Sunmi, Seulgi, Daehwi – Heroine | 선미, 슬기, 대휘 – 주인공 [2018 KBS Song Festival / 2018.12.28]

Michael Martin

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  1. im not really a stan of any of them and i saw the title and was like “but…but isnt daehwi that one boy from wanna one??” like deadass convinced i was thinking of the wrong person (i think theres someone in twice with a similar name, i was thinking maybe id mixed them up) bUT NOPE I WAS RIGHT ITS THE WANNA ONE BOY ABSOLUTELY KILLING IT SORRY FOR DOUBTING

  2. wait they were cheering to for daehwi so much and for sumni and seulgi were at the end only cheering. Don't tell me "yOur jEaLoUs" I'm just saying

  3. Stop bashing seulgi for not matching to sunmi's performance, they both are talented (and daehwi) and both have different charms that make them unique. Some say Seulgi ruined it, but that's where I disagree. Yeah, she may be less experienced but she killed it regardless.

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