Spike Lee Hosts 'Do The Right Thing' Block Party

filmmaker Spike Lee hosted a block party in Brooklyn Sunday to celebrate the 30th anniversary of his movie do the right thing I can't believe thirteen years for that thousands of people came out for the party on Stuyvesant Avenue the same area where at least shot the 1989 film the event featured music and street artists we're presenting the sights and sounds of the late 80s in the early 90s one cast member who attended the party appeared in the film when he was just 13 in the movie have no idea that this movie would be as impactful as it ended up being and you know we had a lot of fun and I was in other movies and this is one of the corner sets that I've ever been on so do the right things shine light on racial tensions in bed-stuy in 1999 the Library of Congress out of the movie – the National Film registry

Michael Martin

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  1. The riot started because there were no pictures of black people in the pizza place. I didn't see any pictures of white people at the event. Can whites riot?

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