Strategies for Divorcing a High Conflict Spouse Such as a Narcissist or Other Personality Disorder

Michael Martin

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  1. They can also be pathological liars and tell no shred of truth this is what I'm up against conjugal abuse were victims of abuse and unfortunately the kids have been put in the middle by the other parent unfortunately I'm glad there's a restraining order. It's a matter of control and bullying and intimidation tactics I figured it out awhile ago I became the better person yelling at my computer and swearing at the audios of him to get my anger out in a productive way and not loose in court. In my case there's no co parenting only parrarell parenting I strongly feel they have to look into this more when the other parent is causing emotional abuse and physical I'm trying to get the children help and I'm in counseling. I have no contact with him there's a pattern of abuse

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