String Arrangement of Hua Chenyu’s《Quasimodo’s Gift》& 《The Mayfly》 华晨宇《卡西莫多的礼物 ● 蜉蝣》中的弦乐编曲

[ The String Arrangement in Mars Concert 2019 ] As you may notice that Hua added many string parts
in the Mars Concert 2019 We contacted the string arranger He Tiancheng,
he provided us the original audio track and the videos He also shared with us how he arranged those
different string instruments to join these music works From Hua Chenyu’s 2nd Album: Aliens (2015) My freedom is shot down from the sky My soul is soaked in the sea Stranded on a lone island I’m left with only the will to survive It’s far It’s far away Sleeping in the dark of the night, I’m still anxious Hiding behind the clamor, I still feel lonely In the vast universe I’m as insignificant as a mayfly It’s far It’s far away It’s far It’s far away It turns out that this heart is too fragile To heed the restlessness of the subconscious My memories are too heavy I wander counterclockwise along time It’s far It’s far away It’s far It’s far away It’s far It’s far away It’s far It’s far away This is not me Why is there still impulse behind my silence? Watching the pouring rain Listening to the roaring wind I struggle like mad to break free This is not me Who wants to live under threat? Even if I’m caught up in a vortex I don’t bow my head It’s far It’s far away I will never bow my head It’s far It’s far away It’s far It’s far away * Translated by Hua Chenyu English Subs *

Michael Martin

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  1. Thank you for sharing this beautiful version of these two songs. The string rearrangement really brings out the sadness, despair, and burst of emotions in the songs. 😖

  2. A delight to the ears, the string arrangement gives it a depth and dimension that heightens the sad situations of the characters. Thank you for sharing.

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