Hello good morning! I am now heading to Aspire Park or there is a sports dome there will be an opening of our sports league this season for our Church JILGM Qatar and I am now on my way going there. There’ll be lots of fun and activities waiting for me and… Say Hi to my friend! He’s busy.. all right so I just attended our worship service
this morning in Outreach 4 I am from Outreach 4 and… for this task of the yelling or cheering I was, randomly or surprised to be the one in-Charge and I’m thinking of what am I gonna do later? my head is thinking… okay let’s just do it… Impromptu I believed it’s gonna be fun! Let’s see! See yah after! So my Careem Driver is from Pakistan right? What’s your good name? Esh esma? (sorry for my mixed language) Driver: Hassan Hassan? Hassan. Alright! Mr. Hassan is from where in Pakistan? Pen? Kidere in Pakistan? ke.. Lahore Lahore! Is Lahore a cold place? Bared? Cold place? Driver: Yeah… Awesome! So, Mr. Hassan is from Lahore Pakistan! I just found my company, they are my teammates They are in front of this car. There they are, come and see. It’s a good thing that I see my colleagues Along the way because I don’t know where to go. Now.. We’re just coming their way we’re almost here almost here. This is The Torch Doha and… One of the Landmarks here in Doha and nearby the park is a stadium for the football One of the stadium where The world cup FIFA World Cup 2022 is gonna happen It’s a good place here Alright! so, the car that I followed when I was in may Careem (instead) car Is… Lost Now I am also lost with them. But we are now here finding Finding our way going back to the right location But we’re just fine at least I’m with my friends and my brothers and sisters and were trying to look for the right place but I believed I’m on the right place. who we gonna praise? Jesus whoe we gonna worship? Jesus Who we gonna praise? Jesus whoe we gonna worship? Jesus J I L GM4 Family J I L GM4 Family J I L GM4 Family J I L GM4 Family Make some noise!!! Woooooohhhh!! all right so after the long turns and
rounds we just found the right place The place to be where we will be enjoying
ourselves now and we have a lot of trouble with our car but it’s fun it’s okay here we are… in Aspire Dome let’s go again come and join me we just parked at the back side and we know this is the right place but… this is the one! hello mommy! hello to my mommy Minerva beautiful Minerva good to see you po wow! so pretty! come and join me.. let’s gooo! We are here inside the Aspire Academy they have an indoor… the facility is very
good it’s really critically done with the design is beautiful and they have
beautiful soccer field inside this is their soccer field look at that’s too
bright I’m not intoo Soccer but I like watching
them but I don’t know the rules actually but I think so much fun to play in this
kind of field I hope someday I can play there. Alright, so this is the place where we going actually held our activity yes and my colleagues are there awesome!!! I’m gonna play volleyball it is the last time I played it was when I was in grade four
elementary yes so it’s gonna be challenging let’s just try and enjoy! now we’ll gonna do the cheering! It’s Now GM7 and now GM4 coming up but first we’re having GM3 we’ll gonna go next… what’s happening right now, the Pastors, Elders and the committee are dancing a special number this is this is such a fun day let’s continue
watching what’s gonna happen for the rest of the night it’s already afternoon GLORY TO GOD! Alright! So it was officially open I’m a player of volleybal (basketball as well…) As I told a while ago and… let’s see what we can do with the team. yes, let’s enjoy what we have… to God be the glory!

Michael Martin

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