like
I said, but thanks for coming
[applause]>>Okay we’ve got a little bit of some statistics,
we’ve got Data Duplication
Village, are they packing up? DDV? Okay so this is something
that we started years ago um it
was originally sources from the info con dot org uh video
archive uh something I do with
all my spare time [laughs] Uh I collect all the videos I can
find from every hacker
conference um and then we also have some old hash tables,
rainbow tables and some word
lists and other things um so here are statistics. This year
we managed to dupe over five
hundred six terabyte hard drives, which is a lot, um and
you can see over here on the
right hand side info con is about half, two hundred and
thirty copies, people like
getting new uh updates of different cons but I’m really
surprised people still really
like their rainbow tables but I can understand downloading five
terabytes each, that takes
awhile, a lot of people in other countries don’t have that kind
of bandwidth or time uh or maybe
they’re on a metered connection and so it’s really cool that we
make it possible for people to
grab data really quickly what I’d love to see in the future is
more datasets and more people
bringing their own datasets like it would have been really cool
um to see some other big dumps
there uh so maybe in the future we’re gonna try to make that
easier for people to bring and
contribute their own data. So um by a show of hands who here, any
of the five hundred people,
participate in the Data Duplication Village? Okay, back
there. Um all these the rainbow
tables weren’t on the con network but all the info con
data every year is on the con
network so if you don’t want to bring a hard drive you can
always run with W get. Alright
we’re gonna grow that next year. Next up we’ve got vendors. Who
wants to represent vendors, come
on down, dun dun dun [applause]>>Hi DefCon, I’m Kevin>>Hi
Kevin!>>I’m the team lead for
uh for vendors and uh I wanna talk a little bit about uh the
vendors themselves so this is a
list of the vendors that we did have and uh we really love
having smaller companies come in
and sell their products, the type of products you wanna buy
from, you know, the mom and pop
shops or the you know not the Amazons of the world
essentially, uh you know we love
those types of vendors so who here actually bought something
from vendors? [cheers] Yeah. We
had a lot of people buy things from vendors, and that’s really
awesome, I know that they
appreciate it, we loved having you guys in there, our vendor
goons um we really appreciate
them, big shout out to all of them for helping the vendors get
setup and helping you guys find
your way um I think the big thing that I wanna say is that
if you have any feedback for us
as as the attendees or if you know of any vendors that you’d
like to see inside of our
vendors areas please let us know, you can get ahold of us at
uh vendors at defcon dot org.
Shoot us an email, give us any feedback that you might have and
uh we definitely want to try to
get better we try we wanna grow but we wanna grow in a way that
DefCon wants, we wanna grow in
our spirit and so if you know anybody or have anything to send
us, absolutely, let us know.
>>Especially shady stuff, we want shady stuff>>Yeah!
[applause]>>Shady stuff? Okay
we’ll get some umbrellas, right? That’s shady>>Well we, we we
had this epiphany when I was
trying to describe uh to a friend is like well what we want
there and I’m like well
basically stuff that you only want to buy in person you know
with cash>>Right! [laughter]
>>You know, like nothing you’d want to actually put your name
on on Amazon and it was like
aha! That’s what people want [laughs]>>Well awesome uh get
that feedback out to us and
we’ll try to make next year just as good and better, thanks a lot
[applause]>>K, arts and
entertainment, people that c- are they awake?>>Yeah!
[cheering]>>Yeah, Chris, yeah
[applause]>>Hey everybody I don’t have any slides, oh I do
have slides, I didn’t actually
make this slide, but uh alright we have slides. So uh I’ve got
some stats I wanna pull up here
uh really uh who went to the official DefCon parties that
were in track 1 over here, and
Napoleons out there, and in the Planet Hollywood gallery
nightclub [cheering] That’s
really cool>>Nightclub was awesome>>That’s really cool.
Did you like the nightclub
space? This is our first year doing something like that that’s
outside of a traditional
ballroom, is that good?>>Woo! [applause]>>So uh some stats uh
we had about seventy five
performers, these are DJs, band members, eccetera uh supported
by my team of eight goons and
seventeen other staff members that helped us with decor,
sound, lighting, uh also wanted
to shout out to Soma dot FM who does all of our chillout space
all day long [applause]>>Woo!
Wooo!>>And uh everything that was in the chillout space was
broadcast live on soma dot fm
and there is a DefCon channel that you can tune into all year
long uhm after the con ends
there too. Uh I wanna thank some people uh the hotel uh Wendy has
been awesome uh for us uh
Encore, Christina, she’s really helped us out, I wanna thank
Linda and Janet from the DefCon
office, we can’t do anything without them, uh we had uh forty
two hours of entertainment
across those three properties and across three nights uh and
the official soundtrack wanna
talk about that you can download that for free from the DefCon
media server if you want to also
you can go to our band camp site uh defcon communications dot
band camp dot com, one hundred
percent of the proceeds uh that you donate there will go the EFF
and if you have feedback for us
we’d love to hear it, our twitter account is defcon
underscore music. Thanks
everybody! [applause]>>Alright let’s get some parties. Who went
to a party? [audience chatter]
alright [laughs]>>Hi I’m Existence and I’m your
responsible adult for nighttime
and run the parties and meetups at DefCon. [cheering] I don’t
drink so that’s why I’m
responsible. We had some absolutely fantastic meetups
with our huge attendance and
amazing parties this year and I hope to go even bigger and
better next year. I wanna
shoutout to some of the meetups that were new, we even had some
new people to DefCon that threw
a great meetup so I want to shout out to them, thank you
very much for doing that. Thank
you all for coming out and participating though. Special
shout out to Pyro who is
retiring this year and my goons [booing][applause] And my goons
who helped make this a success,
I have a very small team uh but we made it happen anyway. If you
have any feedback or suggestions
for parties, please email me at parties at defcon dot org and uh
if you wanna throw a party
please get in touch with me, let’s make it happen next year.
Thanks everyone and see you next
year [applause]>>Contests and events>>Uh oh Uh oh! That’s
right, breathe it in. Uh so as
you can see there’s uh there’s quite a few uh contests and
events that are on this slide uh
there’s also some random ones that that grow organically
throughout the conference uh
sometimes they become uh you know official contests later
yeah there is dino sumo
wrestling but that’s unofficial and has been unofficial for
several years we’ll we’ll work
on it it’s fine. Um so yeah, if you um let me see, how many
people participated in a contest
or event out here? Anyone?>>Woo! [applause]>>Alright
awesome, so um I guess first and
foremost um I’d like to thank the organisers of of these
contests uh they put in a
significant amount of time I mean they start emailing me uh
whether I like it or not uh in
January about what they’re going to do uh the coming year and
it’s an incredible amount of
effort just to make sure that you guys are entertained so
thank you very much to them
[applause] Um also I’d like to thank the contest and event
goons uh we have an incredibly
difficult job of sitting on a couch in the contest area and
watching the contests take place
it’s hard, somebody’s gotta do it, so it’s us, so thanks guys
[applause] Alright if you are
interested in running uh an event or a contest please reach
out to me, if you’ve got some
crazy idea that you think is just way too weird, we’ll never
do it um we might just do it so
please hit us up contests at defcon dot org or hit me up on
the twitters uh grifter801 um
and we’ll see what we can make happen but let’s get to uh the
black badges alright so
[cheering] so of all of the contests you saw on that slide,
only nine of those contests
actually receive black badges so it’s incredibly stiff
competition, what we look for in
a black badge contest is first and foremost difficulty right?
We want you to work for it if
you’re getting into DefCon free for life, you better bring it.
And so we want something that’s
gonna make you uh suffer or at least eat up a fair amount of
your weekend just crushing
puzzles or uh putting together a ridiculous pretext and just
coming at it full force so uh
this first contest I’m going to bring to the stage is one of the
longer running contests, they
are near and dear to my heart, I think they are near and dear to
yours, the room when this
contest is taking place is packed, they put in>>Grifter I
love you!>>I love you too
[laughter] I do um so um again they put in a significant amount
of effort they’re uh they’re one
of those contests that’s planning all year they’re
celebrating their tenth year
this year, welcome to the stage, the social engineering contest
[applause] [cheering]>>So ten
years that’s unbelievable huh? Um this year we had eleven
thousand square feet and we
still broke fire code by putting people over the floors so yeah
it was a little crazy>>And the
ceiling>>and the ceiling yeah so the two ceiling tiles that
fell that statistic, that was
our room and and one of them this is not even a joke uh they
had tried to repair the ceiling
and they left a razor utility knife in the ceiling and it fell
through the ceiling tile and cut
one of our one of our people in our room>>Did they deserve it?
>>[laughs] what? No! I don’t
think she deserved it she was just standing there looking at a
t-shirt and then had a knife run
down the back of her arm anyhow so that was pretty that was
pretty crazy yeah yeah that that
actually happened, uh real stores. Um also the the kids and
teams events I know uh they’re
that’s not the black the black badge portion of it but there
was just something notable I
wanted to to tell the community, we had a young man who lost his
mother last year right before
DefCon and uh he he came and he competed in the teams event and
he said just for the three days
he’s here running around he forgets about losing his mom
because of the community and the
way you guys accepted him and make him feel so that’s a young
little uh fourteen year old
young man that’s coming to DefCon and finding a place to
really express himself so just
wanted to say thank you to all of you that interacted that way,
so thank you [applause] Okay, so
on to the events just a couple stats that are shocking to me
this year um our contestants we
had fourteen contestants they spent eight hundred and seventy
four hours doing osent um the
three weeks before they hand their reports in and we had one
thousand one hundred and twenty
pages of osent submitted. I just don’t think they understand I
also have a life and we just do
this for fun [laughs] but that’s a lot of osent to read um we had
the first time ever in ten years
of running this contest that the uh a contestant got a perfect
score on the report right? And
uh [applause] Yeah, yeah, I didn’t think it was possible um
especially this year we chose
our theme was alcohol, tobacco, and fire arm companies, in
America we thought it would be
fitting and um the first day man the fire arm companies were
shutting us down non stop it was
like literally like bang bang you’re dead and uh [laughter]
see what I did there, see what I
did there? I’m here all weekend um>>I appreciate that>>Yeah
you appreciate that, I know, we
have the same sense of humor. So um but then the second day it
wasn’t the case but we had the
best the best thing that happened uh out of all of all of
the calls was this one uh
contestant was using a pretext uh what was the name he was
using Ro- Robert Green and he
and he got caught like someone really got suspicious after
giving over like flag flag flag
flag and he call- he hung up, called another uh part of the
the company and he said this is
Rob Green from IT and the lady says Rob Green?! You’re a d**n
liar! Click! And just [laughter]
so so yeah I gotta say here’s what I’m really proud of that
that means that company actually
had an email policy where they warned all the othr employees
about scam calls that’s awesome
right? [applause] It took us ten years to get there! It took us
ten years, that’s that’s
phenomenal so I’m really happy. Okay so without without wasting
anymore time is this the first
time there’s a baby on stage at DefCon?>>I think mine was on
stage>>Oh yours was on okay I
was just curious, I was just curious, so she won the SE CTF
no just kidding, she didn’t she
didn’t [laughter] she can’t even>>She gets in free for life!
Woo!>>Yes! Oh we should give
the black badge to her she’ll be getting in for like ninety years
[laughter] DefCon two thousand
she’s still there. Okay so um our second place our second
place winner, first time she
ever did anything like this she just started off like three
months ago or something in the
industry, sadly she had to leave for a flight, she was flying
back to Australia and didn’t
want to be late so she had to run but uh she she came in uh
second place with the perfect
report score um also with an unbelievable call score but uh
our first place winner, Alleef
is standing here, she uh competed last year and uh
another great lesson for us [off
mic yell] I’m sorry?>>Give her a company card!>>Company card?
No [laughter] what I’m going I’m
going to give her a bottle of alcohol okay? [laughter]
[applause] I’m I’m gonna give
her a tenth year SE head award and and black hat- or uh I’m
sorry, wow, where am I? DefCon’s
gonna give her a black badge so [applause] Thank you oh Joe you
even made the badge beautiful
hang on I have your badge right here [laughter] no just kidding.
There you are>>Woo! [applause]
>>One last thing, it’s also the second year in a row that women
dominated the competition
>>Wait, say that again>>It was the second year in a row that
women dominated the competition
uh we again have two women in the first and second place and
most of the most of the high
scorers that we had through the competition were all by our our
women SEs so good good job keep
it coming, thank you! [applause]>>Alright next up we have
another long running contest uh
the it’s it’s funny that the first two are the ones who start
to hit me up in January um this
is uh a contest that has taken many forms over the years it
started out as a troll
essentially right? Uh And it morphed into something
incredible uh so it went from
grabbing your uh your creds and putting them on a wall on a
paper plate in the Alexis Park
turned into capture the packet [applause]>>Woo! Woo!>>Sup
DefCon, I’m Riverside, how’s it
going? Uh so this year we uh we did uh two Packet Hacking
Villages for DefCon, one in
China and one here but uh in China it’s actually the data
Packet Hacking Village because
Packet Hacking Village by itself means purse hacking village um
cause the translation’s so
awesome but um I wanna really really thank DefCon this year
because the space was awesome um
how many of you got a chance to go out to the village?
[applause] Alright, how many of
you got shirts? Alright, there were six thousand shirts given
out this year it was awesome we
really really uh had a great time so I just thanks again to
DefCon I wanna thank all of our
staff our volunteers our speakers and the DJs it was
rocking uh we got shut down on
Youtube streaming multiple times for violations by accident on
the DJs oops uh [laughs] but um
uh we I wanna sneak by some some very very short time in here I
know I gotta get off the stage
soon um we have amazing people across all of DefCon and this is
an inclusive community and we we
accept everyone and some of our community have disabilities um
both physical, mental, we have
people of all different shapes and sizes and we include ev-
absolutely everybody so in at
least in our village we started building a tag for those that
want to wear them that’s a
disability tag that is bright and like that people can see it
so if somebody has social
anxiety, panic attacks, you can see and you’re like okay let’s
get that person help. There’s
goons all over the place but sometimes in a crowd there is a
thing. We ask that the crowd,
the group, not use social engineering techniques and use
those, if you see it, it’s
legit. Please try, I know we’ve talked to DefCon, they’re
working on trying to figure out
something, those that want to can, those that can’t can’t but
um you know we have but you know
a ton of different people and we wanna make sure everybody can
participate equally so let’s
let’s work that together as a community [applause] thank you.
So this year’s wall of sheep
stuff was a bit sparse because you know we’re getting the open
not the secure network but um
what we did notice and we kind of pivoted completely we build
some of you noticed a second
projector next to the wall we call that the si- sidecar app um
since we can’t see your
encrypted credentials meaning we’re actually doing our legit
dob what we can see is your
awesome DNS tracking records and all the other things. How many
of you by show of hands knows
what an HTTP tracker is? Okay, so, not many. That means a
company is tracking everything
that you do and so we had a flow of all the traffic going across
the network and fifty percent
plus of the DefCon attendees at any given time were being
tracked by another company.
>>How much porn?!>>A lot, a lot of porn [laughter] but all those
trackers, we were tracking the
trackers, and watching who wh- who was doing what it was
awesome to watch, so even though
they’re not a bunch of stuff on the actual wall list, the
traffic is amazing to watch, we
had so many people participate. Um so if you don’t know how to
deal with tht talk to somebody
that raised their hand that knows how to deal with it, stop
getting tracked. Um let’s see
the CTP stats um and CTP this year was crazy. We had lines of
people trying to get signed up,
go in, we were able to accomodate a ton of people, we
did the prelims, the mains, the
finals, um. This year we had fourteen categories, we spent,
as Grifter said, the entire
year. Some of these challenges we’ve been working on for
multiple years some of the
challenges are like three four years in the making to do custom
stego and crazy exfiltration
techniques and like the stuff that you hear on the scary news,
we’re throwing that inside of
here, so if you’re an actual defender or somebody that does
threat hunting, this is your
bag, it is awesome. And so just to kind of give you an example
of like what happened um the
third place team Respondo answered forty two percent of
all of the content in finals.
The second place team answered forty six percent and the first
place team who gets the uh the
wad of cash, two grand uh, and the uh the black badge over
here,>>Woo!>>And hopefully uh
a handshake from DT [laughs] here you go guys>>What was
their percentage?>>Fifty three
percent [applause]>>Oh wow>>Broke the fifty percent mark,
first team in a long time, give
em a hand, and they played multiple times. So thank you all
DefCon! See ya [applause]
>>Alright uh the next contest up is uh one of the side effects of
competing in contests here at
DefCon they’re a perfect representation of that, after
years and years of slaving away
on puzzles, and and mystery challenges, and all things what
the h**l is that? Um they
decided, maybe we can try our hand at this. And so they
created their own. So welcome to
the stage uh ope- nope, that’s in the wrong spot, where are you
guys? Dumpster Fire, we’re just
gonna bring them up anyway. Hey whoever’s running the thing,
leave it off, it’s Dungeons at
DefCon [applause]>>Hello um we’re Dungeons at DefCon and uh
what we so a bunch of us have
participated in mystery challenge in years past what
we’ve found is it’s a lot of
really high level expert level content and contests at DefCon
which is awesome if you walk in
as a high level expert, but what if you’re not a high level
expert and you wanna learn? Well
that’s what we created, so Dungeons at DefCon is a crypto
and puzzle solving competition
and the goal is that anyone can walk in off the street and learn
how to do this and win. Um our
contestants spent all weekend answering crypto puzzles and
solving challenges and learning
new things because we are going to guide you through the
experience, we’re not gonna give
you the answers, but we will tell you uh tools you can use
and ways you can think on how to
solve these puzzles. So, um first off we wanna give a shout
out to the goons and to the
villages for being our NPCs>>Woo!>>Um our contest is all-
we every year we base it on a
different RPG and this year was paranoia themed and they got to
send our players on quests that
they could earn hints. So um without anymore we have a couple
of winners. First of all I wanna
shout out to uh The Council of Nine they made it to the end of
the competition and were the
first ones to uh they found lost, got the key, and opened
the box of treasure. And our
overall points winners who get the shiny shiny black badge is
The Fellowship of the Token Ring
[applause] That’s it.>>That’s it?>>That’s it>>Yeah?>>That’s
it>>That’s it [laughter]>>Get
get people out of here early right? Get people out of here
early.>>Keep em going
[laughter]>>This will take awhile>>Hogging the hall!
That’s alright you want some?
You want some? Group hug let’s just let’s knock this out>>Awww
>>Alright um alright so um the
next contest I I feel a little bit bad uh so we had them in the
regular contests and events
closing and not as a black badge, they actually won a black
badge, I had to call them and
say, Oh hey, you’re going to be in the main closing ceremonies
and um and Whitney said, I’m in
my car on the way to a storage unit, and then flipped it around
and made it back here so, Gold
Bug Challenge. [applause]>>Hi everyone um per DefCon I’m
losing my voice as always um so
really quickly uh the Crypto and Privacy Village um is a place
where crypto means cryptography
and privacy is a right and [applause] we mean it so much we
said it in neon so if you had a
chance to come by the village you would see that we have some
custom um via Alibaba Signs
saying as such um but really I wanted to say a quick thank you
to DefCon because without all of
you it would not be possible and we’ve been doing this for six
years together and it’s getting
better every year um but thank you especially to Hownie, Zant,
and Grifter for all of the
support and work that they’ve done to make the Crypto and
Privacy Village successful this
year [applause] um so uh it was our sixth year and we are now
officially a 501C3 corporation
um or a non profit and I just wanted to say that we are
committed to never taking
corporate sponsorship so you’ll know that when we’re talking
about privacy and cryptography
we will not be um have any sort of conflict of interest um so
follow us on twitter and um
we’re Zant we’re very happy with our space I would like to say
like we felt like we had enough
space this year. So um I’ll I’ll now pass it on to Maya and Kevin
who are uh the Crypto and
Privacy Villages contests leads cause we’re getting big enough
to have that now [laughs]
[applause]>>So um as Whitney said the the gold bug puzzle is
part of Crypto Privacy Village,
it’s the fourth year that the puzzle has been running it’s a
cryptography based puzzle hunt
if you’re familiar with like a traditional puzzle hunt um so
there’s a bunch of different
puzzles that teams can solve, um and they and then they kind of
solve a metapuzzle at the end
which combines all of them together uh it’s the fourth year
of the contest, second year of
black badge, very exciting. Um we also had puzzles for junior
cryptographers available so if
you saw us give you a piece of paper we weren’t you know we
wanted to get you excited about
crypto, um we had everything from you know simple cesar
ciphers, various kinds of
encodings, book ciphers, crosswords, nanograms, uh and
Mandill brought sets and remo
data functions so like the whole the whole gamut of cryptography
is up for play uh and the prize
which I unfortunately don’t have here is also uh a physical
mounted bug like an actual
beetle uh that we that our that our winners get.>>So this year
we had a really good showing. We
had two hundred seventy five teams registered uh those two
hundred and seventy five teams
submitted two thousand three hundred and three wrong answers
[laughter] and twenty seven
correct answers>>Woo [laughter]>>So our our winning team solved
eight of the nine puzzles um and
we have here Team Gold Bugs we have a representative>>Woo
>>Why don’t you come up here
[applause] And the, so the BBS that hosts all the puzzles is
going to be online after the
con, so we encourage folks who haven’t had the change to play
the games yet uh to keep going
and remember there’s one left available so who will be the
first to catch the gold bug
>>Right on [applause]>>How are you>>Alright uh some people
want you to capture a packet,
others want you to capture a flag, some just want you do to a
puzzle, um that’s not enough for
this next group um and when I mention their name I expect you
to respond correctly, welcome to
the stage, Hack the Planet, HACK THE PLANET! [applause]>>Let’s
do that again, hack the
motherf**kin’ planet [laugher]>>[from audience] Hack the
planet!>>Uh my name’s Bryson um
the ICS Village started about six years ago with just a couple
of us, I think in the real
hacker tradition of just putting some shit together and bringing
it here, and they kept
tolerating us doing that we kept coming back year after year um
we also just incorporated this
year as a nonprofit so we’re now a 501C3 with the mission of
providing education awareness
around critical infrastructure security um and we also have to
put on a CTF um our CTF
represents over three thousand hours of work with over a
hundred challenges um one
special callout is one of the challenges has um involved a
level of exploitation that over
a thousand folks over three years have never been able to
solve until today um so that is
uh the i toaster uh you can follow it on twitter he talks a
lot of shit [DT laughs] um and
with that uh I don’t have a- am I supposed to give like a black
badge or something? Oh Um if any
of you know me I usually am just told what to do and then I say
it so I’m now going to not give
the black badge but instead recognize third place with Pwnie
IP [applause] second place
Butter Overflow [applause] and then the team that truly hacked
the planet, Team Clarity
[applause]>>WOO! [applause}>>Thank you I’m intimidated by
your glove>>You don’t know
where it’s been>>I don’t. Thanks, thanks. Are you up?
>>Alright yeah um I think even
though these guys are are super new to this, you probably know
who they are um. Oh look,
there’s Dungeons! It’s not them. Where? It is a Dumpster Fire
alright um anyway like I said
you probably know who they are they’ve been doing it for twenty
five years, Hacker Jeopardy.
[applause]>>[with audience] Don’t f**k it up! don’t f**k it
up! don’t f**k it up! don’t f**k
it up! [laughter] Dear lord, hey everybody I’m Lintel, you know
me as the people of the cause
pan hacker jeopardy twenty five years ago>>It’s his fault
>>Jeff asked when>>Him and me
drinking twenty five years ago>>Grandpa comes with me
everywhere we go but uh [laughs]
>>Doesn’t make me a grandfather>>[laughs] But uh this year uh
we had a contest at other cons
as a precursor to DefCon, TourCon, ThoughtCon, DerbyCon,
Hacking Paris, so it was an
international competition. Everybody came here not to f**k
it up on the stage in Las Vegas
uh the only casualty is I have to report are one team that
didn’t show up mentally and the
ceiling which was much too low um yeah [laughter] we were the
other ones, sorry about that,
hope the insurance policy covers it. Uh without any uh further
adieu I will uh give you your
twenty fifth anniversary hacker jeopardy champion, the Church of
Wifi [applause]>>I just wanna
say um we did this for Tuna uh pouring one out would actually
be a sin in the church so, this
one’s for him [applause]>>Woo>>Not even gonna try to guess
what’s on the next slide, I’m
over it. Whatever. It’s all good um so I believe if memory serves
me correctly [laughs] that these
guys have done this contest, this is the second year um I
actually have several people
come up to me to tell me specifically about um how great
it had been put together um it
ended up on the radar so I met with the organizers, they walked
me through the contest, it’s a
fairly incredible challenge, I’ll let them explain it to you
OpenSOC [applause]>>Thanks a
lot Grifter uh so first off for anybody that uh doesn’t know
about OpenSOC so we are very
humbly located with the uh the new but powerful Blue Team
Village uh it’s the second year
for the village, it’s also the second year for OpenSOC at
DefCon but it’s actually our
first year as an official DefCon contest so we couldn’t be more
excited to be recognized as a
black badge contest this year. Um So so a little bit about
OpenSOC we are very, very
thrilled to be one of the probably most defensive focused
competitions here at DefCon um
we are a live fire incident response and threat con
simulation, we have a gigantic
virtualized corporate environment with everything you
could imagine under the sun from
simulated users, email, internet, the whole nine, and
then of course, many many back
to back nation state adversaries just wreaking havoc in this
environment and what we do is we
turn several open source threat hunt platforms over to what
ended up being nearly six
hundred of you um to understand what was taking place inside the
environment so essentially, it’s
a SOC. And the reason we call it OpenSOC is because we very
proudly put open source tools at
the forefront of this project, so every single one of the
platforms that our participants
used, Graylog, Kolide, OSquery, OSsec uh these are all open
source tools so the participants
are getting real hands on experience with the amount of
the incredible amount of
visibility we can deploy in environments with little to no
investment and uh and track, no
kidding, nation state adversaries. So a cool really a
few really awesome stats, so if
anyone here has ever worked a uh an incident response with a
nontrivial threat actor you know
how much time can go into something like that, right? I
mean, anywhere from forty eight
to seventy two hours, I mean, days, weeks. We had twelve of
those types of breaches in this
environment at DefCon. Our participants spend up to thirty
one consecutive hours working
through intrusions in this environment, we had two hundred
and forty eight teams. Five
hundred and seventy players. Can you imagine the kind of elastic
stack you need to support five
hundred consecutive players? It was uh, it was a beast. I
couldn’t have done it without a
very large team of uh awesome folks, threat analysts, security
architects, you name it, I’ve
got a lot of support to make this happen but uh honestly we
wanna really thank the Blue Team
Village for giving us a really awesome place to run this event
and uh most of all I wanna thank
all of the nearly six hundred people that gave us almost their
entire con to sit there and play
through our scenarios, it was incredible. Um, so our
finalists, we took the top
fifteen teams from the general category we let them play
through two nation state actors,
Fin7 and APT34 and they ran through two simultaneous
intrusions and uh we had some
incredible stats so I’ll just go ahead and start with uh our
number three team was Brute
Force with seventeen hundred and thirty five points, did an
incredible job with only three
team members. Second place, Should Have Slept In, with
eighteen hundred and sixty
points with only two team members, and then our first
place, our first place, with
five team members, two thousand ninety points, Walmart Greeters.
[applause][cheering] Now there’s
one more thing that I wanna cover because it’s very near and
dear to my heart and the hearts
of many others that are here with me on stage and those of
you that are in the crowd with
the Blue Team Village I want to mention a uh a member of the
Blue Team Village, the inaugural
year, last year un Nolan Berry, some of you may know him as
Devnull, uh Nolan’s no longer
with us, he passed away this year and so we did several
things to commemorate the memory
of Nolan including the uh the badges that you probably see a
lot of Blue Team Village members
wearing, but we also had a custom scenario in OpenSOC
called NutrinoCannon and what we
did was we took many different awesome aspects of Nolan’s life,
including his previous role as a
DNS architect for Rackspace so we used DNS for our C2 mechanism
and we took many other awesome
attributes of Nolan’s life and we rolled it into this scenario
and we let six hundred of you
play through it and enjoy an incident response intrusion
where you’re getting to
commemorate a really awesome hacker in this community that we
are all very missing uh this
year. So that’s all I have, thank you so much. [applause]
>>Yeah [laughter] [applause]
[laughter]>>Oh [laughter]>>Thank you>>Good to see you
man>>Alright um anything can be
on this next slide I’m going to go with uh who is standing near
the stage uh so uh this next
contest has been uh a part of the contests and events uh
family for several years uh
they’ve been a black badge contest for several years and
that’s because, they bring it.
And they also bring it in a way that includes as many people as
humanly possible, the challenges
are highly technical to um the absurd um so if players get
stuck on something they can
essentially pass and move on to something else um they just
might not like what they get uh
this year I walked by and there were people doing burpees and
situps and pushups and I was
like what the hell is that? And they’re like, they’re hacking
fitness [laughter] Warl0ck
Gam3z. [applause]>>Hello DefCon. It’s been an awesome
year, it’s been an amazing time.
SO this year for Warl0ck Gam3z we did incorporate uh hack
fitness, five events, total of
three hundred points where basically you could do push-ups,
sit-ups, do a full plank, wall
sit, burpees that kinda thing for as much as you can for two
minutes and we actually had some
pretty interesting participants that came along and uh it kinda
went a little bit slow in the
beginning, I think folks were kinda figuring out what it was,
what to do, and then it just
took off and it was literally busy the entire time that we
were there, literally. Line,
ready to go, next person ready to go, doing two at a time,
sometimes three at a time, just
to get everybody through and they were doing great. The
highest score that we got out of
this and we actually had uh three of them was two hundred
and ninety points the folks came
through and they did these exercises and it was fantastic.
So that hack fitness was part of
the overall Warl0ck Gam3z CTF so we have the physical challenge
of lock picks, we do mindless
things like putting Legos together for speed uh and then
we have the packet analysis,
forensics, malware analysis, reverse engineering binaries,
those kinds of things. The teams
that you see standing here behind me were our third uh
three teams they were our
finalists. In third place we had F2TC with a score, forty eight
sixty four [applause] our second
place team is Ambush with thirty nine thirty four>>Wow!
[applause]>>And it was a fierce
competition literally right down to the very end taking all
things into account our
finalist, PTFS with fifty two ninety four, congratulations,
that’s our black badge winner
[applause] so I’d like to say thank you very much to Grifter,
DT thank you, DefCon in general,
Be fit, stay healthy, stay strong, we look forward to
seeing you at DefCon28
[Applause]>>Yeah! Woo!>>Right on [DT laughs]>>Alright uh the
next contest doesn’t really need
any introduction I will make a comment though about the fact
that this year any contest that
wasn’t located in a village we had at Planet Hollywood, right?
We had a contest stage out there
on the mezzanine, we had the contest area just packed with
all different kinds of contests
and events, um this particular contest we put as close to the
casino as possible um, Capture
the Flag [laughs] [applause]>>Hello hackers!>>Woo!>>Woo!
>>We are the order of the
overflow, we’re back, this is our second year hosting DefCon
CTF and it is an honor to be
here talking to all of you again, last year you might
remember uh I was barely
coherent from sleep deprivation, this year’s a little better. So,
we are as last year, still a
bunch of noobs, hackers, engineers, professors, and
really very silly people for
agreeing to do this uh even though it is incredibly uh
touching that we were given this
trust uh as as silly as that was um our first DefCon CTF hosting
experience last year, we ruled
the CTF with an iron fist, surveillance was everywhere,
cyber citizens were punished
harshly for any missteps, and the world was fully secure
except for the huge amount of
insane hacks carried out by rebel factions among the teams.
In the year since then we’ve
started looking to the future, we have filled our hearts with
hope for humanity and we have
decided to lead these hackers into the future into a world
without security
vulnerabilities. We could not do this without the support of a
lot of people, first of all Dark
Tangent, thank you>>You’re welcome>>You’re incredible. The
goons, thank you so much for
hosting this event, DefCon in helping us host this small event
DefCon CTF inside it uh the
prior DefCon organizer, so as you know DefCon organizers swap
out every couple of years, our
the prior DefCon organizers LegitBS gave us a lot of wisdom
and help uh to help make this
event a success, our families who haven’t seen us almost at
all in a very long time and uh
hope to see us at least sleeping next week, and our friends, who
couldn’t be here, you’re seeing
part of the order of the overflow behind me uh we also
have Dr. Tiffany Bow who is in
China at the moment, maybe she thought this was DefCon China
weekend, uh and we have Jackie,
Debbie, and Jamie, back at ASU who made this possible for us to
do. So I was supposed to say all
that to that slide I don’t see the slide anyways>>It’s right
there, yeah>>Oh brilliant,
alright, so I’ll talk a bit about how uh the teams show up
at DefCon because you can’t have
a CTF without the top hackers in the world so uh we as previous
years decided to make five top
events around the world pre qualifiers uh plus uh DefCon CTF
from last year um these events
all over the world, some of the best events in CTF, you should
go and play them over the next
year and join the teams up on stage, up on the contest area we
also ran our own uh CTF
qualifiers in which we created a new category for DefCon CTF
called fire speed run, we
watched some uh amazing hackers solve challenges as quickly as
five minutes from release which
was incredible to see and using this we amassed a group of
participants that represented
some of the best hackers on the planet, out of the one thousand
two hundred teams that
participated on our on our qualifiers, estimated twenty
thousand hackers participating
in the qualifiers, we invited sixteen teams to join us here at
DefCon finals, this is them in
alphabetical order, they’re incredible. As I announce the
results please remember that
these are the best hackers on the planet well plus all of you,
but these are the best hackers
on the planet that also decided to show up to the CTF so even
though last plat- place team
they’re incredible, they are the last place team at the Olympics
and of course it only gets even
cooler from there. Mention quickly about the challenges, we
had a lot of firsts this year uh
we decided to focus on cutting edge challenges uh and
espectatability so we had some
very interesting things, we had I think the first attack defense
challenge running on iOS of a
iphone not cisco fame, we had an attack defense challenge that
was a machine learning
classifier, we had a king of the hill challenge where we handed
out the original xbox to all the
teams and had them go at it on a crazy patched up version of
Doom. Of course all the network
cheating, all the binary patching that they can imagine.
Uh we had a challenge running on
a lisp machine created in the 1980s or in an emulator there of
uh we have we had a lot of
really crazy stuff and the teams really hit it hard, they hacked
nonstop from ten AM friday to
one PM today, they gave it their best, so we’ll move on to
announcing how they did. So
these are the uh eleven teams that placed sixth through
sixteenth, from all over the
world, really great hackers like I said but of course we’re all
interested to see how people did
in the top five, so let’s see. In fifth place, mhackeroni
[applause] from Italy. In fourth
place, A*O*E* from China [applause], in third place, and
now they will start coming up,
Tea Deliverers from China [applause], good job, good job,
good job. Get out of here.
[laughter]>>Woo!>>In second place, one of the heavy hitters
of DefCon CTF and the CTF
community worldwide, awesome team, HITCON and BFKinesis,
hailing from Taiwan [applause] a
baby! I thought they were babies. Good job guys, good job,
high five!>>Big team!>>In
first place, hailing from the United States, multitime CTF
champions, the Plaid Parliament
of Pwning [applause]>>Congratulations!
Congratulations>>The Plaid
Parliament of Pwning of course, as every year, the winner does,
wins eight black badges and
eight custom DefCon leather jackets and eternal glory
[laughter] So congratulations!
[applause] Thank you for coming by and watching, rooting for
these guys, whoever else, it is
an honor hosting this year, and we hope to see you again and
have some awesome stuff for you
next year, thank you!>>Oh you’re releasing [applause]
>>Oh! As always, we are
releasing everything, the full data set, pcaps, flags
submissions, logs, gigabytes,
and gigabytes of insane stuff uh after we get a little bit of
sleep and scrub some unreleased
challenges from uh the database and you’ll see it all on our
Twitter and on the DefCon
website>>Thank you>>Thank you all! [applause]>>thank you,
thank you guys, congratulations,
thanks, thanks, thanks, I have something for you [laughter]
>>DT, DT!>>I already have one
>>I have one, thank you>>Back tomorrow [off mic chatter]
>>[crowd chants] RAFFLE! RAFFLE!
RAFFLE! RAFFLE!>>Oh, wait, wait, look what I’ve got in
here.>>Awkward>>[laughter] Oh
I think I’ve got it, I think I might. [rubber chicken squawks]
Where? I had a um I had the uh a
winning black badge from the uh counterfeit badge contest I
thought maybe you could
[laughter]>>Yes!>>Woo!>>Okay I wanna thank everybody that
made this possible, you see a
lot of departments here, um everybody is a small piece of
the whole, some work all year
round, some are just on site, but I just wanna have everybody
give it up for everybody who has
made this possible [applause]>>Okay, okay yeah>>Hey hey,
[chicken squawks loudly into
microphone] [laughter] Zant’s wondering how many people who
are here by show of hands did
not make it to a village? Wow not that>>How many did not make
it to Planet Hollywood or
Flamingo?>>Alright!>>Woo!>>Okay so we do something every
year just like we have black
badges that get you in for life, if you serve as a goon
successfully [laughter] um for
ten years uh you get a gold badge and that’s sort of the,
the goon’s version of the uber
badge it gets you in uh for life for all that you’ve contributed,
all the time you’ve put in to
making the conference happen so um one of the goon uh gold badge
uh recipients this year is gonna
by Pyro uh he’s put in way more than ten years [applause]
[cheering]>>Stand up if you
know Pyro>>I don’t have the badge. I don’t have the actual
badge, I don’t have [cheering]
[chicken squawks]>>Thank you all DefCon, did everybody have
an amazing time?! [cheering] I
will be back as a human next year! [DT laughs] [cheering]
well I guess technically gold
badge isn’t human but thank you all very, very much for
everything that you have all
ever done um thank you for your attendance we, we couldn’t do
this without you obviously we
come and do this for you, and, and thank you very much to all
of the goons who have worked
with me over all the years supporting contests and events,
workshops, registration,
parties, and everything else, you guys are really what’s kept
me here this long and and I just
I can’t thank you all enough, thank you so much>>I love you
Pyro [applause] [chicken
squawks] [laughter]>>Yeah! Kill them! [laughter] what the hell
was that?! It was like a>>Who
was that?>>Attack>>Inflatable>>And then finally we have the
back end staff the the uh the
DefCon HQ uh that’s me, Nikita, Janet, Niel, Linda, Will,
Darrington, and all the
department heads uh that deal with this uh planning all year
round. But as we talked about
earlier um all good things must come to an end and>>DefCon’s
cancelled!>>DefCon is cancelled
>>DefCon’s cancelled!>>DefCon’s cancelled!>>Much like, much
like the uber raffle, yeah
DefCon is cancelled. So uh we only knew this hotel for one
brief year, but next year we’re
moving. Moving to what we hope to be our home for quite awhile
which is the Caesar’s Forum. Not
the Caesars Forum’s shop, the Caesar’s Forum, that’s not
confusing is it?>>Yes!>>Yes!
>>It’s still not up on the screen [laughs]>>Oh the- will
you put it on the screen please?
[laughter] Okay there we go, the Caesar’s Forum, which is a giant
whole in the ground next door
where they’re building the largest structure without a
pillar in the room in North
America. And it will be connected to three hotels, um
and that ho- it’s like I think
it’s the LINQ, Flamingo, and Harrah’s. So those three hotels
combined with our new megaspace
should provide us uh really in- uh some room to grow uh more
flexible space and by the way
it’s happening next year, eighth to the eleventh in twenty
twenty, registration opens on
Monday, um and we really hope to see you there, we’re taking
feedback, we’re trying to
improve the con, and something we didn’t mention earlier, who
here remembers the DefCon forums
from years ago?>>Yes!>>Woo!>>Okay so they died for awhile,
a year and a half or two, and
the forums are back, and if you wanna provide us feedback, if
you wanna ask questions to the
workshop uh instructors, if you wanna give us uh drop your docs
on how you solved a challenge,
we’re collecting it all there so we have a repository, so for
example, all of the cheats and
wins for the badge are posted there from every historical year
um so jump on the forums>>Your
dates are wrong>>My dates are wrong, who did that?>>Wasn’t my
fault>>It’s the sixth, it’s the
sixth right?>>Yeah, yeah>>K don’t don’t get off that slide
sixth through ninth, you didn’t
see that slide, sixth through ninth>>Don’t f**k it up
>>Didn’t see that, do it live
>>Don’t f**k it up [laughter]>>Whew>>Drink, drink drink!
>>Alright>>Just edit the slide
>>Just edit the slide? No [laughter] Okay, with that, I
would like to officially call
DefCon 27 to a close, thank you very much and we’ll see you next
year [applause]

Michael Martin

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