The Complete Moderate’s Guide to Immigration

So, what makes you think you’re entitled
to citizenship? What have you done to earn it? …This sounds awfully familiar. Citizenship is a privilege, we don’t grant
it to people because they think they deserve it. What have you done for the United States? Join the Mobile Infantry today and save the
world. Service guarantees citizenship. Would you like to know more? This video is brought to you by Brilliant. The Constitution gives Congress the power
to make rules about who is allowed to become a citizen, in a process known as naturalization. The first law to address this was the Naturalization
Act of 1790. You had to live in the United States for two
years, live in your current state for one year, and… be a free white person of good
moral character. That’s how we started. So when the Constitution says We the People
and guarantees them certain rights, they’re talking about free white persons of good moral
character. Over the centuries that definition has been
expanded, but there have always been people who want to keep it restricted. And when you’re talking about expanding
or restricting, you’re talking about immigration. I am a US citizen, I didn’t have to do anything
to earn it. Were you in the military like my dad and grandfather? Yes… but, luckily for her, we don’t live
in a semi-fascist military Starship Troopers republic-dictatorship federation… so that
doesn’t matter. My parents were citizens and I was born in
the United States. You only need to meet one of those requirements
to be considered a naturally-born citizen. Meaning you were naturalized as soon as you
were born. The Fourteenth Amendment, quite possibly the
most important and overlooked amendment, guarantees birth-right citizenship. It was part of the Recontructrio, a term I
just made up for the three amendments passed after the Civil War that made all recently
freed slaves citizens. Thirty years later, a landmark Supreme Court
case reaffirmed that any child born on US soil to parents who are current residing in
the US are citizens. This is where the term anchor baby comes from,
but we’ll get to that. Wong Kim Ark was Chinese, which the US has
a very long history of excluding from citizenship and immigration. Most notably with the Chinese Exclusion Act
of 1882. Which banned all Chinese immigration in response
to white people on the west coast complaining about depressed wages… this story repeats
itself several times. In 1917 we created the Asian Barred Zone,
which also banned immigration from all of these countries. But all of these were somewhat rolled together
into the Asian Exclusion Act, which was part of the larger Immigration Act of 1924, which
is where our story really begins. Before 1924, we pretty much had open borders,
anyone could come in, which is why there were immigration scares over Chinese people, then
the Irish, then Italian… You can project this forward, we’re having
the same fears over Mexican and Muslim immigration today. The Immigration Act of 1924 created the Border
Patrol and the current visa system, including putting quotas on certain countries. To oversee all of this, in 1933 they created
the Immigration and Naturalization Service, the precursor to ICE. Look, you let me in right now or I call the
INS, comprende? Back in the day, the INS were the ones who
rounded people up and deported them. In 2003, the INS was split into three agencies
under the Department of Homeland Security: Customs and Border Protection, US Citizenship
and Immigration Services, and Immigration and Customs Enforcement, more commonly known
as ICE. So when you say you want to abolish ICE because
it was only created in 2003, you’re technically correct. But we had something for decades before that
which did the exact same thing. We have the most secure border we’ve ever
had. We all know that’s a complete lie. Is it though? We used to have basically no border and now
we have three agencies with several tens of thousands of agents overseeing several hundred
ports of entry and several hundred miles of rather ineffective fencing. She doesn’t say it’s completely 100% secure. She says it’s the most secure we’ve ever
had, which is objectively true… I don’t think you can have a completely
secure- Common sense tells us that securing our borders
would help to stem the tide of individuals entering our country illegally. China began construction of their Great Wall
as early as 600 BC and finished roughly around 1600 AD. Which meant, it has secured China’s borders
for over 2600 years. Here’s just a small list of times China
has been invaded over the last 2600 years. Including the Mongols which were the primary
people they wanted to keep out. So unless you’re proposing building something
even more- This is America’s Great Wall. And it will be fully manned from coast to
coast. 35 feet high and 20 feet wide and 2000 miles
long. Along the border wall we’ll have underground
sensors that are so sensitive that we could hear a mouse dig. We’ll also have motion detectors and infrared
cameras along the south side of the wall. We’ll have guard towers every 25 miles with
a border patrol and sheriff’s station with quick response airports. Okay, even Trump isn’t proposing having
something that over-the-top. What he’s actually proposing is just more
fencing, like what we already have along several hundred miles of our border. What is the problem with the wall anyway? The problem is that a wall, especially one
like what they’re proposing, would be crazy expensive and attempt to solve a problem that
isn’t really as bad as you think. Whenever the economy turns bad, without exception,
we blame immigrants. Politicians stoke fears of job loss and crime
in order get votes. Over 94 million Americans not in the work
force. The number one reason? Illegal aliens. Drug and human smuggling, home invasions,
murder. We’re outmanned of all the illegals in America,
more than half come through Arizona. Have we got the right plan? Plan’s perfect. You bring troops, state, county, and local
law enforcement together. And complete the danged fence. It’ll work this time. Hah, sure it will buddy. That was 2010, illegal border crossings have
gone down, but it’s not because of the still incomplete fence. There are a lot of subtle misconceptions in
that ad that make the problem seem much worse than it really is. The total from 1987 to 2015 is 70 to 120 million
illegals crossing our borders in the last 28 years. Wow, that’s more than a third of the country
then. The US Census Bureau counts illegal immigrants,
as of last year, there are 325 million people in the United States and of that, there are
an estimated 11.5 million “illegals.” Also known as unauthorized or undocumented
immigrants, which is the term I will be using from now on. That number has been falling since 2007 and
only half of them crossed the border illegally. They’re suggesting that there’s an additional,
phantom 50-100 million people living in the US without anybody noticing. You can go to any public school in the United
States where you’ll see who is responsible for new baby boom. It’s not Americans. Holy racism batman! How could we be white supremacists if most
of the 2 million that the president wants to give amnesty to are not white? Did she really just play the how can I be
racist if I have a black friend card but for… DACA? We’ve since granted six additional amnesties
to date. With our government pushing for another amnesty
called DACA. Alright, that we’ve waded through the muck
and discussed some of the background, we can start talking about actual policy. Here in America, there are citizens and a… second class of citizen… Second class citizens? There is no such thing as a second class citizen,
you’re either illegal or a citizen with all the rights and privileges that go along
with it. Including the right to vote and the right
to pay taxes like the rest of us. I honestly don’t know how she can say that
with a straight face. She used to be a judge, she should know that
there are citizens who can’t vote and non-citizens who pay taxes. There are also legal residents of the United
States who are not citizens. This is a green card and it’s given to lawful
permanent residents and it only lasts ten years, which I guess is… permanent. It’s also referred to as a “path to citizenship”
since holders are usually going through the process of naturalization. Most people who have these, get them from
the family-sponsored path rather than the employment-based, but we’ll get to that. Amnesty is when we tell a certain group of
people who are here illegally that they can apply for a legal permanent residency and
get a green card with the assumption that they will eventually become citizens. The Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals,
or DACA, is a kind of amnesty program for a very specific set of undocumented immigrants. So you say c’mon, have a heart, the DREAMers
were born here, this is the only country they know. No, they weren’t, if they were born here
they’d be citizens and that would be the end of it. They’re sometimes referred to as dreamers
because of the DREAM Act, which had the same general purpose and was proposed in 2007 but
didn’t pass. These are children who were brought here illegally
by their parents. They have to have entered the United States
before their 16th birthday, are currently under the age of 31, and entered the country
before June 2007. They also have to prove all of that which
is somewhat difficult for someone who arrived as a child illegally. The DACA narrative though of young high schoolers
about to go to college, in college, or recently graduated looking to contribute to society…
when in point of fact, dreamers are not a highly-educated segment of the US population. According to a study by Harvard researcher
Roberto Gonzales, 21% DACA recipients have dropped out of high school. Yeah, there’s something about being an undocumented
immigrant who can’t legally work that makes people shy away from government sponsored
education. But that doesn’t change the requirements
for DACA. In addition to the age and timeframe requirements,
they also have to be currently enrolled in school, have completed high school or a GED,
or have been honorably discharged from the military. There’s the answer to that “did you serve”
question from earlier. If they dropped out before DACA, in order
to receive DACA, they have to be enrolled now – but are still counted as that 21%
who had previously dropped out. This is her source, I didn’t have to jump
through many hoops to find this information. I hope you’re catching on to the mental
gymnastics taking place here. DACA supporters say that dreamers are no more
likely to commit crimes than US citizens, but according to Crime Prevention Research
Center, illegals in Arizona commit crimes double the rate that US citizens. Okay, first of all, she’s conflating DACA
recipients with all undocumented immigrants. Secondly, depending on your source, undocumented
immigrants are just as or less likely to commit crimes than citizens. The only way for what she said to be true
is if you factor in the illegal entry into the country, in which case they all start
off with one, she’s putting her thumb on the scale a bit. But that doesn’t matter, because in order
to be a DACA recipient, you also cannot have committed any felonies or serious misdemeanors. The standards for DACA along with the $495
application fee, are fairly high, which is why there are currently only 600,000 people
in the program. Here we have President Trump willing to give
almost 2 million illegals amnesty in exchange for a border wall, an end to chain migration,
and the end to the visa lottery. Yet instead of being grateful, they’re indignant. That 2 million number is an estimate of how
many people might be eligible for DACA, but she’s still inflating things a bit. This was her opening monologue after Congress
and the White House failed to make a deal on immigration reform and the budget in January
2018. Note that I said Congress there, not just
Democrats – Republicans control every branch of government, they could have done it if
they had the votes. Trump was offered $25 billion for his border
wall in exchange for DACA, but then he wanted those two other pieces, which caused the deal
to fall apart. Federal courts have ordered that current DACA
recipients be allowed to continue under the program because you can’t go back on deals
made by previous admini… get out of here Iran! They were offered a legal status, you can’t
just take it back. One of the things Trump wanted to eliminate
that caused the deal to fall apart was the visa lottery, officially known as the Diversity
Immigrant Visa Program. It was started by Bush Senior in 1990 and
grants lawful permanent residency to 50,000 people each year. In order to be eligible, your country cannot
have sent more than 50,000 immigrants in the last five years. Here is a list of all the countries ineligible
for the visa lottery… there should be one or two that stand out to you. It’s designed to promote diversity by saying
we have enough immigrants from those places, so let’s mix it up a bit. I hate to draw this comparison, but you know
how whenever someone suggests banning assault weapons again and the common response is that
assault weapons only account for some small percentage of all gun deaths each year? The Visa Lottery only accounts for 4% of all
legal immigration. The next smallest piece of the immigration
pie comes from refugees at 13%. Remember the Travel Ban from last year? Does the ban have anything to do with religion? How did the president decide the seven countries? I understand the permanent ban on the refugees-
Okay. Okay talk to me. I’ll tell you the whole history of it. When he first announced it he said Muslim
Ban, he called me up, he said put a commission together, show me the right way to do it legally. I don’t want to get into whether it was
a Muslim Ban or not, that’s what he called it, and it was definitely targeted at specific
people from specific countries. But yeah, it didn’t ban all Muslims from
everywhere… even though that’s what he wanted. Donald J. Trump is calling for a total and
complete shutdown of Muslims entering the United States. What he did accomplish, after a few court
rulings and executive orders, was to stop all immigration from seven countries, halted
the refugee program for 120 days, and reduced the number of refugees we would accept into
the country to 50,000. A refugee is someone who is displaced due
to an ongoing war or violence or is fleeing political persecution. Do you at this time have any fear of returning
to your own country? No. Establishing fear of return in the first step
in obtaining refugee status. The second requirement in the US is that you
belong to one of five protected groups: race, religion, nationality, political opinion,
or a particular social group. That last one is a bit of a catch-call as
you might imagine. Gender or sexual orientation don’t appear
on this list and historically fall into that last category. And third, the government must be involved
in or unable to control that persecution. Refugees are probably the most vetted group
of people on the planet. A refugee is someone who has already been
determined to have ticked all three boxes by either the UNHCR, which oversees refugees
around the world, or the receiving country, in this case the US. An asylum seeker is someone who flees to a
country first and then requests refugee status. Once someone has been accepted as a refugee
or asylum seeker, they cannot be forced to go home, but they do have the choice to go
home if they wish. That’s part of international law that the
United States has ratified and agreed to, you can’t send them back. By far the largest portion of the immigration
pie comes from Chain Migration, officially called family-sponsored immigration, accounting
for 67% of all legal immigration. If you are a citizen and you go to another
country and marry someone, they get to come back with you. If you have a kid with that person first,
and then come back, that kid is automatically a US citizen, because you are. But if you divorce your spouse, your spouse
can stay because of their relationship to that citizen. So now we’re back to talking about anchor
babies. If you come to the United States illegally
and have a child, that child is a US citizen, and by your relationship to that US citizen,
you can stay. Two thirds of all family-sponsored immigration
is due to a direct, immediate family relationship to a US citizen. When people complain about Chain Migration,
they make it sound like aunts and uncles and cousins all get to come over too, which just
isn’t the case. There are a few rare exceptions, but it’s
not as prevalent as you might think. Spouses and children are a given, we all understand
that part and that’s the vast majority. Parents make sense if you’re under 20 or
they’re elderly dependents. But these people don’t automatically become
citizens, they get a green card and can go through the process if they choose. That process is not easy, by the way. Among many requirements, they have to have
had a green card for five years and they have to be able to read, write, and speak English. This is a country where we speak English,
not Spanish. This is Alabama, we speak English. If you wanna live here, learn it. English, mother f**ker, do you speak it?! It’s already a requirement that if you want
to be a citizen, you have to know English, I don’t know why this myth persists. They also have to take a test in US History
and Government, which includes this question… which one third of US citizens cannot answer… What the f-
12% of our immigration comes from temporary nonimmigrant visas. This is also where the other half of our illegal
immigration comes from, people who entered the country legally, went through passport
control and customs and everything, and then just stayed. No border wall is going to stop them. If you’re coming from one of these countries,
you don’t need a visa at all if you’re only staying for less than 90 days. But if you do need a visa, there are currently
88 different kinds. For just about every letter of the alphabet
and several combinations of letters. A is for diplomats; A1 being the diplomat,
A2 is their family, and A3 is anyone who works for them. B is for temporary travel for business or
pleasure… I’m not going to through all of them, but
the ones you probably care about most are student visas, which are F class, and temporary
workers who are H class. The most popular of which is the H-1B visa,
which allows US employers to hire foreign workers in specialty occupations. These aren’t temporary migrant farm workers,
that’s a different visa. There are about 250,000 approved each year,
and by far the most people who receive them, more than all other countries combined, are
from India. Most of these people work in the tech industry. But there’s another class that you may have
heard of, the O class, for people with exceptional ability in the sciences, education, business,
or athletics; OR the arts, motion picture, or television industry. Olympic athletes, musicians, actors and actresses,
all classify as having extraordinary ability. Along with scientists and Nobel prize winners. How can you increase your chances of getting
an extraordinary ability visa? By going to Brilliant has a number of courses in math
and science that could help you understand these concepts and increase your chances at
getting that genius visa. Knowing Better is not an immigration lawyer…
but it couldn’t hurt. Want to know how solar energy works? That’s a growing field that could use a
few more brilliant minds, heh get it? Or maybe you’re a politician who needs to
be swayed on the idea. They also have courses in computer science
if you want to get one of those H1-B visas, or maybe you’re already a citizen who doesn’t
want your job to be outsourced. What have you done to earn it? So go to to get
started, the first 200 people to use this link will get 20% off, and you’ll be supporting
the channel when you do. Knowledge guarantees citizenship. Again, Knowing Better is not an immigration
lawyer… but it couldn’t hurt. Immigration is a rather hot button issue in
America and around the world. And it has a lot of racist undertones and
dogwhistles. We’ve all heard the quotes by our current
president, so I won’t repeat them here, but when he talks about ending chain migration
or the visa lottery, the people listening to him have a specific skin tone in mind. Despite the fact that family sponsored migration
mostly only applies to US citizens and no country in Central America is eligible for
the lottery. Only 74% of DACA recipients are from Mexico
or Central America, which about the same percentage of the total undocumented immigrants. I somehow doubt he wants to expel the 26%
that come from other countries. Despite what you may have heard, illegal immigration
has been on the decline over the last ten years, especially when it comes to crossing
the border. Unless you believe in some sort of conspiracy… Engaged in a campaign to mislead the American
people into believing that our borders were secure and manipulated the data on the border
patrol apprehension chart from 2000 to 2016. Instead of arresting 1.6 million illegal aliens
per year, they have only been arresting 333,000 per year. Yeah, it’s definitely not because after
9/11 we changed things and created several new agencies or anything… The requirements and costs of legal immigration,
along with the fact that people from several countries can’t even apply, should help
you understand why some people choose to take the more dangerous, illegal path. Regardless of what you think of these people,
they are still people. So let’s have this debate with a little
more understanding of what these programs, their limitations, and their numbers actually
are, because now, you know better. I’m not going to ask what program or issues
you think we should end because I know you’re going to tell me already, along with reassuring
yourself that you’re not racist. I’d like to give a shout out to my newest
legendary patron, Joseph. If you’d like to be on this list, head over
to, and don’t forget to naturalize that subscribe button,
follow me on twitter and facebook, and join us on the subreddit.

Michael Martin

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  29. OMG. The Great Wall of China argument is so dumb! People who make that argument have no knowledge of history!

    The wall was NOT built on the border. It was built well within the border, sort of like the last defence against invasion. Conceptually it's more similar to the walls of city states of medieval Europe, than current concepts of borders.

    Farmers, merchants, herders etc would regularly cross the wall for economic activities. When they did that, they didn't leave their countries and return. Farmers didn't tend to fields outside of their country and return home to their country daily. They left the security of the walled in cities for economic activities, not their country. Again, just like in city states of medieval Europe.

  30. A problem only I care about: the wall would cut off animals being able to mate with their own species from across the border leading to possible bottlenecking with already scarce species such as the Mexican wolf

  31. I haven't listened anything past the first 14 seconds at this point but I am a U.S. citizen because my mama popped me out in Queens. Maybe that doesn't bother people because both my parents are black/african american? Or maybe them being such bother them for other reasons. I guess it only matters if they weren't born in the U.S. Being a U.S. citizen is not a privilege if the people born here to parents who were born here without question aren't…………….questioned. So let's stop.

  32. Sorry! Couldn't watch this video to the end. I had to go puke when the bitch showed up the third time. 🤢🤮

  33. No I think when the voice over says 70-120m enter in and out like walk freely back and fourth which isn't bad lol 28years at 70m that's roughly 6850 people either walk in or out per day is that even anything? ,😂😂 How many people cross in through ports or ports of entry …lol wtf

  34. "Earning Citizenship" as this Judge-Lady said is such an absurd concept. It would only make sense if all people who live inside the country have to earn it. And as someone who is not an US-citizen it makes even less sense since the US is, y'know, kind of build on immigration.
    But what do i know. Germany has blood right.

  35. The idea that convicted felons can not vote is erroneous. There is no federal law that says convicted felons can not vote. It is a state by state decision. In my state Michigan felons can vote in all elections local and federal.

  36. Why does that lady look like a muppet. Seriously, she looks like Janice from Electric Mayhem, and not a human version of her, either.

  37. In know this video is a bit old but I fail to see how this is a moderate view on immigration. It looks more left leaning than anything that looks right leaning. In my opinion a border wall would realistically reduce illegal traffic flow. Especially if new technology like cameras and sensors are used. And direct more flow through actual check points. And that there should be more enforcement of immigration laws and deportation. But there should also be immigration reform to make the process alot more easier and not as complex and costly like it is today.
    As for Daca and a reasonable amount of illegal immigrants should be granted a path to citizenship but to be placed in the back of the ques. But we can't have Immigration reform until we have boarder security. We tried that in the 80s-90s (not actual immigration reform but a pathway to citizenship for a group of illegal immigrants at the time.) And it failed because (many reasons not just one) we failed to secure the border afterwards.

    I think that's a more moderate view.

  38. This entire argument is a strawman bullshit show. It's propagated by a moron who can't face the term illegal immigrant which BTW is the legal nomenclature in all official departments of government. Sorry snowflake, you never get to declare anything as illegitimate when your own people came to the US as anchor babies during WWII.

  39. I love when morons have no real life experience and argue things from total ignorance. Hey I just went to a soccer game in LA and you know what 18,000 salvadorans broke out into a riot. The game before and after, no salvadorans and no riots either! Just a coincidence? NO! Illegals are the root cause of criminality in the USA, face facts you mental midget shill. In LA alone we have 50,000 confirmed members of MS13 who'd just as willfully cut your head off as they would shake your hand. You need to get your head out of your ass you uneducated twit! Your marxist communism is fapping as hard as your gay flag.

  40. Funny fact about immigration testing on the street, they specifically pull people from pools where there are few natural citizens. So what he argues at 16:40 is completely invalid. Legitimate Americans know it and if someone is tested at age 18 and they can't pass they shouldn't be allowed to stay in the US even if they were born here. Most nations don't have birthright citizenship and the US should abolish it too. The last thing we need are more pro-communist retard slackers who don't know how shit works. So again invalid point and yet another strawman bullshit fest!

  41. Ahright, I'll hang out for a few; seems you are at least diligent. Let's see if you're sincere in your motive of increasing understanding, or merely in it for the views (=the money).

  42. Ya know, I love how you simply joke about jobs being outsourced during your advertisement because that's such a funny, minor thing. Just a minor change from having record-high employment. Nothing to touch on any deeper here, let alone expand on how illegal immigrants also take jobs from actual americans. 1 job held by an undocumented person is 1 job an american can't have. There's COUNTLESS non-english speaking hispanics in my area, so am I to assume they all are here legally, paying taxes and all the rest just as I do? Oh what's that? They get paid under the table for the same labor work I and many others around here do? Huh, it's almost like immigration has an impact on the economy after all. Shocking.

  43. Its a strange state of mind to think a huge proportion of the US population is actually just racists who are hiding their racism or being subliminally racist.

  44. How is this video considered "moderate" in any sense?
    Every single point he brought up leaned in fovor of looser immigration laws.
    And how on Earth did he manage do give the correct definition of anchor babies without admitting that it's insane.

  45. You know how Trump preaches about how he wants to end family chain migration, specifically grand parents. Guess who's parents Trump sponsored to immigrate here…

  46. Surely the immigration question is easy you just do it like Australia do and if you aren't an island you secure the border really tight and make it easy for people to legally apply and have a cap on the amount everybody surely is happy with that right

  47. If passing down political power through inheritance is bad, why is birthright citizenship, which controls a voting rights, legal?

  48. Easy fix, let them all in. But no free shit. Problem solved. If you don't want ants, don't sprinkle sugar on the floor.

  49. Immigration undermines, degrades, dilutes, and devalues the protections and privileges enjoyed by citizens.

    The employment of illegal migrants by huge dairy farm owners has led to irrevocably harm to tens of thousands of small family sized dairy farmers. Many have suffered great financial hardship and been forced to sell their cows and farms. The smaller farmers have suffered milk prices well below the cost of production as the huge farm owners flooded the market with milk produced using low wage illegal migrants. These migrants have allowed MEGA dairy owners to lower their labor cost giving the large producers an unfair competitive advantage. This in turn has allowed them to ignore market signals to slow or stop production. In fact this readily available cheap labor supply has encourage the large producers to expand thus worsening the supply/demand issue and overproduction of milk. Bankers have benefited from this illicit labor and immoral hiring practice by making loans to expanding MEGA dairies. Processors and retailers also have used the low milk prices to pad their profits while farmers suffer. This explains why these industry groups and their mouth pieces have and continue to push the narrative that "farmers" need migrants to do jobs that Americans will not do. What they refuse to acknowledge is that Americans use to gladly do this work when a lawful and fair market existed and would gladly do so again if lawfulness was restored so the market functioned correctly and they could receive a fair price for their milk production and market wages for their labor.

    The blame lies with the business owners and investors that hire Illegal migrants and encourage them to come here. The harshest penalties should be directed at those who engage in the treasonous acts of hiring migrants and/or facilitating their arrival and staying here.

    People who falsely claim that "few Americans will do these jobs" always leave out the second part of that premise. And that is "at the low wages I feel I am entitled to get laborers for." Mike Rowe’s show “Dirty Jobs” debunks that entire narrative. And just because market rates for wages maybe higher than a MEGA dairy owner wishes or can afford in a narrow margin business doesn’t make them unfair or anything else. It just means the business owner needs to refine his business plan or possibility exit the business if he cannot make the numbers work. It is not an excuse to devalue other people in a country.

    There is absolutely nothing racist about demanding that our immigration laws be followed nor pointing out the damage that is being done to America's small dairy farmers and American workers by an open border and an unlimited flood of migrants. The MEGA dairies will milk as many cows as they can find labor to do so and that Labor pool should be limited to U.S. citizens. By importing or enticing cheaper foreign labor here they are lowering their cost thus giving themselves an unfair competitive advantage and the ability to undercut smaller family sized dairy farms, flooding our milk market and devaluing the return to family labor and capital, and thus suppressing wages both for paid employees and "unpaid" family members and farm owners. Without a cheap foreign labor force the MEGA dairies would not exist as they presently do. The sole purpose of a country is to ensure protections and privileges for one group of people "citizens" and exclude another group of people "non-citizens" from those same protections and privileges. Immigration undermines, degrades, dilutes, and devalues the protections and privileges enjoyed by citizens. So, when a MEGA dairy owner claims he thinks he has a right to migrant labor what he is really saying is that he thinks he has the right to devalue the privileges and protections enjoyed by every other U.S. citizen in order to greedily enrich himself. There is nothing racist about it.

  50. I gave it a thumbs down because of your misunderstanding and misinterpretation of the 14th amendment regarding birthright citizenship. You are ignoring the clause about "and under the jurisdiction of the US." Simply being on US soil was never intended to confer citizenship to the babies of foreigners. No other country in the world has birthright citizenship.

  51. How the fuck are actresses and actors considered to have extraordinary abilities??? Clearly our society is well past its prime and is in need of a "readjustment".

  52. Another terrible video! Please go read the notes on who is limited on the birthright citizenship… It's very clear what the intentions were.

  53. 22-36 million illegal aliens and it doesn't effect American workers at all… Right? Lmao this channel is a joke. There's actual research on this subject btw… While you're talking out of your butt….

  54. No one is saying that there are 120 million illegal immigrants here right now… That's how many crossed the border.

    They go back and forth

    There are between 22-36 million illegal aliens here now. Which aligns with the GAO data so of you're saying there are less then you're admitting that illegal aliens are simply far more violent.

    So you can decide what you believe there.

    But no one in their right mind believes its still 11.5 million. Therefore we know far less than half are visa overstays… There are 4.5 million visa overstays.

    It's like everything you did in this video is half assed.

    This channel has alot of confidence but the confidence lies in the pure ignorance you're spewing.

  55. Just some random piece of info: The great wall of China is actually a shitton of walls securing their border, built over several centuries and comissioned by different people entirely. If the inital part would've been inefficient it wouldn't have been expanded on so vastly.
    Also, the problem with current migration is that these people come from different cultures and don't even try to assimilate to local culture. I live in a workers district in my town and parents with their kids (usually just the moms because it's muslims and why would their dad take care of kids, right?) sit on the playground and don't speak the local language. My brother goes to one of the more prestigious high schools of our town and only half the kids speak our language properly. Half the imprisoned people have migrational background.
    Those are problems that are new.

    Just my two cents

  56. I'm missing the bar on this. Back in the early 1900s we let immigrants in because we needed blue collar workers some would also say legal slaves. Now we have more of a technical economy. There isn't as much blue collar work out there as there once was. A lot of that type of work is now done in foreign countries where manufacturing is cheaper. This is a service / technical economy. I personally don't care who comes into the country as long as we do background checks. But it would be nice to see us Legend more educated immigrants. Lord knows we have enough idiots in this country. Some r even college-educated. They are book smart but don't have any common sense.

  57. RE: Speaking English. I can attest from personal experience that while you may be required to LEARN English to become a US citizen, increasingly locales are kowtowing to ethnic groups to make native Americans learn other languages rather than expect immigrants to learn and use English in public and government interactions.

    This is a stark contrast to how it used to be….You spoke your native tongue in the home but didn't expect signs, official documents, etc. to be translated to your native tongue to function in society. More so, if you try to immigrate to most any nation on the planet, they won't take kindly to your refusing to speak THEIR dominant language while feeling entitled to live among them.

    Learning the dominant language of a new home and speaking it is expected of immigrants, but in the last 30 years, there has been ever increasing pressure to force native people to accommodate the immigrant rather than expect the immigrant to assimilate to their new homeland.

  58. The problem is that undocumented immigrants have kids without knowing english, then before they ever get caught and deported their kids grow up primarily speaking spanish, then they get to come back with a green card before knowing english to be with their kid, then they have more kids, them these unasimilated families grow, and they find each other and form communities, and before you know it we'll have entire communities that dont speak english and that are likely more loyal to some south american country over the one they live in. I have no problem with spanish, I wish I could speak it, my real fear is the threat unasimilated communities pose when they get to vote too. I just want everyone voting with Americas best interest at heart and assimilation is key for that.

  59. My only concern with immigration, and the concern of most people I know, is Illegal Immigration. That's it. Trump, like any politician, goes above and beyond that to stir up contraversy, get noticed, and hopefully pull voters his way.

    My opinion on illegal immigration is just that if you are not a citizen of the USA and either have a criminal record within our system or entered this country illegally you are sent back to your country of origin. Steps for reentry should be taken from there to ensure your immigration status is valid, legal, and will contribute to the betterment of our country. And the last part doesnt mean you have to be a doctor or something, you just need to be a decent, law abiding person. And no, someone with a traffic ticket from Mexico shouldn't be sent packing. I'm talking about using common sense.

    The border wall, or fence, I think should be finished and kept up not because it's foolproof but because it is effective to some degree. Applying for a visa can be time consuming but isn't that difficult. People who just walk across the border are cutting corners to save time like someone running a stop sign when the coast is clear or something like that. No it's not hurting anyone but it is illegal.

    I'm just issuing a counter arguement to the video from my own thoughts and experiences not this collective all these polls and data collections show. Having said that I rather enjoyed it. Just started watch some of your videos and I am enjoying them so far.

    P.S. – If any of this doesn't make a lot of sense its mainly because I'm half asleep. Lol

  60. This is a mostly well informed piece aside of some spurious stats on illegal immigration (no one really knows these).

  61. I wish that anybody could live and work anywhere in the world they wanted, regardless of nationality, education or financial status. The only limitations to immigration should be criminal history and willingness to respect the laws and culture of the country the person is moving to. Do away with visas, asylum and refugee status, just have a simple registration process for people coming in and going out of a country. And as soon as somebody is registered as having entered a country they should automatically be able to work and start paying taxes.

    Wouldn't that be much simpler?

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