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♪ Just the two of us, we
can make it if we try ♪ – Maybe next week we’ll climb a tree. (dramatic music) – Adulting can be
intimidating, but I promise you if I can do it, you can
too. Recipes, life hacks and everyday tips. Welcome to
Sasha in Good Taste (laughs) – All right. – All right, so this is
our anniversary episode! I can’t believe it’s been
– Happy Anniversary. – Happy episode. It’s actually
a recap of our first year and a bit married. So,
we did a lot last year. – We really did. – So, I have a list.
Do you want to hear it? – [Man] Let’s do it. – Okay, so we were in
Hawaii at the beginning of last year, which was super
fun. And then we were in Colorado, and then we
were in Portland to film the pilot, the Perfectionists,
it went so well. And then we were in
Manchester, and then Germany, and then London, and then
– And that was all for the fan convention. – Yeah, it was for the fan
convention, it was so fun. – Love the fans, always
good to see you all. – They actually got me, they made me a Sasha in Good Taste jacket,
which was so special. We went to Vegas, we
went to New York, we went to Ireland for our wedding,
and we honeymooned in Thailand and Australia, and then
we moved to Portland, which has been so fun. We
started a YouTube show, which this has been so much fun. – Hope you’re enjoying. – Yes. In the middle
of that, I wrote a book which was also equally
as fun, and writing that in the process of trying
to pack for moving was intense but so cool. – You did such a good job, it
was such a huge accomplishment – Thank you – I’m so proud of you. – Thank you. I’m so
excited for it to come out. Our honeymoon
– So, we got married. That is what we did (laughs) How do you feel about the wedding? – Oh my gosh, probably my
favorite week of my life. – Yeah same. – We literally spent a week
in Ireland, it was just full of fun and festivities.
Shout out to Jack, thank you so much for helping us out with that. – We went to the Cliffs of Moher, which is one of our favorite
places, we did a really fun photo shoot on the
cliffs, which turned out incredible. You got to
the play at the K Club golf resort there which was really pretty. Obviously our wedding day
– Actual wedding day our actual wedding day
at the Castle Leslie, which was so fun. Our
wedding day was honestly could not have been better.
– No. It was so perfect, the
weather was perfect. – We did our vows in secret in a little separate part of the woods.
– Yeah we did. – I’m so glad we did that.
That was really special. We got to have our ceremony
in front of the lake and all our friends and family. – I got a little choked up. – Yeah, yeah you did.
And then the reception was amazing. Our jazz band,
– This player that came out. Oh, so cool. We cut our cake with a sword. – That’s a stellar moment.
So great. What, it must have been
a five foot sword, it was intense, it was awesome. – Was it around five or
six a.m. that we found that random place in the castle? – Yes.
to play secret. – The secret billiard room. – Yeah, that was incredible. Our honeymoon was really fun. We
honeymooned in Thailand and Australia. We had to
force ourselves to relax because we don’t do
that often. We’re a old married couple already, we
played a lot of yahtzee. – Got way better at table tennis. – Got worse at pool
Ate all the thai food. – So much curry and so much fried rice. Our villa was so cool. – So cool.
That was so pretty. Infinity pool looking over
the jungle and the water. – That dinner we had on top of that.
– Oh, on the rooftop? So, this rooftop was painted
blue, it was supposed to match the ocean so it just looks like you’re just kind of sitting
out on the water, it’s amazing. – We went to an elephant
rescue and sanctuary. Oh, we fed some monkeys.
It was hysterical. The baby monkeys were so cute. – Then we shimmied down off to Australia. – Hamilton Island. Cockatoos everywhere, just random cockatoos,
there’s wallabies everywhere, which was so cute. Not a lot has changed. – It really hasn’t. – It’s just gotten
better. I’ve really loved calling you my husband, people take you a lot more serious when you say “husband”. – The craziest thing is that
now you’re thinking about family. Thinking about that
is probably the biggest thing that’s changed for me.
– Yeah, that’s true. Okay, we’re not talking
about kids (laughs). We have two fur-babies,
that’s enough for now. – I think the hardest
thing, actually, maybe once or twice this year where
we’ve had to be apart. I filmed a mini-series in
L.A. for two weeks. He went to a bachelor party for one
of our closest friends, which was totally fine,
but I missed you. I did. (laughs) what? – Okay, so it’s so easy to
be in communication when you’re in front of the
person, but as soon as there’s distance, then all of a sudden
you don’t hear from that person for 10 hours and
it’s like, I miss that face, I miss that voice. – Awww. That’s what’s great
about FaceTime and being able to see that person, catch
up on the day, see what’s happening in your world
and kind of make sure that we are on the same page about things. – And there’s a lot of moving
parts in our life forward. – We did it. We’ve done
it, we’ll do it again. – Always.
Love you. – Love you. – Of course, couples have
tiffs. We’ve had our arguments. – She’ll just live out of a
suitcase instead of unpacking, which I don’t understand. We travel a ton. – I have to live out of a suitcase. – We travel a ton and she
does not have to live out of a suitcase. – What do you do? – Yeah, what do I do? – You’re too clean (laughs) – Yes, I am clean. I have
a lint roller with me all the time that I chase you around with. – It’s ridiculous. – I hang up my clothes. – That’s true, I leave my
clothes all over the place. – My t-shirts, I like them
wrinkle-free. You like to live out of a suitcase. – You’ve missed flights, I haven’t. – I’ve did it one time and I – You’ve done it twice. – A ridiculous move on my end
I’d just rather be safe than sorry. – I don’t know why I
thought I could get through security and to my flight
in 15 minutes (laughs) – If anything, we’ve I
think both, worked harder to be better,
– Yeah. which is great. One of the
things that we did in our relationship in the
beginning was make sure that there was a couple rules
that we followed. One was communication, to not go to
bed angry. I think what’s really important is saying,
“I love you”, even if I don’t like you right now
– Oh, that’s another great one “I love you” – Anytime you demand a
kiss, you get that kiss. – Yeah. – Always show that you’re
willing to give love so. – Yeah, it’s true. – No matter how irritating
I can be (laughs) – Thank you for joining us on this journey.
– So much. I hope you enjoyed (laughs)
whatever we just said (laughs) like, subscribe, comment
if you want to see more. And this was really fun.
I’m glad that we got to go through all of our memories
– just the two of us One of the best years yet. – Yes, I agree.
Yeah. Bye, guys! (laughs) (upbeat music)

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