Spin The MYSTERY Wheel Challenge w/ COUPLES!

sup everyone today I'm gonna do the couple's bedroom a challenge so here are couples that's how you gotta end intro hello everyone we are the couples overseas are you ready guys she said it spin real challenge couples how things should go naturally make sure you guys tell all your friends and family about us subscribe to dobra brothers mostly channel let's go I know Luke Smurf saying they're the most little Channel but we're also mostly we already introduced my mom and dad as one couple Cyrus and Christina as Maddie as another couple and Luke doesn't even eat that lets go right there we go so we got four couples and here we have the wheel up dude sorry alright you guys are gonna get started okay first couple of Eliam bars please step up on the podium my mom used standing reporting your champion it says this is the net spin okay did you brush your teeth ready yeah three two one okay sorry Christina Oh mom are you doing leave I'm not doing too well but thank you for asking yeah okay he's still holding onto it sorry babe no my feet are clean I'll just put a little bit on it right all over it I'm trying to see let's go wait no not under it doesn't stay under the toe it could be on top of the toe okay already just think of it as like a Java chip wrap it with with with cream yeah all right come on look you see that you got it okay if I need it even eat it sorry guys I need a paper towels off my foot dance together for ten seconds all righty go like that really really hectic guys ready set go okay hey hey hey mr. Marcus George Tenet harder Anna boy good job oh wow wet oh do you know what waxing is that oh yeah I know I know I know but that you're really excited cuz I'm not excited for you oh he's a cake okay which is so hard you want you want me to hurt anyway so I'm fine okay oh it's to the dobre brothers alright I gotta open right now is fire shush now shop Newberry calm back to the game.com love story the love story we have to tell the fans how we met you want to tell them a story okay so I was hanging out with some friends one night and one of them just so happened to be Richard which is his best friend and he was like you should meet my friend re and then but yeah we were like friends for a few years and then BOOM yeah here we are we've known each other for three years yeah three years and we were really good friends and then we decided to take it up a notch right up a notch no we're happy and our dating [Applause] it's amazing what next up is Sasha Cristina oh here if you ask it here if you know you let get too much guys shop to be like on someone so lucky much right now talking to you chain Oh Glenn Miko Oh wake up yeah that means that Yvonne gets to do your makeup or you get to do her makeup my makeup you want to do your own makeup yeah how's it looking to Bonita you go makeup no least she's honest oh my god I think that's pretty good I don't know how oh gosh but yes you're doing a good job right [Applause] yes are we confirm to cated you know we are the kitty wasn't kidding no we don't get around that yeah you could have been done by now go all the way up or it doesn't count when these double-size that's the best you could do okay so you guys know we did the love story yeah you'd be so he's saying yeah oh yes it is hey guys we got scared oh yeah I will just fit it to one knot I see that though so the audience will show the audience all right we're next we're next let's do this all right next one why did it and though you did it oh I was made for this alright said it much got it good I think it's marshmallow whoo so case a delish cap you ready good in the grass all right Christina you got one shot at this for all the time Cyrus made you upset I was Maitlis I was born this I've been trained all my life for this all right well I think we did every single spin right yeah all right well if you enjoyed this video make sure you guys give it a thumbs up and like and subscribe make sure you subscribe to Lucas and mark is Christina and sorry Kristina even eat a little Molly don't be little bit cards and make sure get your merch at ya guys it's late

Michael Martin

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  1. I'm sorry Lucas Marcus Darius and Cyrus because my friend doesn't like your YouTube channel but I'll try to but one of my friends in school like you and and he said that he really likes your channel and even singing your songs and my school

  2. Hi my name is Mia I watch your videos every day it’s The. Lit 🔥 😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃🔥🔥🔥🔥

  3. Who else saw Lucas get rejected by ivanita for a kiss and it was when he had makeup on when Darius and madi spinner the wheel

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