Superstore – Not Quite Love at First Sight (Episode Highlight)

– I’m sorry for making you
uncomfortable, Michelle. – Oh, M.C. Cool Cloud,
you are all right. – Does anybody have
any questions? – No, I think
we’re all set here. – Well, you can’t take love out
of the workplace. – Oh, God, kill me now. – What about Miles and Lisa? If it was up to you, they never
would have gotten together. And then the children
they’re gonna have would never have been born. – Oh, we’re–
we’re not having kids. – What?
– No one is saying you can’t ever date somebody
you work with. Just be careful
not to make unwanted advances. – So you can’t ask someone out
unless you know they like you? But then you don’t know
if someone likes you unless you ask them out,
so that’s, like, a catch-22. – Whoa, well done. – Oh, I’ve been studying
for the SATs. It’s been a very extrapolatory
experience. – Okay,
what we need is a database. Everybody write down all the
employees you’re attracted to. Totally confidential. I will compile a spreadsheet
of any matches and post it above the microwave. – Nope, we’re not doing that. Let’s just say
that if you ask somebody out, and they say no, move on. – What if she just says no because she has plans
that night? Can you ask her out again
for a different night? – I guess. I mean, it depends.
Does she really have plans, or is she politely telling you
she’s not interested? – Which one is it, Sarah?
– It’s the second one. – [scoffs]
Whatever. I was just asking
as a joke anyway. – Without kids,
what’s the point of life? – I can’t believe you’d want
to bring someone into this crazy world. – Sometimes people do change
their minds. I mean, I met Jerusha when we
were both working at my father’s hardware store. I asked her out every day
for a year, and then she said yes. all: Aww. – Yes.
– Okay, actually, that’s called a systemic pattern
of hostility. It’s, like, the number one thing
you can’t do. – I got a question. The actress in the video,
does she get paid per video, or is it more of a flat rate
for the whole day kind of thing? – My guess is flat rate. – Can ignoring someone
you’re dating be considered harassment? – I don’t think so.
– Of course you don’t. – I’m–I’m just not explaining
it right. I wasn’t harassing her. She agreed to go out with me
because my father threatened to fire her if she didn’t. – Myrtle, I’m so sorry. It was wrong to harass you,
and if you want, I will quit right now. – No, no, no.
– Yes, quit. – Arthur is a lovely guy. He was just trying
to compliment you. – That’s all it is! I like your sweater,
and I think you’re pretty. – Ohh.
– And I love how your sweater cleaves tight against
your breasts. – Arthur, no.
– Gross, dude. She’s, like, 100. – Okay, this is actually
making things worse. – It’s not always harassment. I mean, Jerusha and I
got married. – Oh, so it’s not harassment
if you marry them? – Oh, God, what have I done? – They’re like two little
robin’s eggs all bundled up in a bird’s nest. – Stop.
– Found her on IMDB.

Michael Martin

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  1. I'm 71, hope some guy my age says that to me Lol. on the bys,these old guys,have a small dog – wing man. when thwy ask if I have ,be, I tell them he died..They can't figure if he died with a smile or what. talk dirty to me, old man

  2. Its kinda like the office, but instead of the actors acting serious and deadpan they are clearly just going for the obvious joke. Don't get me wrong, I like it. America Ferrera is a lovely, talented actress and I'm glad to see her working, just not sure the obvious characters have enough depth to make a show where laughs seem more suited for sketch comedy, but I'm willing to keep watching for now.

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