Summer Solstice Ceremony on Shasta: WHITE OUT

Michael Martin

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  1. I saw what looked like a couple of orbs flying away just as the white was leaving 💫 and the trees started to appear again. Such a beautiful example of the intense energy that is always around us and that can be harnessed by group mediation. I saw something kinda similar to this in a BQH session back in April. I think it was facilitated by Chrysilla Lewies. Thanks so much for sharing this! Sending you all much love! 💖💖💖

  2. I felt HUGE crown activations and so much peace and joy and white light just pouring in thru the top of my crown… just beautiful. I laughed and felt so much release and acceptance💖💖💖

  3. Thank you SO much for sharing this…… I wanted so much to be there! Your video is a Divine gift that has enabled me to take part in the ceremony. I feel the energy through my crown chakra and my whole being…. Mt. Shasta is truly a magical place!

  4. Recently I brought a friend over to a park to ground with her. We went and hug the tree and asked for its help to ground. After when we went to hang out with some geese, she took some pictures and noticed there was a shadow of branches in the pictures and also on her camera even when she covered it with her finger. Very beautiful

  5. Well we were supposed to have the 3 days of darkness by now and that did not happen. When is the next available window for this to happen?

  6. Anyone else notice.. the center tree(one just left of tree with placard) when camera keeps trying to focus on, looks like a shaman sitting on a limb close to trunk?

  7. Amazing!!! I’ve never seen anything like this 💫 as soon as the video started I got goose bumps up my legs and I’m in Vegas, it’s not cold 😉

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