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if you were to sum up in one word what breaks most marriages apart today it would be selfishness why because we go into the marriage making it all about us sort of the idea of what can you do for me how can you fulfill me how can you meet my needs now listen there's nothing wrong with wanting fulfillment wanting your needs met but as I've said before marriage is not so much about finding the right person as much as it's about being the right person so I should instead be saying what about them how can i fulfill them we like to say it's always the fault of our mate but I bet if you're having a marital conflict right now a lot of the problems could be traced right back to you James 4:2 says where do all these appalling Wars and quarrels come from do you think they just happened think again they come about because you want your own way and you fight for it deep inside yourselves that pretty much sums it up we want our own way listen fight to resolve not to win if you're fighting to win you've already lost it's not about winning the argument it's about resolving the conflict you know you can be in a big conflict and they're like you know she's yelling or you're yelling or whatever it is and then you're so gonna say you know what I was wrong I love you diffused didn't take you that long did it get rid of all bitterness rage anger harsh words slander and all kinds of evil behavior instead be kind to each other tender-hearted forgiving one another just as God through crisis forgiving you these are simple truths that we can apply in our lives to love as God wants us to love so love your main honor them and live selflessly not selfishly you

Michael Martin

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  2. This is so true. Don‘t marry when you have the feeling that you found the right person, take a look at if YOU are the right one first…

  3. i love this part most especially "fight to resolve and not to win",this is so profound, it takes two to tangle, if we can just step outside of ourselves and take our eyes off ourselves we would avoid so much hurt and conflicts… thanks for this

  4. Love Past Greg i will never meet him this side of Heaven but look forward to one day meeting Him my other brothers and sisters in Christ and Of Course Lord Jesus Himself AMEN!

  5. The #1 reason for divorce is the corruption of the Bible and the corruption of the truth for money and worldly power.

  6. Why marriages fail? excellent question
    Marriage's fail because they do not put God first in everything,
    Also to get marriage without lords expect divorce if is not deny.

  7. That’s why you make the creator the centre and foundation of your marriage. Glory to the Most high! 🙏

  8. Truly spoken..
    GOD loves me so much that I can able to wait and have patience for GOD fearing mate.. In God's perfect time.

  9. God is so good
    Can you ( sisters & Brothers) pray for me& My Boyfriend ? ( Joy + Jonathan )
    The enemy want to fight us
    God told me that He is My men But He is Not sure… so i don’t know what i Can do

  10. If people obeyed Gods laws that are in the Bible, there would be no divorces at all. The biggest reason for divorces is disobedience, selfishness, stubbornness and other negative features that people do not want to suppress. God gave us clear rules to follow. If we did, there would be no divorces, no wars, no abuse, no neglection, no nothing bad in the world. But… people are people….

  11. Selfishness in its various forms is why you live in a corrupt world , the commandments cover this, lying, stealing, bearing false witness, murder, adultery, hating your neighbour, coveting other peoples possessions etc etc etc, . that pretty much sums up the entire world they hate Gods beneficial laws and they love the pleasures of sin yet not the unavoidable consequences of their acts of selfishness, yet on the other hand if you diligently follow the basic laws your life becomes surprisingly better in so many ways even though you do not live in a perfect world.

  12. Today's our anniversary…and this popped up on my channel feed. We've been together for 34 yrs. I never understood why people would split up after 20 plus yrs. I kinda do now. My husband never celebrates anything. Today is just a normal day. Inside I'm crying but on the outside I pretend. I must be getting good at it cuz nobody knows what I am feeling in the inside. I took a vow for better or worse. My husband is oblivious to my feelings. I wear them them on my sleeve so I don't understand how he can miss them. I know him like a good old worn out book. He has no idea even when I tell him how I'm feeling. He just nodes and says I know. How can marriage become something so hard to work at?
    I pray about it . I just keep pushing through .

  13. Awh very inspiring, I'm single but I will always keep this message to my heart till I'm already married. Thank you.

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