last video we were playing house party and goods watching screen this is just like camping and all those other games sounds like camping and um um fans recommended this game so thank you for just gonna we're trying this think because it seems fun okay since we never played this before we're gonna ask the magic 8-ball if we can survive on the first try so I'm gonna ask for us in the jailhouse magic 8-ball well I survived the first time I play this game concentrate and ask again you asked for it and then I'll answer again well I survived trick that without a doubt yeah you're gonna survive what about me well I survived and I see it yes yeah we're gonna survive Kate mm okay ready Hey okay so little bit in front of this you know peplum is that I not think so you think he doesn't think right now survive two one go this is I'm gonna Ted I'm on we're on you're in the back no no that vest is gonna leave 15 seconds but you can too there's four people in speed Oh house party may keep the leaderboard on because learning all players this will be only take a bit and we did get our flashlight in the seat coil cuz we weren't you know run or something anything I can get off the road just in case good idea I'm getting under the grass that's just like the safe is here yeah yeah I'd be in the bench you're right at the host Street with your friends you're early so you can take you can all take your time arriving hmm I wonder which house is theirs we go to the one with the person in front yeah oh gosh that looks like the burger if there is murder well – what I owe you the pleasure of having all you young folk folk on the street doesn't a doubt about that at that house party you say just down the street the road the road here well that sure is interesting yeah that's cool very interesting looks like you're gonna come in murderous dot dot dot dot dot dot he seems like the word well that's be going have fun out there I best be going on summer well it looks like you're probably gonna get your murdering Zapata well that was weird who is that guy oh well let's go bye oh hey listen I'm going through the one that everyone's gone to the smoke ha oh gosh we made it then do that we'll finally made it take this tempt tick talk to some friends and hang out here let's explore through on what doughnuts I wanna cakes they're gonna be poisonous problem you're always poison escape today I never eat the food in these kinds of games have let's explore with this class I'm gonna run into the closet see let's explode okay I'm gonna sway oh nice catch and everything what's in here nothing that room I might clean this bedroom that's it remember where everything is at bedroom this is an empty room empty room what's in here nothing mama there are smoke guys Gator dude if you give these glass shatters oh hello there hope you're all having fun because the party is now over oh no he cut the power quick hide you have 20 seconds until he intrudes the intruder enters the house everybody's hiding here I'm just gonna die here does it why cause it I'm hiding back here Michu seems safe get back here everyone close your flashlights and everything I'm scarred what we die right now stop he's gonna see our chat oh that's a weren't all gonna die at the same time I know right I'm really scared good he's coming in how do you know cuz it's a zero I think the coast is clear I'm kicking around the corner that doesn't matter anymore let's get it out of here wait a second what's that smell all rise fire everyone run to the basement what wait worse the basement we didn't see a basement though guys we're dying oh my gosh it smokey now never I've heard Keeney's overall very good the same hurt distance cuz I came right but the ninja Gabe always says me and kit aren't gonna survive so with 10 we should find a way out and turn the power back on my power I'm pretty sure the host said that they keep kept a generator down here it's gonna flood guys oh my god so many found generators back here perfect we ever like again it's gonna flood look at this water now I just need to find a way out over here so I'm playing the door oh my gosh it's so white look just work together to move them let's just hope it leads somewhere out of this place well let's go really finally fresh air we need to escape and call the police hurry up before the intruder catches no dot dot know about that dot it's him he said that's all he was dots no one is calling the bullies not on my watch but that's guy the guy was foresaw I know I got to hand to it you I didn't think you would escape the burning house but I'm glad you did because now you're mine what is this stuff I'm getting kind of very sleepy all I see is white where are we we miss out oh come on I'm so tired oh good you're all awake so glad that you can find they join me in this pleasant room down here just not that brother Plus this is best I could do since the cops showed up right as I knocked you out oh gosh if he showed us the short story they came after me so fast one of you one of you brats managed to call them somehow oh yay that's me I called them I couldn't have you guys behind you had far too much evidence evidence to tell so I took you guys and ran how did you take guys were so happy yeah there's a lot of people there's a lot of us too there's his car how do we all claim and get it I had no other choice I threw you guys in my car and drove off it was supposed to be for me to get away after interrupting a nice house party down the street but you guys had other plans there like he's being nice but he died and now that puts us here darn cops are still on my trail and it's all yeah consider this year payback how is it our payback you are the one who's broken here is where you will stay [Applause] oh come on we need to get out of here and fast I think we know that Search Search but if it starts flooding sorry not to UM has found a key it must be a spare that he forgot this should open this gate here I'm staying back a bit might set off salons dot dot dot dot dot no cheating she open one more door stands between us in freedom who seems there's only one keep that we may need to force us crowbar someone has found a crowbar but if he does he is breaking through that gives us in good use any camera well that worked doors I don't know all right guys let's get out of here I'm not gonna burst another door no listen now's our chance while he's sleeping when you sneak out try not to make any noise I think one of us is building toys I'm not gonna use my snake oil because I am Krieg oh goodness someone hasn't made too much noise huh who's there I know you're out there and I and when I get my hands on you it's over this is your final stand rats quick we we need to escape follow the people they probably know where they're going I'm gonna fall dead Oh No I'm sending this one as far as I can I still see you he's right there he can't come up some well I see is dizzy you like right there I don't know why anybody was sitting in ICU he's like walking with we made it oh okay I'm good I'm just gonna follow the path I don't care if I'm first cuz I don't want to go oh oh no the bridge is damaged maybe find another way out no maybe these people know away look hey come on okay we have no other choice let's go nothing a flashlight actually what's that sound is this gonna collapse um that's great the cave is collapsing we got to get out fast Ted go you have 25 seconds to escape oh my gosh guys come on 21 Tony we need everyone to uh skating we're gonna die in here oh no or not get far away from that thing okay let's stay here guys let's watch okay oh yeah three five five people escaped so far six seven eight there's just eight people in the game good good good everyone escaped awesome somebody sees a girl in there knows not there's eight people here oh gosh no that was a close one yeah well we all made it out but where are we once have been the road the intruder took to get here we're saved we're saved we just need to make it down this mountain oh gosh around oh gosh it's guessing bridge this pitfall over there doesn't little so sturdy we need we have to choose wisely I said I'll guess it first unless somebody already knows wait hold on tight don't go yet anyone knows thanks dad how did you know that you probably just guessed well there was only once rustling no there's gonna be like an animal right what was that oh gosh I knew it was gonna be in you gotta run guys I've had enough of your little games it's done this ends now no matter if I have anything to do with it someone's over there Simmons is that yeah screams we're all screaming I'll hold him off while you guys run small efforts it's over I wouldn't want to be like that okay Mario go now what wait you actually die I think you do no sacrifice was not in vain let's go get those cops he knew what to do every single time hey Ted watch out me we're finally safe oh gosh that's it sorry Mario your breath you breath food that last straw and that guy back to jail before that does it if you would like to stay otherwise say otherwise have somebody else you're gumming your ways for a very long time what come on Mario dude I I got them hey I want it has to be me after meeting the some people that were going to a house party I decided to make sure they made it safely yay Wednesday saw a fire in my neighborhood I need Li caught the cops you're going away for a very long time for what you put these poor people through I thought for sure he was gonna be murder me too Oh Thank You neighbor breaking news local resident arrested for kidnapping in survivors found breaking news over this is a man who's very dangerous as it was revealed that he had weapons at the ready for super few a few survivors made it out alive and some perished along the way was that me from but you can see you will be put away behind bars I got kicked out know or will he I'm just gonna keep saying what it says okay it does help you survive congratulations except for Kate just I'm gonna reconnect no how dare you get kicked out I've had one I got zero in the white screen now now we're gonna head to hospital or something you're not even on my game oh oh now they're joining well that's a quickie disconnected right out the rural in but we I'll call that you know when this is I would win not really long party no magic people was wrong about Kate well it was run I did survive because I didn't get killed by the dude she just got disconnected so since emerging okay so that under gable was correct but yet awesome day I enjoy getting them know you can see Mars it dance tap this box anywhere tap that button please Christian right

Michael Martin

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