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James you can tell me I mean how bad could it be what ok she's older what you your brother white people I'm not looking so bad now am i dad I'm out of here mom if she started y'all this I didn't walk I'm still your little toad right Oh take their uniform off you're insulting us all no no no don't you see it's gonna be even better now you're a mess I'm a mess come on dr. shakalu get your ass up here I gotta be proud of this ship Todd please come on baby come on don't let's do this yeah yeah no let's not do this okay and for the record my name's not Ted Peterson it's Han Solo named after the man who made the Kessel run in less than 12 parsecs and I am a burger like my father before me also I want to tell everyone here that I've got a pretty huge New Kids on the Block tattoo on my back the heads are works but to you guys it's funny it is Oh Harriet oh and Steve nothing personal man but I think quit oh no no come on Todd don't be like that huh ah we quickly good call on solo cuz your fiance banged him too I didn't know about the brother thing though I am as sickened as you believe me you know what it's all right Steve cuz guess what Donny and vanilla ice your mom Vanilla Ice banged grandma that's awesome we're taking mother brother I'm sorry I know I'm not supposed to hit a chick but I gotta tell you it felt good I wouldn't do it again but with this psycho you know it was warranted don't hate I'll kill you Addie's bitch oh hey go I know hang on won't hurt me even-steven Fraga take off the crawler that's right unite men finish nicely done all right come on let's get out of here dad Yuri Annette did you hear that my son called me dad call me Dad that's right the burger boys are back bitches

Michael Martin

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  1. It’s funny when he said white people because blacks actually have a higher rate of incest families than whites do. Whites are actually the least race to do it

  2. The look on Todd's face and saying 'WHAT", it's obvious he was so disgusted she had to confess to him that she cheated on him, not to mention with her own brother, which is "incest".

    No wonder this movie is one of the worst ever that Adam Sandler could ever make. A lot of his others are the finest ever, but this movie equals so much diarrhea.

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