That black hole photo: How event horizons bend time, space, and light | Michelle Thaller

Michael Martin

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  1. I remember learning many years ago that one of the evidences for gravity was a test that was done having it was either a lazer or beam of light having been shot next to our sun and gravity had caused the light/lazer to bend/curve slightly as it passed by, now you are coming along and contradicting this by saying that it takes the gravity from a black hole to influence light. What gives???

  2. You can't bend space or time you idiot. You been listening to a bunch of moron so called scientists. Part of why science has gone stagnent. You all listen to that jew con artist Einstein.

  3. Hi Michelle, if the light is being bent back into and around the black hole, how were we able to see the light?

  4. Think of water circling the sink before it goes down the drain. Now think of the drain as our sun, the water would barely be disturbed by the gravity of our sun. Now think of the drain as a black hole. The water would be spinning very fast around the black hole, eventually going into the drain and straight down into the cellar, maybe even down to the center of our earth, never to be seen again.
    This is how much stronger the gravity is at a black hole compared to our sun. .

  5. Hey Michelle, universe is too dark to look for dark matter so why don't we use black and white negative pictures to look for something ?

  6. still dont get it, shouldn't a black hole look like a ball of light, i mean its light orbiting a sphere not a disk.

  7. I think she should do a whole series on this because there is quite a bit to grasp. She's made it simple, but still it would be great to have her help with the "space and time" part of the explanation.

  8. Michelle, do you understand mass/energy equivalence? You say light shouldn’t be affected by gravitational forces! This is not just inaccurate but the polar opposite of the truth. Light should be, and is affected by even the slightest gravitational force.

  9. For people that would like a demonstration of gravity warping space-time, here is a video of a demonstration developed for high school physics. Obviously it's an oversimplification but it does a good 80% of the work of explaining the warping of space-time.

  10. If this clip gets you interested and you want more of an in-depth talk with some visual aides try Veritasium's video.

  11. But you could perhaps go in and then out of the event horizon with a rocket, because light is not powered and the rocket could push itself out

  12. I'd marry her😍 I always loved watching her on how the universe works, she's so intelligent!

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