Temporary Marriages Coming To Mexico

lawmakers in mexico are thinking about
trying out marriage uh… licenses that expire after a certain period of time so
that temporary marriage licenses and you get to renew them if you decide that
your marriage is going well you know that’s a fascinating idea
actually don’t think it’s a bad idea so you can say that a marriage license that
uh… expires in two years after that two-year period is that if you decide
that you’re both happy with one another you will renew your marriage license
yeah i mean i would guess that look there’s some logic in it they need to
keep some errors a little fractured a little like uh… within two years ago as it is still
working as a but i realize offer this is an excuse
for women to have most bombers bite me it’s armand ceremonies politics
is not only now that you have the final yeah yeah yeah i know when you are the
two you’re going to the white is in the car which is inside a piece of paper
that’s all it’s gonna happen if you need to do it so we did when i
have invite any of our friends and i had a vote on the night stress that’s so you don’t do it disastrous idea poorly guess blank so
you’re against that celebrates laurie the pancho i’m in favor of celebrating by did go to
get the most mail defecting but i mean has already won across like
twenty if you don’t know if someone if you’re married to someone who wants to
celebrate and you don’t wanna celebrate maybe that’s not the right one for you
when you let that marriage license expire but that’s exactly what women are going
to do tumi unit to another wedding ceremony north but i i’m not gonna say
most but i’m sure that women out there who i can use this is the property to
have another wedding you know what wedding sup that so they are only in your mind right
okay that ninety percent or more account over
generalizing discomfort okay but some percentage of women wasn’t autism cabin
is coming over and all okay all finishes his senate obliquely not
focus on in such a small part of the stories and others on the more important
part of our mid yes he does keep the marriage fresh ann and i liked the fact
that you don’t have to go through the drama of getting a divorce because if
you don’t have to find another use let expire here dot net as much better when you do your friends all that has your wife and i don’t know miners
expired as it sounds as though they dillinger divorces has expired yeah i don’t think that’s the reason is
the at all i think that’s all you have any kids
here have old from the marriage that expire have to the problem doesn’t have the wrong it here on the top of because you don’t
have to go to court you settle alba everything that has to
do with money before hand frightened so eight if you’re not happy with one
another you already have this agreement is already on paper you ladies fine
enough to go through this and you know horrible divorce you have to go to court
has a front yet and i i i i don’t know it might have white theater so i guess
there are no idea how worried dote play populated part with a note to
the o_j_ uh… this but it also has the
effect of what she hates to something indian she adds to the temporary majesty
removed on the story my kids several times and i mean i did email in the
first about out what they do is they get will insist on not against it but it’s
not that that last night they did that i didn’t think about the guy is probably gonna literally it
cuz you lots of fresh squeezed don’t stop composed as for finally laid
its david faith let dad that so uh… the shiites uh… will do these temporary meredith so it
will have temporary would you like it they like to get there by the way that
all students but some that’s about it all square this note on the latest improvement for an hour
within make that happen that your portion of the price for that
matter the woman for the american trading i mean the prosecution of course that we
are you know we follow the holy father well you’d like to us full of water will
be made to her marriage of two hours ago

Michael Martin

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  1. Well, this " Temporary Marriages" wouldn't go over with all of the Divorce Attorneys or Courts in this country…

  2. This is just a revival of the old European tradition of handfasting. A couple would bind hands, usually at a particular place, in front of the rest of their community, and they would be regarded as married for the next year and a day. At the end of the year, if they were happy with the arrangement, they would have a proper wedding, and, if not, the agreement was dissolved, without any stigma attached. This, generally, was suppressed after the Reformation, but persisted, in places, much later.

  3. @TheyCallMeGawd "You know kid how I threw away that old yoghurt that was part it's expiry date? Well, that happened to our marriage…"

  4. Can't see that working, when you get married, it is in the understanding that it is for life… With a fixed term, it is in the understanding that it is only for that five years or whatever…

  5. it's like people don't get the point of marrige at all…. if you're not sure how the relationship will be in 5 years, then just DON'T FUCKING MARRY EACHOTHER JET

  6. My marriage would be over.. I hate having to do that shit.. my drivers license expired 4yrs ago.. now i have to do all that bullshit all over again.. road test.. 5 hour course (i think)… just because i hate the damn dmv so much.

  7. I think its a great idea. That way I could get my crazy girlfriend off my back about it, and then break up with her easier. Don't have to have a wild break up just "Hey bitch I don't have time to renew, so get out"

  8. whats the point of having a big ass ceremony if your're not going to be married in two years. ?? They should have the option or regular marriage license and the two year ones

  9. I think this encourages the marriages to break apart though and encourage people to waste even more money on marriage

  10. I've been saying this for years. A marriage licence should expire like a driver's licence. Granted it get's complicated but at least when u get tired of each other and you will get tired, u just let it ride out and start over. Brilliant.

  11. Cool, but the next step is asking why would two people in love would want to get their relationship sanctioned by government and lawyers. Go ahead and have a ceremony if you want. Declare your love and commitment to one another with a ceremony… all good. But really, leave the government and lawyers out of it. The shrinking majority of people will respond to this by saying "but then you won't be married." Showing how important most people think that government relationship licence is.

  12. @Ant1Live Fair enough. People who have sought out getting a legal licence saying they'll stay together for life are probably more likely to stay together. They pictured a life together and that's why they went to the government asking for their relationship to be sanctioned for life by it. I'm saying you can make a lifelong commitment to someone and have a cermony saying so much without government & lawyers. And if you don't stay together that's perfectly fine too. No one has to stay together.

  13. @TruthDoesNotHurt This is like a drivers license, do you agree that a probationary AND legitimate as an open license driver?

  14. @paperheartzz I definitely agree that it is similar to a probationary drivers' licence. I totally see the need for the government to oversee drivers' licences. I see no need for governments or citizens to have relationship licences.

  15. @vivalaresistanc emm.. they do! that is not the problem dude consumption of any drug is not criminalized, in fact they did it so they wouldn't treat the "hard drug users" as the criminals, problem is still on the supply side of it, look it up

  16. Mexicans should be deported, also they stink Are dirty and do nothing but mow my lawn and pick my fruit and make my food but I still want them out! Its not like california and a big chunk of the usa was theirs to begin with! P.s I'm a typical republican

  17. @Ant1Live A majority of what you say sounds founded in articles I've read, but taking note that Government is supposed to be the culmination of a society's moral principles in a secular manner (at least in Australia apparently). Saying that you're not committed simply because you're not willing to get married is a cultural assumption – what do you think will happen if marriage can be sectioned compared to traditional ways of viewing it?

  18. @TruthDoesNotHurt I wonder if its response to a threat, isn't that why we have say probationary licenses – there's a threat to people on the road supposedly -I know thats sweeping but this story just seems uncanny. Do you think you might look at someone differently if they had 3 failed P-marriages instead of the same 3 failed unmarried relationships? I think you're being totally reasonable..its just an interesting thought.

  19. @k0d14k1 i find it hard to believe that you will ever have the privilege of enjoying a short term marriage considering the incredibly sexist statement you just made. i pity the woman who would want to marry you, if such a woman exists.

  20. Brilliant idea. But it kinda explicity flies in the face of the "till death do us part" thing. Not that that was true anyway…

  21. @punkination True but the story right after explains why. A lot of part of Islam are really chauvaness.

    What religion am I you ask before you tear into me? Agnostic/atheist. I couldn't care less about Islam except for the radical shit but that consists for less then .01%. Same with radical Christians.

    Bottom line is Islam has some parts that treat woman very poorly. Big deal everyone has their faults just saying. I have Irish heritage and I drink too much. Go figure xD

  22. Considering the divorce rate, this doesn't seem like a bad idea. It actually seems convenient. It's too bad too many couples are choosing to degrade the concepts of love and marriage.

  23. "The drama of a divorce" is about the seperation of goods. How is this going to be handled here?
    "Yeah, our marriage license expired and we decided among ourselves who would take what and who would pay how much to whom and who got custody of the kids"…Sure. And my name is Alfred.

  24. @k0d14k1 have you spoken to every man in the world? we are not all the same as human beings when it comes to everything so you're wrong. and you're also wrong that some men would not say how they feel about marriage outside of the internet. i hear stupid shit like what you said come out of several men's mouths. real life has never stopped people from being a douchebag.

  25. how about people don't get engaged after knowing each other for 3 months? it's called dating for 3 or 4 or 5 years before getting married. people need the government to verify that most marriages are bad decisions and doomed to fail because the people involved don't know squat about each other? wow. but i'm sure it's the gays that are ruining the sanctity of marriage…good lord hetros can be so stupid

  26. I like the idea, but this seems to be something that should be on the lower part of the list to have things done. The first thing to combat the gangs that are running rampit in mexico and stopping the futile war on drugs.

  27. Talk about the "sanctity of marriage". Gays cant get married cause Marriage is a holy institution under the ever-so-watchfull eye of God. Its rules and ideology can not be mocked. Thats why Man & Man and Woman & Woman cant exchange their vows under holy matrimony, but man & woman can do this temp. thing, cause you know how God is; hes not into the whole make a commitment & stick with it deal. Hes more like, "We'll see how it turns out & in the end, if it works, I got your back".

  28. @GENERALJOHNNYREBEL 100% agreed. They also have shows like the bachelor, and now even the Hutchisons are having a reality show, because marriage is sacred in America, very much so…………..

  29. @sega31098 lots of people get married wanting it to last, but shortly after realize it was a bad match, but a divorce is very messy and clunky, there is really no need for it, this just saves money on court cost and saves people time. i think the old process is whats truly unnecessary.

  30. @Scorch2011 so you know her now because you watch the show? you know that she acts like a dumbs when u hang out with her right? Right. not once have i heard her say anything stupid in this show. she might have different opinion on things because of her gender, but she clearly isn't a "blonde".

  31. But isn't the point (or at least the intention) of getting married to be together for a long time?! I can't imagine any girl dreaming of someone proposing to them with the intention of a temporary marriage.

  32. This makes no sense because what's the point of getting married? I personally don't believe in the government monitization of human emotion but this is just………..stupid. Stay together if you want to be, if not GTFO, no license needed

  33. I believe this is an absolutely excellent idea. I would call it a Civil Union Contract though and not a marriage. I hear the Catholic Church is against this, and I say burn in HELL Catholic Church, your extreme views against humanity is ruining the world. May the earth open up and swallow you extreme pricks. Not all Catholics….just most of them. 🙂

  34. Horrible Idea. I know my people(Mexicans) this would be desastrous.First of all Mexican men, like the shia's, would take try to get away with getting a new and younger wife. It would make it too easy for families to be broken up, and the ones suffering the most would be the kids. It would create a whole lot of new legal issues too. Not to mention that the corrupt government would try to make money out of that….

  35. Terrible idea. What happens to the children, property and pets? The fact these marriages are easy to dissolve only weakens the family unit, as at least in a standard marriage the parties are somewhat encouraged to try to make it work for the fear of going through the legal nightmare of a divorce.

  36. Soooo many sci-fi novels have already covered this, should be longer than 2 years though.
    And if the marriage produces kids they would probably renew anyway.. how many marriages fall apart EVEN THOUGH there are kids? The fact that there are children doesn't stop people from getting a divorce.

  37. OK..so Mexico is the 2nd largest Catholic nation, and to get around the immorality of pre-marital sex, they are going to legalize a temp marriage?…BULLSHIT is what this is. If they are so damned Catholic, this wouldn't even be allowed! Even the Mexican government is trying to get around God. This says, either Religion is meaningless, or they think they are smarter than God. ( I believe the latter )This country doesn't care who they piss off, do they?

  38. I think this is a brilliant idea, but then again I've always been against marriage because of how permanent it is so…

  39. Let them know that if they can still fit in their wedding dress, then they can wear it and go out to a fancy restaurant or something, from a joint bank account. All fair.

  40. Oh boy lets do this again, chicken dances cake in the face and all that 'fun' Naa lets order real doll 2.0 the one as realistic as Kim Kar and say hello to the age of peace, no marriage license just a owners manual

  41. I'm fine with this so long as no children are born to the marriage. If they are, you should have to file for divorce like everyone else.

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