The Best Celebrity Wedding Dresses Of All Time: Priyanka Chopra, Ciara & More Brides’ Stunning Looks

If we have to talk which adding dresses, we start with priyanka who had all those incredible changes. And that veil for days.>>Veil for days. I did admire her more conservative traditional look. But that veil to me was so extra. I mean, why? Why? There’s no need to have that much veil for a wedding.>>75-foot long.>>75-foot long. I love, I love a big wedding moment. This dress was a Ralph Lauren dress, the only custom made dress he made for anyone outside of his family. It was an exceptional moment. There were more than 2 million mother of pearl beads on that thing.>>The train.>>The train was too much.>>I like when people focus on the actual marriage over the big wedding look.>>What about this? Let’s go fairytale, Ciara’s wedding to Russell Wilson. The castle there and everything. Tell me about this dress.>>That’s what she wanted for her wedding. The fairytale.>>She deserved the fairytale. As much as I love the gown, the sleeves eat her up for me. Where’s the woman? The only thing you see is puff.>>Oh, god, no. I loved it. Again, I love you, girl. I’m disagreeing. I think the bell sleeves were amazing. She had a religious ceremony. She wanted something demuir. She didn’t want it va-va-voom. She was able to tear the skirt away and dance.>>Something less traditional. I love the pink on the bottom. So her, so fun.>>This is my absolute favorite gown. I remember watching this when I was a little girl. The heyday of dior. Absolutely stunning. It is an ode to her rocker motif with a little bit of dyed pink. It’s elegant, rock star and so glad. One of moo I favorite dresses of all time.>>I agree. I don’t know if it’s one of my favorite 6 all time, but so iconic it was in a museum in London only a few years ago. The a symmetrical.>>Quickly, we must end with the Royals. Put them up here, please. Diana, Kate, Meghan.>>We love them. Princess Diana, that dress. Call it big is an understatement.>>That’s ’80s fabulousness in

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  1. Priyanka Chopra is truly global superstar icon and world most beautiful and powerful women and she always make faishon so high level…we only loveeeeeeeee Priyanka ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  2. If d bride wants a 75 foot veil then she gets it! Who made them the judge of fashion anyway! How do u compare d longevity of a marriage to the length of a train! Such a catty comment

  3. If length of train decided longevity of marriage then brides won't be wearing a train at all,such a stupid comment.And they all look like they have no fashion sense at all.

  4. Looks like 3 middle aged loosers sitting here to discuss happy couples…how more bitter can you be..longer the train shorter the marriage? Really? Looks like u 3 wished u were priyanka…such jealous people

  5. Bunch of bitter hens that's a shame how women knock each other down . I usually like access but this was unnecessary bashing of priyanka Chopra jonas. 75 feet if that's what she wanted it was her special day

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