Spying inside PRIVATE PARTIES in roblox…

so here we are once again at the Builder brothers pizza we're gonna go investigate something I've heard about this game over here and work at a pizza place a lot of weird things go down let's just put it like that I'm not talking about angry girls of paint tossing them on customers that come in to get pizza no that's not what I'm here to talk about today I will actually show you right now what I am talking about all you have to do it's hop into the game go right here to the back and then out the back door once you're back here oh yeah I do a steal someone's car and they're gonna drive it so you see a portal sticking into the sky some say that's God's glowstick other people just think God loves the party it's whatever you want to believe but all you have to do is go over to it you'll see teleports Party Island that's where things get very interesting let's go investigate so here we are it might not look very threatening at first but as you can see his people grab a couple houses but that's not even what I came here to expose you can see over there right there that house I guarantee there's some freaky ish going on in that house and as you can see I'm a spy and that's exactly what I'm gonna do all right slain right here oh you're not ready to see this please leave the video right now or pause it and never return cuz things are about to get real hello man man enter your facility you better flee this facility right now mister you don't know what's inside of my house it's some creepy ish would you trust a girl who even abuses meap's look at that welcome to my house enjoy yourself and don't forget to smash that like button what is this a YouTube video what is this alright let's go check upstairs and see what is happening oh no look a bowl of candy this is what they used to lure the children in it's not even it's not even real hit II and nothing there is no candy skate ezel I know you say how to pick it up right yeah let me give you my candy oh where you just come from don't worry about it okay meet me in the bedroom come on over what's up what's up girl how you doing I'm doing very good now you talk to me my name's Angie and I love big numbers two three one call me no I will not because I do not online date and what is up with this random door what is this doesn't even make any sense it's a senseless store that has no reason except slapped me in my hind Oh daddy door ooh oh yeah I know you like it what doors don't talk but we slap booties oh this girl's weird just keeps doing the same emoji standing here for no reason it's like she's a bot a hot bot a very hot bot you know you want it come back any time you want big boy no I will not I'm leaving look there's another random thing like a staircase that leads up to a wall is that like a sick whoa there's a secret room here oh my god I can only imagine all the mmm that went on in here oh no no no kids are playing this game this is not right I cannot believe they allow this behavior is there any more secret doors Oh what is up on the third floor vents TV's weird pulsating what is that who watches that ah what the fuck is a kangaroo is back come get me daddy then you could have fought that kangaroo next no no I don't want it where is that kangaroo dude they even have an iMac in here it's long I like appearance see what is going on if I could just sit down like he said not possible there we go finally Jesus Christ alright what is on this computer logging on baby tape okay let's go to my files what oh my god no Oh get it away from me I won't watch anymore stupid computer scaring me with these stories are just stories it's not true no way that could be true all right let's just go to the door here and what is this for those chicken crossing those those are carrots and Easter eggs why would there be chickens or they're supposed to be rabbits doesn't make any sense hey like black bitches I'm leaving I'm Lee I'm leaving help help me please uh-huh give me how that freaky please leave block ladies I want nothing to do it than anymore oh my god you know what I need to get mr. chomps and you give him a call whoa what's up man what are you doing banging your mom what do you want dude first of all I know that's not what you're doing second of all I need you here man some freaky stuff happen in pizza place we need to investigate this together you don't need me man when he's scared don't tell me you see some blockhead girl or something I did man she was freaking me out bro I said can't stand this place I need you here okay that's why you do need me daddy I knew it try to kick me off the team now you're begging for me you love me tell me you love me I love you say it like you mean it I Love You mr. chosen I'm eating here please get here no oh yeah I'll be right there okay better you dumb Gator what yeah yeah I can't what see now not later that's what I thought Beach no what's going on bro nothing dude where the heck you been like I say what's your mama whatever bro you're dumb you ready to go spy on some stuff and investigate yeah yeah ain't nothing weird in this place man been here before that's what you think bro wait till I show you what's been going on here in pizza place I can't believe roblox louses game all right show me daddy I will let's go over here in this purple house for example I bet there's some weirdo stuff going on here what'd I tell you there's a secret party this boy's breakdancing that boy faces great in his hands of brown what's wrong damn man we gotta use grey people huh huh nothing bones look at that they're kissing though we've seen plenty of that before man nothing wrong bad either you don't like girls of course I like girls but not supposed to like girls in roblox you know it's against the rules what's up baby let me get some ham lips you'll never keep that in my face Gator you know I did not talk to animals in that fashion well you can't talk to a girl mr. Chow's watch this hey gross-up how you doing shut up we're talking to the fedora yeah she do sound like dora what boo you see here crazy boy you want to make out with me or what no please the correct answer is yes oh can we date oh she's cheating on you mr. chomps with his big head dancer dude look at his face bro his face like a fishbowl ha ha ha and we date she's trying to say can we dating it was hashtagging look I'm gonna try to bring her upstairs and see what happens oh she's following me oh I'm just gonna smile she's gonna say look Kayla you'll be exposing her oh no she'll go over to the fish ball head oh my god conspiracy just got a lot deeper look whose house is it's actually Mikayla's house dun dun dun da you're telling me the dator owns this freakin mansion there she is oh she found me you might want to damia what cuz if you're gone if you leave my house right now okay okay sure we can date dude you're an older now you're gonna get banned no no not it says I'm lying to her to investigate because you're a cute am i cute sure why not I love a good liar mr. chumps hey I couldn't you lie and say that girl rough look at hurting me today she walked into a goodwill and started rolling all over the place you need to tell you Gators shy his mouth he talked about my claws then I'm breaking up with you bye Wow ha ha well you see why Michaela why we're dating for like 15 seconds about how long you last in the band what your guitar you stupid it will get but sometimes he is correct he's very funny actually maybe I end up with him forever what the heck was that mr. chomps she won't get out my face bro wasn't gonna do I don't know maybe not a Salter physically ain't gonna do nothing to me man cuz imma Anna Gator in that sport of my natural B son of a bitch gamma face you gender can you idiot why now we're on the run your campus salting people stuck keep your head yourself man's easy say when you ain't got your face sucking someone's art P what's that sign for jewelry now is that your mama's house roasty oh my god we're over this see mr. chump I messed up let's turn around let's go as other purple house okay mister chomps we're doing it we're going aside don't be freaked out by what we might see may I see your Glee face every day it can't be nothing worse than that shut your mouth or going in the dunk oh it's just another party who is DJ I am the DJ another DJ is currently playing the DJ only a DJ can change the song go back back off I'm the DJ back it off ah but in song already DJ my name's not DJ it's books come on DJ park some music DJ let me start teacher it's bucks come on DJ play some music DJ when is the DJ socks shut the top yelling ain't nobody care about what you say hey mr. Johnson that thing I said about not hitting people anymore yeah you can hit her you got to change your face out you hit like that lalalalala Manny something so nice about popping people and they face how much money you want to bet it I can get that Julian girl to get in that igloo I bet a thousand rolled books you can't do it bro y'all chillin you want to come to my igloo girl it's nice and cold good for chillin right that was corny she said no my my heart no no this dude even fell asleep my that boring please like it I'll give you roll buck please Celine don't do this to me she wants some music she's a music digger I should have known better um that's not why I'm not going your igloo it's because you assaulted me I need a sultry mr. Thompson yeah but you told him to do it Dom Dom you think I'll know I know everything i'm jolene jolene the queen i got four go ahead my daddy did when I bought my book blade it's my life anymore why do I do is this to myself I does not know fuse daddy why don't you want to come to my igloo girl I was totally gonna get ugly daddy yeah boy oh yeah come on over here girl it's nice and chilly in here huh it's sad frosty it's kidding me very cold I'm gonna need someone to hold me and keep me warm yeah look at these big muscles egg I could do that you know but first tell me about yourself who are you who is you um yes what does that mean yes um yeah seize now listen I know you're not all there in the head you're not the smartest girl in the world but come here give me them ellipse okay I know the answer to that one yes give me them lips all right miss chomps gonna owe me a thousand robos boy it's called a mouth snake molester in the igloo someone caught it balloons mister just hit him what do those some ad me like bandhas from the house what oh my god well we did a little bit exploring a little bit investigating and a little bit uh-huh all right homies hopefully I might ban the next time I go to play this and check this out so yeah wish me luck one like equals one prayer for my roblox account and we out

Michael Martin

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