alright guys so the Goku's legendary battle event or legendary Goku event you know whatever you want to call it not it is live on JP dokkan it is very fun and it is very very difficult so what they've done before like was super battle Road right is you'll have a couple of sort of quick fights right usually the in these super battle fights they're not gonna last very many turns some of the categories stages do have a boss that has a ridiculous amount of health right like think of that one physical vegeto what is it in the Majin Buu saga stage who has just like seemingly infinite health right and it really will take you a long time to go through hum well that's sort of what this event is right here as you can see it's eight stages basically go through Goku goes through all of his forms I mean I guess except for like kaio-ken and kaio-ken blue he doesn't really have like a tournament a power cow can blue card though it's very long and in particular the last phase this UI goku is very very powerful and he does a lot of damage and then he also has this extra little thing which he disables enemies like you know a chance to dodge just like the tech hit event did well UI goku does not allow you to dodge which actually does hamper quite a number of units who would dominate this event otherwise you know an example is blue Gogeta he is still gonna be good I'm sure a lot of people are gonna beat the event you know probably thanks to him and is guaranteed crits once he is in blue form but the 50% dodging that Gogeta would also have is basically nullified you know Gogeta also has 130 percent defense so he'll still work fine but like he really would be like I would say like a top 5 unit in this event if he was capable of dodging now the first thing I want to do we're gonna go over a lot of Units that could be good here I've sort of found some gems you know some I'm talking with some people they've kind of given me some ideas for some good units I'm gonna just go over a few here that might help out a lot of people now I want to start by talking about a number of tech unit's here right because the big issue is that really of the faces of the fight it does not become difficult really until phase seven against the scr ultra instinct sign Goku and then phase eight against the in UI Goku now because of how powerful the last phase is and being int it does hamper attack type units quite a bit now take tech vegeto blue for example i did a video where i completely like made him the focal point right i wanted to get him as many supers as possible I had him super every single turn all the way up to the final phase and on like basically his first time in that final phase he got supered took you know 375 K and then he took a normal and took 32 K so like even though Vegeta blue does stack his defense like every time he supers like you know we're talking I must have done you know 15 superest 10 to 15 supers at least and then by the time we got to the phase at UI goku was still able to basically one-shot us because he's super tech vegeta blue so tak mashido blue definitely is a good choice for this event but I would say a better option is actually LR Fujita blue the recent LR vegeto blue is better in this event there is only one reason because LR vegeto blue is not tech that's it that's literally it it's because this event really ramps up in that last phase and it kills like a lot of tech cards that might have been very useful like I feel like LR Goku black I've not used them in the event but I feel like they would get bodied like a lot of the really good tech cards it's just not viable to run a lot of them and of course LR Vegeta blue is also able to raise his attack and defense that's a big thing that we're gonna talk about too because the event is so long taking I don't know 30-plus CERN's units that raise their attack and defense or the kings of this they are like the event is designed around those types of units being able to beat this event because it goes so long they'll be able to build up their attack and defense so long that they'll be very very formidable in here now let me talk about this unit right here the L our Gohan and Goten that just came out on global so global I'm sure a lot of global players you know might have pulled this guy and they're very curious how he would work in the event I do think this LR will be very very good in the event because by the time you get to that final phase they will have all of this right here they'll have the extra 100 percent attack and defense which I believe does multiply into this right here which allows them to hit very hard as well as defend very well now I think they will still be susceptible to taking up like ridiculous the image from a UI Goku Super you know probably 250 K minimum but I think this unit can get it done and you will easily be able to get their active skill in the event as well but I mean in an event like this it's not like active skills are good really good in like super battle Road you know dokkan offense cuz pretty much they're strong enough to like take out like you know whatever phase you're on but in this event it's not gonna be strong enough to do that but I do think this unit will be very very powerful and will be able to might make a real good headway like on the joint forces seem like oh that I've found that the join forces team is probably the easiest way to beat this event but again we know exactly why these 3l are killing Khalifa are the best student in the game and they are by far the unit that is designed to take this event down because here's the thing dokkan they're not slick they've released several units lately like El Arco and Khalifa that permanently sacked their defense who very clearly are geared toward this event right dokkan offense sliding some of these units in recently you know without us sort of realizing what it was but now we do know so like LR Kaylin Khalifa this trunks is another one I was able to know item the event basically on the back of this trunks right here because when his leader skill is so good you know future shot includes a lot of very powerful units that could sack their attack and defense like lr effigy go blue and then super klasky 3 and 120% the stats so that I'm able to bring you know like lrk land Khalifa on the team and let them sort of take control and then not just lrk on Khalifa but also where is she I've got her over here hold on there's a masu 1700 I'm spoiling all the different units ona show but this kale right here this kale is another ridiculously top to your unit but like here's the thing like like especially if you're free to play on GP like it's a tall task to expect you guys to have hold on where is no yeah there is right there so look at all these recent units that have come out that will be very very good in this event so you got lr kale and cauliflower right of course a sack their defense but they were a featured LR on an L art banner and then it's like kale like you have the same chance of pulling kill that you do LR Khalifa and kale so she also is right there very very difficult to pull but with her a permanent stacking attack and defense and the fact that she will do especially once you get to the UI goku portions you know she's gonna do a minimum of three super attacks so she's gonna rack up a lot of the image and rack that defense up very quickly so she's designed for this event dokkan fest kid Goku look like his passive is like a novel right here so attacking defense 77% to sort of turn he gets an extra attack or defensive buff Italy gets a scale based on how high his health is or how low his health is then he gives himself key and he gets 10% attack and defense at the start of a return up to 59% so basically like the way his passive works like by the time you get the UI Goku he'll be completely built up he'll be much stronger than the average sort of T you are so this dough confessed kid Goku that is going to be very very powerful for the event right now but he's another brand new unit right this guy just came out same thing with trunks trunks just came out then also this Khalifa now this Khalifa if if not for the ability that you I go who has to prevent you from dodging this Khalifa would probably be the absolute number one unit for this event so I think I don't think it's because of her ability to dodge but like they realized like a lot of these units would be able to just destroy this event like Gogeta blew this Khalifa I mean he'll are killing Khalifa what it doesn't really matter with them because her defense will be so high but they would have the ability to dodge right so like Khalifa is basically I get a dead on arrival unit in this event I would not run her she does sacker attack and defense which is very important but like she's a tech type unit she's gonna get obliterated once you get to UI goku at the end so i would not run her so like we kind of gone over a lot of these units you know confess kodoku will be very very helpful I'm not sure what team outrun him on I suppose a Goku's family team you could probably run of like a very like you know think of like a lot of the typical units you would think right like so like L are super Sam for Goku a lot of these units would be really good but let me tell you who is not gonna be good a unit that you do not want to use is this guy right here UI Goku is another dead-on-arrival unit for this event the reason why hear me out cuz listen I love you I go glad I actually feel you i Goku seems like a lot of the community has kind of like forgotten about him but like he's very very good so attack and defense 100% and he permanently stacks his attack so you i Goku by the end of this fight is gonna be doing a lot of damage here's where the issue lies he transforms when you fall below 50% HP which is gonna happen into this UI Goku very strong unit still stacks his attack permanently but he does not have a defensive buff he loses his defensive buff and gets a chance to dodge so this Goku will get obliterated by the UI Goku that you fight you this is not a unit you can run he's just going to get absolutely creampie by the enemy UI Goku so unfortunately you know without the dodging mechanic able to be used you I go who just does not stand a ghost of a chance in there so keep that in mind like see like this tech guy Goku would be good if not for the fact that he was stacked really like most of these second units I would not really consider almost any tech unit's to run here outside of like really trunks I feel like L are super saiyan 3 Goku probably also could get the job done because once you get to that final face you just don't get his 18 key super anymore do not even touch it and then let that 120 percent defense kind of shine through well that's the other thing with this trunks right if you guys watch the videos where I use him I kept trunks in this form because like he stacks his attack in defense up to eight times it was so bizarre when I first saw that cuz I was like why would he build this attack and defense so much when events like you know you can't do this until a minimum of the third turn anyway and then it's gonna take like another 16 turns basically in order to fully build up his passive there's no event that does that I don't understand and then oh yeah now they drop this event now this is why any sacks attack and defense so again trunks trunks really is I can't I know I can call him the king of the event because Kalin coolly far the Queen's of the event so this guy is definitely the king of the event if you've got him it doesn't matter if he doesn't have dupes or not you'll be able to build him up so far that he'll be good you can also go to this forum I do not recommend it though until like you can finish the fight off like when he's got like one or two health bars left then you want to transform here and give him the finishing blow but at this point he no longer sax attack in defense but he does become super effective against all types so with that you will be able to do a lot more damage to you i Goku really the reason this guy is so good is defensively he's just not able to be touched right so keep that in mind let me see we can get rid of a lot of these units area we didn't you look at them or them evolution blue Vegeta I think it's gonna be very very strong here because in his normal blue form he's gonna get up to a very very high amount of defense what base 130 percent defense essentially and then after he transforms same thing 130 percent attack and defense and then 2 additionals but like he also gets this ridiculous chance to crit on his passive so dude like crits are very important against you i Goku because of how ridiculously high his health is or his defenses so you want you in a second crit like that's one way they semi nerfed like physical super vegeto and even the transformed version of LRV G though is because their counters don't do the image to Goku unless they create and of course keep in mind everything I'm talking about I'm really only focusing in on the final phase cuz really like the first six phases like they're very easy you can kind of very easily get through them but it's once he goes ultra instinct sign that the real fight begins so like when I'm talking about a lot of these units I'm just I'm counting them for that last face keep that in mind but this blue vegeta is gonna be another very very strong unit now we have some ah sue I think some aah sue will be fine in the event but same thing like trunks you know you're gonna want to keep some ah sue right here with the 40% DM introduction him not having defense does hurt him here and then you don't want to go into this form yet the extra damage is awesome it's fantastic but this is not good reduce damage for 20% now one thing I should also point out is Goku you can lower his defense even as the UI form so I suppose well does this samaa sue lower defense as well yeah greatly but massively is a big deal so like at this point like if again if you get close to the end you could have this guy potentially massively lower UI Goku's defense and then that might open it up for physical super vegeto and possibly also 4lr transform vegeto to really start destroying goku with the counters cuz if you can get his defense down there counters will be able to damage him I like I I'm probably that's a I think that's a good video bringing like I think probably the potaro team might be the best place to do that and then kind of trying to lower his defense to see how it works you know elds lowers the offense set I think I could rock into that Patara team who just got his easy a who is stunningly good is this Goku black right here yeah he greatly lowers defense on his super attacks so you could almost have a rotation of the two of them this Goku black by the way I'm glad I pulled him up because he is going to dominate that final phase because guess what you I Goku is a Goku's family category enemy so actually now that I'm now that I'm looking at this Goku black he's kind of designed for the event as well cuz you're gonna get 20% attack in defense / orbs since Goku is of course a member of the Goku's family category then this Goku black has gotta have his key like he's gonna start with basically fool ki as well cuz you're gonna get hit several times throughout this you know 35 turn event or whatever and then he also is creating rainbow ki spheres so it's gonna be very easy for him to get you know 5 6 7 8 9 10 orbs consistently so this Goku black will be very good yeah I'm gonna test that out we're gonna do try and lower Goku's defense and see if counters can then sort of chip him away this Android 17 will be good I actually low-key think the Android team is going to be very very effective here for a number of reasons right let me okay this guy right here this 17 and then the other one we're gonna pull up goresh actually mentioned to try this guy out over here is actually super Mira so let's look at this right so 17 he'll be very good in the event he can lower defense as well which might help out with how high this Goku's defenses so one of the big things is that he's giving all allies three key and 60% defense very very strong and then he does reduce the image when your HP falls below 77% so running like a double 17 and this event will be pretty good but then also like scr sell right here after this guy gets as easy a the the Android team I think will easily be able to clear this event right now I want to test it out I'll probably do a video on this as well taking the Android team into this event with several these units that could stack their stuff but as you can see SCR cell right here can actually stack his attack and defense I believe in cell stacks greatly stacks his attack so he could become ridiculously strong by the end of the fight as well and then tech cell as amazing as he is I would not bring him into the event because of course he is tech you want to avoid those tech units but SCR cell they'll be interesting to see how good he can get stacking his attack and defense can chattering he does not have a normal defensive buff and then super Mira now obviously this is JP exclusive right now I do not think the chances of heroes coming to global is dead yet I still think there is a good chance but this Mira he does greatly raise his defense every single time he supers like in Goku black now I have found that in Goku black still like his defense raises to a good point but he's not taking zero damage like he's still taking good damage even in that UI Goku fight so I assume it would be the same thing with Mira who I presume has lower stats than in Goku black now let me see what is int Goku Black's defense he is at yeah he's got well it's a little bit higher defense now but they in the Goku black by the way you could easily get to this transformation that that takes like almost no effort greatly raising his defense at return he's also a good solid unit here future KO han is a king in this event man I love this finally like future Gohan even in like Superbad Road he was only like okay like there was real no place where I felt like future Gohan was spectacular finally there is indeed a place like even look at the team season dude like you know Goku's family is definitely one of the better teams in the game future only just became one of the really good teams in the game and then hybrid Saiyans is kind of a dead team so you know you you weren't able to get a lot of use out of future Gohan but because he's a physical type number one so he's got advantage over you i Goku he does raise his defense and super it's only for one term though if he stacked his defense or anything like that man future Gohan would be so much better that's really all they would need to do it actually I think if he just exact attack in defense instead of just race it for one turn that would have really helped future Gohan now he has damage reduction right so once you get to the end of the fight he'll be reducing the image by 50% but then he's also got type advantage and then you know he potentially has a really high defense so that'll be good yeah looking at this card why did they shaft him so much like you eye Goku was out before this guy and he had a hundred percent attack and defense without his transformation act like why couldn't they have just given that to go haunted that's still a mystery I do think future Gohan is the worst category leader but now he does have a real spot to shine I also didn't notice this Vegeta as well as kind of like I was looking through here not looking at units that you know stack their attack looking at units that stack their defense as well trying to find you know some sort of gems of units that could really really help you out right and like this Vegeta right here is one of them look at all the stuff he does so he stacks attack and defense so we know how good that is he gets one key at the start of every turn and 60% attack when there's a Goku family enemy which sir is he gets 90% attack in defense on super then he gets six ki and 60% defense when HP 60% were below so this Vegeta is a monster in this event I'll probably try him out maybe on a pure Saiyan team with this Vegeta right here now this guy is only a little disappointing and that he raises his defense all the way up to the god level but then at the blue level he no longer does it which is very very disappointing because if he permanently sacked his defense that would make him so much better for the event same with like transforming Goku and transforming Frieza right they stop stacking once they get to the final form but he is physical so he'll have type advantage over Goku you know attack and defense hundred twenty percent then he does become you know a new 10% attack / ki sphere obtained gonna be a very very good unit for the end of this event so the pure Saiyan team could potentially work very well so there we go I felt like that goes over a lot of the unit's that could potentially be very good you know there is other things like you know god Vegeta potentially could be useful is the it as a shame brawl would be like a killer in this event because bra is the only unit in the game that stack massively raises her attack so she could potentially surpass like you know like other units in attacking power just because of how much more she's racing her attack than them but the problem is she's tech so you know you i goku will destroy her the other thing too is she she is a dodging unit which is ineffective in this event so that does hurt her and then God Vegeta does have the ability to greatly stack his attack so he could become pretty interesting as well so let me know what you guys think of the event um it is definitely beatable for a lot of free-to-play players I think LR vegeto blue being so good in this event and being completely free will definitely help out a lot I think for a lot of players like a realm of God's team a future team Patara team those will be the ways to go you know maybe it's a little boring o Patara what a shock but you know Patara with the vegeto ii counter again we just went over goku black who could potentially lower Goku's defense as well as merge some ah soo to open it up for the counters to work for the other videos I'm definitely gonna test that out you know in Goku black you can rock on the team greatly stacking is the offense there are a lot of potential beasts on like the Patara team so let me know if you guys have beaten it what teams you've used I will continue to do a whole bunch of videos on this let me know if there's any particular unit you want to see tests it out in this mode how they fare and I will get to that so thanks for watching guys and I'll catch y'all next time

Michael Martin

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  1. I feel as if the best way to run Future for this event is to have Gohan as your leader, you could probably even go double Future Gohan with Trunks on the team as long as you’re careful with STR UI Goku and only have Future units on the team(which is pretty easy to do given that most of them stack their DEF)

  2. I tried my potara team which has the leader and alot of good units to go along with them and i always get 1 turn K.O'd by MU Goku. Smfh

    But…. I im going to try my pure sayian team which can maybe dominate ….i have both SSJ4 Lrs, The team leader and thats phy vegeta that stacks atk&def wish me luck.

  3. I just thought of something – What if you went into this event with units that raise their defense through a super and only had super lvl 1? You would do much less damage but I think it would still be possible since you could waste away the first few forms just stacking defense really really high.

  4. I have Int black at 55% and on the UI Goku fight he takes double digits… he is really good for this event considering he has a built in crit chance

  5. Regular dodge works, potara works perfectly.

    Lead: INT LR Vegito
    STR Vegito/TEQ SSB Vegito
    PHY Vegito
    STR Rosé
    EZA Black/INT Black
    PHY Kefra

    When facing type disadvantage float those cards so they stay of field, for instance when face STR phase put a PHY card on least attacked spot or last spot so the card won’t show for 3 turns. When the PHY return against MUI u will appreciate them. Bring all healing items plus healing Bulma & Android. For the whales out there just throw your best units out. Lol

  6. Thank you Sir for those infos, hope i will pull half of these new JP units when they come to global

  7. This battle finally makes me vindicated for giving every unit with stacking buffs maximum AA. People called me crazy but whos laughing now!!

  8. Y'all he is isn't sucking off LR K/C, he's spitting straight facts. If you haven't accepted that LR K/C is the best unit in the game by a long shot you're ignorant asf

  9. @DaTruth what about phy transforming vegeta when he keeps getting stronger and defensive huh ? Cause i tried it and he took no damage wtf

  10. I got killed at mui goku. was using super team with agl ssj goku(leader), int lr vegito, phy lr gogeta, str lr vegito, agl ssjb gogeta, str god vegeta, teq trunks(friend leader).
    lr gogeta gets wrecked even with his defense and his type advantage.

  11. Teq Vegito Blue would be good having defensive supports like Android 17, Gowasu and Zamasu and LR Great Saiyaman 1 and 2

  12. I finished this mode 7 times with potara,it was very hard until i create a strategy. After that i finished it back to back.
    Let's start with my units and dupes:
    Lr INT Vegito:1 dupe
    INT Goku Black:No dupes
    TEQ VB:2 dupes
    INT Zamasu:2 dupes
    STR Rose:1 dupe
    PHY SV:2 dupes
    INT LR Vegito friend:100%
    My rotations:TEQ VB and INT LR Vegito( the 100% one) let TEQ VB attack as much as you can
    INT Goku Black and Int Zamasu(This is very important) let Goku Black attack as much as you can AND EVERYTIME SUPER ATTACK with zamasu AND TAKE THE SAME COLOUR ORB as much as you can because you dont want to transform with lr vegitos until ssg or ssb. The Dokkan mode will come probably when goku is ssg or ssb, it will heal you. After this dokkan mode,you will switch int zamasu with the floater lr vegito because he will transform soon and you want an lr vegito on each rotation
    So, you're at STR Ui goku,in this part you can use items.
    Counter as much as you can with lr vegitos and DONT LET PHY VEGITO AND ROSE BLACK GET HIT without items. After you beat that phase switch int rose black with phy sv because mui goku is int. Dont let TEQ VB GET HIT without items. Maybe you will have a second dokkamn mode here or maybe not. He will dodge some attack and ui goku too which is annoying but if you get crit counters or teq vb crits on him it's gonna be fine. Beat him and that's all.

  13. No-one's forgetting about str rage trunks right? Reduces damage by 40% like agl zamasu but not only boosts his atk & def when his hp is lower but his sa stacks def to increase his tanking capabilites much further. Don't forget about this unit; he's solid for the event

  14. try movie bosses on this event ? phy broly with that massivly lowering def and should destroy him ?

  15. Wouldn’t lr ss4 goku be good, because you covered a reddit post yourself that said he has the potential to be the best defensive unit in the game.

  16. Nobody:
    Literally nobody in the multiverse:
    Datruth:did I forget to mention that lr kale and cualifla are the best units in the game.

  17. Could you please do a run without lr kale and caulifla, and maybe even a run with only tur. The latter would be very interesting. I really want to see how you would do with tur only challenge. No item would be even better. And also, no lr kale and caulifla tur. Because obviously, not everyone has lr kale and caulifla lol.

  18. apparently i got a 21 min run with a potara team with everyone less then two dupes being LR Vegito, RoseMasu, LR blue vegito, Phy vegito , Agl zamasu and teq vegito (base)
    When transformed Lr vegtio Fricks this event so hard

  19. The only thing I want to see is if an extreme team could beat the event, like revived warriors or time travelers maybe but I think they would get completely obliterated.
    Still wanna see it though.

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