The Choosing Ceremony||Divergent

Michael Martin

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  1. Im glad she choose what dream & job she wants to instead of following what her parents girl power👊👊👊

  2. when she was holding her hand above the stones i was like "do you want that sexy man of yours, or not?"

  3. I would just choose Amity, happiness, peace, kind Hearted people everywhere. Isn’t that the type of world we want? x

  4. Am I the only one that would rather be factionless then told how to act and who to be? Faction before family? No thanks, give up thinking and choosing for yourself no thanks

  5. Who else is here because they are reading the book? I'm on page 262 right now! (Or watching they movie)

  6. I’m candor and erudite I’m only amity for being a musician but that’s a great way to get AIDS

  7. I’m reading the book and it’s kinda boringgg.But I’m barley in the beginning so I have prolly have to read more

  8. Imagine your blood slips into the wrong how when moving your hand to the one you want

    Anouncer: Dauntless!!
    Me: I wanted amity!! Welp, I'm gonna die

  9. I would be in Abnegation. Amity. Dauntless or Erudite if I be in Erudite if I work with Jeannie Matthews

  10. I couldn't take this movie seriously after watching her and her brother having sex in The Fault in Our Stars

  11. I literally hate this short hair blue AS dress taylor swift wannabe! If u have seen the 1 AND the 2nd movie, then u Get what i mean

  12. I want this to be our future. Sure, it seems terrible but for some reason it’s so amazing to me 😂


  14. Divergent sucks. It's a wannabe "Hunger Games". This scene is really copied from the reaping scene from the Hunger Games. If you think about it, it has the same concept as THG.

  15. I cut my finger with a pocket on accident because I wanted to see how sharp it was, A drop of blood hit a BLUE table. I wanted to be dauntless.

  16. I would totally be factionless and that's sad.
    I wouldn't belong in any of them lol I meet the criteria for none.
    They should have a party faction. That I could do well

  17. Jeanine is so smart, right from the moment Beatrice backfires at her she knows she’s not Abnegation material, so she tells her to choose the faction she truly belongs to (in this case leaving her own faction simultaneously), and she knows Beatrice would be more tempted to choose Dauntless, further humiliating Abnegation

  18. Imagine being her parents though… both of their children have left and will probably never return back home ever again. Hell, one joined the enemy faction and the other joined a faction known for having really low survival rates.
    I'd be sad.

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