Stanford White Coat Ceremony 2018

Good evening. If everyone can please take their seats, we’ll be getting started in a few minutes. This is the Stanford Stethoscope and White Coat Ceremony 2018 and we’re here celebrating the beginning of our medical education. And today the incoming class will be coated with their doctors white coats and handed a stethoscope. It’s a time to just appreciate how happy my parents are and to appreciate everyone else’s joy and all the other students that are here today to celebrate this kind of this next step in their life. It’s a distinct honor to speak to you again as you begin your medical careers on this auspicious day. I’m delighted that you’re bringing your intellectual rigor, generosity and unbridled creativity to this campus as you begin your journey in medicine. Gita Abhiraman. I’m from New Canaan, Connecticut. Lehi Acosta from Orem, Utah. David Altman from Modesto, California. Gabriela Asturias. I’m from Guatemala. I’m Vinita Shivakumar, from Bangalore, India. Hi. I’m Lydia Tam from Eugene, Oregon. My name is Abd Al-Rahman Traboulsi. And I grew up in Cincinnati, Ohio and my parents are from Syria. Hi, my name is Mark Allen Douglass and I’m from Santa Rosa, California. Ms. Lisa Carter from Toledo, Ohio, will you please stand up, baby. I know for a fact that I’ve been waiting my whole life to ask you this question. Will you please marry me, baby? My last announcement is we’re going to take your inaugural photo showing you when you entered in 2018.

Michael Martin

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