Superhero Party – Saturday Night Live

Michael Martin

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  1. Anyone else notice at 9:00 Louis accidentally said Clark in her list of names then just improvised her way through it😂

  2. Fun fact: Garett Morris, who played Ant-Man in this skit later played a taxi driver in the Ant-Man (2015) movie.

  3. I really didnt knew the show was so old, i thought it started since 90s… im not american you know…

  4. Love Margot Kidder… This was clearly done around the time when she had her weight problems, probably wearing a wig… still, it's a kick seeing her reprise the role.

  5. They laugh but because The Flash fucked up the timeline so much that Ant Man is a billion dollar franchise but The Hulk can't get a franchise off the ground and The Flash movie keeps on getting delayed.

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