Surprise wedding dance from Brothers & Sisters

Michael Martin

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  1. Wow guys 500.00!? We are so impressed. When we uploaded for fun, we thought it's not even gonna reach the 1000. Thanks for the supporting, the heartwarming comments, and now we are waiting for any engagement of our siblings so we can prepare with a new surprise dance. 🙂

  2. This shit gotta stop at wedding. Embarrassing. Why do people insist on posting their lives. No one gives a fuck. Social media is for people with no lives looking for instant gratification. You look fucking stupid

  3. Beautiful it was like watching a movie soo amazing 😉
    Love the Hindi music at the end ❤️
    Watching from Japan 🇯🇵

  4. Such a sweet gift from family. This kind of gift is one from the heart and lots of effort put into it. Such a sweet lighthearted bit of fun. Best wishes to the newly wed couple

  5. Did anyone else notice that at 1:18 the girls were doing the same choreography to the song as they do in glee season 4 episode 11? (Idk if that made sence)

  6. okay… im not trying to be mean, but the boys were wayyy better at dancing than the girls, and the two older boys… well they were pretty handsome and LOVED the footwork they did. 🙂 Nice job kids

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