Strange Events Just Happening in America (2019)

the largest privately owned a nuclear waste dump in the country poses a dramatic safety risk not only to those living near it but the country as a whole the largest stockpile of nuclear waste in the u.s. is only 108 feet from the beach the nuclear plant here at San Onofre was shut down in 2015 after a leak was discovered and now the radioactive waste is being buried here the only problem is it's on a major fault line in a tsunami zone and next to an interstate freeway just steps from this popular surfing Beach in Southern California and yards from the Camp Pendleton military base why is this massive decommissioned nuclear plant run by Southern California Edison it's the largest privately owned nuclear plant in the country it follows the Hanford nuclear plant in Washington States which is owned and operated by the government since the plant shut down in 2015 Edison obtained permits from the California Commission to bury these canisters underground as of right now 73 of the twenty-nine aren't below the surface this is a matter of grave concern to us because nuclear spent nuclear fuel and water don't mix Charles Langley executive director of public watchdogs says the energy company Edison chose the wrong location to bury 3.6 million pounds of radioactive waste there are actually fault lines that run underneath the facility we've documented this in geological reports that were suppressed by the Nuclear Regulatory Commission it's in a tsunami zone and it's also extremely vulnerable to terrorist attacks Linna Bobby ours originally from Pittsburgh lived through the Three Mile Island nuclear accident in 1979 she believes sano free is a ticking time bomb it's still very prevalent to me that this not only could happen but it has happened at Three Mile Island of course it has happened at Chernobyl it's happened at Fukushima at least we forget it could happen at San Onofre in addition to the dangerous location Ling Li says these canisters are as thin as a dime unequipped to store radioactive nuclear waste when we investigated further we discovered that the actual warranty for this containment system is only for ten years and the canisters themselves are only guaranteed to last 25 years we contacted Edison and they responded in a call asking for our exact questions once given they refused to answer any of our inquiries directly only referring us to their websites babby are says she's worried about a delayed emergency response in fact she says there's no way to supervise the canisters once they're underground there should have been a requirement for an underground monitoring system before one can ever went in the ground the information out tonight from the CDC they say Kansas deer are testing positive for zombie deer it's a deadly disease found in several states across the u.s. and it could also spread to humans zombie deer are invading 24 states across the u.s. no these are deer that die and come back to life more so it's their zombie-like appearance zombie deer disease is making headlines all across the Midwest it actually eats holes in the animal's brain and that's why this term zombie came up in Minnesota because the deer they lose all fear of humans they're lethargic they salivate Centers for Disease Control want you to be on the lookout for zombie deer there have been deer spotted in 17 alone I count ease suffering from a chronic wasting disease and animals with this disease have a zombie-like stare they become so gaunt that their rib cages become exposed hunters should have all game tested before they consume any animals they kill the Sun has set on firearm deer hunting season in Minnesota but the staff at the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources remain busy testing harvested deer for chronic wasting disease the problem we're having is we're starting to see more positive animals spread a little bit further on the landscape so we're seeing what we're gonna call a persistent infection that's that's that's radiating out from our epicenter CWD is a neurological disease dropping a deers life expectancy to about two years the problem is more widespread in Wisconsin but the fear is Minnesota's population could be on the same path I think they had 10 cases last year the deer it's it's super super dangerous this is really cool the cause of the disease is something called a prion PRI OS it's not a virus it's not a it's not a bacteria it's a protein that's infectious it's the weirdest thing in the whole world and it's it is kind of dangerous how it's a disease that you can't get rid of there's no cure so far and so as long as you have gear on the landscape and it continues to spread from animal to animal then you'll probably pick up more neighbors have growing concerns about a so-called zombie coyote yeah you're looking at surveillance video of the creature walking near a home on the west side highlighted there and it's being called a zombie coyote because it's essentially a hairless Sharron Trigg took these cell phone pictures after looking out her window and seeing this animal just feet away from her back door I had no idea what it was it didn't look like anything I had seen she describes it as being lanky and on the hunt for food it was very very thin and completely hairless she took these pictures as children were walking home from school and she's worried for their safety there's children all over in their yard and this thing is roaming the neighborhood in this surveillance video you could see what neighbors are calling a zombie coyote they look as if they stepped out of the walking dead that's his scary a coyote blaring its teeth crazy-looking foxes and raccoons going insane yes she really said zombie people all over the United States are reporting seeing them these ragged coyotes look like they crawled out of a grave I was like a Walking Dead type of thing Joe Evans came face-to-face with a scary-looking raccoon in his backyard if they look possessed its hissing and it's showing its teeth rather than being scared of me it was like provoking a fight good boy photographer Robert Coggeshall and his deagles were chased indoors by this raccoon he took dozens of images of the menacing animal here on his hind legs and then suddenly he would just fall over backwards and he'd be in a zombie transit it happens to foxes as well he's confused he's baring his teeth he doesn't know quite what he's doing and he looks like a zombie but keep your distance deadly this is wild animal infected with a disease so you they're unpredictable you don't know what they're going to do you could end up with a fatal infection Colorado could use more snow and water district workers are turning to new methods to try and create it the Jackson County Water Conservancy district is working with the Wyoming Water Development Office to bring this cloud seeding method to our state they're gonna use an aircraft to drop flares into winter clouds that will create silver iodide as they've burned that should substance that's similar to ice crystals that'll mix with the small water droplets in the clouds to make snow that's heavy enough to fall the colorado river district has been managing cloud seeding operations from the ground for decades an eagle's summit picking in grant counties however there's recent research out of cu-boulder showing that the aircraft based cloud seeding is a more effective method Ward County is one of seven seven counties that do clot that does cloud seeding it is supposed to suppress hail but one local farmer has different thoughts you watch the plain seed you will see storms weaken Roger nessam is a farmer in Ward County who pays tax money for the cloud seeding service 'lord county has been in the weather modification project for in excess of 38 years I believe it is we have always been sold the program on lower hail rates increased rainfall using airplanes to put little tiny microscopic particles in the clouds to help make ice in the clouds a little bit sooner than they would naturally nation' believes that it's clashing with Mother Nature weather in Ward County has been manipulated for over 38 years we don't know what normal is anymore he sees the storms coming towards Ward County the cloud Cedars flying and then the storm minimizes as it approaches the area they seed the cloud it dissipates they blame the dissipation on natural factors well then why were they up there spending the taxpayer money if the natural factors dissipated that cloud Mother Nature does it for free according to the project director Darin Lang rude cloud seeding has shown results the evaluations that we have of the program in North Dakota is that it increases rainfall up to maybe 10% maybe in that five to ten percent range is typical and actually seating those storms increases the rain falls slightly downwind as well nation' continuously is wondering what would happen if there wasn't cloud seeding there's no way to know for sure because we don't know what would have happened would the storms have rolled through convinced me this is working I don't think cloud sea has anything to do with storms fizzling and dying do you have 38 years of seating and records and if you want to have a true scientific experiment let's do 38 years without it you

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  1. One thing IS 100% true …no one wants that shit leaking into water. EVER. Can't believe that a private corporation can get away with this! Edison (needs) MUST be forced to remove them. And, contrary to their spokesperson, yes they can…just will cost them a pretty penny! Tough! Lousy plan to begin with…and they KNEW it.

  2. The programming is that we've been told about the San Andres fault line falling off into the ocean since we were in elementary school. So this is how they are going to do it.
    1. Govt base facility
    2. Cheap ass barrels
    3. Radioactive nuclear waste
    4. Fault Line
    5. Near freeway & Beach
    6. Buried underground
    We've been warned.

  3. At 6:50, at the least the racoon brushes quite frequently apparently, nice teeth. (sarc) Have had many confrontations with racoons, they are truly wild animals.

  4. How easily they talk about "cloud seeding" all of a sudden… And btw the human Zombie epidemic started with the smartphones anyways… 🧟‍♀️📱🧟‍♂️

  5. You have no business experimenting with the weather. You are not His or Mother Nature. You have taken away our blue sky's and I think it's disgusting! GTFOH!!!

  6. I'm all for nuclear power but for crying out loud why do they put these things on the frickin beach?! There are plenty of places that aren't on the beach, on a fault line, near a densely populated area.

  7. Your video is confusing to me, you started with calling C.W.D. a "Zombie disease" showed a coyote with mange, a rabid racoon ,and then finished of with cloud seeding. This seems like some convoluted fear mongering video that hurt my brain and i believe i've become more retarded for having watched it.

  8. Government is causing all this with manipulation, you payed tax for it… we are killing ourself with all this shit!! That’s what the government wants, one world order! Bravo 👏 sleep further you Americans hero’s! Bravo 👏

  9. then they wonder why sea life is dying, …… crap that they spray in the air and land, animals eat it ,eat each other, end times keep trying to play GOD, REPENT AND HE WILL HEAL THE LAND

  10. I don't know what rabid coyotes, foxes, and raccoons have to do with chronic wasting disease in deer.

  11. The CWD they are talking about waste away deer and can spread to other animals and the coyote well that was mange very common in coyotes we don’t have CWD in KY yet but we do have coyotes with mange this is why predator control is so important and the animals going “crazy” that’s a sign of rabies

  12. Ghosts, it's all ghosts. TEST YOUR MEAT, GET VACCINATED, DON'T WASTE WATER, AND HAVE COMMON SENSE PEOPLE! It isn't hard. On a lighter note… Be well and best of luck to everyone!

  13. Smh,it doesn't take a genius to know how to dispose and get rid of radio active waste,when you can sent satellites and equipment, to space,who in there right mind keeps these dangerous and harmful toxic nuclear waste,underground,and near the ocean,what's wrong with space,just saying

  14. Typical of what big companies and lack of our government and not having a spine anymore for doing the right thing. Letting big companies paying them and crooked politicians

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