The 16 inch MacBook Pro is Special – ft. Phil Schiller!

– Have you been briefed on my dumb idea? – Yes, it’s a great idea. – Yo guys, Jonathon here. The 16 inch MacBook Pro
is real, it’s official. It’s got a bigger display, a new keyboard, up to eight terabytes of storage. There’s better cooling, better thermals, really good speakers, and
out of nowhere, a built-in microphone that’s supposed
to rival USB mics. It’s kinda crazy. So that aforementioned
dumb idea was to mic myself using the MacBook Pro,
so everything you hear out of my mouth, including
right now, is from the built-in microphone with this MacBook Pro. ♪ Runnin’ right back to me
about how they said I feel ♪ That was a sneak peek of my
upcoming review on this machine, also recorded with the
MacBook Pro microphone. So definitely subscribe for that. Today though, got a special one. Got a chance to sit down
with the man, the myth, the legend, Phil Schiller
himself, talks not only 16 inch MacBook Pro, but the Mac
lineup as a whole, enjoy. Philip Schiller, how’s it goin’? – Great, thank you. – I kind of opened up
recently about my love for Mac and ultimately, how it got
me really to this point, so it’s kinda a cool
opportunity to sit with you. I know people kinda look at
Apple as this corporate monster. – I hope not. (chuckles) – Well, I think they forget
that there’s humans behind it. I see your excitement on stage,
and even in a couple minutes today we got to chat. You can see how much you care. What was the most exciting
thing with this MacBook Pro released this time with the
16 inch and a new form factor? – There’s a lot that I
really love about it. One, it’s really great
when a product has such a clear purpose, that you
can speak directly to people who are going to use it, the
way they know how they’re going to use it, and it matters to them. So the choices you make, you
can be really crystal clear about what benefits they bring
and what trade-offs you make. It just helps insure success,
because you already have a good understanding of what
they’re gonna do with it. Some products you put out
in the market and they have no idea what’s gonna
happen; like the first iPod. You just don’t know, you
think, but you don’t know. Others, like a MacBook Pro,
where there’s such a great customer base who use these
every day of their life and they get their work done
on them, that you have a good sense of what they care about. They let you know what they care about. You can really try to
respond to that and give ’em something they hope they love. So that’s the most
important thing to me about the new MacBook Pro announcement,
is there’s some amazing customers out there that
do unbelievable work, and I really hope they love this product. The team made it for them. And we’ll see. But I have high confidence
that they’re gonna really love this new product. – How does it feel,
like I know you gotta be chompin’ at the bit like
you know what’s coming. That’s like, in particular,
the 16 inch MacBook Pro’s been kinda like the mystical
unicorn of MacBooks. Ever since the beginning of
this year really, it’s like, okay, it’s gonna drop in March,
it’s gonna drop in October. Okay, it’s not gonna drop until 2020. How hard is it to just kinda stay calm when you know it’s comin’? – Well, it’s not hard, but
it’s so satisfying to be able to now talk about a
product that you’ve been working on for years. All that time where people wanna
know and ask you questions, or challenge you about
certain products and you can’t say anything, and it’s
your job to not say anything. But then when you can,
it is just so exciting, it’s cathartic, it’s just I
love this moment when we get to talk about a product. – Can I ask, what is your Mac of choice? Like, do you have a go-to? – Absolutely, I use all
our products, absolutely. I have every one of them in
some place in my life somewhere. But for my Mac, my number
one has been my 15 inch MacBook Pro, and it’s
going to become my 16 inch MacBook Pro, without question. – For me, I was super excited. I was on the rumor mill
every day just trying to see when this thing would come out. I think the biggest surprise
for me was price point, ’cause that was probably
the one thing that everyone just completely swung and missed. It was almost like everyone
predicting Kawhi to the Lakers. It was that far off. Everyone thought this machine
was gonna be northwards of like three K, starting
price of maybe 3500, and it’s not even close to that. It replaces the 15 inch, starts at 23. Where did that speculation
come from that it was gonna be this? – I think as people started
to rumor the feature set, since there’s a big leap in
a number of technologies, it’s a logical assumption
to say, well then that must be priced more and higher. Frankly, reading those rumors,
I was really happy to see that people were coming
to this with expectations that we were going to exceed,
’cause that’s always great. So I was happy, not always
happy to read rumors, but you’re happy when you
read them and they’re wrong and you’re gonna beat them. Now that’s the case here. Our intention, all along,
working on this was to replace the 15 with the 16,
and try to deliver a lot more at the same price point. And it wasn’t always clear that
we could, but that’s always been the goal through the
project to try to do that. – For me, I actually, weirdly enough, had ditched an iMac Pro. I went from iMac Pro to 5K
iMac to just MacBook Pro for the last four months,
and I’ve been super excited with the final cut update
and the Catalina GPU stuff has been bananas. It made my MacBook Pro feel like an iMac, and anyone who edits will
know what that means. This is supposed to be 80% faster with the A and D chip in here. How has that been working
with them, in terms of you guys can kind of
dictate how things go? – It’s been good. As you know, the whole
architecture of graphics on the Mac is pretty unique. It’s deeply integrated into the system. Everything from the finder
UI all the way up to Core ML, counts on both CPU and GPU
acceleration, all driven through the software and
hardware teams working together. And a key part of that is
working with a graphics provider to try to optimize the
cutting-edge performance that can give us, in a system
that is seamless, performance. I’m sure you remember years
ago when we went to a system where we could have it dynamically
move between integrated intel graphics and the AMD
discreet graphics to give you both maximum performance
and maximum battery life. At the time we started working on that, it seems not realistic, like, oh come on. We’re gonna be able to tell. I’m gonna see a delay. It’ll jump back and forth. No user will want that. And the team was able to
do remarkable work so that you can’t tell. It’s just seamless. And that’s an example how the hardware, it’s the Apple system architects
and the system software team and the AMD team, all
working together to make this one seamless experience happen for us. And as they’ve been pushing to now using seven nanometer technology
for the latest AMD graphics. I think we’re able to
really get big jumps. Usually hear from generation
to generation 10%, 20%. Not 1.8x2x, and I think this
will be a speed improvement people can feel but still
seamless enough whole experience. That’s critical. Plenty of systems can shove
in a part and you can get a thing to run faster, if
you set up the right drivers and the right libraries. No, this is just everything
should feel seamless and faster. – For me, this is almost
kind of semi-relevant to 11-11 Pro Works, like
you did an un-Apple move of making it slightly thicker
just to increase battery. What was also cool is, as a
final cut user, the optimization with AMD and the GPU’s almost
been a way to combat thermal throttling and CPU performance,
’cause when you can offload that there, then I’ve
seen better battery life, better performance across the board. But I think it goes back
to Apple listening again, where what was the breaking
point, or what was the inspiration to actually
work on the thermal cooling and that part of the computer
as well, where it’s not just, hey, we’re gonna do our thing,
but we’re also gonna listen and then make that better as well. – The whole idea behind this
new generation, MacBook Pro, was okay, how far can we
push the technology to give the highest end users
everything that’s possible to give them. All these things are
competing for resources. There’s size and weight. There’s screen size. There’s CPU performance. There’s GPU performance. There’s battery life. There’s cost. These are all intricate
pieces of the same puzzle. We challenge engineer team
and they challenge themselves to say, how far can we push it? How much performance can we build in? If it means getting a little
thicker, little louder, little heavier, tell us. What would it take if we really want the maximum performance. To the credit of this
Mac engineering team, what they’ve done here is pretty special. It’s a lot faster. It is a teeny bit thicker, .7 millimeters, a teeny bit heavier 4.3 versus 4.0. But as a user, my experience
is, it doesn’t feel any thicker, any heavier,
because with this bigger screen, it actually feels thinner. You have a product that
has the same acoustic goal. It has nearly the same size and weight, and is dramatically faster. I think many of us, a lot of
our users, were willing to give the team more latitude to go further. They didn’t need to. They were able to deliver
still relatively thin and light for Pro notebook, with
incredible speed increases. A lot of credit to the
engineer team and what they were able to achieve. – We’ve talked about the nerdy
stuff, the GPU’s, the cores. I think one of the, not underrated
things, but maybe people don’t realize how good it’s gonna be, is the speakers on this. We’ve kind of talked about this
today, but you would say one of your favorite things
about this, and you’re almost telling me kind of one of
those things that’s not really on the spec sheet, the Dolby Atmos. And that’s a catalina thing
that’s kinda just brought to life here. – Yes, so you know, one of
the many areas that I think Apple’s developed in the
last five plus years, five to 10 years, has been the
development of our acoustic and audio engineering team. They’re an amazing team, the
team that works on everything from air pods to the quad
speakers in an iPad Pro, works with the Mac team on
the Mac audio engineering. They’ve built in a six
speaker audio system with true break-through technology. And the net of it is, as
a user, you turn it on, you listen to music, a video
source you’re watching, and you just can’t believe
the speakers in a notebook are producing that sound. It’s very related to your
position of where you are in front of it. Being a notebook, we know
where the user’s head is at. We know about the distance,
you’re arms led the way. We know about where you’re positioned. So the team can do an incredible job tuning the stereo scape. Impossible for people to
understand just by talking about it, you gotta go hear one. But when you play content,
specifically content that takes advantage of a large
sound scape, like Dolby Atmos content on the TV plus service. You just hear sounds that
are outside of your head, almost behind your head. It really plays with your brain in a cool and impressive way. – Kinda going back on the topic
of being a final cut user, I noticed there was kind
of a hidden trick with this that takes a little homage
from the Pro Display, they are with the variable
refresh right here. That’s awesome. Do you think we’re gonna get
to a point where we could potentially see XDR tech
into, I know there’s different thermal restraints and
stuff, but as a nerd, that would be amazing. Do you think that’s ever a possibility? – I’ll never say never. With the Pro Display XDR, we push that team to show us what the most incredible display could be, and if that means it has
to get thicker, heavier, fans, more expensive, we’ll deal with that as a customer base. First, show us what’s possible. What can be created. And what they’ve made is
remarkable, a million to one contrast ratio, great
bit depth of the color. But, it’s a thick display and it does have active cooling in there. That just doesn’t make sense,
as thin a display as we want on a portable. I don’t know if and
whenever that can come. It would take a lot of
advancement technology that doesn’t exist today. – Fingers crossed. I think, for me, this is kind of a once in
a rare chance right now. Put in some feature requests. – Oh, please. – Do you think there’s ever a
chance that the SD card slot makes a comeback? – I love photography, as
many of our customers do, and use many cameras,
increasingly my iPhone, but many cameras. Probably not. Again, nothing about
the future is in stone, and things can always change, but. As we’ve been spending a lot
of time with MacBook Pro, surveying what our customers
use, what IO they need, where their needs are growing
and how they’re changing, and did a lot of soul searching
on it, asking ourselves about a lot of connectors,
about USBA, about SD card readers, about HGMI, and just
re-questioning everything. And really what we came down
to is more and more customers are taking advantage of USBC and Thunderbolt, love the incredible head
room, or performance, there is there, the higher power there is, the charging ability there is. We think having, on the
highest, the Notebook, four USB Thunderbolt ports,
gives the most headroom for the things you will be
doing in the years ahead. The trade off is for a few
traditional media types, like SD card readers,
means using an adapter, but there are USBC adapters. I carry one for that. Ultimately, that gives you
the highest performance, the most flexibility,
with this arrangement. So after a lot of soul
searching, we think we’ve done the best thing for customers
with the IO we have, meaning that you don’t
have every port type in the world on it. – So as we wrap this up,
I think maybe just touch and finally going back to Apple’s
kinda changing their ways. They care more what the people think. Is there anything you would like to leave? – Sure, I do. I think even, perhaps, more important, even clearer commitment to
Pros and faster execution of better Pro machines,
is commitment to the Mac. We have all heard through
the years, many years, people saying, oh, does Apple
still care about the Mac? Believe in the Mac? There are a lot of people at
Apple who work really hard because we love the Mac and
wanna continue for as far as our eye can see, that
this compute experience has just become something
near and dear to all of our hearts, that we all
count on as part of our life, to get our work done, to be more creative. We’ve been out as much as ever. Even as we grow with iPhones and iPads and they’re increasing, and
watches, part of our life, the Mac still has a very
important role to play. We’re happy to keep
pushing this for as far as the eye can see. If anyone has any doubts about
that, questions about it, I hope these amazing
products put that to rest for a few more years, because
we really, really love the Mac as much as our customers do. – Cool, well I appreciate you. Thanks for the time. – Same here.
– Awesome. Thank you.
– Thank you. – Cool, we’re good. – [Camera Man] Cut. – Yep. – [Camera Man] Awesome. – So how does it sound? How does it sound?

Michael Martin

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