Star Wars: Rise of the Resistance Official Dedication

– [Announcer] Rising from the wilds, outside Black Spire Outpost, a new adventure sends
you on a secret mission to battle the First Order. The Resistance needs your help. Live from Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge, at Walt Disney World Resort. Inside Disney Parks
presents the dedication ceremony of the all new “Star Wars: Rise of the Resistance” attraction. – Good evening, or as we say
here on the Planet of Batuu, Rising Moons, I’m Mark Daniel, and welcome to Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge. We are live in the forest just outside Blackspire
Outpost where tonight, we witness the rise of the resistance as they take us on a mission
to battle the evil First Order! As a longtime “Star
Wars” fan I am so excited for tomorrow’s grand opening of Star Wars: Rise of the Resistance
here at Walt Disney World, and the chance for all of us to live our “Star Wars”
adventure in an entirely new way. Just ahead, we’ll bring you an incredible dedication ceremony for this spectacular new attraction that you won’t wanna miss! Did you notice my wink? You won’t wanna miss this historic event about to take place, a moment
that will be talked about in galaxies far away, and shared
on social media for weeks! Soon, Resistance fighters, some of your favorite
“Star Wars” characters, Bob Chapeck, Chairman of
Disney Parks, Experiences and Products will take the stage to launch the Rise of the Resistance. And speaking of Resistance fighters, joining me now from the
light side of the Force is JFB, Jenn Fickley-Baker
with the Disney Parks blog. Rising moons, Jenn. – Rising moons, Mark. I am so excited to witness this moment in Disney history and I can’t wait to get in there and try
the experience myself! – It’s gonna be exciting. Now Jenn, I understand you have a special way for fans watching right now to commemorate this night. Is that right? – That’s right, tonight
we have a brand new Disney Parks blog digital wallpaper to share with all of you. Our team of artists
work with our friends at Lucas Film to bring you this design. Inspired by a classic “Star Wars” vehicle and one of my personal
favorites, the AT-AT Walker. – [Mark] A-T A-T Walker. – [Jenn] Visit the
Disney Parks blog now to download it for your desktop,
smart phone, or Apple Watch. – [Mark] Now, Jenn, you
also wanna know where in the galaxy viewers are
watching from, correct? – Yes, absolutely, using @DisneyParks or #DisneyParksLIVE on Twitter, tell us where you’re watching from and let us know how excited you are for the grand opening of Star Wars: Rise of the Resistance. I’ll be back after the live stream to say rising moons to a few of you. – Oh, that’s gonna be great! – Yep! – Thank you very much JFB. Now as you can see, guests continue to gather for tonight’s ceremony and right behind them, the entrance to Star Wars: Rise of the Resistance. What waits behind that turret is nothing short of spectacular. Star Wars: Rise of the Resistance brings you into the middle of a climactic battle between the First
Order and The Resistance. Including a face off with Kylo Ren. The journey takes you aboard a full size transport shuttle and then into a nearby Star Destroyer
on a thrilling adventure that blurs the lines
between fantasy and reality. One of the most immersive, ambitious, and technologically advanced experiences in Disney history. The attraction uses multiple ride systems working together to
create a seamless story on a cinematic scale. You are truly living your
own “Star Wars” story. Earlier, several well
known Resistance fighters had the chance to experience
this new attraction. So, let’s take a ride along. – I think this might
be the single greatest culmination of effects and ride technology that has ever been done. – That was great. That was amazing. (clapping) – There are no words to describe what I just experienced. – It was like you were in the movie. This is like you were right in it. (John screaming) And that’s what makes this
ride so special, I think. – It’s so much better than
anything I was expecting. It’s so immersive and real. I don’t know. I don’t know. It’s by far the best
ride I’ve ever ridden. It just exceeds all expectations. (Megan screaming) – You won’t get us, Kylo Ren! – [Announcer] There’s nowhere to run. – Yeah, I gotta tell you, I’ve experienced the attraction
and their reactions are real! Now, if you follow “Star
Wars” social media, you will know my next guest. Please welcome one of the voices behind one of your favorite
social media accounts, DJ! – Rising moons, Mark! – Rising moons, DJ! Now, DJ, earlier today, you had the chance to experience Star Wars:
Rise of the Resistance for yourself, in fact,
right now we’re looking at video of your daring escape from a Star Destroyer right now! Look at that! – [DJ] Wow, yeah. – [Mark] Now, DJ, I gotta
ask you, what did you think of Star Wars: Rise of the Resistance? – It was amazing! Life changing. Like, wow. – [Mark] Yeah, I know. You can’t even speak right now. DJ, I gotta ask you, what
surprised you the most? – [DJ] I think the size of those AT-ATs. – [Mark] Yeah, they’re massive! – [DJ] And it’s crazy to get so up close and personal with them. – [Mark] Yeah, it is amazing. Now, for the big time “Star Wars” fans, now what do they need to
know about this attraction here at Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge? – [DJ] I think it’s a good thing to keep an eye out for all
those little details. All throughout the queue, the attraction, and just keep an eye out. There are some amazing
things from all the films. – Well, thank you so much, DJ! Thank you for that insight. We’ll see you a little bit later on. Go enjoy yourself! All right, till the Spire. The fire of the Resistance
Fighters are here! They are preparing for battle. We are moments away from
this historic event. A reminder, using @DisneyParks, #DisneyParksLIVE on Twitter, let us know where you’re watching from and let us know how excited you are to experience this new
attraction for yourself. And now Inside Disney Parks presents a livestream of the dedication ceremony of Star Wars: Rise of the Resistance. (muffled talking) (upbeat music) – [Announcer] Red One and Red Three, engage launch procedure. – [Red One] Copy, Red One, standing by. – [Red Three] Red Three, standing by. – [Red One] Coordinates locked. – [Red Three] All clear! Engage deflectors at your precaution. And we will see you there. – [Red One] Copy that, deflectors engaged. We’re a go, Red Three. – All right people, let’s
prep those transports! – Let’s move, ignite the spark! – [Group] Light the fire! – Attention everyone, I am Major K Vana, leader of the resistance
units here on Batuu. To our new recruits, thank you for answering the call. You’ve joined us at a critical time. We’ve managed to stay
just beyond the reach of the First Order but now we believe our location may have been compromised. So, time is running out! We are readying transports
that will take you to rendezvous with General Organa. As you may have seen, you will be escorted by some of the finest
pilots in The Resistance. Speaking of which, here to brief you is Squad Captain Renna Larkan. Captain, they’re all yours. – Absolutely, thank you. You’ll be joining the other recruits to rendezvous with General Organa. We will do everything we can to make sure that you arrive there safely. You’ll have us an an escort, with Commander Poe Dameron flying point. You’re in good hands. So, excited for your first day? – [Audience] Yeah! – Captain, what’s the status? – Ship’s fueled, crews on
deck, we’re good to go. – Good. We came to Batuu to
reignite The Resistance. In your faces I see courage, honor, in some uncertainty, even fear. But in every one, I see resistance! (audience cheering) Burning as fierce in you as it is in me. I stood with Princess
Organa against an empire. Today, we stand with General
Organa against an order. Let’s make it the last of its kind! So they know we’re here. Let’s give ’em a fight. They think we’ll quit! Let us show them that they are wrong! They are led by darkness and evil! We are led by heroes. It’s time to step up and join them. We’re not all that’s left but we’re the ones the
rest are waiting for. We are The Resistance! – Yeah!
(audience cheering) – All right everyone,
remain in this location. Captain Larkan? Do you wanna say any words in closing? – Absolutely, sir! Resistance! Ignite the spark! – Light the fire! Again, everyone, remain in this location. Pilots and crew, suit up and gear up. – Let’s move! – Let’s get your mission underway. (suspenseful music) – [Announcer] And now, please welcome Chairman of Disney Parks, Experiences, and Products, Bob Chapek! (“Star Wars” theme playing)
(Audience clapping) – Good evening everyone
and welcome to Batuu on this chilly evening. “Star Wars” has held a
special place in our hearts for fans and families around the world for more than 40 years. From the moment that
that first screen call appeared in 1977, to the
premier of The Mandalorian on Disney+ just a few weeks ago, we have been captivated
by its fantastic worlds, irresistible heroes and villains, incredible creatures, and epic stories. Each generation has made
“Star Wars” their own. And all every “Star
Wars” fan, including me, has ever wanted to do is
to experience it firsthand. And that’s exactly what
this land is all about. And since opening at Disneyland Resort earlier this year, Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge has exceeded our and our
guests’ expectations. The land, its attraction, its merchandise, and even its music have been recognized over and over again. Winning numerous awards
from a host of media outlets and industry organizations. Tonight we’re welcoming the world to experience the “Star Wars” universe like never before. With the opening of the most ambitious, the most immersive, the most advanced, high energy attraction we’ve ever created. Star Wars: Rise of the Resistance. (audience applauding) Rise of the Resistance is unlike anything you’ve ever experienced before. In fact, we threw out the rule book when designing this attraction. Just like George Lucas did when he created the story that brings us all here today. Star Wars: Rise of the Resistance can only be described as epic. You’ll be drawn into a
sprawling “Star Wars” story that blurs the lines
between fantasy and reality with breathtaking special effects, vivid and meticulous detail, and
surprises around every turn. And it’s all part of
an epic battle between The Resistance and The First Order. This is immersive,
experiential story telling on a massive, cinematic scale. How massive? Well, Star Wars: Rise of the Resistance is one of our longest attractions ever, housed in one of our
largest show buildings ever, and powered by some of the most advanced technology that we have
ever put into our parks. Simply put, Star Wars:
Rise of the Resistance sets a new standard for what a theme park experience can be. Just like Galaxy’s Edge itself. Here you can live your very
own “Star Wars” adventure. And since opening at the Walt Disney World and Disneyland Resorts, Galaxy’s Edge has welcomed millions of guests and is already amongst the top rated lands at both sites. And of course, none of
this would be possible without the team at
Walt Disney Imagineering who created this amazing attraction. Thank you and congratulations. (audience applauding) There is a cast member at the heart of every magical Disney experience. And that’s certainly true
here at Galaxy’s Edge. So, I wanna thank the amazing
Walt Disney World team and especially the citizens of Batuu who have breathed life
into this amazing land. (audience applauding) And now, as we prepare
for tomorrow’s opening, it’s my honor to invite guests to live their very own “Star Wars” adventure! (fireworks crackling)
(audience cheering) – [Announcer] And now, please experience your own “Star Wars” story
throughout every corner of Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge! (dramatic music) – Wow! Now, Jenn, how about
those X-Wing fighters? – That was amazing! I have to say we’ve, we, you and I have seen a lot of incredible
moments in Disney history. I’ve never seen more cell phones fly up in the air faster for people to record something than that right there. – What a great surprise
for them right there. Let’s take a look at the
special surprise moment during the dedication ceremony. – [Jenn] Yeah. – [Mark] Take a look at this, all right. Look at these fighters here.
– And there’s two. The detail on them is amazing! – [Mark] Look at that! That is a beautiful shot!
– Wow! – [Mark] I never thought I would see that! – It’s so beautiful.
– Wow. So immersive, this land is.
– Yeah. – This is amazing!
– Yeah. – Now Jenn, before the
dedication ceremony, we asked viewers to share their excitement and where in the galaxy
they were watching from. What did you get? – Well, we had fans tune in from as far away as Los Angeles, Dallas, London, Costa Rica, Whales, and beyond. A few people we wanna say
a special rising moons to, Logan is watching with
his family right now in Gainesville, Florida. Mark, he’s gonna wake up
early tomorrow morning and hopes to be among the first to experience the attraction. – [Mark] Wow, well, may the
force be with you, Logan! – [Jenn] Yes, Mary is
watching from West Virginia and will be here after Christmas, and says she cannot wait. Karen is watching from
North Port, New York and says she can’t wait
to get to Galaxy’s Edge and her vacation in March 2020. – [Mark] Well, we’ll see you then. – [Jenn] Yep, thank you so
much for writing in tonight. – All right, well, with
tonight’s ceremony now forever stamped in history, Star Wars: Rise of the Resistance is ready for guests. Beginning tomorrow
morning, park guests will have their chance to join The Resistance and experience this all new,
highly immersive attraction. Their “Star Wars” adventure will continue as they get their chance
to pilot the fastest hunk of junk in the galaxy
on Millennium Falcon: Smuggler’s Run. Build a lightsaber at Savi’s Workshop and your own galactic
friend at the Droid Depot. At Oga’s Cantina, sip exotic concoctions while sharing stories from
around the galaxies with friends. And don’t forget to pick
up your rare treasures at Dok-Ondar’s Den of Antiquities, Black Spire Outfitters,
and the First Order Cargo. And don’t forget about the blue milk! So good! Now remember, you can experience Star Wars: Rise of the Resistance right here and Walt Disney World
Resort starting tomorrow and at Disneyland on January 17th. For more information on Star
Wars: Rise of the Resistance and Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge,
visit Disney Park’s Blog and plan and book your
“Star Wars” adventure. Visit A spark has ignited the fire. The Resistance has risen. Now is your chance to join the cause and fight the First Order on Star Wars: Rise of the Resistance. From all of us at Inside Disney Parks, thanks for joining us and til the Spire. (Star Wars theme playing)

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